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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEK

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Discipleship1, 443:myself at the center, lifts thereto all I seek to help. At the end of six months' application toDiscipleship1, 447:of your mental body upon others that I would seek to have you most definitely consider. Upon theDiscipleship1, 455:exercises with care and with attention. Seek also to strengthen the physical body. For you IDiscipleship1, 459:brothers. This is but a suggestion. I would seek to reiterate at this time, as always, that my workDiscipleship1, 459:but it also increases your opportunity. I seek now to give you a meditation form which is based onDiscipleship1, 459:to say to you at this time, brother of old. I seek not to change your work or meditation. You [460]Discipleship1, 460:the one I assigned for only six months and I seek to have you work at it for a full year. OneDiscipleship1, 475:outer planes. Have this in mind in all you do. I seek this year to give you some set meditationDiscipleship1, 475:so encouraging has been the result that I do not seek to alter aught that I earlier gave you. KeepDiscipleship1, 476:spiritual diary could aid you much if you would seek each day to use it to the full. I urge not theDiscipleship1, 479:Remove your eyes from off yourself and seek liberation in serving others and in loving all men.Discipleship1, 479:in this incarnation. Wrench that hatred out and seek to offer love and understanding. Therein,Discipleship1, 480:that you continue to do your share. All I seek to do today for you is to speak this word ofDiscipleship1, 480:sons of God must live. 2nd month - Detachment. I seek to love and with my love to live. I seek notDiscipleship1, 480:I seek to love and with my love to live. I seek not love for my own little self. 3rd month -Discipleship1, 483:today, in my own life or in the life of others? Seek for drama under the dull exterior of a person,Discipleship1, 484:I am not changing your work at this time. I only seek to emphasize to you the four points ofDiscipleship1, 488:groups, occupied with collective world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contactDiscipleship1, 488:would make to you: When right opportunity comes, seek physical plane activity in some other placeDiscipleship1, 488:be of real value to you and should be found. Seek this change and seize it when it comes. One finalDiscipleship1, 490:any of the major initiations can be taken. I seek to see this glamor lessened in you. The dual lifeDiscipleship1, 492:joy or pleasure out of the life of service. I seek not to discourage you, for even yourDiscipleship1, 492:with which you can well dispense. I seek to lift you out of the bog in which you are foundering (orDiscipleship1, 493:Initiation is a process of graded triumphs and I seek to aid you towards that process. Having saidDiscipleship1, 503:and rightly oriented consciousness which we seek to guard and preserve and which the frightfulnessDiscipleship1, 503:erecting carefully prepared barriers. I do not seek here, however, to enlarge on this. I would askDiscipleship1, 504:can then avail yourself of the hints which I seek to give you, you can be of definite service (allDiscipleship1, 505:for the remainder of your life and in detachment seek to serve the Plan. Ponder on this lastDiscipleship1, 510:light in your aura. One of the things which I seek to take up with you in this instruction is theDiscipleship1, 511:emotional. Therefore, one of the first things we seek to teach all of you is to work, live andDiscipleship1, 518:this fact more easily than you because (as we seek out a soul) we are in a position to note what isDiscipleship1, 522:of beautifying it. Remember ever, that those who seek its loveliness come not only for the gardenDiscipleship1, 523:myself. 4th month - The radiance of love I seek to shower on all I meet and to this life of radiantDiscipleship1, 524:me for my plain speaking, my brother, but I seek to see you free before the time of passing overDiscipleship1, 532:do before the inner beauty finds release that I seek to have you first achieve that. Then we canDiscipleship1, 534:growth must parallel each other. Two things I seek to say to you. These are days of spiritualDiscipleship1, 535:but the one is dependent upon the other. I seek now to change entirely your meditation. The earlierDiscipleship1, 536:pupils we aspire to become, show us the light we seek; give us the strong aid of their compassionDiscipleship1, 538:methods whereby you may conform to the hints I seek briefly to give you are not by any meansDiscipleship1, 545:as are senior disciples in my group. I only seek to suggest. I give hints in the ancient occultDiscipleship1, 545:interpretation of my words and suggestions. I seek to train conscious, responsible souls who willDiscipleship1, 548:your immediate family and environment whom you seek to aid. To distressed humanity. As you do thisDiscipleship1, 548:channel for the Hierarchy of Masters whom you seek to serve. These can only reach your immediateDiscipleship1, 551:you with life (where'er you live that life). Seek also to be in touch with him. May I add that myDiscipleship1, 552:you may make for future lives and all that you seek to do should, for the future, be madeDiscipleship1, 552:connection with your own character development, seek to bring about two things: A decentralizationDiscipleship1, 556:your major problem. As we train disciples, we seek to develop in the occultist mystical awarenessDiscipleship1, 558:As yet you love them not. One loves you not. Two seek your love. Learn to love all three, notDiscipleship1, 558:meditation but this time within the heart and seek to feel their significance. Thus willDiscipleship1, 561:This is the first lesson [561] which I seek to teach you. Work