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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEM

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Astrology, 35:Violet None Earth 1 Note: Much in this chart may seem obscure and even erroneous. For instance:Astrology, 63:which I have made or will make which will seem revolutionary to the orthodox investigator. ThereAstrology, 236:East and West. This last point of adjustment may seem to you to be a meaningless phrase, but whenAstrology, 260:at the end of the appointed time. Today it would seem (curiously and convincingly) that we areAstrology, 489:you, leaving you to apply the information as may seem best to you. Astrology, 527:ways: From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable and which can be accounted for by the rayAstrology, 597:and not with the heart, strange as that may seem to you. It is in a very true sense "a figment ofAstrology, 682:It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint may beAtom, 13:world is true"; that things are what they seem; that matter and force, as we know them, are theAtom, 14:after all, things are not exactly what they seem to be, and that there remains much which isAtom, 35:or inadequate; the old expressions of thought seem futile. All that the wise man can do just now isAtom, 41:pointed out that even the very atoms themselves seem to be "instinct with the desire for life." IfAtom, 57:and of ability to attract or repel. It may seem curious to use the word intelligence in connectionAtom, 61:Atom - The Evolution of Form It may therefore seem to some of us a logical hypothesis that just asAtom, 71:in a period in which all the forms of thought seem breaking up, in which the religious life of theAtom, 72:and the foundations of the old philosophies seem to be shaken. Our lot is cast in one of the mostAtom, 72:are upset and distraught because the foundations seem to be shaken, the carefully reared and deeplyAtom, 72:thought and belief, and of philosophical finding seem in danger of falling, yet our anxiety existsAtom, 73:to express itself. To many of us these ideas may seem novel, fantastic, and untenable. Yet even ifAtom, 104:contacts of every kind; then we meet people who seem to be asleep; there is apparently so littleAtom, 104:apparently so little that interests them; they seem utterly unaware of contact; they are yet in aAutobiography, 23:one's memory whilst things of greater importance seem lost to recollection. [24] One wonders whatAutobiography, 47:to have the same grandparents? It does not seem reasonable, and I think has led to a lot ofAutobiography, 60:at his eyes. What is wrong with them?" "They seem rather too close together," I replied. "Exactly.Autobiography, 74:with snakes (kraits, deadly and small) did not seem to bother us. There we made tea and told sillyAutobiography, 83:in prison," i.e. in hell, but that didn't seem fair. Why give them only one small chance lastingAutobiography, 84:to a crisp in hell fire. Now that really did seem unfair to me. They had not asked to be born; theyAutobiography, 91:uninteresting people. These famous people seem to have deteriorated sadly since their lastAutobiography, 104:be ordained in the Episcopal Church that did not seem to matter. We could manage on his stipend andAutobiography, 126:the saints of the Middle Ages. Theologians never seem to face up to the basic issues; they fallAutobiography, 172:the past five years so violently attacked her seem to me of no more importance than fleas attackingAutobiography, 182:that necessarily you have no private life. They seem to feel that anything you do is their businessAutobiography, 184:simply my good luck that today my daughters seem to like me. They all had a far more normal time inAutobiography, 228:and have gradually died off until today there seem no more for me to be in touch with. They had aAutobiography, 300:ashramic work and if the circumstances make it seem possible of reasonable fulfilment. But in anyBethlehem, 17:emerged (as all the Teachers throughout the ages seem to have done) out of the Orient, and workedBethlehem, 25:vision, as so many occult and esoteric books seem to claim. Initiation is not a process which a manBethlehem, 43:of the five initiations there are three which seem, and naturally so, to be of supreme importance.Bethlehem, 47:though to some the initiating of humanity may seem a slow process. Old truths enunciated by theBethlehem, 59:her head surrounded with twelve stars. "It would seem more than a chance that so many of the virginBethlehem, 78:which they encounter. Puzzled as to why they seem to evoke so much antagonism from those aroundBethlehem, 90:God as the principle of justice, even if it may seem an unloving justice to those of us who liveBethlehem, 93:have reached an impasse which God Himself would seem unable to transcend. This we cannot accept.Bethlehem, 120:can be presented in such a manner that they may seem entirely right. Yet we do not live by breadBethlehem, 121:nature for purposes of individual healing, seem a prostitution of reality, and constitute theBethlehem, 138:are constantly confronted. Personalities seem to function in a "split" manner; people areBethlehem, 143:Johnston points out that: "The truth would seem to be that, at a certain point in spiritual life,Bethlehem, 148:to describe this world to which the mystics seem to have access, with [149] its forms varyingBethlehem, 166:wave, to be accorded public recognition, and to seem to have achieved the earthly goal are far moreBethlehem, 239:of divinity and of man's consequent immortality seem to be inherent in the human consciousness. ItBethlehem, 241:the best of happenings, even