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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEK

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Discipleship2, 465:You will meet with rebuff from those you seek to help and... find very little understanding; youDiscipleship2, 466:fire is there, and on it you can count if you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriersDiscipleship2, 473:free to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantly and daily a closer contact with yourDiscipleship2, 476:and instruction? To the fifth statement I seek to draw your attention. Reference is there made toDiscipleship2, 476:it affects others rather than yourself, that I seek to draw your attention. People of pledgedDiscipleship2, 479:and the light of the soul direct all whom I seek to help. Thus will humanity be saved by me and allDiscipleship2, 479:involve the Past. The Path of Service which you seek to travel now, moving freely in and out of myDiscipleship2, 480:conscious activity as an accepted disciple. Seek now - definitely and quietly and with a spirit ofDiscipleship2, 482:should receive your attention, I would reply: Seek consciously and strenuously to overcomeDiscipleship2, 491:as a human being on the Path to all you meet and seek to aid. Couple ever with this thought theDiscipleship2, 498:fitted for the type of service which they seek to render. But today disciples are learning that aDiscipleship2, 498:will form the nucleus of the spiritual work we seek to do and which you can aid greatly inDiscipleship2, 500:to the work to be undertaken; day by day seek a deepened relation with me, with my Ashram, and withDiscipleship2, 501:Prepare definitely for the future, and seek also for those who can aid in your planned work. TheDiscipleship2, 508:deal with the mechanics of the work whilst you seek to act as a spiritual reservoir from which theyDiscipleship2, 508:inner quiet and relaxed mental focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness, to contact: Your soul.Discipleship2, 512:identification with the soul of those you seek to help - inevitably aids suffering personalities. IDiscipleship2, 519:upon the preparation of the book which I seek to have you write and to complete. You see, myDiscipleship2, 519:in vain for cooperation and help among those you seek to aid and among the orthodox and theologicalDiscipleship2, 526:hide your hurt and suffering soul and which you seek to impose upon your students everywhere. MyDiscipleship2, 529:Meditation. [529] You would profit greatly. Seek to find me and walk with me in my Ashram, whereDiscipleship2, 543:my brother, and more and more people will seek you out. Your work in the future, as you wellDiscipleship2, 546:light of great intensity. With that light you seek to identify yourself, to merge within and thusDiscipleship2, 547:light appropriated by the sounding of the OM. Seek not to use the light directly for theDiscipleship2, 547:it must inevitably bring release and knowledge. Seek simply to visualize the process, knowing thatDiscipleship2, 547:result of your own effort. Light is within you. Seek not for immediate instantaneous solution ofDiscipleship2, 551:in an increase of voiced teaching of those you seek to help, but its quality will be different. TheDiscipleship2, 551:will be different. The teaching of the ones you seek to help will blot out the picture of yourself,Discipleship2, 555:trends of your life and service are established. Seek not to change them. The fund of knowledgeDiscipleship2, 559:that you will render this service to those who seek for the Light, and to me, for I am one of theDiscipleship2, 567:thing altogether; it is here that you must seek to learn the direct action of the will of the soulDiscipleship2, 570:you will see directly that which I - in love - seek to make clear to you. Nothing matters theseDiscipleship2, 572:vibration of your soul-directed personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally and notDiscipleship2, 581:That, however, is the responsibility of all who seek to spread this phase of the Ageless WisdomDiscipleship2, 586:are always available. When need arises you can seek my aid - your Master, friend and teacher -Discipleship2, 587:in my mind as to your ultimate success. I seek to change your rhythm of work. I asked you - as youDiscipleship2, 590:to the kingdom of God and to the Hierarchy. Seek as you do this to link up definitely with your ownDiscipleship2, 595:are at present implementing and for which they seek workers. Write more, my brother; you have theDiscipleship2, 596:I deal not here, but there is somewhat which I seek to say anent that which may be done by all ofDiscipleship2, 601:given I would add some further suggestions. I seek further to clarify the issue in your mind. OnceDiscipleship2, 603:truth? As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify theDiscipleship2, 606:Stand free. Let naught disturb your calm. Yet seek not peace. Keep poised upon a pinnacle of love.Discipleship2, 606:peace. Keep poised upon a pinnacle of love. I seek to have you come closer into the work. SeizeDiscipleship2, 611:to you that the vehicle which you should seek to discipline and subject to refinement was theDiscipleship2, 621:or the reverse? Do they show a disposition to seek you out and spend much time in your company? DoDiscipleship2, 621:you their difficulties in happy discussion and seek your sympathy? How will you discover and beDiscipleship2, 622:for this discussion; but if you speak to her and seek light upon my words, she will do what sheDiscipleship2, 623:pass on then to your second question where you seek to describe thought as "sublimated emotion."Discipleship2, 627:if successfully done, may bring you release. Seek each day for ten minutes to get into touchDiscipleship2, 627:brothers. Take each of