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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEMS

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Externalisation, 264:and of divine intervention. When all else seems to fail, men look to God. Again and again in theExternalisation, 279:to make the world conform to a pattern which seems to the individual the best because, to him, theExternalisation, 377:culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to it, but that each and all should developExternalisation, 517:work to go forward more rapidly than at present seems possible. Much trouble and stress may beExternalisation, 623:emotionally fighting for that plan which seems to them to be the best, but with no sense ofExternalisation, 629:financial generosity, and the reason always seems adequate. Therefore, the second prerequisite isFire, XVI:we may have made; nor [XVI] because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mereFire, 41:Huxley. Great as the period of the Maha Kalpa seems to be, we are assured that thousands andFire, 116:moves so slowly from man's point of view that it seems to be almost stationary, especially whereFire, 170:of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the other centers intoFire, 171:a man's ray. This flame [171] mounts upward and seems to attract downward a sheet of electricFire, 518:and Solar Fire b. The Planes and Fiery Energy It seems desirable [519] that we should here discussFire, 588:a better, meaning a statement of actuality that seems an [589] illusion), the three minor Rays,Fire, 597:from the angle of human vision the confusion seems unimaginable, and the key of its solution to beFire, 720:effected by a dynamic action of the will. This seems impossible, and well nigh senselessFire, 750:significantly that of an embodied principle. He seems to strike one note and to sound out one tone.Fire, 765:at the first appearing, and near to death it seems, but the wicks smolder and glow, and the heat isFire, 837:have withheld it from you longer, but that it seems to us now that you are in need of it.Fire, 1151:lines are hardly apparent. Yet their influence seems great, and out of all proportion to theirGlamour, 55:medium of the feebly established soul contact, seems to the unaccustomed neophyte to be of aGlamour, 80:world of fog and mist through which the Path seems to run and through which he must penetrate andGlamour, 94:to the recognition that he is not what he seems to be and that the phenomenal world of appearancesHealing, 92:in practical expression) of a condition which seems at present unavoidable. This leads to anHealing, 192:major and minor difficulties to which humanity seems heir. In undeveloped humanity, the conflictHealing, 285:seem too great; the knowledge of the healer seems too small to permit experiment, and the karma ofHealing, 303:Naught is clear to me. I love yet all seems wrong! I know that love is right and the spirit of theHealing, 317:controls the brain so unreasonably that there seems only one point of view, one attitude to life,Healing, 327:such that a re-establishment of a vital control seems difficult or impossible, there must beHealing, 363:yearning desire to aid the departing one, there seems naught to do but to step aside, with a senseHealing, 363:my brother? We can go up to the gates, but it seems as yet that we can go no further. Even the deepHealing, 383:and the relative simplicity of surgery seems at present the only mode of possible cure. The mode ofHealing, 400:to believe that which remains still unproven and seems also not to be susceptible of proof, whilstHealing, 589:vague abstraction, the monad, for aeons of time seems unrelated in any way to the soul and theHealing, 686:is hard for them to realize that this duty which seems to keep them chained to the humdrum,Healing, 713:to you puerile. That is the curious word which seems to be descriptive of possible immediateHealing, 714:healer of that new generation by what seems to you both disappointing, without use or significance,Hercules, 64:in the north, around which our universe seems to revolve. One star represents each constellation.Hercules, 66:for its own sake ... Its highest application seems to be what is called 'pure reason' . In body, itHercules, 87:of the Egyptian sacred scarab for the crab seems a recognition of the quality of Cancer in itsHercules, 117:thee. Go in peace and sin no more." All of this seems subtly involved in the myth of the labor inHercules, 118:superlatively beautiful and their mantric power seems destroyed by paraphrasing them. It is to beHercules, 119:is called the number of the Beast. This idea seems to have a horrible fascination for many, butHercules, 138:but provocative of thought. If the data seems meagre and vague it is perhaps again representativeHercules, 142:story that the ninth head was the immortal head seems ruled out by the Tibetan's plain statementHercules, 142:The version used by Francis Merchant in the myth seems more accurate, namely that nine heads wereHercules, 151:where his equilibrium is upset and desire seems rampant when he had thought he had got rid of it.Hercules, 201:that word, is en rapport with world affairs, it seems to me he might try another method. He mayHercules, 205:and was found among her papers. This excerpt seems to provide an appropriate concluding note forHercules, 215:our own sun sign in this one incarnation, it seems wise to turn our thoughts to the deeperHercules, 225:drama enacted in each Sign this brief summary seems to integrate the