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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEKING

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Discipleship1, 617:to my voice and to the impression which I may be seeking to make upon your aspiring consciousness.Discipleship1, 630:for your understanding of the thing which I am seeking [631] to do. I am planning for the futureDiscipleship1, 633:on the astral plane. I work on mental levels, seeking to aid you all in the building of theDiscipleship1, 643:your main contribution to the work which we are seeking to do), you may react unduly to the groupDiscipleship1, 651:us that we may give ourselves without reserve, seeking nothing, asking nothing, hoping nothing forDiscipleship1, 652:aspiring towards release. We need those who are seeking close contact with their souls and with usDiscipleship1, 652:contact with their souls and with us who are seeking to guide the race today. We need cooperatorsDiscipleship1, 658:you to lose the significance of the lesson I am seeking to give you. Is this not so? When you canDiscipleship1, 667:work: In this incarnation, your ego or soul is seeking expression through your astral body. ThereDiscipleship1, 669:and a clearer perception of what it is you are seeking to undertake. One reason why you can do thisDiscipleship1, 690:and women who are intelligently and practically seeking to make the ideal plan a factual experimentDiscipleship1, 696:accepted disciple to grasp is what the Master is seeking to accomplish through the medium of hisDiscipleship1, 701:energy, whilst disciples in his group are seeking to express soul energy and are doing so, in someDiscipleship1, 705:and so meet the need of those the disciple is seeking to help and strengthen. The projectedDiscipleship1, 707:- the nature of the energies which are seeking world expression, and the nature of the forces whichDiscipleship1, 711:yourselves how and in what manner the Master is seeking to impress you and the group with which youDiscipleship1, 718:with this, I would remind you that though I am seeking to train many at this time for furtherDiscipleship1, 719:the nature of the work which the Masters are seeking to do with their groups of disciples in thisDiscipleship1, 747:the Master. An Ashram is not a group of people seeking spiritual realization. It is a center ofDiscipleship1, 766:If you are living as desired and if you are seeking to profit by my instructions, the training ofDiscipleship1, 771:world participation in opposing that which is seeking to hold back and to destroy humanity and itsDiscipleship1, 785:the work that the New Group of World Servers are seeking to [786] do, but no authoritative requestsDiscipleship2, 12:say may be very brief and very scant. I am only seeking to indicate and not to direct; [13] IDiscipleship2, 13:The Hierarchy and its affiliated groups are seeking active help and cooperation in the work ofDiscipleship2, 27:your Tibetan brother, in deep meditation, seeking to contact you and all for whom he is, as aDiscipleship2, 35:playing the part of the intelligent citizen and seeking always to shoulder his share of nationalDiscipleship2, 42:to their [42] asignments and those of Us who are seeking to use them in the service of worldDiscipleship2, 80:Reappearance of the Christ. The point which I am seeking to make is that this book is primarilyDiscipleship2, 120:in the nature of a preface to the one I am now seeking to assign. It should leave each of you (ifDiscipleship2, 123:safeguard disciples at this stage - the stage of seeking to fit themselves for the first or theDiscipleship2, 136:us, of which the work I am at this time seeking to do is but a tiny living part. Therefore, as youDiscipleship2, 206:through unity of spiritual motive; they are seeking closer cooperation and endeavoring to bringDiscipleship2, 207:will inevitably impress the sons of men who are seeking and longing for liberation; thus a greatDiscipleship2, 233:this ever in mind. I have been for some time seeking to impress upon you the eternal fact that theDiscipleship2, 258:teaching upon initiation a step forward and am seeking to show that it is not essentially a processDiscipleship2, 282:and his growing sensitivity to impression. I am seeking here to divorce your minds from the idéeDiscipleship2, 287:striving within the substance of the form, and seeking added life and light," as the Old CommentaryDiscipleship2, 300:reorganization and regeneration. The Masters are seeking to hasten in their disciples thisDiscipleship2, 351:angle, the mental polarization of the disciple seeking entry into the hierarchical sphere of workDiscipleship2, 353:your further thinking. The individual disciple, seeking initiation, is with deliberation and withDiscipleship2, 353:lead to disaster. This disaster the Hierarchy is seeking to avert, but the Masters are handicappedDiscipleship2, 377:up to the spiritual aspiration of the man who is seeking liberation. What can the disciple,Discipleship2, 389:it flowers forth in the beauty of revelation. In seeking to elucidate these hints for you I am notDiscipleship2, 394:it is true also of the working disciple, seeking knowledge and wisdom as he works out theDiscipleship2, 394:clearer light; then it comes as the aspirant (seeking soul expression) learns to forget himself inDiscipleship2, 429:who are free from spiritual ambition and self-seeking. They never look for them among those whoDiscipleship2, 433:the long evolutionary cycle wherein the Soul is seeking to establish contact with and control ofDiscipleship2, 446:whether you are not functioning as a personality seeking, as far as may be, to be sensitive to soulDiscipleship2, 448:amount of good to the greatest number of seeking souls. This is always a difficult matter for theDiscipleship2, 