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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEK

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Healing, 648:injunction to the healer: The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and hisHealing, 654:healing, we are told that "the healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auricHealing, 668:on the way to good. Those men are truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad old ways, whoHealing, 668:riches at the expense of the exploited, or who seek to hold for themselves and for gain the produceHealing, 694:the mysterious and the hitherto unknown. I seek only to lay the foundation for a future structureHealing, 694:of the correctly trained occult healer. I seek to generate in you also a wise and searchingHealing, 700:ray conditions and - if they are ailing or ill - seek to help them in the same way as you attemptedHealing, 701:him. The patient, if advanced, is liable not to seek his help, but will handle his own problem,Healing, 711:channel, nadi, nerve and spleen the power must seek a passage and a way and thus confront the enemyHercules, 14:in my search for liberty, I now stand free. I seek to know myself, within myself and throughHercules, 38:we are not told) Hercules entered on his task to seek and find the bull, and lead it to the HolyHercules, 40:desired its sacrifice." "Who told you thus to seek and save the bull?" said Arges, moving towardsHercules, 41:such are two lessons learnt. Rise soon and seek the country, guarded by Gate the third, and findHercules, 54:of these fruits, and when the word went forth to seek for them he sought the Teacher, asking HimHercules, 54:"Tell me the way, O Teacher of my soul. I seek the apples and I need them quickly for my use. ShowHercules, 57:Should he proceed upon his way, or should he seek the one who seemed in need and thus retard hisHercules, 72:we will forego our own desire for contact and seek only to lift the burden that They carry. At theHercules, 78:well my words) being a son of God, you thus can seek and hold the doe. Go forth." Hercules, 81:all the sons of men, who are the sons of God, seek for the golden antlered fawn and bear it to theHercules, 96:he said. "What is the test and wherefore do I seek to pass this Gate?" and speaking thus he waited,Hercules, 96:urging you to venture forth. The people of Nemea seek your aid. They are in deep distress. Word ofHercules, 96:Word of your prowess has gone forth. They seek that you should kill the lion that devastates theirHercules, 96:upon the evening air?" The Teacher said: "Go, seek the lion which ravages the land lying upon theHercules, 96:club and my stout heart, I go upon my way to seek the lion. Send word unto the people of Nemea thatHercules, 97:your arms, O Hercules? Have you not fear? Why seek the lion without defence? Go find your weaponsHercules, 97:vast he has devoured. Why take this chance? Go seek your arms and panoply of strength." ButHercules, 102:merit the closest consideration of those who seek to tread the round of the zodiac as consciousHercules, 113:understood. Redeem this moment, e'er again you seek my face." Silence fell and Hercules, gatheringHercules, 117:of men? Was it to make war on them, or was it to seek unity, in which there was no heart? Was it toHercules, 117:unity, in which there was no heart? Was it to seek new members for their man-less world? But God,Hercules, 117:understood. Redeem this moment e'er again you seek my face." These were stern words and we shouldHercules, 122:our use of individual horoscopes. "The point I seek to make here", says the Tibetan, "is that it isHercules, 125:unafraid. The Teacher had instructed him to seek a boar, and Apollo gave to him a brand-new bow toHercules, 170:jet black throne as Hercules approached. "What seek you, a living mortal, in my realms?" HadesHercules, 170:in my realms?" Hades demanded. Hercules said, "I seek to free Prometheus." [171] "The path isHercules, 181:Hercules, to take my throne from me. Of men who seek to serve the world without a recompense, IInitiation, 5:the study of the human being in the three worlds seek to understand somewhat the macrocosm. We knowInitiation, 6:knowledge that may come for the good of those we seek to help, and recognizing that in the wise useInitiation, 26:those who, from curiosity, pass on to desire and seek to know the truth as it is, more will beInitiation, 26:the attainment of perfection. Let us therefore seek for the truth as a fact in our ownInitiation, 26:faith holds out the promise that those who seek with earnestness shall find that which they areInitiation, 26:that which they are seeking; let us, therefore, seek. If by our search we find that all theseInitiation, 44:blessing over all those who truly and earnestly seek to aspire. To him all seekers are known, and,Initiation, 75:but even now some can vision that ideal, and seek - through united service, loving cooperation, andInitiation, 79:to and his handling of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desiresInitiation, 97:devas follow the line of least resistance, and seek to appropriate and experience in fullest tideInitiation, 97:unreality, or the things of matter. The devas seek to feel, whilst man seeks to know. For theInitiation, 137:performed his function, and the solar lives seek their point of emanation. The life within the formInitiation, 192:a series of instructions compiled for those who seek to take the first initiation. Rule 1 Let theInitiation, 193:angel of