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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Astrology, 4:was decentralized and the truth was more clearly seen, though much remains as yet to be discoveredAstrology, 19:any given time. An instance of the latter can be seen today in the world where the forces, beatingAstrology, 36:called the Hierarchy of Initiates. This can be seen by referring to the chart. We are told in AAstrology, 37:third Ray of Active Intelligence. Pisces is seen at the head of the list of zodiacal signs becauseAstrology, 42:the two dual lower hierarchies. Thus it can be seen that where man is concerned, the fourth, fifth,Astrology, 49:the entire raison d'ętre of all that is seen on all planes. Astrology, 55:for instance, upon the physical plane can be seen in the conscious and directed fusion of theAstrology, 55:pairs of opposites upon the astral plane, can be seen when the energies of the sun sign and of theAstrology, 82:and stars, for him, fade out. A great light is seen and... " The three crosses on Mount GolgothaAstrology, 89:it. Above all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the otherAstrology, 106:when the great reversal takes place. We have seen that Aries is the sign of beginnings - theAstrology, 110:zodiac can this reversal in the Sun itself be seen taking place? Unless you have some grasp of theAstrology, 119:of the reality, and the Great Illusion can be seen as undesirable and untrue. The sense of dualityAstrology, 120:active, the effect of the Fixed Cross will be seen working out in the four signs along with theAstrology, 123:and the outer expressive personality can be seen if a study is made of the Biblical story of JonahAstrology, 126:angle and in a dual sign, this can also be seen working out in Gemini. In Pisces, there isAstrology, 130:in Pisces are bound together, as [130] we have seen, and this is a symbol of the captivity of theAstrology, 155:astrological treatise which has never yet seen the light of day but which will be some dayAstrology, 167:of these powers and their many weaving lines (seen as rivers and streams of light) is given to theAstrology, 179:the various implications for himself. We have seen that Cancer is the sign of instinctual life, andAstrology, 180:a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths toAstrology, 214:so basic that the "...Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; heAstrology, 224:produces the reversal of the wheel. This can be seen happening today most clearly in connectionAstrology, 234:the true perspective and indicated action can be seen correctly. When the basic "sex" relation isAstrology, 235:minds and through right legislation, sex will be seen eventually to be a proper and divine functionAstrology, 245:to sign, and thus the history of humanity can be seen and its goal visioned. At some later date,Astrology, 249:of a person, equipped to do this, can be seen in H. P. Blavatsky. In this sign, Saturn is exaltedAstrology, 263:ruler. The Moon (or fourth ray energy) is here seen as an expression of first ray energy,Astrology, 271:then and not till then, will a radiant light be seen and the destiny of our solar Logos be finallyAstrology, 277:one God Who has forsaken me? He is nowhere to be seen and all other gods have gone. I stand alone,Astrology, 293:bring light and liberation. This can be clearly seen if we contrast the energies of the four armsAstrology, 303:in any form (its galvanizing center) can be seen. I do not here advise much reflection on theAstrology, 327:fourth kingdom along many lines is more clearly seen then the whole subject will be betterAstrology, 329:Virgo - The blended dual Light. Two lights are seen - bright and strong, the light of form; oneAstrology, 333:unit awakes to that which is around The Whole is seen as one The Mass The House Humanity 5. Leo,Astrology, 365:such devotion to the visioned objective - as seen at any particular point upon the path - thatAstrology, 381:synthesis, which is the final illumination, seen through the eye of Taurus. It is for this reasonAstrology, 385:away and the darkness becomes light. Sex is then seen to be in truth only the relation of the lowerAstrology, 392:is renounced; the will of God or the Plan is seen as the only desirable objective but as yet theAstrology, 393:which directly affect the sign are, as we have seen, the fifth (through Venus) and the firstAstrology, 403:upon each of these receiving planets. We have seen man incited to progress by the nature of theAstrology, 421:major streams of conditioning energies will be seen related to each other and to our Earth andAstrology, 424:Life in appearance or manifestation) can be seen in definite activity, producing solar, planetaryAstrology, 429:form of all manifestation and it is to be seen (by those who have eyes to see) underlying theAstrology, 431:grasped it as her own. She saw the Sun, having seen her Son, and from [432] that day the Sun hasAstrology, 433:which the Son is born on which the [433] Sun is seen and that which catches the first rays ofAstrology, 441:three triangles of energy can, therefore, be seen as basic and determining in all planetary affairsAstrology, 448:outline of a lesser triangle of energy can be seen; this is a blend of the energy of three planets:Astrology, 454:relationships prove each other but only when seen in relation to the greater cycle. Humanity was atAstrology, 458:now emerging in world affairs will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energiesAstrology, 467:feeling and from identification with the seen Vision, the true meaning of being. This threefoldAstrology, 479:circles. