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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEMED

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Astrology, 583:the achievement of the full expression of will seemed well-nigh impossible; He was conscious stillAtom, 66:Centuries ensued wherein the form and the life seemed adapted to each other, and the ChristianAutobiography, 8:"She hath done what she could." To me it always seemed so doleful - the epitaph of a failure. IAutobiography, 10:I was utterly miserable and the times when life seemed ended and nothing worthwhile lay ahead. IAutobiography, 16:stories. Family trees and pedigrees have never seemed to me to be of very real importance.Autobiography, 21:of life. I did not appreciate what the world seemed to be or had to offer. I was convinced thatAutobiography, 29:death around 1934. She was then an old lady but seemed to me just the same. Two things interestedAutobiography, 29:husband whether I still believed in Christ and seemed greatly reassured when he told her I mostAutobiography, 39:my surprise, the one at the apex of the triangle seemed to me to be the Christ. The waiting crowdAutobiography, 42:over humanity; He agonized to save them but seemed quite unable to save them on a large scale andAutobiography, 43:as life went on and - at this time - I seemed subject to a most curious "protection" in theAutobiography, 53:they were many) had not impressed me much. They seemed a badly educated bunch of people; they woreAutobiography, 53:wore cheap and badly cut clothes and their hair seemed to need brushing; they were too good to beAutobiography, 53:myself yelling and ranting on platforms as they seemed to do and as the circumstances of arousingAutobiography, 53:do and as the circumstances of arousing people seemed to require. I hesitated and wondered andAutobiography, 60:at his forehead?" I looked and remarked that it seemed very low. She nodded assent. "Now look atAutobiography, 63:India, Theodora Schofield, was not well and it seemed advisable for her to return home for a rest.Autobiography, 63:for her to return home for a rest. But it seemed that there was no one who could be spared to goAutobiography, 69:relative values. Things that did not matter much seemed to be quite appalling, and really [70]Autobiography, 78:when you are face to face with it. It often seemed to me like a kind friend and I never had theAutobiography, 78:give here a definition of death which has always seemed to me to be adequate. Death is "a touch ofAutobiography, 86:on. But what mattered to me the most was that it seemed that the inner fabric of my life wasAutobiography, 95:He set me on my feet and shook me (people always seemed to be shaking me) and looking at me withAutobiography, 105:the colored races and the white for it never seemed to work for happiness on either side. I wasAutobiography, 111:culturally and mentally and spiritually. It seemed to me that there was no one for me to talk to.Autobiography, 111:anything and their sole topic of conversation seemed to rotate around children, crops, food andAutobiography, 112:of Alice La Trobe-Bateman, who had made what seemed to be an unfortunate marriage, that I hadAutobiography, 118:minorities. The problem of the Negro has always seemed to me simpler than that of the Jew, and oneAutobiography, 118:much more easily solved. The Jewish problem has seemed to me well nigh insoluble. I, at this timeAutobiography, 123:a churchman and the other churchmen I had met seemed to be so mediocre, with the exception of theAutobiography, 123:a vague belief in Christ, Who at this time seemed very far away. I felt deserted by God and man.Autobiography, 125:who help themselves" but at this time I admit it seemed to me that God, also, had failed me and IAutobiography, 126:which I consulted in the theological library seemed to me inane, badly written and platitudinous.Autobiography, 126:very hairs of your head are all numbered." It seemed to me that God was keeping a lot ofAutobiography, 127:to me and I used to matter to lots of people. I seemed to have reached the point where I wasAutobiography, 132:husbands were absent at the front. It never seemed to me really logical, because the man at theAutobiography, 132:pounds. I had managed to take care of them and I seemed to be slowly weathering the storm. I wasAutobiography, 141: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV It seemed reasonable to me that, "As a man soweth soAutobiography, 143:always subconsciously known existed, and which seemed to need workers. These were the things thatAutobiography, 152:run and, when I got there at first, it seemed to me to be a paradise on earth. Everybody thereAutobiography, 157:all the senior workers were friends and there seemed to be great harmony and a truly cooperativeAutobiography, 159:country endorsed. Some of their pronouncements seemed ridiculous. Many of the people endorsed wereAutobiography, 166:if I were ill or went crazy (as so many psychics seemed to do) they would be all alone and that IAutobiography, 169:We collaborated because at this time Wadia seemed sound and sincere and to have the interest of theAutobiography, 179:my very small income was not available. There seemed nothing for me to do. Personally, though I amAutobiography, 183:seen and the verse in the Bible that has always seemed to me to be so important refers to "theAutobiography, 192:during our absence. In many cases this letter seemed appropriate to send to those inquiring aboutAutobiography, 195:on something else and that puzzled me. It had seemed to me and still does that there is room in theAutobiography, 210:with a British background. He shook his head and seemed quite bewildered, telling me that the GrandAutobiography, 224:ideal and the opportunity at first