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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEED

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Externalisation, 98:and their relationships. This quality of the seed groups is described in current esotericExternalisation, 102:but one which must now be superseded. The seed groups now in process of forming will beExternalisation, 102:organization - interior and subjective - of the seed groups, to their radiatory activity, and toExternalisation, 188:of Germany. Germany will be portrayed as the seed of all world glory, and as the ruthless savior ofExternalisation, 387:in an attempt to anchor on the earth that seed of the new world religion which an earlierExternalisation, 458:by selfishness, and selfishness is the potent seed of death - material death, psychological deathExternalisation, 472:but who - nevertheless - have in them the seed of resurrection. All states of consciousness areExternalisation, 488:can remember to do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form which willExternalisation, 517:will follow seven years of germination of the seed sown, a period of growth and developingExternalisation, 547:foundation, and gave enough in outline and in "seed" concepts to show the lines along which the newFire, 151:all occult statements) it contains within it the seed of thought, the germ of truths, and the clueFire, 245:of the other. 99 "Consciousness is the cosmic seed of supercosmic omniscience. It has theFire, 393:antecedent actions of man, forms as it were a seed, from which germinates the plant, yielding goodFire, 393:existence. (Vishnu Purana I. XIX, 5). This seed is technically called the Karana Sarira, the causalFire, 393:Till then, of course, the Karana Sarira, the seed, the result of prior actions, remains effective,Fire, 743:its transference from one sphere to another. The seed manu of a globe gathers all the life forcesFire, 747:Their work is analogous to that of the Seed-Manu, Who Himself works through a septenate as do theseFire, 845:planetary globe. Manus of a cosmic chain. Not a seed manu, but a periodical manu of lesser degree.Fire, 868:of light, and that the hint dropped is the "seed" for meditation. That facts, ill-assorted andFire, 1072:kingdom the same thing can be studied in the seed life, and in the fertilization processes of allGlamour, 46:might perhaps and with reason regard it as the seed of all glamor upon our planet. Fear has beenGlamour, 87:which we call "individualization," wherein the seed of personality is sown. On the humanGlamour, 171:grasp and application of these divine ideas or seed thoughts, he becomes initiate and the thirdGlamour, 176:of the Angel, who is the individualized seed of consciousness through whom, after due growth andGlamour, 180:in the words: "the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms intoGlamour, 182:of truth, some significant expansion from a seed of truth already given to the race. He then sees aGlamour, 185:who could respond to and recognize the germ or seed of truth, and training men to take Their placeHealing, 188:which are endowed with the power to unfold the seed of these divine aspects: Lemuria, Atlantis andHealing, 188:and the Aryan race. These can be linked, as seed, to the two final races which will fuse andHealing, 225:which may surprise you. It is also the fertile seed of crime. This is a fact to be accepted, to beHealing, 263:of the New Age, with a fresh sowing of the seed which will (let us pray and hope) produce a betterHealing, 320:or the origin of some form. We talk of a germ or seed of life; we refer to the germ of an idea; weHealing, 379:electrical knowledge and terms. There is no seed thought in her mind on which I can work or fromHealing, 492:forms later to appear. It might be said that: Seed One determines later the nature of the physicalHealing, 492:conditions the needed field or area of contact. Seed Two determines the quality of the etheric bodyHealing, 492:active and alive during the coming incarnation. Seed Three gives the key to the astral vehicle inHealing, 492:human being, disciple or initiate. It is this seed which - through the forces it attracts - bringsHealing, 493:seek and automatically find those whom the third seed influence indicates as possessing a constantHealing, 521:the Hierarchy, contains within it the living seed of that which will follow later. In The SecretHealing, 521:obscurely, to the antahkarana; she thus left the seed which, [522] when full grown, will indicateHealing, 522:In this tenth law, therefore, I embody also the seed for a much later approach to the problems ofHealing, 611:the cosmic physical plane. It is the germ or the seed on each subplane which embodies some aspectHealing, 613:it is not in any way a goal; it is not the seed or germ of anything. Any changes wrought in theHealing, 663:are born either openly diseased or with the seed of disease in them. When the evil which has madeHealing, 707:incoming energy "expels dynamically" the very seed or roots of the disease. There may be a rise inHercules, 136:elegant solution of the problem contained in the seed; a perfectly easy and logical development ofHercules, 136:of the potentialities inherent in this seed. "Natural growth of inherent potentialities, ease andInitiation, 22:attributes of divinity, the tending of the seed of self-consciousness in all beings, is the [23]Intellect, 108:focus the attention unswervingly upon any chosen seed thought. Intellect, 109:allowed to do as it pleases with the object, or