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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Fire, 280:simple in relation to a human being, and can be seen in daily demonstration in his contacts withFire, 281:to a specific center of consciousness; we have seen that they are simply forms of ideas to expressFire, 282:of response, and limitation of radiation will be seen. Fire, 286:of the senses and of experimental contact can be seen working out in the animal and human kingdoms;Fire, 291:cosmic planes. A great deal of the problem to be seen slowly working out at this time to a solutionFire, 294:and is not the object in view. We have seen that the work to be accomplished in all the above casesFire, 296:place in the ordered scheme. They will then be seen as enlightening and revealing the necessaryFire, 297:of kundalini, has a permanence which is not seen in the other two lower centers. The Heavenly ManFire, 297:objective work of the scientists. Crime, as now seen, based largely on the sex emotion, [298] willFire, 300:development of humanity three main lines may be seen with four lesser lines merging into one of theFire, 312:conceded: Heat or flaming radiation is first seen. Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of allFire, 312:opposites is felt. Differentiation is first seen, not only in the recognized duality of all things,Fire, 312:begin to vibrate and His life activity can be seen. 21 Electricity: ..."We know of no phenomenon inFire, 312:solar systemic planes. Hence, all that can be seen in manifestation is fundamentally physicalFire, 312:is fundamentally physical electricity. We have seen that the primary manifestation is that whichFire, 313:magnetism, and fohatic impulse - are to be seen at work in a solar Logos, a Heavenly Man and aFire, 314:on the major planes. This is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance, in connectionFire, 315:of matter owing to intense heat. This can be seen in connection with man, a Heavenly Man and aFire, 315:from the three world-bodies. So will it be seen in the body of a Heavenly Man, a planetary scheme,Fire, 316:A - Manas or Mind and its Nature We have seen that electrical manifestation on the first planeFire, 318:the indwelling Existence; this principle can be seen underlying all three aspects. There is no needFire, 321:of vision of man in the three worlds, can be seen only in its full significance on the buddhicFire, 321:plane. All fire and electrical display will be seen to embody the seven colors. Again anotherFire, 322:will be left. In man a similar procedure can be seen in connection with his [323] seven centersFire, 329:plane definite and permanent alliance may be seen. On this plane also the "devas of the shadows"Fire, 330:concerns man. Both these divisions will be seen later as existing on every plane in the system andFire, 332:planes) count with a Heavenly Man. We have seen that manas or mind is the fifth principle, or theFire, 332:on the mental plane of the solar system. We have seen also that manas is that discriminativeFire, 345:flame shines forth, a sphere of radiant glory is seen which gradually increases the intensity ofFire, 347:the mahamanvantara. That the earlier method was seen in the moon-chain is only evidence of theFire, 349:three types of Entities. All these results were seen when the Heavenly Man of our scheme tookFire, 353:physical plane, and the truth of this will be seen when it is realized that all our planes form theFire, 355:special reference to our Earth chain. We have seen that, to all intents and purposes, manas is theFire, 357:one key. Have its own coloring. Resemble, when seen from the higher planes, a vast lotus. Possess,Fire, 358:When these facts are borne in mind it will be seen that the interaction, and the complexity, is ofFire, 364:anent our scheme and its Ruler we have seen that this particular cycle, or incarnation of His, isFire, 366:effect and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body ofFire, 372:the idea of the final Avatar is likewise to be seen here. Many temporary incarnations precede thisFire, 374:which is occupying His attention, will have "seen of the travail of His Soul" in connection withFire, 378:scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seen in the fact that in our case one globe aloneFire, 379:the previous chain. The last named group can be seen incarnating in all those who tread theFire, 382:part. He has for investigation the globes as seen in time, with their mutual interplay; he has forFire, 395:The Position of Manas 1. Manas and Karma Having seen that manas is the intelligent purpose of someFire, 410:subdivision of which they form part. Thus can be seen, in general outline, the place of manas atFire, 412:bear in mind in this connection that all that is seen, being objective forms or Beings inFire, 414:speaking) unfathomable past, we would have seen the moon chain portrayed with the Neptune chainFire, 415:expressed as: During involution the sequence is seen as three, then seven and finally ten. DuringFire, 416:was a chain wherein a systemic failure was to be seen. It is connected with the lower principles,Fire, 418:it from other developments which may be seen. The subject therefore will be discussed under theFire, 418:wherein in days and cycles to come they will be seen working out. a. Discrimination This