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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEM

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Meditation, 212:the answer to the question as to why some egos seem to make more rapid progress than do someMeditation, 212:of the seven rays... Certain brief statements seem to be in place: The true indigo is the blue ofMeditation, 297:some appointed goal. If I here outline what may seem a visionary impossibility it is but that IMeditation, 349:and lead remains unbroken; he cares not if he seem to work in the dark and is conscious of littlePatanjali, 85:indicated from one point of view, does not seem to be the main idea intended. Freedom fromPatanjali, 104:Both translations are here given, as they seem to give together a truer idea than either doesPatanjali, 188:cause of so many observances in the East which seem inexplicable to the Westerner. A shadow castPatanjali, 216:a man is responsive to two types of energy. They seem essentially in themselves to lack characterProblems, 8:difficult than a casual analysis would make it seem. The psychological problem involved has aProblems, 13:possessions at the expense of other people will seem some day to a more mature race of men likeProblems, 79:What standard of living will - in the New Age - seem essential to man? Shall we have a purelyProblems, 80:seems too heavy and the problems to be solved seem well-nigh insoluble. Men and women of goodwillProblems, 134:of well-meaning people and a few statesmen who seem as bewildered as those they seek to help; theyProblems, 155:The present attitude of the churches would seem to negate any possibility of a universal religionProblems, 170:of any ideology, no matter how good it may seem to those conditioned by it; yet there are those whoProblems, 176:leaders of the race certain lines of action seem right and to guarantee constructive attitudes. ThePsychology1, xxiii:with the general, and this may (at the first) seem too vast a theme, too speculative a presentationPsychology1, 49:and is not the ray of the artist, as so many seem to think. The artist is found on all rays, justPsychology1, 136:of introspection and of mystical vision which seem sealed to all subhuman forms of life. In thePsychology1, 238:rightful place in the scheme of things will not seem so extraordinary or peculiar. Psychology1, 245:of Venus is predominant, amazing as this may seem to some occult students. Venus and JupiterPsychology1, 253:Thirdly, the mass of lesser animals that seem to meet no particular need nor to fill any specialPsychology1, 270:oriented initiate to the same subject, may seem so widely dissimilar that on the surface there mayPsychology1, 272:Nature One thing I will say, sad though it may seem to you to be. There is no immediate solution ofPsychology1, 428:beasts. Thirdly, the mass of lesser animals that seem to meet no particular need nor to fill anyPsychology2, 17:The personality ray and the egoic ray at first seem to clash, and then later a steady warfare isPsychology2, 38:He spoke at last within himself: 'I cannot seem to find the Way. I try this way, and tread withPsychology2, 81:the second ray. Just as souls in the first case seem to grasp indiscriminately what they need, andPsychology2, 363:difference and no isolation. The warring forces seem to war from the point at which you stand. MovePsychology2, 365:The forces arraigned against the disciple seem so great and his equipment so inadequate and feeble!Psychology2, 383:Service, and the Plan. It might, therefore, seem that this particular technique will be a sevenfoldPsychology2, 394:the words "detail" and "presented" would seem to indicate separative recognition, but this isPsychology2, 416:the situation with much concern. These cleavages seem basic, and produce the divisions we findPsychology2, 425:unable to do more than employ the terms which seem to me to be the most suitable, knowing that I amPsychology2, 472:to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. Therefore: Illusion is primarilyPsychology2, 499:and states of consciousness. This does not seem wise, does it? The question now arises as to thePsychology2, 513:person and the inexplicable conditions which seem to exist - mentally, emotionally and physically -Psychology2, 589:throat centers (the only two about which they seem to know anything) as existing in the front andPsychology2, 609:the ajna centers). This radiance can at times seem almost too bright to be borne. The extension ofPsychology2, 636:of world affairs along certain lines which seem to them (rightly or wrongly) to have in them thePsychology2, 640:it is confronted, and to the impasse which we seem to have reached. On every hand, people arePsychology2, 641:increase; the