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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEKS

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Meditation, 94:lower mind body. Having achieved that much, he seeks then to transcend that lower mind and toMeditation, 103:and the Higher Self. In meditation the student seeks to contact the divine flame that is his HigherMeditation, 112:of the mind as an essential in the man who seeks to progress and to become a member of theMeditation, 123:and willingly cooperates with the One Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lowerMeditation, 141:Consciousness itself. The goal towards which it seeks to rise. The steps whereby it succeeds. EachMeditation, 144:aspirant is aiming at something different; he seeks to merge himself with his higher Self and withMeditation, 149:venture on the path of occult law. The mystic seeks to work from the emotional to the intuitional,Meditation, 149:on that inner center of consciousness; he seeks to link that center with other centers - such asMeditation, 171:and broods ever on the Law and its workings. He seeks to understand, he discriminates and studies;Meditation, 171:the others. The man who meditates on this line seeks ever to enter into the consciousness of allMeditation, 172:line ever asks why, and how, and whence, and seeks to synthesize, to comprehend and to make theMeditation, 172:known and sensed. Then, having done all that, he seeks to raise the consciousness still higher tillMeditation, 178:who uses them in contact with the deva group he seeks. These mantrams are, of course, forms of RayMeditation, 222:provided always he does three things: That he seeks to find the esoteric colors and their rightMeditation, 235:and more the value of all that eventuates, and seeks to profit by the sum of the qualities of hisMeditation, 235:ponders on those forces or qualities, he seeks to extract their essence, and to comprehend theirMeditation, 241:him up to the third initiation. After that, he seeks to resolve the three into the one until he hasMeditation, 269:add to the available equipment that the Master seeks for the helping of the race, and that willMeditation, 285:nor concedes a fault. It is not the love that seeks not to correct and that expresses itself in anMeditation, 285:precision, and sees the thought of the heart and seeks ever to blend into one whole the [286]Meditation, 311:Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do through each expression on the lowerMeditation, 344:of many kinds, and he who wisely renders it, who seeks to find his particular sphere, and who,Meditation, 346:action and cries out for attention. He then seeks rest, sleep, dietary precautions And necessaryMeditation, 346:strives at the opposite of elimination; he seeks to build in information, to supply knowledge andMeditation, 347:the Hall of Wisdom. In training the mind body he seeks therefore orderly acquisition of knowledge,Meditation, 347:in its three departments, the lover of humanity seeks perfection in action. No magnificent dreamsMeditation, 349:is in the nature of involution, and the servant seeks to work with the law of evolution. This is anPatanjali, 27:plane. Charles Johnston in his translation seeks to give this meaning in the words "the right usePatanjali, 84:negated by the real man (who no longer seeks to identify himself with them), then he becomes "freePatanjali, 96:on the inside and - knowing the idea which he seeks to embody in form - he utters certain words orPatanjali, 125:to face with three basic enquiries and as he seeks to answer them aright, he will inevitably equipPatanjali, 127:to the difficulties which assail the man who seeks to quiet the mind and so achieve soul vision. Patanjali, 148:activity and constant labor of the man as he seeks experience and later, as he seeks to serve. ThePatanjali, 148:the man as he seeks experience and later, as he seeks to serve. The attribute of rhythm, orPatanjali, 159:eventually brings him to the position where he seeks liberation. 3. The indicated. Back of thePatanjali, 160:is the cause of its being and when he no longer seeks it or endeavors to vision it, for him itPatanjali, 171:manifesting as the soul or inner ruler) and seeks in the affairs of every day to discriminatePatanjali, 171:self, the cause of the lower manifestation. He seeks in the affairs of every day to cultivate aPatanjali, 174:(in the group and in his environment), what he seeks may lie. He awakens to a sense ofPatanjali, 179:He discerns a new factor and a new world and seeks to make them his own in conscious experiencePatanjali, 203:lays no emphasis on the lower psychic powers and seeks to train the aspirant in the laws of thePatanjali, 209:Fire calls me with fierce appeal. Naught in me seeks the way of peace; naught in me yearns forPatanjali, 211:the three kingdoms of nature) he contacts. He seeks to see below the surface and to touch thePatanjali, 258:seen and the control of the mind as the real man seeks to focus the illuminating ray of his mindPatanjali, 313:at will, turning its radiance upon all that he seeks to know, the time comes when he can not onlyPatanjali, 336:the macrocosmic, and as the aspirant is one who seeks to function as "free in the macrocosm" and toPatanjali, 367:realities. "I am That," says the aspirant and seeks to know himself as he truly is, a living word,Patanjali, 403:aspirant has to learn. When this is grasped, he seeks to aid the evolution of his forms in twoPatanjali, 409:is dangerous and useless, because that which seeks control is the man on the physical plane, andPatanjali, 409:on the attainment of brain stillness. He