seed thought. In concentration there should be aIntellect, 109:emerge in relation to the object of thought. The seed thought has been chosen for a purpose, -Intellect, 113:and constituting what is called "meditation with seed:" Meditation on the nature of a particularIntellect, 113:life, and it is through meditation with seed that we arrive at the life aspect. Intellect, 116:form which is the result of meditation with seed. It involves the realization of these threeIntellect, 119:with a purely worldly theme as the "object" or "seed thought." The educating of the mind to holdIntellect, 131:during the stage of "meditation with seed" or with an object, but now even this has to go. As oneIntellect, 131:probably unused faculty must take its place. The seed thought has attracted our attention, andIntellect, 133:the Oriental student calls "meditation without seed," or, "without an object." It is notIntellect, 167:of the hills, I am the bud, the flower, I the seed; For I do know that in whate'er I see I am theIntellect, 226:to do that day, instead of thinking upon our "seed-thought," we remember some one we must manage toIntellect, 229:the field of ideas opened up by any particular "seed-thought" or object in meditation. ThisIntellect, 232:words) provided they have a bearing upon the seed-thought and have a definite relation to theIntellect, 238:and, [238] therefore, of a form, will serve as a seed thought in meditation. The form will beMagic, 15:steady focusing of the attention either upon a seed thought, a scientific problem, a philosophy orMagic, 239:concept of truth practiced and lived by as their seed thought in meditation; to this end I wouldMagic, 483:of high initiation, the case is different. The seed ideas he seeks to convey, the work he isMeditation, 58:This is what might be termed meditation with seed. At the aligning of the ego, and at the creationMeditation, 58:This might be termed meditation without seed. At a certain period in evolution the two blend, theMeditation, 58:a certain period in evolution the two blend, the seed is dropped and the vacuum is then created,Meditation, 114:has this in view, - to give to the pupil some seed thought which (when brooded over in the silencePatanjali46. All this constitutes meditation with seed. 47. When this supercontemplative state is reached,Patanjali, 37:with what may be [37] called meditation with seed or with an object; this sutra suggests the nextPatanjali, 37:suggests the next stage, meditation without seed or without that which the physical brain wouldPatanjali, 94:meditation is of two kinds: With an object or seed, and therefore employing the rationalizingPatanjali, 97:condition is the state of "meditation without seed," free from the rational use of the mind, andPatanjali, 100:Union 46. All this constitutes meditation with seed. The last four sutras have dealt with thosePatanjali, 126:as by fire; that just as a burnt, dried up seed is no longer capable of propagation and becomesPatanjali, 247:with meditation. This meditation is still with seed or with an object. Dvivedi says in his commentPatanjali, 247:only of the object which is the topic or seed of meditation, and the thoughts which the mind isPatanjali, 259:higher than concentration and meditation with seed as usually understood, for it is inevitablyPatanjali, 331:in His parable of the Sowers, where some of the seed fell among thorns. The explanation is givenProblems, 151:the race constitutes a divine heritage and the seed of ultimate perfection. A fifth great ApproachProblems, 162:serve to unify their efforts and establish the seed at least of the New World Religion? ThePsychology1, 71:Intermediary The Hand of God The Hidden One The Seed, that is the Flower The Mountain whereon FormPsychology1, 196:virtues, and by the occultists upon the use of a seed thought in meditation. These seed thoughtsPsychology1, 196:the use of a seed thought in meditation. These seed thoughts and virtues serve a valuable andPsychology1, 244:In the occult study of the dissemination of the seed life and the germs of the vegetable kingdom,Psychology1, 299:animal, or with the appearance of a plant from a seed. "Sex" is the word we use to cover thePsychology1, 383:2nd ray of love. 4th ray of art. "I hide the seed." A close analysis of the above will indicatePsychology1, 383:2nd ray of love. 4th ray of art. "I hide the seed." Psychology2, 254:degree. Whether it is the power of the tiny seed, deeply hidden in the dark earth, to penetratePsychology2, 255:being formulated which is the history of the seed of consciousness in nature and the growth of thePsychology2, 310:which we call individualization, wherein the seed of personality is sown. On the human battlefield,Psychology2, 395:required When a man begins to use these three seed thoughts in meditation. The living structure asPsychology2, 593:the seat of the will-to-live (governing the seed of the life principle in the heart) reveals this.Psychology2, 611:of the problems so as to provide the germ or seed of thought from which future study can grow andPsychology2, 691:If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed in what I have told you, if you have staunch belief inRays, 48:rich enough. Each of these rules holds in it the seed of that understanding which must be evokedRays, 54:of the disciple and to stir his imagination (the seed of the intuition), so that even whilstRays, 64:returns into that desert, bringing with him the seed and water for which the desert cries." The
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