the Hierarchy; only those disciples who seek initiation because of the added power to helpInitiation, 203:be pursued at some time or another by all who seek initiation. Though it is not safe for theInitiation, 206:learn the use of the hand in service; let him seek the mark of the messenger in his feet, and letIntellect, 17:this book, [17] and this technique which we will seek to unfold. It deals with the right use of theIntellect, 33:for such advancement, many will gladly seek the way. The method proposed is an individual techniqueIntellect, 36:the fully conscious knower. However much one may seek to explain it away, the fact remains that manIntellect, 66:prayer for relief from illness and disease, and seek to make God answer their request forIntellect, 69:the full light of the vision: what others dimly seek he knows, with a knowledge beside which allIntellect, 76:fade away into mist before our tired eyes. We seek satisfaction in phenomena of all kinds, only toIntellect, 91:objectives which we set before ourselves as we seek to reorient the mind to the soul, and throughIntellect, 116:penetrated into the world of causes; we have to seek to apprehend the Plan as it exists in the mindIntellect, 139:He finds His likeness. It is there that we must seek Him if we desire to find Him and by theIntellect, 209:disappear from the world of men to meditate and seek illumination under our particular Bo tree. WeIntellect, 209:causes) disappear from the world of men and seek the kingdom of the soul? Undoubtedly the solutionIntellect, 225:we become centered in the mind and seek to bend it to our will. It is just here that we find ourIntellect, 227:them. This rigidity fends off the results we seek for a time, but with practice we become skillfulIntellect, 232:relation to the chosen idea upon which we seek to concentrate. It is obvious that each person willIntellect, 266:of the illumined man and with him they will seek to work for the good of the whole. TelepathicallyMagic, 5:and who are pledged to "walk in the light." I seek in this book to do four things, and to makeMagic, 6:to understand themselves better and because they seek to help their brother man. They will notMagic, 13:man functions in the three worlds, and then will seek to elucidate the true nature of the soul ofMagic, 22:man, how much greater is the difficulty when we seek through words to express that inexpressibleMagic, 22:we will adhere to the well-used terminology and seek to understand what has lain back of theMagic, 23:to our particular school of thought; we seek to express it in words, and end by calling it Spirit,Magic, 26:three worlds below the intuitional plane) and seek to understand, through steady expansive growth,Magic, 55:but now our objective is something different; I seek to interest the minds and brains (andMagic, 62:inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seek to aid in the direction and utilization of theMagic, 66:is what the Masters need in those whom They seek to use. It is an inner poise that holds to theMagic, 90:an understanding of the life of the solar Angel, seek to assure my fellow pilgrims that the passingMagic, 103:occult work. There is no obligation to obey. We seek to train intelligent servers of the race, andMagic, 109:rather than emotionally. "The point on which to seek illumination is whether the path for some isMagic, 121:of prime importance. An ancient Scripture says: "Seek not, Oh twice-blessed One, to attain theMagic, 128:group is to give needed assistance to those who seek to fit themselves for active work asMagic, 129:postpone that contact and delay the acceptance. Seek to equip your instrument, learn to function inMagic, 130:are thrown back upon themselves and learn to seek within. This inner contact with the higher selfMagic, 132:with which the Masters have to contend as They seek to further the plans of evolution through theMagic, 133:and who have some measure of soul contact, They seek to transmit as much of the plan as possible.Magic, 133:has lost through his own fault, and He will seek someone else to fill the need, - someone perhapsMagic, 134:dangers which aspirants must watch as they seek to be of use should here be mentioned: They mustMagic, 136:the rapid coming in of the New Age. [136] I here seek to sound a word of warning: In the failure toMagic, 140:of the group. It comes enduringly to those who seek nothing for the separated self, to those whoMagic, 144:as the universal second aspect of divinity. I seek only in these Instructions to deal with thatMagic, 172:have it. The old and more experienced servers seek to fulfil their obligations and carry forwardMagic, 172:contact with the Masters as possible. They seek to save the Master's time and frequently considerMagic, 176:that they keep their eyes on the horizon and seek thus to extend their vision; that they holdMagic, 176:the inner realization that they already have and seek to increase its scope; that they hold on toMagic, 176:and that the form matters not. They must seek pre-eminently to be dependable instruments, unswayedMagic, 182:for them, but because the need is great and They seek those whom They can train. The attitude ofMagic, 203:my aspiration and my endeavor? Why do I seek to build upon a true foundation? Why do I soMagic, 211:Let us therefore study that word with care and seek its accurate definition. To contemplateMagic, 221:and then to work on it. In this instruction, I seek to give some clear teaching on this plane, for
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