warfare spreads; past efforts seem futile to stem the tide which seems about to sweepPsychology2, 642:to end it, as all the organizations to that end seem powerless in the last analysis. They grievePsychology2, 670:of government and religion. Their measures seem right and good to the self-imposed leaders, butPsychology2, 670:no systematized spread of the principles which seem to hold the solution of the world problem; theyPsychology2, 671:greater whole of humanity - of this the leaders seem, as yet, to have but little vision. Attack byPsychology2, 691:this full moon of May to you personally? Does it seem to you of sufficient importance to warrantPsychology2, 701:of such intensity that all other interests seem dwarfed. But the soul has not retreated and theRays, 14:consciousness, and (strange as this may seem to you and well-nigh unintelligible) the effects uponRays, 25:those who are in a position of authority or who seem to dominate or are in a position to enforceRays, 26:upon the surface. The words of these rules would seem to be almost tritely familiar. If they meantRays, 34:1943.) Much of what I have said above will seem meaningless to you because the finished contactRays, 47:that basically (no matter how strange this may seem) love is the line of least resistance for theRays, 121:of one hundred fifty years - that delay may seem the rule. Such, however, will not really be theRays, 141:the term "system of expansions" would seem illuminating; after that great initiation, the termRays, 208:it has taken millennia of years to make it seem - as an hypothetical effort - in any way possible,Rays, 210:the juxtaposition of these phrases will seem paradoxical; but an understanding of the occultRays, 214:is not refraining from speech. So many disciples seem to think that it is, and that they have toRays, 265:in due time be mastered. [265] To you, it may seem that these three words connote the same thing,Rays, 277:the growing "forms of relationship" which today seem to be taking definite shape in theRays, 345:on the right and the brother on the left. I seem surrounded by the pilgrims on the way. Alike theyRays, 345:by the pilgrims on the way. Alike they seem, their note is one; they seem like unto me, and pressRays, 345:way. Alike they seem, their note is one; they seem like unto me, and press around on every side. IRays, 368:and growth of all forms upon our planet. It may seem curious and inexplicable to you, but theRays, 435:who is just finding his place within an Ashram, seem an adequately difficult undertaking and oneRays, 435:Is that enough of a goal for a disciple? Does it seem well-nigh impossible of accomplishment? CanRays, 467:and high aspiration. Many esotericists seem to regard the treading of the Path as the consciousRays, 702:to you. I would ask you also (curious as it may seem) to get used to crucifixion, if you care toRays, 720:They put the Master or the Chohan (we seem to have no word to express the type of consciousness ofReappearance, 23:for relationships, even though today they may seem widely divergent in nature; the important factorReappearance, 61:which we are immediately confronted. It would seem appropriate at this point to consider the natureReappearance, 105:use. The asking of questions, to which there seem no apparent or easy answers, focused itself in aReappearance, 161:is his problem, for human affairs at this time seem so far away from this divine possibility. HeReappearance, 178:groups, do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialize what they need? TheSoulUntranslated, they make Eastern writing seem a strange jargon either of confused poetizing or ofSoulall the more wonderful because, to him, it may seem absurd. She says, in effect: "This EasternSoul, 16:has been given the name libido. All the sciences seem to be converging on this same no-man's land,Soul, 51:of the body and with growth, and all of them seem closely related to sex life. Finally, theySoul, 63:not here discuss, though divers experiments seem to argue that there is an ethereal substance, verySoul, 121:in average humanity, are awake and functioning seem to be related to glands, whose peculiarSoul, 121:centers which are as yet asleep and undeveloped seem to be allied to glands whose secretion is onlySoul, 157:Several such cases have been noted by us and seem to substantiate this position. This is oneTelepathy, 149:and slow in their [149] interplay; some seem to circulate with facility in some particular kingdomTelepathy, 164:aware that what I am here communicating may seem to you the veriest nonsense and there is, ofTelepathy, 175:thinking and loving activity. These virtues may seem to you dull and uninteresting, but they are
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