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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Discipleship1, 351:if you do not realize it yourself. But I have seen and known. It is not oft that I pause in myDiscipleship1, 357:1934 BROTHER OF OLD: The past six months have seen you making much effort and the work of refiningDiscipleship1, 385:changes from green to gold, and all that can be seen is a mass of golden flowers, wide open in theDiscipleship1, 389:knows that he exists and likewise that which is seen." "The knower blends the two in one. He seesDiscipleship1, 390:world of every day life. A symbol of this can be seen in the knowledge that the entire planet liesDiscipleship1, 393:and there is a greater measure of freedom to be seen in you subjectively than ever before. You areDiscipleship1, 394:MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have seen you subjected to much outer change; you haveDiscipleship1, 398:wrecking of much that you have built, and I have seen you relinquish desire with a light in yourDiscipleship1, 435:of progress and of events. This need not be seen by anyone unless you so desire. But keep the diaryDiscipleship1, 449:only where glamor is recognized and seen for what it is, is it possible to dissipate it. It is notDiscipleship1, 456:of light from the soul, the Oversoul. This is seen as pouring down into the head center from theDiscipleship1, 458:that none of you is really alone. All of you are seen and watched and, on the inner planes, youDiscipleship1, 461:of the constant registering of that which is seen and heard, there will arise a spiritual awarenessDiscipleship1, 462:prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, aDiscipleship1, 463:those who hover on the dividing line between the seen and the unseen. That way is not the way forDiscipleship1, 473:work might come to you. The past period has seen much inner progress towards realization... You areDiscipleship1, 490:and minor or near objectives being too closely seen, can destroy that which it builds or seeks orDiscipleship1, 512:its invoking agent and then the person is never seen except through the veil of this glamor.Discipleship1, 515:month - The burning ground whereon pure gold is seen. 4th month - Liberation of the inner light,Discipleship1, 521:1938 MY BROTHER: The past few months have seen the working out of much inner tension. This hasDiscipleship1, 534:as you know, a karmic link between us. I have seen you grow and deepen, and I have seen under theDiscipleship1, 534:us. I have seen you grow and deepen, and I have seen under the exterior man, a new, tender andDiscipleship1, 544:plane, for all that is there reflected is not seen correctly. My contact with you must, in theDiscipleship1, 547:soul. When you have thus carried it upwards, and seen it aligning and relating all the threeDiscipleship1, 561:Light is dual. It shews forth that which is not seen. It sheds its rays upon the daily way. 3rdDiscipleship1, 565:Second month... Let the quality of the soul be seen in me, the quality of love. It is a love whichDiscipleship1, 565:Let the glory of the Lord who is my life, be seen. That glory is the glory of the One. DistinctionDiscipleship1, 593:temporarily out of calm control. Too much is seen at once; too much is sensed and grasped;Discipleship1, 598:look through the window there is nothing to be seen as it really is. All is distorted. Your problemDiscipleship1, 601:others would not have been so influenced had you seen truly and had cooperated in preserving groupDiscipleship1, 620:may perhaps see that vision again, but you have seen it. When, however, it is a fact upon theDiscipleship1, 660:as well as the bad self and let only Christ be seen and heard"? You hear so much coming to you allDiscipleship1, 674:rose of life. The tiny rose of living life is seen in bud; not yet the full blown flower. Stage II.Discipleship1, 675:roll of thunder. Far off, dim and most vaguely seen, appears an oval opening, its color blue.Discipleship1, 675:athwart this space of blue, a rosy cross is seen, and at the center of the cross, where four [676]Discipleship1, 676:a canker. Pain, sickness, poverty and loss are seen as such, and from them every son of GodDiscipleship1, 678:and does its fiery work. Moisture likewise is seen; dense fog, and to the pain is added sadDiscipleship1, 687:remembering of something once sensed and seen? Here lies the crux of the problem. Let me explain.Discipleship1, 688:vision is dependent upon what others have seen and how much you discovered for yourself by climbingDiscipleship1, 688:he can also register consciously what he has seen and then begins to do something constructiveDiscipleship1, 689:unconscious self-forgetfulness. The vision, once seen, becomes so important, that how you feelDiscipleship1, 690:of co-workers and their own field of service are seen by them in right proportion because they areDiscipleship1, 706:and the guidance of their souls. Life must be seen truly and faced as it is - not realisticallyDiscipleship1, 740:of our recognitions." A recognition, when it is seen as an aspect or fractional part of a greaterDiscipleship1, 742:of conscious astralism and the veil between the seen and the unseen will rapidly disappear. How canDiscipleship1, 746:The same symbolic inferences are also to be seen in the Brahmin caste in India. Discipleship1, 758:of the chela within the Master's aura, we have seen that the true pledged disciple who has reachedDiscipleship1, 772:themselves from the acute situation now to be seen and felt. They cannot and must not escape into aDiscipleship2, 14:light reveals "that which the eye has never seen;" together to walk the Path of Revelation;Discipleship2, 42:new era with its latent possibilities, can be seen upon the horizon, stripped of the veils