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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEK

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Meditation, 211:the planes, circling down and up again. What I seek to bring out specially here is that these sevenMeditation, 212:in system 1. Green stimulates and heals. I seek to call your attention here to the fact that it isMeditation, 224:the basis of such later communications as I may seek to impart. Exoteric Esoteric Purple BlueMeditation, 229:and subraces. The seven initiations. What I seek to emphasize in the above table is that to theMeditation, 232:is affiliated. On his environment. The point I seek specially to emphasize is the life side and notMeditation, 233:will show forth as a virtue. The second point I seek to make is that these influences (which showMeditation, 233:are in flux at any one given time; by this I seek to impress upon you that though all rays manifestMeditation, 237:that communicates with the intuition. I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but to indicate. TheMeditation, 244:error in the future day of healing, but what I seek to point out is that although those errors willMeditation, 246:and powers that may be found amongst those who seek to serve their race and the Master. As you willMeditation, 251:that of the mystic and the occultist. I seek most strongly to emphasize this fact. They are theMeditation, 254:those who earnestly follow the light within. I seek to handle this subject with you in such a wayMeditation, 254:world is felt the urge that drives a man to seek out someone who, for him, embodies the ideal. EvenMeditation, 254:who do not admit the existence of the Masters seek some ideal, and then visualize that ideal asMeditation, 257:- has always this urge within himself to seek other and greater than himself. It is this thatMeditation, 257:do we achieve the goal, and find the Ones we seek. Only by the domination of all forms, and theMeditation, 265:in that earlier series I communicated to you. I seek not to cover the same ground here, but to dealMeditation, 276:of exceeding interest. But the main point I seek to make here is in connection with the earlierMeditation, 280:not time in interesting intellectually those we seek to help. When the pupil has equipped himself,Meditation, 285:is the objective manifestation. But I would seek to point out that the love achieved by the studentMeditation, 288:[288] spirituality or capacity to serve. What I seek today to bring out are the indications in theMeditation, 288:object. Keep this very clearly in mind. I do not seek to make clear all the many and variousMeditation, 297:seem a visionary impossibility it is but that I seek to hold up such an ideal, and to give to theMeditation, 301:dangerous import to the uninitiated; but what I seek to point out is that the mysteries willMeditation, 303:a pupil desire so to do he is perfectly free to seek out other schools and teachers, but he mustMeditation, 305:not always work out in detail as foreseen. I but seek to lay before you the big general plan in itsMeditation, 308:for those of the northern and German races who seek the Path, and when it has been extant for someMeditation, 317:will be largely technical. The first point I seek to make here is that these advanced schools willMeditation, 325:with the centers of modern thought. Today I seek to point out certain things that will be seen inMeditation, 336:that is at present possible to those of you who seek to serve is to attend to the above essentialsMeditation, 336:is to attend to the above essentials and to seek contact with high vibration. One more point IMeditation, 343:of service. Attitude following action. [343] I seek to give you today, in closing this series,Patanjali, 62:would do well to remember this and should seek to adjust the physical vehicle to the demands laterPatanjali, 65:existence of the fundamental realities and to seek for the solution of his problems in that whichPatanjali, 79:aspirant must not literalise these things nor seek blindly to meditate, for instance, upon [80] thePatanjali, 84:road which must be travelled should the aspirant seek to arrive at his goal. The first thing whichPatanjali, 138:which most inadequately and only symbolically seek to express an occult work. They can only bePatanjali, 174:sense of responsibility to others and begins to seek for happiness in the fulfilment of hisPatanjali, 209:the call for fire, embodied in the words: 'I seek the Way; I yearn to know. Visions I see, andPatanjali, 209:trod, and the end approacheth the beginning. I seek the Way. All ways my feet have trod. The Way ofPatanjali, 218:by prana drawing in the breath, and is what we seek to control in pranayama. We begin byPatanjali, 256:for the man of the world to question and seek to be shown unless at the same time he is willing (asPatanjali, 361:of form and their presiding deities whose voices seek to lure the aspirant off the path into thePatanjali, 414:This is what the three last means of yoga seek to do. As this has been covered earlier it isPatanjali, 420:the involving of the refusal of the self to seek outward-going sensuous [421] experience and itsProblems, 10:and a very different psychology rules. Nations seek and demand the best for themselves, no matterProblems, 23:Russia must not, with ambition and design, seek to sweep the small powers into her arena ofProblems, 25:insofar as the laws of capital and finance seek control. The same is largely true of Great Britain.Problems, 36:the unknown, to believe in the unproveable, to seek, search and demand the revelation of that whichProblems, 54:mental and emotional equipment and