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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Fire, 558:the animal kingdom. When these two things can be seen working out in any round, it will beFire, 558:through His centers will correspondingly be seen to vary in direction; He will withdraw force fromFire, 558:yet having its own central factor. This can be seen in the Moon in a most interesting way. TheFire, 559:with man, a similar condition [559] is seen in the gradual disintegration of the physical bodyFire, follow:If the table is carefully studied, it will be seen that the fivefold earlier enumeration concernsFire, 570:this time in their astral vehicles, so we have seen that the objective solar system forms theFire, 579:in outline. Cohesion is also plainly to be seen as the distinguishing feature of our presentFire, 579:attraction between two or more is ever to be seen as a governing principle, whether we look at theFire, 580:(those on the path of evolution), can be seen and somewhat comprehended, but on the path ofFire, 581:of sacrifice and death), but its effect can be seen on all the five planes as well. It is the lawFire, 584:logoic. Note the correspondence therefore to be seen between the fourth kingdom and the working ofFire, 589:the three Persons of the Trinity... It will be seen that from each of them an outpouring of life orFire, 590:study, too, with profit, the analogy that can be seen between these factors and the fifthFire, 595:In the sixth Scheme, that of Venus, this can be seen clearly; it is the scheme of love. Viewed fromFire, 596:and the sixth subrace a similar analogy will be seen. Out of the shattered form of the fifthFire, 597:chains, rounds, races and laws form a unit; seen from the angle of human vision the confusion seemsFire, 597:solution to be so hidden as to be useless; yet, seen from the angle of logoic sight, [598] theFire, 604:of the logoic threefold personality, as He is seen at work on the mental plane (which closelyFire, 606:His essential nature as actuating fire. We have seen that He is the threefold logoic personality,Fire, 608:within that form of the psyche. This is seen in the sevenfold display of logoic life through theFire, 611:IV, 18.) At that perfect day of revelation it is seen what man in essence is, and the Spirit withinFire, 615:of planetary physical manifestation. It can be seen, therefore, how necessary it is that theFire, 616:of the solar system an analogous process can be seen taking place as regards the physical [617]Fire, 622:for us in the three types of force to be seen on the systemic mental plane. These three types haveFire, 629:sumtotal of logoic manifestation as it can be seen in existence in time and space is: Seven SpiritsFire, 636:and thus bring into being all that can be seen, and touched in the exoteric and ordinaryFire, 638:go to the construction of that which is seen. This will not be until science has definitelyFire, 641:not with the substance or form aspect. We have seen that the work of the lowest group ofFire, 643:- macrocosmically and microcosmically - will be seen and comprehended by the wise student. 11 TheFire, 644:development. All these conditions can be seen in the process of the initiation of man, and of hisFire, 647:on etheric levels, for only one petal is to be seen. In the vegetable kingdom, viewing it as theFire, 647:on to the physical plane. The analogy can be seen typified at His great Initiation which took placeFire, 648:In this fourth round, therefore, it can be seen why the fire at the base of the spine (viewing itFire, 649:much. A further clue to the sad condition to be seen in the world (especially along sex lines) liesFire, 651:resulting from the war, as it worked, can be seen among the devas of Group A, or those devas whoFire, 653:Fire Elementals Group A. Agnichaitans We have seen that on all planes the groups of devas can beFire, 654:to the manifestations of existence as seen on the highest plane, or that aspect which is understoodFire, 656:the Heavenly Men seeking manifestation will be seen in Their schemes, and therefore in the types ofFire, 661:the demonstration of that point of attainment is seen in the type of not-self which he contacts; itFire, 666:color which can be heard, and sound which can be seen. Man reverses the process and sees colors andFire, 671:idea is the result. In future time, as may be seen from a study of the Secret Doctrine, (See S. D.,Fire, 671:187.) the Logos in His septenary Nature will be seen as the Macrocosm for Man, whilst theFire, 671:Man, whilst the Microcosm, Man himself, will be seen also as the Macrocosm for the three lowerFire, 671:stands midway between his parents, then can be seen the fruition of knowledge, and all is knownFire, 671:consciousness. When Anu, the infinitesimal, is seen to contain Ishvara in His potency, when theFire, 672:creation of the divine Hermaphrodite is seen upon His Own high plane. We must ever keep clearly inFire, 672:the mystic marriage of Spirit and matter can be seen working out also in deva substance itself,Fire, 684:dense physical sheath; something analogous is seen in the fact that these fire devas are "the HeartFire, 685:Fire Elementals The physical plane analogy is seen at the life stimulation which is felt betweenFire, 685:in the solar system a similar procedure can be seen. When a certain