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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEKER

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Astrology, 153:the Goat, he is man, the earthly, human, greedy seeker after the satisfaction of desire, or man,Astrology, 349:"He heard the cry of the Mother (Virgo), of the Seeker (Sagittarius), and of the submerged FishAutobiography, 192:that way. They are not the prey of the curiosity seeker, the gullible or the unintelligent. TheyAutobiography, 237:West. The techniques followed by the mystical seeker after God in the Occident are identical withAutobiography, 237:are identical with those followed by the seeker in the Orient. At a certain point on the path ofBethlehem, 11:of the Gospel story may enable the modern seeker to grasp the wider synthesis. Some of these deeperBethlehem, 98:of a basic truth would greatly profit the seeker in all countries, and an understanding of theBethlehem, 136:in the last analysis, may mean the most to the seeker after truth, are the birth into the kingdom,Discipleship1, 635:what you are now doing. You are a soul and not a seeker of astral phenomena. Three or four of thoseEducation, 76:the child can become, normally and naturally, a seeker after the light of knowledge; wherein he isExternalisation, 8:me in this article to distinguish the awakened seeker after control and mastery from the lower typeExternalisation, 404:Expression of God, is not made clear to the seeker. Together, the two great Sons of God present toExternalisation, 417:to offer no longer satisfies the intelligent seeker or suffices to answer his questions; he isExternalisation, 506:to open up the world of departed souls to the seeker, and much that has of late convinced theFire, 449:modeling his thought to that significance, the seeker after Brahman shall, without fail, attain allFire, 475:the processes of evolution, and enable the seeker to build for himself (from the primordial base)Healing, 116:mystic is ever conscious of duality. He is the seeker in search of light, of the soul, of theHealing, 398:and which has hitherto baffled the most earnest seeker. The incentive of fear lies behind thisHealing, 398:as evidence that which the more intelligent seeker would immediately repudiate. Let me here make myHercules, 8:of the aspirant, the stage of the intelligent seeker, the stage of the man who, having developedHercules, 75:the sincerity and the aspiration of the seeker after truth, they gather around themselves groups ofHercules, 93:the doe is the intellect and man is the great seeker, the great hunter before the Lord. But the doeHercules, 205:done in the spiritual field by the awakened seeker. Truth is, phoenix-like, emerging anew in theInitiation, 26:have illuminated the heart and brain, and the seeker will awaken to the realization that the wholeInitiation, 27:of a theory do not aid beyond giving to the seeker confirmatory indication. Each soul has toIntellect, 70:vision and in yearning after the Beloved, the seeker after true knowledge takes up the task andIntellect, 194:Nature - this is the definite goal of the seeker after knowledge. The self, the not-self, and theMagic, 178:of education, and be himself a profound seeker of truth before he will be chosen to be theMagic, 203:generation of enquirers". The question which the seeker now asks and which he only has the right toMagic, 289:and cosmic Peace, let the word sound: "I am the seeker and the sought. I rest!" Seventh Ray: - LetMagic, 385:and the loved, the Desirer and the desired, the Seeker and the sought. It is only as the firstMagic, 480:careless and much instruction for the earnest seeker after light. There are two aspects of thisMeditation, 71:development of the intuition, and inspire the seeker after light to more earnest endeavor. OthersMeditation, 114:pondered on with care) open up to the earnest seeker after truth many avenues of knowledge. AllPatanjali, 331:of the Lodge, are found these words: "Let the seeker after truth escape from drowning and climb thePatanjali, 380:It might, therefore, be observed that (for the seeker after truth) incarnation, intense desire andPsychology1, 72:Champion desire. Give what is needed to the seeker. Quality - the dual aspects of desire. Lower thePsychology1, 134:This fourth ray is pre-eminently the way of the seeker, the searcher and the sensitive reflector ofPsychology1, 189:the way and clear the path for the bewildered seeker at that time. Those who are not ready for thePsychology1, 417:and cosmic Peace let the word sound: 'I am the seeker and the sought. I rest.' " SEVENTH RAY "LetPsychology2, 45:the wanderer to him. Love divine attracts the seeker on the Way. The point of merging is achieved.Psychology2, 84:and cosmic Peace, let the word sound: 'I am the seeker and the sought. I rest!'" Ray Seven - "LetPsychology2, 247:not only a pronounced effect upon the spiritual seeker himself but will eventually bring about thePsychology2, 409:his emphasis upon the lover and the loved, the seeker and the sought, upon God and His child. TheRays, 197:and expressed; by its means, the hurrying seeker is defended from making too rapid and superficialTelepathy, 15:upon the point in evolution of the reader, or seeker after truth. This interpretation of the
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