strenuously at contacting yourDiscipleship1, 561:for a year. But at the time of the full moon, seek to contact, establish and strengthen your linkDiscipleship1, 562:yourself. Let me [562] make it clear to you. I seek to see you polarized more definitely upon theDiscipleship1, 562:more definitely upon the mental plane. I seek to see you less committed to the attitude of theDiscipleship1, 562:humility, but you are learning fast. One thing I seek to point out to you: humility must alwaysDiscipleship1, 562:by silence. What is, therefore, the lesson I seek today to give to you and which I preface by theDiscipleship1, 563:has been said anent [563] you and your ways, and seek simply to serve. Serve with a joyous heartDiscipleship1, 571:the vision? This is the first question which I seek to put before you as you join my group ofDiscipleship1, 571:in your own case as that to which you seek to subject others? Your answer to both these questionsDiscipleship1, 575:points of contact were brought about by me? Seek to develop sensitivity to my vibration during theDiscipleship1, 576:not negate in any way the methods in which you seek to help my work. It will, however, affect theDiscipleship1, 576:affect the quality and the rhythm of what you seek to do and save you much time which is at presentDiscipleship1, 578:and something which all conscious disciples seek to avoid; something which they never expect andDiscipleship1, 580:today upon the difficulties of the Way and thus seek to discover what are the hindrances and theDiscipleship1, 585:wherein I pointed out the necessity for you to seek stabilization within a second ray center. HowDiscipleship1, 589:any longer because of you. The questions which I seek to put to you are the following: 1 and 2. TheDiscipleship1, 597:is surely possible. The two suggestions which I seek to make and on which I ask you to work for theDiscipleship1, 597:of the intuition and its mode of unfoldment. Seek the definitions of the intuition and collect themDiscipleship1, 600:which produces condensation. Think this out. Seek out your motives, for they are at the root of allDiscipleship1, 601:said to all my disciples so I say to you: If you seek to work with me and will conform to groupDiscipleship1, 603:the light that comes from that divine source. I seek to walk in truth, sincerity and love." ThenDiscipleship1, 604:so much time to intricate and devious thought. Seek to live mentally much more simply. Ask and lookDiscipleship1, 605:the Lord's Prayer as part of your group work. Seek by the power of your thought and through theDiscipleship1, 606:light of your own soul, and in order to do this, seek greater and more rapid alignment. One hint IDiscipleship1, 608:the niche in this group of my disciples that I seek to see you fill. I know now that I need notDiscipleship1, 609:on this, for if you understand that which I seek to impress upon you, your service will be greatlyDiscipleship1, 610:rays governing your personality vehicles, for I seek to place your interest, not in yourself but inDiscipleship1, 612:Your true friends are deeply distressed and seek to shield you and to hold you to the straight pathDiscipleship1, 613:over others. Therefore, continuously, you seek to find those to whom you can stand as a spiritualDiscipleship1, 613:on the astral plane where those with whom I seek - at this particular time - to cooperate, are notDiscipleship1, 621:I would suggest also, my brother, that you seek to teach (even if it is only one or two people),Discipleship1, 624:Let us work more definitely at that. I seek not to interfere at this time with your meditation butDiscipleship1, 625:given time and place. I am enlarging thus as I seek to enrich your life by two things: by aDiscipleship1, 628:those of your fellow disciples whom you know and seek to get into close rapport with them. StudyDiscipleship1, 632:of each Full Moon and do this from three angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense myDiscipleship1, 633:levels of the mental plane, and from there seek to aid the sons of men. Your contact with theDiscipleship1, 635:can grasp clearly the implications of what I now seek to tell you, you will make real progress. IDiscipleship1, 639:it clearly to yourself, and know what it is you seek to do. I am not going to alter your seedDiscipleship1, 643:sense of the word. Mistake me not, my brother. I seek not to deter you from your search forDiscipleship1, 648:your aura for increased service. You must seek to walk with accuracy in the light, for the path ofDiscipleship1, 648:for certain major expansions of consciousness. I seek to have your help and this you know. ClarityDiscipleship1, 648:certainty and not in mystical belief, that I seek for you and hence my reference to the glamor ofDiscipleship1, 649:you to sacrifice for the good of the whole. Seek to see humanity liberated, free and able to liveDiscipleship1, 655:adjustments in cooperation with me in what I seek to do to bring about your release? This problemDiscipleship1, 659:to hardness is on your side and not mine, I only seek to help you and to release you to fuller andDiscipleship1, 664:us who, in our varying grades of discipleship, seek to serve our fellowmen. This Full Moon workDiscipleship1, 665:to the outlined ideas as may seem best to you. I seek to give you a hint as to your ray influences,Discipleship1, 669:looking for it in all peoples and races and thus seek to swell the rising tide of those who aspireDiscipleship1, 670:transmutation of desire. Interlude wherein you seek definitely to raise your consciousness higherDiscipleship1, 678:the Truth appear. "This is the path for all who seek the Light. First form, and all its longing.Discipleship1, 678:growth. The fires burn the hindering forms which seek to hold the pilgrim back and so bring
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