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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Bethlehem, 90:rhythmic running of our solar system; it can be seen also in the disposition of God towardsBethlehem, 92:such as the world had never previously seen. The soul, which is the hidden Christ in all, mediatesBethlehem, 93:which prevent our seeing all that there is to be seen. The new birth brought us to the point whereBethlehem, 100:"river" frequently means discrimination. We have seen that water symbolizes the emotional nature,Bethlehem, 106:sign at this initiation. Water, as we have seen, is the symbol of the emotional nature, whichBethlehem, 118:though the vision may be, and the light scarcely seen. But the Word is there. Some day each of usBethlehem, 132:O best of men! "If Thou thinkest it can be seen by me, Lord, Master of union, then reveal to me theBethlehem, 144:means "taken out of the water." We have already seen that water is the symbol of the fluidicBethlehem, 157:could not explain or understand what they had seen, nor do we find any record of their ever havingBethlehem, 158:the Mountain of Transfiguration, and there seen and met with God in the glorified Person of JesusBethlehem, 164:to tell him: "This form of Mine which thou hast seen is hard indeed to see! Even the Gods everBethlehem, 164:ever desire a sight of this form! Nor can I be seen thus through Vedas, penances, gifts,Bethlehem, 164:gifts, sacrifices, in the form which thou hast seen. But I can be known thus through single-heartedBethlehem, 164:thus through single-hearted love, Arjuna, and seen as I truly am, and entered, O Consumer of theBethlehem, 168:together, and God's purpose and His method are seen as one. Theologians have often forgotten thisBethlehem, 171:to pardon me! I exult, beholding what was never seen before, and my heart trembles with fear; showBethlehem, 176:this greatness, but the signs of it can be seen. Already there are indications of the coming ofBethlehem, 178:or Adonis likewise - both of whom, as we have seen, were nailed or tied to a tree, and afterwardsBethlehem, 181:immanent as well as God transcendent. We have seen that Christ must be recognized, first of all, inBethlehem, 181:that finally, the four arms of the cross will be seen to drop away, leaving only the picture of theBethlehem, 183:belt) was the determining factor. The Virgin was seen in the east, with the line of the horizonBethlehem, 184:on September 8th. Each year, the sun can be seen entering the sign Virgo about the time of theBethlehem, 184:September 8th the constellation Virgo can be seen slowly reappearing as it emerges from the rays ofBethlehem, 184:cross upon which the cosmic Christ can be seen crucified. Down the ages human beings haveBethlehem, 196:relative evil of the lower human nature. We have seen that one of the factors responsible for theBethlehem, 218:the son of God, whose nature is love. As we have seen, Mary represents the third Person of theBethlehem, 231:matter was that He did rise again, that He was seen of many, [232] and that the fact of HisBethlehem, 252:ahead of him, and which Christ expressed, is seen to be something different from what had earlierBethlehem, 253:dim signs of a still higher kingdom can now be seen, in which self-consciousness will give place toBethlehem, 254:It has always been there, but today it can be seen, ushering in the consummation of Christ's work,Bethlehem, 257:their significance to us as individuals. We have seen that there has been a revolt (and rightly so)Bethlehem, 266:"If we do not love our brother whom we have seen, how can we love God whom we have not seen?" (IBethlehem, 266:have seen, how can we love God whom we have not seen?" (I St. John, IV, 20.) This is the questionBethlehem, 274:to be ours also. These three are, as we have seen, first, the achieving of perfection and its [275]Bethlehem, 280:humanity such as the world had never previously seen is equally unchallenged. The greatest of theBethlehem, 282:His response, His recognition, which we have seen Him repeat time and time again. He is willing toBethlehem, 284:and become members of the kingdom. When this is seen clearly, and when we are ready to make theDestiny, 4:here to do two things: Indicate, as you have seen, a new and powerfully efficient esotericDestiny, 6:and that for which it stands will be known and seen. This is the energy of the third Ray of ActiveDestiny, 14:in subtle and powerful ways) can be seen in the effect which human beings have upon the domesticDestiny, 15:by soul impulse. Such cases can frequently be seen. An instance of this can be noted in the historyDestiny, 19:Age is rising rapidly but its outlines cannot be seen because men are occupied entirely with theirDestiny, 24:plane, thereby enabling the Love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the center which weDestiny, 32:entire nations and races, can everywhere be seen and this must lead inevitably to events andDestiny, 39:of the lower sixth ray activity) can be seen [40] nowhere more potently than in religious andDestiny, 48:unfoldment of advanced humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere and itDestiny, 49:and Great Britain, yet a relationship can be seen also between France and Great Britain throughDestiny, 51:grouping of federated nations the world has seen and to demonstrate the possibility of such aDestiny, 52:ray, working through conflict, is also to be seen. Hence we have in all these countries a processDestiny, 52:in the form aspect; things will then be clearly seen as [53] they are and will be freed from glamorDestiny, 53:Government. The will of the people will then