will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him,Problems, 54:only spurs to renewed endeavor. They will thus seek to "lead him out" (the true meaning of the wordProblems, 60:and who will work for the new civilization. We seek here to emphasize principles with theProblems, 68:the world for the gain of Russia and who would seek to impose the will of the proletariat upon allProblems, 72:First, those who are real humanitarians, who seek the good of their fellowmen and who have noProblems, 80:and earn the wherewithal to live; the work they seek to do to aid humanity cannot be done withoutProblems, 98:happiness tended to herd together and to seek each other out, and the Gentiles among whom theyProblems, 102:will be found only when the Jews themselves seek to find the way out and cease their present policyProblems, 104:in every nation are seeking and will continue to seek a solution, and one will be found. ThisProblems, 106:of its true inhabitants to the alien races who seek to dominate them remains still in the realm ofProblems, 120:goodwill and who are free from prejudice will seek each other out and work together to spreadProblems, 120:it if they care enough for their fellowman, and seek to leave him free, but, they will have to seekProblems, 120:seek to leave him free, but, they will have to seek for the dark area in their own minds where aProblems, 134:is demanding light, peace and security. Some seek it in the formation of new ideologies; some lookProblems, 134:statesmen who seem as bewildered as those they seek to help; they are rendered well-nigh impotentProblems, 140:they will recognize divine sonship and will seek unitedly to cooperate with the divine Plan, as itProblems, 143:modern fundamentalists or of the churchmen who seek - through doctrine, fear and threat - to keepPsychology1, xxii:the cosmic note, if I may so call it, for I seek to make the information of practical value to thePsychology1, xxii:of a temporarily accepted hypothesis, and thus seek to gather those analogies and indications whichPsychology1, xxiii: Esoteric Psychology I - Foreword We shall seek to avoid as far as possible those loosePsychology1, xxiv:value than any other of my writings. I shall seek to make this treatise upon the soul relativelyPsychology1, xxiv:treatise upon the soul relatively brief. I shall seek to express these abstract truths in such aPsychology1, 4:enunciation of the truth anent the rays, and seek to tabulate, outline and indicate their nature,Psychology1, 5:of the undoubtedly existent supernormal. What I seek to do, and the contribution I seek to make toPsychology1, 5:What I seek to do, and the contribution I seek to make to the subject, have to do with the emphasisPsychology1, 8:comes up for solution. These questions we shall seek to answer as we proceed. [9] Some of thePsychology1, 9:we proceed. [9] Some of the points which I may seek to make clear will not be capable ofPsychology1, 9:in order to understand that whereof I seek to speak. Some of the points I may make you may findPsychology1, 9:study yourself and your brethren; seek to link what I say to any knowledge you may possess of thePsychology1, 10:thought form. The second thing upon which I seek to touch concerns the testing going on inevitablyPsychology1, 10:is applied, and in so far as it can be gauged, I seek to point out that the testing is not applied,Psychology1, 11:the entire subject of the rays which we shall seek to investigate. Every group in the world is aPsychology1, 12:divine principle, can be built. Ponder on this, seek to fit yourselves for the registering of thesePsychology1, 12:clearly, and with a poised and illumined mind seek to understand what is relatively a new aspect ofPsychology1, 16:of duality, and this I shall do, not because I seek to emphasize it to the neglect of unity (forPsychology1, 16:but of the basic duality of manifestation. I seek to deal with that material which is of practicalPsychology1, 16:man. It is necessary for all students who seek illumination and a right apprehension of truth toPsychology1, 25:is the relation of a ray to a planet. Therefore seek not full information at this time. ThePsychology1, 40:through the form, is the purpose dimly sensed. I seek in various ways to convey through the symbolPsychology1, 46:quality. The Father, Spirit or Life, wills to seek the satisfaction of desire. The Mother or matterPsychology1, 65:indicates fulfilment. Quality - clear vision. Seek out the gentle way, Oh Lord of Power. Wait forPsychology1, 81:Why battle thus with all that is around? Seek you not peace? Why stand between the forces of thePsychology1, 84:from all the darkened valleys of the land and seek the temple of the Lord. Give them the light.Psychology1, 87:forms anew. Guard well that Word. Make all men seek it for themselves. Quality - power to vivify. Psychology1, 107:the world and available now to all who earnestly seek it. Aspirants have much to work upon and muchPsychology1, 117:the lesson of self-forgetfulness, when you seek nothing for the separated self, when you standPsychology1, 119:and in helping the truth into the light I seek to bring the subject of the seven rays to the noticePsychology1, 120:their thousands recognize [120] this duality and seek to unify the dissociated aspects. When thePsychology1, 130:life and the environment. The first point that I seek to make is a difficult one to grasp for thosePsychology1, 131:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Study it and seek to understand the significance of this process. InPsychology1, 141:before starting on our real study of the rays, I seek to formulate for you the fundamental
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