point is reached and the lowerFire, 687:as it flows through the systemic "Heart" can be seen in the activity of the astral plane, and inFire, 693:now view it in its hylozoistic aspect. We have seen that it can be regarded as the force, theFire, 697:it descends upon him, merges in him, and he is seen at its very center. This descent is broughtFire, 700:so continue their work. A parallel case can be seen at the entry - in Atlantean days - of Egos fromFire, 702:logoic. A somewhat similar process can also be seen in connection with this energy in a human bodyFire, 705:of consciousness brought about when the mind is seen to be the slayer of the Real. The secret ofFire, 705:within (the buddhi). There will, therefore, be seen on a racial scale and involving millionsFire, 709:atoms are enclosed within the lotus, and are seen by the clairvoyant as three points of light inFire, 712:success lies hid in these two points. As we have seen, the work of the Agnishvattas on the mentalFire, 714:petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to beFire, 716:upon the vegetable kingdom. This effect can be seen working out in such results as are achieved byFire, 716:in the human kingdom but which will also be seen as force regeneration in the mineral kingdom. TheFire, 717:(c.) Methods of Individualization We have seen how the characteristic method of individualizationFire, 720:connection with our planetary scheme are to be seen In the Moon chain, the gradual evolution ofFire, 723:a visit as that of the Avatar from Sirius is seen [724] as the sumtotal of civilization andFire, 725:Another type of solar avatar, Who can be seen appearing in the schemes, has relation to the heartFire, 725:itself felt, and when the energizing process is seen to bring about three things: An expansion ofFire, 728:by one of the Kumaras. Such an avatar is to be seen in Sanat Kumara, Who, with the three otherFire, 730:the first or purposeful will makes itself seen, so with the microcosm. The Brahma aspect, that inFire, 731:forth in perfected glory, so that naught is seen save one vibrant flame. This idea can be extendedFire, 735:Objective man fades out, and is no more seen by the physical eye, though still in his etheric body.Fire, 735:very different proportions. When a man can be seen functioning in his etheric physical body by theFire, 740:body out of the dense physical vehicle, will be seen towards the close of the mahamanvantara. ItFire, 741:746, 747.) The microcosmic correspondence can be seen in the following process. The physicalFire, 747:sphere He rideth alone, and on His approach is seen the uttermost disaster, and the chaos of thatFire, 748:to the center of pralayic peace, is seen the enveloping blue, lost in the flame of achievement. UpFire, 749:of embodying some principle. [749] The method seen in the mystery of the Bodhisattva, or theFire, 750:to sound out one tone. His work is clearly to be seen along one line. He is a fanatic of highFire, 751:cosmic Existences make Their power felt can be seen working out on all the planes of the cosmicFire, 751:plane. A striking instance of this can be seen in the case of the Kumaras, Who, under certainFire, 753:The method of direct incarnation was earlier seen when the Kumaras were in physical form. This onlyFire, 753:of this method of direct incarnation can be seen when a disciple steps out of his body and permitsFire, 754:methods of appearing mentioned earlier will be seen in full activity, and it is on these three thatFire, 754:Himself, the mystery of the Bodhisattva will be seen in its fullest sense, and it is not for usFire, 755:Indication of the nearing of this event will be seen in the reaction which will be set up duringFire, 756:be found), many cases of over-shadowing will be seen and will demonstrate in a threefold manner. InFire, 761:causes which combine to produce incarnation, are seen to be three: Egoic impulse. The activity ofFire, 761:producing results in the three worlds. We have seen that on the third level of the mental plane,Fire, 763:and nothing more; the triangle which is later seen connecting the points is not demonstrated. TheFire, 765:three worlds a constant interchange of energy is seen to be taking place; the lower forms becomeFire, 766:all the smoke is gone, for flame is mostly seen. The cave itself is lighted up, though the lamp isFire, 768:closely folded. Only faint vibrations are to be seen pulsating in the bud, just enough to testifyFire, 768:Shadowy and dim can the ring-pass-not be seen, the encircling limit of the activity of the comingFire, 769:and Fire Elementals The egoic lotuses can be seen grouped together, and each of them forms part ofFire, 779:each a specific function, as we have already seen, and the lowest of the three deal primarily withFire, 784:form, so that the vehicle of all entities is seen to be fundamentally a sphere, rolling upon itselfFire, 784:the prenatal stage, and this analogy can be seen working out in the form-building which proceeds onFire, 785:a particular type of force. This can be clearly seen in relation to the etheric body whichFire, 785:linking up with the force concerned is to be seen on the astral and the mental planes. "The PitrisFire, 787:the dense physical vehicle, an analogy can be seen when the Ego ceases from his work of
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