ofDiscipleship2, 42:spiritual effects of the war can now be clearly seen, and I can begin to consider with you (earlierDiscipleship2, 51:work know well that the light in the head - when seen and [52] recognized - passes usually throughDiscipleship2, 55:you, the symbolism should be apparent and can be seen as inviting a dual interpretation: ItDiscipleship2, 58:the new religious ceremonial [58] can be dimly seen and inadequately sensed. This stage is followedDiscipleship2, 65:disciple has [65] been to Bethlehem and has seen the Star in the East - that star which shinesDiscipleship2, 72:contact and of approach which can be known and seen by us from the other side of life, but whichDiscipleship2, 106:functioning in the three worlds. Criticism, as seen among men, simply is a mode of emphasizing theDiscipleship2, 110:has been much pressure on you this year; I have seen and noted it; the group - as a group - hasDiscipleship2, 110:this year than for some years past, and I have seen a deepening of devotion and a strengthening ofDiscipleship2, 127:an ocean of blue and upon the horizon can be seen slowly rising a blazing sun. Picture yourself asDiscipleship2, 153:of the emergence of the spiritual will can be seen in the working out of this determination. ThisDiscipleship2, 216:four stages are responsible for all that is seen, possessed, utilized and known as existent in theDiscipleship2, 224:man, and thus the glory of the Lord of Life be seen." Focused intention, concentrated meditation,Discipleship2, 230:things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Then add: "I ask for the needed money for...Discipleship2, 244:wide extent of the material destruction to be seen on every hand, the depths of physical povertyDiscipleship2, 251:between the root and flowers, the eye again is seen. The eye that knows, the eye that sees, theDiscipleship2, 262:between the root and flowers, the eye again is seen. The eye that knows, the eye that sees, theDiscipleship2, 267:- Part III Part III In past instructions we have seen that teaching upon the subject of initiationDiscipleship2, 267:Masters) in three ways: 1. By Hints. These - if seen and followed - will evoke the intuition.Discipleship2, 272:to their interpretation. This formula is seen by the disciple inscribed upon the plates of theDiscipleship2, 274:that time as utterly meaningless). Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the inexpressible revelationDiscipleship2, 275:the circle of the One and the point of unity are seen as one, and the Master passes on his way." HeDiscipleship2, 284:the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formula has beenDiscipleship2, 292:can now be sensed, searched for and finally seen; a new world of being stands apparent, which hasDiscipleship2, 293:of light and of directed force; it can be seen as streams and centers of force, all forming aDiscipleship2, 293:and right relation to that which is seen and contacted. Into all revelation enters the concept ofDiscipleship2, 305:in hue. The heavier background can be distinctly seen through the translucence. This formulaDiscipleship2, 329:of consideration. An illustration of this can be seen in the response of this group to the workDiscipleship2, 334:achievements of the disciples in my Ashram are seen by me, for instance, in terms of one thousandDiscipleship2, 338:He makes his great decision on the basis of the seen opportunity, and through his response to theDiscipleship2, 344:text and may not have been discriminatory seen by you. In one group, you have five formulasDiscipleship2, 346:five major points of revelation will some day be seen, grasped and understood; they are theDiscipleship2, 349:thought-forms of the concrete or lower mind are seen as illusion, and the lower mind, the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 350:with the Hierarchy and - as we [350] have seen - with the use of devoted, emotional zeal as theDiscipleship2, 350:as the medium of that contact. Again, as we have seen, the period of time which has passed sinceDiscipleship2, 350:along the needed receptive lines can be seen in the "planning" of the various nations, and in theDiscipleship2, 353:Forces of Light. Today, this distortion can be seen demonstrating in all totalitarian countries;Discipleship2, 354:(for which you must search) is not so easily seen and is concerned with hierarchical impression,Discipleship2, 372:- the nature of the divine Plan, as it can be seen working out on various planes of our planetaryDiscipleship2, 408:the soul; souls disappear, and only the soul is seen." 3. Then follows that stupendous event forDiscipleship2, 420:disciple to the Initiator? Are these marks to be seen present in the three bodies in the threeDiscipleship2, 420:the three worlds? Or are these marks only to be seen in the body which will be primarily affectedDiscipleship2, 458:pattern of unity in the world will be distinctly seen. The theory will be comprehended and muchDiscipleship2, 467:the picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma. This sentence may mean muchDiscipleship2, 521:period that the past three years have seen you seriously tested, and tested in every aspect of yourDiscipleship2, 526:Your soul ray of outgoing love is not much seen, and there is little love shown by you to yourDiscipleship2, 530:strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronounced liberation and trueDiscipleship2, 531:the personality and the soul. The soul is seen but its influence is insulated. But - because thereDiscipleship2, 547:self, the pilgrim and the way, for only one is seen - the greater lighted Whole." Picture theDiscipleship2, 561:eye, penetrates in turn the outer gloom and is seen by those who wait. Within the Ashram I have
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