if it does not seem so from the angle of environment and circumstance.Bethlehem, 245:progress, to create and to benefit others, that seem, to those who have reached the point whereBethlehem, 265:with sincerity, even if their line of action may seem mistaken. But our outstanding error has beenBethlehem, 272:turning of men towards the world of ideas, would seem to indicate that the time has come for theBethlehem, 276:upon an innate sense of persistence does not seem sufficient. We know much about the power andDestiny, 102:ways: [102] From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable and which can be accounted for byDiscipleship1, 8:intellects. You will follow such instructions as seem to you reasonable and right but - when you doDiscipleship1, 45:or not as they like and in the manner which may seem best to them. I am your teacher. I makeDiscipleship1, 90:gradually. At first, the visualizing process may seem to you to be labored and profitless but, ifDiscipleship1, 100:the mind when confronted with large issues will seem to hinder you. Again I point the Way to youDiscipleship1, 110:and writing down even those things which seem to you speculative and of no real moment.Discipleship1, 224:will leave you to deal with them or not as may seem best to you. Upon your method, however, ofDiscipleship1, 245:methods, formulas and ways of living which seem right to you (and are right for you) may beDiscipleship1, 311:have given to you. Use those six sentences which seem to you the most helpful, and regard them asDiscipleship1, 372:But there is ever a point beyond which you seem unable to go - a point at which the physical bodyDiscipleship1, 396:Way," but the clouds at times and at present seem to him very thick. L. T. S-K. is experiencing aDiscipleship1, 413:you to accept or reject my suggestions as may seem best to you. First (and above everything else)Discipleship1, 423:predominant focus in the astral body. Does this seem strange to you? Here in the astral body (asDiscipleship1, 423:Such was my intention, hard though that may seem. The meditations which I give to my disciples areDiscipleship1, 450:of the astral plane. Though world affairs seem to be bad enough upon the physical plane, they areDiscipleship1, 454:that your very assets as an aspirant seem to you sometimes to stand in your way." Forget not,Discipleship1, 461:head center, may induce a period wherein it may seem to you that nothing is happening subjectively.Discipleship1, 464:stand on the verge of opportunity and yet you seem to recognize it not. You are ready for completeDiscipleship1, 464:you hold back in your mind and consciousness and seem to realize it not. I have put the truth thusDiscipleship1, 494:situation and then applies those methods which seem to him to be promising and to be rightlyDiscipleship1, 499:New Age. [499] These suggested seed thoughts may seem to you too large and general. It is just forDiscipleship1, 589:put to you - I will take whatever action may seem desirable. You can reply to those questionsDiscipleship1, 596:opportunities, nor did your active worldly life seem to affect in any way your fiery devotion andDiscipleship1, 625:usual prompt acceptance of any suggestions which seem to you intellectually and intuitionallyDiscipleship1, 665:and to conform to the outlined ideas as may seem best to you. I seek to give you a hint as to yourDiscipleship1, 702:service purposes which are carried forward as seem best to the individual disciple, under theDiscipleship2, 6:to change and to transmute those units which seem at first to be uncongenial or even unsuitable -Discipleship2, 12:important faults and errors; so oft faults that seem to you of paramount importance are of noDiscipleship2, 147:your daily work and from them pick three which seem to carry the most inspiration and which youDiscipleship2, 280:of the race grasp with facility, but which seem so amazing to the neophyte. They appear to him ofDiscipleship2, 318:teach you much, for they are not what they seem upon superficial reading, and the effort toDiscipleship2, 355:your experience, even if - as a theory - it may seem quite familiar to you. A hint, like all elseDiscipleship2, 384:of the first two initiations which always seem to the neophyte of major importance. After the thirdDiscipleship2, 394:the many cycles of darkness through which they seem to go; they complain of the difficulty ofDiscipleship2, 451:Beginners in the mechanics of right breathing seem inevitably engrossed with the processesDiscipleship2, 456:which (from the angle of the observing disciple) seem to mar the picture. At intervals - rare atDiscipleship2, 487:with which I earlier impressed you and which seem to me today to be of major importance in yourDiscipleship2, 523:not rule. Relinquish the thought-forms which seem at this time to stand between you and the Ashram.Discipleship2, 527:and trials have overtaken you. Everything may seem to fail you - your knowledge of psychology, yourDiscipleship2, 585:control your organizing personality. Does this seem what you call a "tall order," my brother?Discipleship2, 618:on me for strength when the pressures of life seem too heavy. [619] Discipleship2, 628:way. This has not, however, happened to you. You seem to have gone steadily on, with no great orDiscipleship2, 644:acute. The conditions of the test may apparently seem no worse than the tests and difficultiesDiscipleship2, 649:brother? Just as there are days in a year which seem to stand out because of their darkness and toDiscipleship2, 654:I possess. I climb the ladder, hard as it may seem, with both my hands outstretched - the one above
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