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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEM

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Discipleship2, 684:the time and the uniqueness of the opportunity seem little understood by most of you. Again, myEducation, 98:the educational process. What may therefore seem to you mystical and vague (because of its newness,Education, 98:a seeming abstract group consciousness), will seem to them normal and natural. What I am hereEducation, 100:The initial germ of this idea (amazing as it may seem) started when the first school was organized,Education, 125:and individuals developing the ideas which seem to suit the national or personal psychology, yetExternalisation, 7:and consequent disaster to so many should seem to you unfair, let me remind you that this one lifeExternalisation, 58:the assistance of such a brother, it does not seem to me a profitable expenditure of force at thisExternalisation, 123:275-466. To our understanding, this account may seem vague and obscure, but the issues at the timeExternalisation, 142:love prevail. Let all men love." These words may seem inadequate, but said with power and anExternalisation, 192:confronting the nations when the war is over may seem insuperable but - given vision, goodwill andExternalisation, 200:Republics. Certain major groupings [200] would seem possible and probably advisable. They might beExternalisation, 217:and from all criticism and partisanship. You seem unable to love with steadfastness the offenderExternalisation, 222:a Coming One and their many differing opinions seem to converge on Him; occultists invokeExternalisation, 222:recognize, however, that all times of emergency seem ever to evoke some Liberator or some man orExternalisation, 224:of prayer and of invocation because such methods seem to have been successful in the past, andExternalisation, 305:the aspirants, the men of goodwill. They seem - from the viewpoint of the Hierarchy - to beExternalisation, 336:the problems many. The expansion of the work may seem necessarily to foster a departmental spirit.Externalisation, 364:even though, at this time of writing, they seem to be victorious all along [365] the line. It isExternalisation, 386:are the practical suggestions which it would seem possible to make at this particular time. TheyExternalisation, 449:terms. To the uninitiated, they may at times seem isolated in their actions and over-powerful inExternalisation, 457:situation and of future possibilities than may seem desirable to the impatient. These new andExternalisation, 458:the work of the Angel of Death, awful as it may seem as it demonstrates today on a planetary scaleExternalisation, 506:much and working as His intermediary. This will seem logical to you, for His destiny is closelyExternalisation, 571:impossible; the difficulties which confront him seem impossible; he teaches truths whose firstExternalisation, 577:plans, even when the obstacles to accomplishment seem insuperable. Disciples will come deliberatelyExternalisation, 583:be the case), but the work to be done will seem to them impelling and necessary and something whichExternalisation, 612:relatively simple nature - so simple that it may seem to you as [613] in the nature of anExternalisation, 629:groups, do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialize what they need? TheExternalisation, 647:relations" is not simply goodwill, as people seem to think; it is a product or result of goodwillFire, 31:on the lower spheres only the forms appear. They seem in their divisions more than can be graspedFire, 33:some preliminary technicalities which may seem at first perusal to be somewhat abstruse andFire, 81:inseparable, though at the present day people seem to disconnect the two. Yoga derived from theFire, 154:less potent. Gradually (so gradually as to seem negated when viewed from the physical plane) theFire, 158:upon, even if to our finite minds they may seem paradoxical and contradictory. The limitation liesFire, 365:are the most usual. This transference will seem mysteriously impossible unless the student isFire, 366:It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint may beFire, 391:which will cause the present world unrest to seem as nothing. As pointed out earlier, this presentFire, 486:possible as yet to impart on this matter. It may seem that I have not communicated much informationFire, 536:that much that is written above [536] may seem incomprehensible, but when scientists come toFire, 566:of direction and control. Even though it may seem that much has been left unsaid, yet in dueFire, 848:to impossible for man to understand and will seem inexplicable, but this hint is imparted in orderFire, 1072:but their manifestation is so obscure as to seem practically non-existent to the human mind. In theFire, 1076:an initiatory test, incomprehensible as this may seem. It will be apparent that a greatFire, 1194:love and will and all taking form. This may seem to be a great complexity, but it is not so muchGlamour, 22:to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. The Dweller on the Threshold isGlamour, 83:glamor can be dispelled. Strange as it may seem, the "calling in of the soul" to deal directly withGlamour, 200:the possible. These likewise (strange as it may seem) constitute a glamor, for they are temporaryGlamour, 219:free from that particular hindrance. This may seem like a very long formula but I have purposelyGlamour, 252:is in the habit of using and which perpetually seem to swing him into action. [253] He becomesHealing, 167:is needed; and