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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Fire, 1078:periods of intensified activity. This will be seen quite clearly in connection with the fourthFire, 1080:clashing forces have died away will purpose be seen emerging. This is very apparent in Russia atFire, 1084:illumined seer - the entire vault of Heaven is seen to be in motion. All the constellations,Fire, 1087:living stone with four shells." All this can be seen at one glance by the Master who has theFire, 1089:the night of other kalpas, and all that can be seen are the results, - the cause must be acceptedFire, 1092:[1092] visioned in terms of "true color," and is seen by the illumined seer as the combinedFire, 1092:of Monads incarnating in a particular scheme, is seen by the seer as the blending of egoic groups,Fire, 1092:personality ray of the incarnating Ego is also seen. The egoic cycle, or the turning of the wheelFire, 1092:clarity and elucidation, this wheel may also be seen as turning in three cycles and as making threeFire, 1096:death, the suffering, and the agony which are seen in the vegetable and animal kingdoms. In theFire, 1097:true form of everything is apparently not seen on the planet can only at this stage be expressedFire, 1097:from within outwards, the spheres again will be seen." 15 Maya or Illusion. The word Maya is oneFire, 1102:standpoint, separation is again to be seen, for the activity of the monadic sheath, its ownFire, 1105:constellations, of which an illustration can be seen in the effect of Venusian energy upon ourFire, 1107:worlds stands for the unmanifested, it will be seen that they are the primal separators, and theFire, 1109:A correspondence to this stream of force can be seen in the four rivers which emanated from theFire, 1113:is our solar system, and which we are told is seen from the higher planes as a twelve-petalledFire, 1119:persists. Then a curious phenomenon is to be seen at the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazesFire, 1121:very nature, [1121] but to the effects to be seen in them as the three tiers of petals functionFire, 1123:nations. When the glory of a man's inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth then will itFire, 1128:The constitution of the causal body has been seen to consist of a triple form of energy, with aFire, 1130:the buddhic and mental planes. When it is to be seen and felt, the man can function consciously onFire, 1134:for the [1134] positive inflow which can be seen pouring in through the upper depression of theFire, 1134:force which when energized by the positive is seen as the mental unit. This energy which isFire, 1135:in the vegetable kingdom, the rajas period is seen in fullest expression just before the activityFire, 1135:in the animal. In the animal kingdom the same is seen in the animals which individualize, passingFire, 1146:a particular group. Their descendants can be seen in the highest [1147] specimens of the earthFire, 1151:reason for rapid and immediate incarnation is seen when an initiate (who has nearly completed hisFire, 1152:manifesting Life we call Vishnu. It will thus be seen that three main impulses, each emanating fromFire, 1152:a cosmic Entity are responsible for all that is seen and known in our solar system. This, ofFire, 1156:concept of the nature of that which will be seen relatively so soon. The centers, as we know, areFire, 1157:sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind the outer physicalFire, 1158:up with the sevenfold head center. A man is then seen as he is truly - a network of fire withFire, 1158:likewise, that which is being passed out being seen as differing in color, being brighter andFire, 1161:be apparent to all discerning students. We have seen the close connection between the differentFire, 1164:round. Each of these planetary schemes can be seen as a lotus having seven major petals, of whichFire, 1169:their increased luminosity which is sometimes seen, and which has frequently been the subject ofFire, 1174:employed by the Lords of the Flame, as earlier seen. [1175] It can be studied in two mainFire, 1182:by Mrs. Besant. The Sun is heart-shaped, and (seen from cosmic angles) has a depression at what weFire, 1184:design. When these are visualized in color, and seen in their true radiance, it will be realizedFire, 1184:of the logoic Soul is expressed by that which is seen. [1185] Fire, 1200:the two dual lower hierarchies. Thus it can be seen that where man is