presented seemed to us Heaven sent, and to have in it theAutobiography, 224:to know each other very well. National barriers seemed non-existent and we all spoke the sameAutobiography, 303:take place. In the dark days of 1939, when it seemed that so much was crumbling and that the heroicBethlehem, 205:worldly goods upon the altar, for primitive man seemed to feel that by making an offering to God heBethlehem, 208:- one theme which He Himself ignored and which seemed to Him of small importance in view of theBethlehem, 219:had been near, and the transfigured Christ had seemed in His initiation to link God and man. He hadBethlehem, 220:reactions failed to fill the sensed void. He seemed deserted, not only by humanity, but by God.Discipleship1inclusion, even if their spiritual attainments seemed inadequate to the onlooker. A good deal ofDiscipleship1, 53:point of spiritual energy and light. Now it has seemed to us possible to focus the light andDiscipleship1, 234:rapidly developing and expressing and much that seemed inexplicable to you in my earlier emphasisDiscipleship1, 299:speak with you face to face, of the time when it seemed well nigh impossible to save the groupDiscipleship1, 328:capacity to materialize that which is needed has seemed to you inadequate and oft futile. You haveDiscipleship1, 412:- G.S.S. October 1937 MY BROTHER: It has seemed to me (as I have studied you) that you might againDiscipleship1, 527:GARDEN By C. D. P. In the Himalayan Mountains, I seemed to see a high and fair plateau. A windingDiscipleship1, 598:months. Before that time your accomplishment seemed doubtful, not from bad intent but because youDiscipleship1, 622:will and you are far nearer to that day than seemed possible ten years ago. Continue with theDiscipleship1, 663:them produced a subsequent reaction wherein it seemed that all was dark, and that aridity and sternDiscipleship2, 31:emerge clearly in your consciousness. It has seemed to me necessary to open this instruction with aDiscipleship2, 315:work of the Hierarchy. That cycle of sharing has seemed for aeons too far away to be considered;Discipleship2, 484:to someone, a contact with some stranger which seemed fruitful and interesting, or a joint piece ofDiscipleship2, 497:- I.A.P. September 1943 MY BROTHER: I have seemed to you perhaps to have been silent and to haveDiscipleship2, 633:penetrate into those social milieus which have seemed unattainable. It is a platitude to say thatDiscipleship2, 684:There is no need for me thus to explain but it seemed advisable once and for all to make clear thatDiscipleship2, 727:readmitted to the group life. For a year all seemed well, but the dual stimulation of the AshramExternalisation, 65:of the leading people in the world. It has seemed to us that this crisis is more keenly realized byExternalisation, 79:hour of crisis, anxiety and suspense, it has seemed that there are certain things which you wouldExternalisation, 251:Invokation - Stanza Two September 1940 It has seemed to me after due thought that it would serve aExternalisation, 494:Humanity, into one working, collaborating whole seemed doomed to destruction. Their fusion wouldExternalisation, 494:owing to the active tension of the dark forces, seemed at that time insuperable; we believed thatExternalisation, 559:and initiates have reached a goal which has seemed for long quite unattainable to the averageExternalisation, 596:consummated. For two [596] thousand years it has seemed as if all His work had been blocked,Externalisation, 596:mission successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible, necessitating three conditions; inHealing, 233:person begin to suffer from a dire disease which seemed to arise from within himself and - whilstHercules, 36:time the difficulties with which he was faced seemed insuperable. The Crux of the Test The conquestHercules, 57:his bonds, seized the false teacher (who had seemed so wise) and bound him to the altar in hisHercules, 57:upon his way, or should he seek the one who seemed in need and thus retard his steps? He ponderedHercules, 97:it stood. Seeing an enemy draw near and one who seemed quite unafraid, the lion roared, and withHercules, 98:came a lusty roar, a rumbling savage voice which seemed to bid him stay or lose his life. AndHercules, 155:was sharpened like a sword. The feathers, too, seemed like steel shafts and, falling, could cleaveHercules, 196:taut his bow, Hercules let fly an arrow that seemed to burn the air as he released it, and struckMagic, 325:Though, to you, the whole situation may have seemed clouded and the horizon darkened by storms,Psychology1, 97:how strange and impossible it would all have seemed to them! Stranger than anything I might herePsychology1, 390:Ages when the destinies of these three nations seemed closely to interlink. The newly formingPsychology2, 38:I do to find The Way?' A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep within his heart: 'Tread thou,Psychology2, 98:Who sat upon the Throne turned not his head. He seemed not e'en to listen nor to hear. But from thePsychology2, 170:new. The opening dimmed its light. A shutter seemed to close. The vision he had seen no longerPsychology2, 170:and the world of thought was lost... Pendent he seemed. He hung with naught below, before, behind,Psychology2, 557:no difference between himself and that which he seemed to be in the unfolding picture. He simplyPsychology2, 582:but only of the relatively real. That which has seemed real and of importance or which provedPsychology2, 640:of religion and government which hitherto seemed to offer a refuge. Leaders - both national andPsychology2, 703:of relative silence and a period wherein nothing seemed to occur, it was natural for the majority
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