seeks to quiet the brain cells, and render them negative,Patanjali, 410:thought. The work every aspirant, therefore, seeks to do is to bring the brain consciousness inPatanjali, 412:nature, swell the tide of material forces which seeks to hold the soul prisoner, and constitute thePatanjali, 415:detached and apart from the mind who simply seeks to use it as a means to knowledge. The problemPatanjali, 427:of knowledge and ascertain all that he seeks to know, but is himself centered in the consciousnessProblems, 20:emphasize essential equality. Great Britain seeks no more territory; she is now a commonwealth ofProblems, 56:or national problems or undertakings but it seeks to incorporate them into the whole as integralProblems, 130:- [130] the Roman Catholic Church which today seeks to make capital out of the claim that it wasPsychology1, 61:descends seeking the flower of life, though he seeks it not for selfish ends. "When the right handPsychology1, 406:is ever on the plane of illusion; as the soul seeks to dispel the ancient glamor, the aspirant isPsychology2, 11:and the assertions of the individual as he seeks to express his own ideas. One of the basic ideasPsychology2, 28:of the planetary Logos, as that great Life seeks expression through the medium of the four kingdomsPsychology2, 52:of another, and only the analytical mind sees or seeks differentiation. The reflection of thisPsychology2, 69:begins to be increasingly active, and the man seeks consciously to use his mind, and to expressPsychology2, 76:man has no fear of the detaching process and seeks not to hold on to that which earlier wasPsychology2, 135:suggestion can be made to the man or woman who seeks to function as a true server than to ask themPsychology2, 141:he has seen and grasped and which impatiently he seeks to impose upon his fellow men for theirPsychology2, 148:the unready aspirant (not the place which he seeks to enter) and safeguards him from the risks andPsychology2, 162:life of the initiate? I think not. The disciple seeks to achieve, without passion, pain orPsychology2, 163:nor on the left lies safety for the man who seeks that lighted way." Does this sentence really meanPsychology2, 168:gathers handful after handful of the threads and seeks to weave the carpet of his thoughts andPsychology2, 227:general understanding of the divine Psyche as it seeks expression through the manifested Whole, thePsychology2, 234:all mysticism and all religions, for man seeks ever a closer union with God and naught can arrestPsychology2, 250:work the line of least resistance and which seeks not to understand the way in which thePsychology2, 276:and like Arjuna (fixed at the midway point) he seeks the way out, eventually acquiescing in thePsychology2, 353:straight forward, he waits in patience and seeks to feel. A change of attitude can be noted, for hePsychology2, 375:the energy thus generated feeds that which he seeks to leave behind. If he can, however, grasp thePsychology2, 377:Plan. He begins, however, with himself, and seeks to bring into expression the plan of his soul inPsychology2, 391:Attributes. The first thing the disciple who seeks to use these techniques undertakes is to arrivePsychology2, 396:light within the light of the world and then seeks to use that light (which is in him atomic,Psychology2, 402:equipment and apparatus of such contact, and seeks to [403] produce right adaptation, correctPsychology2, 438:Again with the best motives in the world, he seeks to drive everyone the way that he has come,Psychology2, 462:who makes life a burden to all around him as he seeks to impose his views upon them, and the maniacPsychology2, 491:that no true initiate or disciple ever seeks to control any person nor will he indicate to him inPsychology2, 498:are three main ways in which the person who seeks psychological aid can be helped and this is truePsychology2, 498:This method delves into the patient's past; it seeks to unearth the basic determining conditionsPsychology2, 501:he will sometimes search for and find those he seeks to damage, and find occasion to hurt those hePsychology2, 508:friend or relation undergoes some experience. He seeks to communicate it to his friend or - at thePsychology2, 545:by the foolish things done by the aspirant as he seeks to bring his physical body under control. ItPsychology2, 573:appeal in dealing with the masses but he himself seeks to remain free from all emotional control. Psychology2, 588:door to the astral plane stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and to function normally; hePsychology2, 619:called "the crippling of the one who seeks to serve and the binding of his hands and feet." OnePsychology2, 660:of the aims of the group and what the Plan seeks to bring about. Psychology2, 676:relations. The New Group of World Servers seeks to discover these people, and unify them into aPsychology2, 676:therefore, that the New Group of World Servers seeks to help in the restoration of world balancePsychology2, 704:the Divine vision as it is embodied in the Plan, seeks to evoke a response to that Plan in everyRays, 32:of the outer life. The Master's influence, as He seeks to aid His disciple, always producesRays, 89:The love of God, focused in the Christ, seeks to express itself in some act of peculiarly usefulRays, 92:relating the personality to the soul), He now seeks to relate more closely, with the aid of theRays, 117:forth. He stands before the needle's eye and seeks to pass the hindering wall. He is notRays, 120:of the new, developed "quality" which "life" seeks in the New Age to demonstrate. In the first
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