Hercules Series) The progressInitiationassumption we may have made; nor because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mereInitiation, 5:that we can do is to seize upon any data that seems to affect our own welfare, and concerns our ownInitiation, 5:an unimaginable complexity, the key to which seems not to be forthcoming. Seen from the angle of aInitiation, 201:watch upon himself. He will also record all that seems to him in his inner life to be concernedInitiation, 206:of interpretation upon the first reading, and seems to enjoin upon the applicant the use of theInitiation, 207:"the eye which looks out from between the two" seems to signify the third eye, which clairvoyantsIntellect, 5:brings us the same idea when he says: "There seems reason to hope for a better physical future ofIntellect, 8:This is the high heritage of the mystic, but seems as yet not to be within the grasp of the averageIntellect, 8:to an end. Man, as a thinking, feeling entity, seems now to have arrived at a fair measure ofIntellect, 22:the needs of the average citizen. It certainly seems to fail in its mission with the unusual childIntellect, 36:through." Who said this I do not know, but it seems to me a most excellent description of the wayIntellect, 37:eventually at the glory of the unveiled Self. It seems to be unalterably true that all paths leadIntellect, 37:become deeply and profoundly respectable, and it seems possible that some day our [38] educationalIntellect, 92:which ever eludes us; we strive for a goal which seems outside ourselves and which evades our mostIntellect, 133:for the continuation of the experience. There seems (in the majority of cases) no sense of securityIntellect, 133:with which the East has lately dowered us, it seems possible that through knowledge of the way andIntellect, 142:has passed, and the door into the soul-realm seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has been gained;Intellect, 149:- Chapter Seven - Intuition and Illumination It seems, however, on investigation, that there is aIntellect, 162:the ultimate destiny of all human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself willIntellect, 169:to an activity which is abnormal. The man seems driven by the energy pouring through him, and theIntellect, 170:ever been able to understand it, the phenomenon seems to have to do with an acute condition ofIntellect, 171:be with us." In this light in the head, which seems a universal accompaniment of the illuminativeIntellect, 208:trained executive, with a busy and full life, seems to find it much easier to obtain the extra timeIntellect, 211:the eastern knowers tell us, and so the evidence seems to indicate. Advanced thinkers in the West,Intellect, 230:relation is becoming possible. But - this seems to involve the idea of duality. But I and God areIntellect, 253:for the first world the aspirant contacts seems usually to be the psychic world, and that is theIntellect, 255:where (in the human body) the inflowing energy seems to go. Energy is tapped in meditation, and itMagic, 18:hours of sleep or of unconsciousness, and which seems to use the brain as its main seat of activityMagic, 63:he knows the joy of full communion and again all seems dull and sterile; his service is on occasionMagic, 63:a fruitful and satisfying experience and he seems to be able to really aid; at other times he feelsMagic, 63:results. All is clear to him some days and he seems to stand on the mountain top looking out over aMagic, 63:seem to descend and he is sure of nothing, and seems to know nothing. He walks in the sunlight andMagic, 68:out of the residue of possible lines which seems to him the wisest and the best. This involvesMagic, 118:way to the higher. One is concentrated on what seems to him to be of paramount value, the fulfilingMagic, 147:an atrophying of desire in that direction. All seems arid and undesirable, and all fails to satisfyMagic, 221:that the hopelessness of the enterprise seems overwhelming. It is not light, or starry or clear. ItMagic, 245:wherein all study is distasteful, and the mind seems to lie entirely fallow and inert. It is anMagic, 245:by the alternating conditions to which he seems subjected, and simply "stand in spiritual being"Magic, 264:the temple of the indwelling God, which seems of a beauty so rare and of a stability of so sure aMagic, 264:is the cup to drink, and unutterably bereft seems the unit of consciousness. Conscious then only ofMagic, 303:and of distress which no amount of reasoning seems able to quiet. Facilities of communication putMagic, 305:and unappreciative, on an equipment which seems [306] inadequate to its task, and in many cases hasMagic, 350:emptiness of everything, even of service itself, seems the only noticeable thing, the weeks andMagic, 375:which may last for one life or two, and he seems to accomplish little in either direction. This is,Magic, 418:by them upon personalities. If personal ambition seems to govern their activities, if theirMagic, 442:in the power of his own soul, are positive. It seems needless to deal further with the variousMagic, 469:the dark the life proceeds. A different voice seems to sound forth. "Enter the cave and find yourMagic, 489:life, and is oft-times so fluidic that it seems to defy direct action. Magic, 501:is no continuity of consciousness and there seems no relation between their physical planeMagic, 514:and interludes wherein the outer life seems static and free from active interest. This he must do
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