the reasons which make them seem difficult and complicated, unnecessary and wastefulHealing, 252:diseases appear to be purely local; others seem universal in their effects; certain diseases areHealing, 252:forms of disease are forever with us; others seem to be cyclic in their appearance; some diseasesHealing, 253:people; they refuse all compromise and seem unable to recognize that the knowledge accumulated byHealing, 285:The risks of over- or understimulation seem too great; the knowledge of the healer seems too smallHealing, 367:Answered On Scientific Parallels Students seem to think that we, the teachers on the inner side,Healing, 479:I want to answer two questions which seem to me of importance; they are frequently asked by earnestHealing, 490:and not a locality, as so many esotericism seem to think. It is recognized by the focused reactionHercules, 73:lower psychism that he has to wrestle, and these seem, in the early stages, inevitably to attractHercules, 151:beginning to control his personality does not seem to function. As we study Hercules, we seeInitiation, 1:Hierarchy, certain statements may be made which seem essential for the judicious study andInitiation, 24:an ability to persist even when the form may seem to have undergone a sufficiency of suffering, andInitiation, 26:the Christian included, give indications that seem to substantiate these ideas. Let us thereforeInitiation, 55:and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour the love and the wisdom of the ages.Intellect, 4:realization. Edward Carpenter says that: "We seem to be arriving at a time when, with the circlingIntellect, 5:us into the realm of the intuition and it would seem as if the two ways could blend and that itIntellect, 10:consists in this: that the gates of the future seem to open upon an immaterial world, and upon aIntellect, 29:Of All Religions, page 12. Both East and West seem to feel that an educational system that does notIntellect, 34:sum total of his range of contacts. It does not seem possible that we have exhausted theIntellect, 92:want certainty. The life of the senses does not seem to carry us far enough along the path towardsIntellect, 95:is very obscure in its origin, and philologists seem to think that two words are responsible. OneIntellect, 108:only a difference in the time factor and would seem to make of both stages an achievement ofIntellect, 126:awareness? [126] Certain propositions seem necessary at this point in our argument and may be ofIntellect, 127:knows it) nor his circumstances and environment seem able to give. This can be called the searchIntellect, 149:and the similarity of the related occurrences seem to indicate something in the nature of a genuineIntellect, 150:no criticism can touch... though the mystics seem to be unable to convey to others any body ofIntellect, 166:takes two forms - and, paradoxical as it may seem - two exactly opposite forms. It will produce inIntellect, 224:We call it work in visualization. It [224] would seem that visualization, imagination and will areIntellect, 253:and take themselves far too seriously. They seem to leave behind them their good sense, when theyMagic, 63:to be a son of God. Later, however, the clouds seem to descend and he is sure of nothing, and seemsMagic, 68:common sense nor logical, discerning reason seem to help. The desire is only to do the right thing;Magic, 103:true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalize the personality, leadingMagic, 165:flashes of insight, and of knowledge which seem unaccountable and of no immediate value. HeMagic, 168:He will take up one cult after another as they seem to make possible the coming millennium. ButMagic, 305:physical suffering. Ills and ails which would seem of no vital importance to the ordinary and moreMagic, 347:distressed by troubles and high vibrations which seem to emanate from high spiritual sources.Magic, 360:the mineral kingdom - abstruse as the idea may seem to those of you who have not the consciousnessMagic, 364:record and in the coming years much that may now seem peculiar or mayhap even contradictory will beMagic, 418:be receptive towards those who seek you out and seem to vibrate to the same note. When I say you, IMagic, 421:then to enter into telepathic rapport. This may seem to you to be a wonderful but impracticalMagic, 466:I at times convey and which some of the students seem to regard as of vital importance are of [467]Magic, 546:day of man the words take form and different seem. In... the words will be as follows. "From outMagic, 571:are peculiarly potent in his life and which seem to direct his activities. This will bring to himMagic, 612:in which these two aspects of divinity seem (again illusion, be it noted) to meet and work is but aMagic, 629:beset humanity, having their roots in instincts, seem nevertheless to be divine characteristics,Magic, 635:most important; to the onlooking soul, they seem as nothing at all. For the world perhaps, aMeditation, 21:development of mind. Intellectual progress may seem of too paramount importance to the uninstructedMeditation, 51:and the depths of what will be left unsaid may seem so great, that the data communicated may assumeMeditation, 71:let me say that certain information that may seem to be the natural sequence and corollary of thatMeditation, 81:effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seem in any one incarnation to make spectacularMeditation, 109:even though the stage is set so that it would seem he must learn the lessons of practical living in
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