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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEKING

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Rays, 223:has been stimulated and vitalized and is now seeking to break out of its confining form. TheRays, 224:both to the individual aspirant and to a group seeking initiation. Read what I have said withRays, 239:field of service for accepted disciples who are seeking service-expression, and it also provides aRays, 253:a tendency to set too rigid a standard for those seeking astrological deduction, and thus fail toRays, 295:the Ashram, through its group of workers, is seeking to express; they seek to express the Plan, orRays, 296:striking illustration of the truth of what I am seeking to emphasize. In the Christian Church, menRays, 299:the initiates and the disciples of the world are seeking to bring to humanity? What aspect of thisRays, 346:from the unready. Similarly, when an aspirant, seeking upon the physical plane to find those whoRays, 348:of the soul is active in him as in his brother seeking affiliation with the Great White Lodge. TheRays, 349:glamor may condition the attitude of those seeking to understand the life of a man upon the Path,Rays, 351:aspirant first of all stands before the door, seeking initiation. That electrical unit orRays, 361:second initiations are to the disciple who is seeking to tread the earlier stages of the Path ofRays, 393:giving of full assistance to all those who are seeking to guide humanity along correct lines - aRays, 401:force of those aspirants and disciples who are seeking to combat this in their own lives and in theRays, 429:foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace. As a Jewish memberRays, 459:disciple; some are present; some are not. I am seeking to give a general picture. IndividualRays, 483:unity, the Way that Members of the Hierarchy are seeking to tread and for which They are preparing.Rays, 521:the individual to the world of reality, of the seeking aspirant to the sought-for divinity. ItsRays, 523:a process of reorientation, the aspirant who is seeking to tread the Lighted Way of purificationRays, 570:will be battling the spiritual man, each seeking to achieve control. In the early stages, after theRays, 612:are, in their own ways (wisely or unwisely), seeking a solution. The war has produced much good -Rays, 620:who form the New Group of World Servers, seeking to embody the love and light needed in the worldRays, 632:the borders of one country. The U.S.S.R. is also seeking to blend and unite into one great nationalRays, 635:remember it) the symbol of humanity - evolving, seeking, restless, materialistic, separative andRays, 635:consciousness in an exaggerated form; he is ever seeking and searching a home and is the trueRays, 635:simply by moving on - the wandering Jew seeking a home, wandering humanity, saying always, "I mustRays, 667:initiation. When they discover those who are seeking mental polarization and who evidence a desireRays, 684:aspect of the initiatory process that I am seeking to call your attention. I have [685] pointed outRays, 694:disciple is descending from the Fixed Cross and seeking to mount the Cardinal Cross, and it is thisRays, 703:(a minor renunciation) and his one aim, in seeking liberation and freedom from the three worlds, isRays, 743:of that which the active spiritual Forces are seeking to bring about may prove helpful. If theReappearance, 20:presence felt in all the many groups which are seeking to aid and lift humanity, to rebuild theReappearance, 65:of God are all those who are deliberately seeking the light and attempting (through self-imposedReappearance, 71:that of negating his original self-will, and seeking then to merge his will with that of the groupReappearance, 76:Son of God is - during this cycle of tension - seeking to cooperate with the Christ. As a result ofReappearance, 138:fundamentalists (fanatical though sincere) are seeking to perpetuate that which is old and whichReappearance, 155:the spirit of humanity - aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God andReappearance, 158:the individual to the world of reality, of the seeking aspirant to the sought-for divinity. ItsReappearance, 168:given to the service of humanity. Those who are seeking to tread the Path of Discipleship shouldReappearance, 170:the Father's business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity, and thusReappearance, 177:The New Testament foretold would happen. Evil is seeking every avenue available for a new approachReappearance, 181:provides a field of service for all who are seeking service-expression; it also provides a rallyingReappearance, 183:His reappearance; they are spiritual aspirants, seeking to serve and make real the Kingdom of GodSoul, 144:we vainly strive to grasp... By continually seeking to know and being continually thrown back withTelepathy, 10:contact, such as the directed thought of someone seeking rapport. When these streams are adequatelyTelepathy, 55:as yet unawakened and unenlightened. I am seeking to make the matter as simple as I can, for muchTelepathy, 56:in this world period in which the Logos is seeking to bring the subhuman kingdoms to the pointTelepathy, 57:it is the result of invocation by the [57] one seeking the new impression. When this invocativeTelepathy, 75:that type of telepathy has no place in what I am seeking to impart. People today frequentlyTelepathy, 178:I there said. I will not repeat it here as I am seeking a different approach. It might be
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