them on successive days. Seek to establish a definite rapport and pour outDiscipleship2, 627:can know is a light that lights the darkness. Seek that out. Upon the pinnacle of loneliness is theDiscipleship2, 629:of my injunction to you, given earlier, to "seek the pinnacle of loneliness which is the sole placeDiscipleship2, 629:what is your one immediate spiritual need. Then seek the pinnacle of truth within yourself andDiscipleship2, 630:thought held quietly and clearly in your mind, seek that "pinnacle of loneliness" which is to beDiscipleship2, 633:and leave the Ashram as it was and as you are; seek for another entrance; find what you seek byDiscipleship2, 633:are; seek for another entrance; find what you seek by leaving it behind; move forward through theDiscipleship2, 635:the corridor, spurred by the needs of those you seek to serve. Then will come the moment when theDiscipleship2, 635:individual secret, shared with him. One point I seek to emphasize to you at this time is the [636]Discipleship2, 637:instruction there were two sentences which I seek again to emphasize in your consciousness. TheyDiscipleship2, 643:so much welcome, of learning the needed lessons. Seek not unduly to lift and shield, for theDiscipleship2, 646:subservient to the divine. Ponder on this and seek to establish these contacts firmly and uponDiscipleship2, 648:from this hour and henceforth upon the Way, I seek to Be. I seek no more to know, because this lifeDiscipleship2, 648:and henceforth upon the Way, I seek to Be. I seek no more to know, because this life has taught meDiscipleship2, 656:my brother, and (as with your brother, D.P.R.) I seek not to add any fresh complications orDiscipleship2, 659:diffusion. Think about this statement and seek to understand it and make it practical. If you canDiscipleship2, 660:is the repository of twelve forces or energies, seek to develop them by pondering upon the virtuesDiscipleship2, 661:relation. Bear this in mind and as you meditate, seek ever the inner significance and not just theDiscipleship2, 661:liability hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closer contact with me, your Master, and look forDiscipleship2, 662:the next. I start with this statement because I seek to say something which will arrest yourDiscipleship2, 665:and light travel between you and those you seek to serve. Therefore, my brother, write. You haveDiscipleship2, 667:fear to complicate certain simple truths which I seek to have you grasp. The clarity of the visionDiscipleship2, 667:you have already begun to build this bridge; I seek to have you comprehend how and why. So, myDiscipleship2, 667:future service in this life and in the next; seek to fulfil instructions and learn to come and goDiscipleship2, 680:decision. This latter choice is not what I seek to see happen but at present you stand isolated andDiscipleship2, 681:more than those well-intentioned aspirants you seek to dominate in your environment. Work closelyDiscipleship2, 682:sees the beauty in them all. Ponder on this and seek to see it too. Discipleship2, 683:is the stimulating power of divine love which I seek to pour out upon you and upon all whom I serveDiscipleship2, 688:inward way whom you must carry in your heart and seek to reach. C.D.P. is one; the other is moreDiscipleship2, 688:night, when sleep descends upon your eyes, seek Me and know that I am there. Discipleship2, 689:pain and distaste the impacts of life, and you seek ever to measure up in truth and sincerity toDiscipleship2, 695:strength and wisdom to the world leaders as they seek (as they do) to bring order out of chaos. IDiscipleship2, 708:and she counts much on you. Fail her not, and seek to understand the problems with which she isDiscipleship2, 711:confidence, and always you will persist. But I seek greater things for you, and so does A.A.B. TheDiscipleship2, 717:chain I am a part. Above me stand the Ones I seek to serve, below me stand brothers demanding help.Discipleship2, 717:is not my intention to continue repeating what I seek you - and all of you - to be, to become or toDiscipleship2, 722:and reflect upon my suggestion. I would have you seek (and you will find) a place of suitableDiscipleship2, 724:I never am alone, for round me gather those I seek to serve, my brothers in the Ashram, souls thatDiscipleship2, 724:I see them not, and those in distant places who seek the Master of my life, my brother, theDiscipleship2, 724:lack and your refusal (an interior refusal) to seek a suitable place to live are indications of aDiscipleship2, 726:as to prove to you, intelligently, the points I seek to make. I shall not deal with your life,Discipleship2, 729:as indicated. I assign you no special work. I seek to see you more closely integrated into theDiscipleship2, 733:may eventuate. I am giving you no meditation. I seek to see the flow of your spiritual lifeDiscipleship2, 733:spiritual life downward into daily life, and I seek not to see you raising your human soul towardsDiscipleship2, 733:success; I have been sorry when you failed. I seek to have you within the Ashram, which is not asDiscipleship2, 736:brother?) which will produce effective change. I seek to have you ponder upon the responsibilityDiscipleship2, 740:for anxiety, for the future is assured, but seek during the coming year to take advantage of myDiscipleship2, 742:for the sake of a needy world, and because I seek to see you fill your rightful place in my Ashram,Discipleship2, 751:to hold you to the tried and the familiar. Seek, my brother, at any cost, to be alive and eager forDiscipleship2, 755:give. Cut deep into the roots of all thy life. Seek freedom from the past. Yet move not from theDiscipleship2, 756:of definite personal application) the truths I seek to have you grasp, I present to you a
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