be seen in the light. It is in this connection thatDestiny, 58:underlies the structure of the States may be seen in lines of light and we shall look for futureDestiny, 60:and the indications of this happening can be seen today by those who have eyes to see and aDestiny, 93:now emerging in world affairs will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energiesDestiny, 99:will be revealed which has never yet been [99] seen or known. There is a word in the ChristianDestiny, 100:intent, ideals or corruption. This can be seen as it worked out in a demonstrable way in the twoDestiny, 111:out - the sixth ray influence can easily be seen. When, however, an individual sixth ray influenceDestiny, 111:the universal authority of the Churches can be seen. This orientation of man to the world of higherDestiny, 112:the success of the evolutionary process can be seen [113] and the work of the Hierarchy, as itDestiny, 118:the attention of the magician of the day can be seen in the stupendous production of those ancientDestiny, 120:ray of the destroyer. What can, therefore, be seen occurring is the effect of the Shamballa forceDestiny, 131:of this process on a tiny human scale will be seen happening in the coming age. At present, what IDestiny, 135:in connection with the five rays which we have seen are influencing or beginning to influenceDestiny, 138:individual and the race, will be increasingly seen. This will be due to the work and influence ofDestiny, 147:a lighted world; everywhere lights are to be seen and the pitch dark nights of olden times are fastDestiny, 149:infant Savior to the Risen Christ. Pisces has seen, during two thousand years, the spreading light;Destiny, 149:of the Birth will become universalized and be seen as the story of every disciple and initiate whoDestiny, 149:of the accuracy of the above statement can be seen in the reorientation of people everywhere toDestiny, 149:goodwill. This "mind as it is in Christ" can be seen in their revolt against materialistic religionDestiny, 150:and in the widespread effort to be [150] seen in Europe and elsewhere to return the landDestiny, 150:the true Virgin Mary) to the people. It can be seen in the constant movement of people throughoutDiscipleship1, 4:The synthesis of their work is easily seen by us who work with a fuller vision and a less impededDiscipleship1, 22:relation that an emerging world unity can be seen in embryo. A joint power to be telepathic or aDiscipleship1, 25:the divine objective. All life and all forms are seen then in their true perspective; a right senseDiscipleship1, 32:of your individual spiritual contact and have seen the following spiritual events taking place: TheDiscipleship1, 33:in the past have ever been emphatic. They have seen and felt the need for reticence, where there isDiscipleship1, 66:personalities and to the chaos everywhere to be seen and so endeavor to tune in on the attitude ofDiscipleship1, 75:the glamorous of the personality. This you have seen happen. As individuals I seek to help you butDiscipleship1, 77:and of weakness. Astral conditions are oft seen reversed; hence the glamor which often overcomes aDiscipleship1, 98:delay. I have watched you succeed and I have seen you fail. This I do through noting the pulsationDiscipleship1, 113:that is what the disciple should be. You have seen the need to serve and have realized the field ofDiscipleship1, 123:serene and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change all this; though you are not now soDiscipleship1, 124:ways of men and in this way the truth is clearly seen." Then, we come to the words, "that which isDiscipleship1, 141:Clearer I may not speak for these words will be seen by others. But should you not with clarityDiscipleship1, 142:work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making many contacts and the increase ofDiscipleship1, 143:of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realized. There is the method of a suddenDiscipleship1, 151:heaven. Then another and still another could be seen until around the star were many shiningDiscipleship1, 152:January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen the many changes which have taken place in theDiscipleship1, 162:observation of the members of my group. I have seen no reason to change my original ideas or plan,Discipleship1, 167:on this. The sense of sacrifice is faintly seen in every soul that loves the Plan. Teach them thatDiscipleship1, 167:unseen sacrifice must go with that which can be seen. Teach this. The sense of comradeship isDiscipleship1, 190:the futility of your questioning will be seen, for you will know the truth and the truth shall makeDiscipleship1, 218:that love can enfold within its radiation the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, theDiscipleship1, 246:life and environment and circumstances. You have seen much and traveled much since that time. WhatDiscipleship1, 270:to Disciples - R.V.B. January 1936 As you have seen, my brother, I am not making any vital changesDiscipleship1, 287:is ever to be found, and the ideal can be seen undergoing the process of materialization. TheDiscipleship1, 297:of light in which the real light can be seen. There is occult power in the words: "And in thatDiscipleship1, 310:1936 MY FRIEND OF OLD: The past six months have seen you making many readjustments in your life. AsDiscipleship1, 339:of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." These desired realities, when reflected inDiscipleship1, 341:on this, for it is a point which you have not seen with clarity, and right understanding of this
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