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about aAstrology, 485:The effectiveness of this dual process can be seen if it is realized that three great signs - Leo,Astrology, 486:the causes that will produce the New Age, can be seen today in the trend of all the new movements,Astrology, 486:in humanity. These triangles thus can be seen as vibrant living factors, producing world changesAstrology, 488:the importance of the esoteric rulers can be seen. These triangles, composed of threeAstrology, 488:in major or minor expression. Leo, as we have, seen, is for instance a most important transmittingAstrology, 507:of all advanced human beings is clearly to be seen. From a larger and more synthetic attitude, youAstrology, 515:the heart center. In another, it may be seen to be focused in the throat center, and by indirectAstrology, 524:light will be revealed which has never yet been seen or known. There is a word in the ChristianAstrology, 525:intent, ideals or corruption. This could be seen working out in a demonstrable way in the two greatAstrology, 539:the Shamballa force - all three of which can be seen functioning in the field of the planetary lifeAstrology, 539:constellations were active. The combination is seen demonstrating in human affairs today. It wasAstrology, 541:of the New Age civilization can already be seen. The underlying spirit of freedom will triumph asAstrology, 549:visualizing these diagrams, the symbol should be seen in rapid revolution. Mercury, the MessengerAstrology, 571:way is recognized by them; the vision has been seen and they are now ready for something closer andAstrology, 590:dawn of creation. In God's mind, that idea is seen whole and complete. In manifestation it is aAstrology, 593:more than self-imposed limitation. It is the end seen from the beginning; it is alpha and omegaAstrology, 597:of unity. It is the fact of unification as seen from the beginning and as existing ever and foreverAstrology, 619:Mercury as the messenger of the Gods, it can be seen how truly through conflict the will-to-goodAstrology, 624:the three aspects of the divine will can be seen functioning through the second ray: TheAstrology, 630:relating Principle of spirit-matter. It will be seen how the above definition shows the function ofAstrology, 630:serpent of wisdom and the serpent of life are seen to be one [631] whole and behind the threeAstrology, 632:though the rudiments of this knowledge can be seen in that peculiar factor in the life of humanityAstrology, 647:solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes) seen as a vast blue lotus and so on down the scale;Astrology, 682:effect and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body ofAstrology, 686:scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seen in the fact that in our case, one globe aloneAstrology, 687:pointed out) we have one triangle of force to be seen in the following three centers: The forceAtom, 21:stimulation is even more accurately [21] to be seen. In considering human consciousness this sameAtom, 23:to choose, and in the spiritual man it can be seen as the tendency to sacrifice, for a man thenAtom, 23:of the Atom - The Field of Evolution We have seen that evolution, whether it is of matter, ofAtom, 25:no relationship to others. Such a stage can be seen in the little evolved races of the world, inAtom, 26:a truer and a wider concept. As we have already seen, the first or atomic stage developed by meansAtom, 27:and that eventually from the many groups will be seen emerging the one perfect, fully consciousAtom, 32:and is occupied only with that which can be seen, which is tangible, and which can be proven. AAtom, 32:outside of it. These two lines of thought can be seen upheld by the frankly materialisticAtom, 35:books, has pointed out that in the atom is to be seen an entire solar system, - the central sun canAtom, 60:in several cases, a flash of light had been seen by her issuing from the top of the head, and thatAtom, 60:types of cases above mentioned can apparently be seen an ocular demonstration of the withdrawalAtom, 61:our final hypothesis, the same triplicity can be seen; an informing Life or Entity manifestingAtom, 64:human being. The process of limitation can be seen in the taking of a physical form, and in thoseAtom, 65:scientific or philosophical thought. It can be seen working out in a peculiarly interesting mannerAtom, 66:of thought everywhere the same thing can be seen. All of them are expressing some idea by means ofAtom, 68:of the Atom - The Evolution of Form We have seen that the atom of chemistry, for instance,Atom, 72:of the greatest promise that the world has ever seen. There is no room for pessimism and despair,Atom, 77:which underlie evolution, and which can be seen working out in the solar system. Let us firstAtom, 77:with certain ideas clearly formulated. We have seen that our interpretation of the processes ofAtom, 78:explaining the mystery of the universe. We have seen that the three parts of the one great wholeAtom, 78:of these three component aspects of deity can be seen the evolution of consciousness. We nextAtom, 78:sun, pursuing their definite orbits, might be seen the electrons. We noted, also, the fact that the
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