isFire, 419:and the scientific appreciation of it is to be seen in the mystics, the advanced thinkers of theFire, 419:and of aim is of value, and only that is seen in man as he nears the final part of the path ofFire, 428:at this time. Indications of this can already be seen in the discovery of radium, and the study ofFire, 431:race and the day of its opportunity. Here can be seen the awakening of the higher consciousness,Fire, 435:becomes more and more felt, its effects will be seen on the astral plane in an intelligentFire, 435:deal of interesting electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the [436] Manu toFire, 438:more freely anent the devas) it will be seen that a deva Lord of a plane, for instance, worksFire, 439:races, and rounds. Duality always will be seen, - human and deva manifestation forming theFire, 439:force. A psychical manifestation of this can be seen in the dying down of what is called ChristianFire, 443:Brothers. When this is borne in mind it will be seen that each of the planetary Logoi, equally withFire, 447:itself by means of the seventh Ray and have seen that it is the great transmuting, and transferringFire, 447:and transferring agent of the Logos. We have seen that it has a powerful effect both on deva andFire, 450:the conscious form. It will consequently be seen that the utterance of sound along the line ofFire, 458:systemic mother, and the same mother aspect as seen in the animal kingdom as a basis for theFire, 461:that may be looked for in the future. As we have seen, during the third root-race, opportunity forFire, 463:and utilized. Indications of this already can be seen; for instance, in all our current magazinesFire, 464:the units of the animal kingdom. Hence it can be seen how close is the interplay, and theFire, 483:it involves three distinct steps, which can be seen and traced by means of the higher clairvoyance,Fire, 485:the two fires within the atomic form. It will be seen from a close study of these subdivisions, howFire, 490:radiation from within its ring-pass-not. This is seen in an interesting way as occurring during theFire, 491:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor We have seen how in this question of the transference of theFire, 494:with this question of electricity and have seen that fire essence or substance is resolved throughFire, 498:Systemic and Human Factor b. Synthesis We have seen that during the coming races and subracesFire, 501:back of all physical objectivity, and which is seen working out in every life. The transmutation orFire, 513:of vibrant living substance; within it can be seen three fiery points. At the heart of the sphereFire, 514:produce such an intensity of light that they are seen as dissolving. The mental unit, having aFire, 514:on their tiny scale the microcosmic procedure as seen in the synthesis of electric fire, solarFire, 522:central plane. In the solar system this is to be seen in connection with a Heavenly Man on theFire, 523:of substance and the blaze that can be seen. Vibration. The manifestation of the second aspect.Fire, 523:now. The three aspects of Spirit as they are seen can only be expressed in terms of the other twoFire, 524:heat." (Bible. II Peter, 3:10) This will be seen in a still greater degree in the next round, andFire, 530:fact is apparent and the correspondence to be seen. Until he passes out of the three worlds, andFire, 536:is written here will become plainer; it will be seen that we have dealt with the positive force inFire, 538:five planes of monadic manifestation; it is also seen as the twelve-petalled Lotus. Of these twelveFire, 540:but the result in the causal body is seen in a twofold increase of heat or of activity: TheFire, 541:or unfoldment proceeds, again a dual result is seen: The astral permanent atom comes into fullFire, 541:unfoldment, and the heart center of the Monad is seen as a wheel of fire with six of its spokes inFire, 541:comes to its full display, and all that is seen is colored by that light. The Petal of Love on theFire, 542:as the predominant bias of the soul as seen in a series of many lives spent by the initiate priorFire, 542:sphere the "Great Sacrifice." This stage can be seen objectively to the eye of the clairvoyant asFire, 542:petals unfold, and the nine-petalled lotus is seen perfected. The causal body is then (expressed inFire, 542:Within the periphery of the egoic wheel can be seen the nine spokes rotating with intense rapidityFire, 542:according to the ray of the Monad) can be seen three points of fire, or the permanent atoms and theFire, 542:unit, in all their glory; at the center can be seen a central blaze of glory growing in intensityFire, 542:at the innermost center blazes out and can be seen, the [543] entire causal body becomesFire, 544:logoic manifestation. The causal body has been seen as a wheel of fire, containing within itsFire, 545:focal points has its own internal economy, as seen in the spirillae, which are essentially streamsFire, 555:with the brain consciousness. As will be seen in the three worlds of man's emprise, man will workFire, 556:and on that of physical reproduction; it can be seen in all the kingdoms of nature, with theFire, 557:that this aspect is coming into power will be seen when two great events transpire: [558] The
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