479:you flood the personalities of those you are seeking to help, with the pure rose color (mostDiscipleship2, 498:as many as you can who earlier worked with you, seeking again to get in touch with all of them andDiscipleship2, 527:and trials of the second initiation. What I am seeking to do is to help, to indicate the nature ofDiscipleship2, 533:exerted. I had long registered your "seeking vibration." Another key point comes ever at the age ofDiscipleship2, 535:a releasing of hidden beauties, unsuspected and seeking the light of day. Have you not read thatDiscipleship2, 559:work that emanates from my Ashram and thus aid seeking souls. To this work I call you afresh. TheDiscipleship2, 587:as you carried out my request, that I was seeking the aid of your one-pointed attitude to reality?Discipleship2, 588:way alone, as must all disciples. Those who are seeking to attain the degree of Master have - atDiscipleship2, 589:the world, and much needed in the task you are seeking to do for humanity and incidentally for us.Discipleship2, 590:representative. Inward to the world of men, seeking to contact the subjective world of humanDiscipleship2, 604:sense, the mind. You have, therefore, energies seeking outlet and expression, via the etheric bodyDiscipleship2, 621:time focused on himself and his reactions and so seeking to achieve identification because he wantsDiscipleship2, 635:under these symbols the lesson which I am seeking to convey to you. I enjoined you in ray lastDiscipleship2, 638:and that for the remainder of his life. I am seeking to bring all these points to yourDiscipleship2, 641:wariness. The early stages of the work you are seeking to do are fraught with some danger, as againDiscipleship2, 678:is the Plan for humanity which the Hierarchy is seeking to implement. Then, my co-disciple, youDiscipleship2, 719:of the Ageless Wisdom which his own soul is seeking to have him register. In reality, you have hadDiscipleship2, 720:to give you four pictures upon which to reflect, seeking to read behind their symbolism the messageDiscipleship2, 737:is upon you now, my brother, and I am therefore seeking to make the issues clear to you.Discipleship2, 751:change, regarding it as a hindering glamor and seeking always to believe that your choice of theDiscipleship2, 757:express? What lies at the depths of your being, seeking revelation? What is the essential qualityDiscipleship2, 757:Here are my conclusions: The hidden beauty seeking expression in your life is the power to useEducation, vii:in its regional cultures. While the West is seeking the principles upon which peaceful and fruitfulEducation, x:of Unified Studies. It shall be concerned with seeking the interrelationships between variousEducation, xi:universal principles for enlightened individuals seeking the benefits of the good life. This urgentEducation, xi:for man's progressive self-evolution? "In seeking answers to these questions and providing studentsEducation, 25:begin in the fifth year of the child's life; the seeking intelligence (which is the child itself)Education, 53:of what I am going to say? The points that I am seeking to make are as follows: Because the threeEducation, 60:spiritual energies which are constantly seeking impact upon or contact with the world of phenomena.Education, 60:comprehend the nature of the energies which are seeking to condition him and which work out intoEducation, 62:of outer happenings into the world of energies, seeking contact and qualifying for the bringingEducation, 65:are made, and the qualified principles which are seeking expression through those forms and,Education, 83:are only spurs to renewed endeavor and thus seeking to "lead him out" (the true meaning of the wordEducation, 90:produced the conflicting ideologies which are seeking world expression; it has produced theEducation, 109:of Those Who, upon the inner side of life, are seeking to bring in new light upon the subject ofEducation, 118:from the hierarchical point of view) , they are seeking to mould the racial thought and life to aEducation, 120:kindly paternalism of the privileged classes, seeking to ameliorate the condition of theirEducation, 140:here are steeped in the ideas which I have been seeking to impart to humanity for the past years,Externalisation, 20:aspire and work. His motive is pure, and he is seeking to decentralize his personality and shiftExternalisation, 21:with the Plan for "the next three years" are seeking earnestly for those who can help us and toExternalisation, 24:the Wesak Festival this year, Those Who are seeking to lift humanity nearer to the Light and toExternalisation, 39:is to act as a bridge for forces which are seeking etheric expression and which emanate from soulExternalisation, 63:world conditions and to criticize those who are seeking, in their own way and fashion, to deal withExternalisation, 73:of the Nations, Page 22). Those of you who are seeking to serve humanity and to join in theExternalisation, 73:and civilization of the New Age. If you are seeking to bring illumination into the dark places ofExternalisation, 81:that is that the power wielded by those who are seeking to live as souls and in touch with the soulExternalisation, 83:man loses; by relinquishing, he gains; by seeking to grasp that which he has, it must and willExternalisation, 114:witness to the strength of the life which is seeking more adequate expression; the educationalExternalisation, 147:from a higher plane of awareness. I am seeking today all over the world for a group of aspirantsExternalisation, 173:Spirit of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His Presence felt. TheExternalisation, 176:by ambitious dictators. The nations which are seeking to defend themselves and the liberties of
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