concerned, the fourth, fifth,Fire, 1207:the entire raison d'ętre of all that is seen on all planes. Fire, 1211:"the refuse of that which earlier [1211] was seen," with that latent energy which hid the lowestFire, 1211:result in true group unity. All that is to be seen might be regarded as a gigantic endeavor on theFire, 1236:with objective phenomena, with that which can be seen, be touched, and handled; the occult studentFire, 1244:treated in this Treatise. As we have already seen the seven ray paths become three when units uponFire, 1247:sun. Behind the sun and over-topping it can be seen two pillars on either side of a closed door.Fire, 1249:phenomena suddenly makes itself felt and also seen. It is the production of this which is the mainFire, 1251:preliminary burning-grounds, as is easily to be seen: The burning-ground which lies between theFire, 1257:to man. In the center of the Cross is to be seen a five-pointed star in a deep indigo shade, andFire, 1267:thence they pass upon a path which dimly can be seen behind the dragon's form. This path is enteredFire, 1268:then proceeds and... Thus is the work of SATURN seen, and thus the consummation is effected.Fire, 1268:disk and when their utterance has... the door is seen ajar, and from its other side a voice isFire, 1269:the fiery light opens more widely yet. A form is seen. Unto the Master of the Fiery Heart, thisFire, 1273:of worlds within our solar sphere have never seen. * * * The third group is the strange mysteriousFire, 1276:hath stood before the Prince of Doom, and hath seen darkness descend upon the fivefold sons ofFire, 1277:spoken Word, the disruption of the wall is seen and a door openeth before Him. * * * The secondFire, 1277:again to drop within His reach. Another door is seen; it opens wide and thus the WAY is trodden. *Fire, 1281:hath no beginning and no end; That which is seen and yet remains unknown; That which we touch andFire, 1281:One Who mounts the cosmic stair. That which is seen when each point of heavenly light sends out itsGlamour, 3:impossible; then, only, is the divine germ seen as latent in all forms. Intuition is light itself,Glamour, 3:itself, and when it is functioning, the world is seen as light and the light bodies of all formsGlamour, 11:an intuitive perception of the symbols to be seen everywhere in the divine manifestation. Third,Glamour, 11:physical plane, and their right adaptation to a seen and recognized purpose, leading to theGlamour, 15:intuit reality, Rightly interpret that which is seen, they can provide a demonstrating laboratoryGlamour, 18:towards group welfare has for two centuries been seen on Earth in all fields of human endeavor -Glamour, 19:recognition and write down all that is sensed, seen or contacted. These records will serve as theGlamour, 25:phenomena. As to any other phenomena sensed, or seen or heard. That we may all go forward intoGlamour, 27:of the effect in one or other of the bodies) are seen as a whole, and to this whole the term theGlamour, 28:and make its presence felt in your auras can be seen by me and indicate to me the strength and theGlamour, 30:note, quality and tone. Similarities are then seen to exist which constitute channels or avenuesGlamour, 33:any aspirant and disciple. Glamor, as we have seen, is of more ancient standing and of earlierGlamour, 37:glamor can enter. An instance of this can be seen in this group, when glamor entered in through theGlamour, 40:[40] enter into that Presence where the two are seen as one, and naught is known but life andGlamour, 55:plane of the intuition to the brain. The idea is seen by the mind, "held steady in the light of theGlamour, 57:focus of attention, owing to the dimness of the seen ideal. The rapport of the mind, with theGlamour, 59:a vital entity or a germ of living potency, is seen through the medium of a partial view, distortedGlamour, 70:wherein more perfect forms and shapes can be seen and where the fog hides not a dimly sensedGlamour, 85:illusions of the advanced disciple, it will be seen how necessary it is that there should be quietGlamour, 87:body in its two aspects is concerned, can be seen taking place in the animal kingdom. In thisGlamour, 107:Around the aspirants of that time could then be seen gathering the first clouds and fogs of glamor,Glamour, 153:fusion the Dweller "disappears and is no more seen, though still he functions on the outer plane,Glamour, 161:expression - the worst the world has ever seen because glamor, incident to centuries of greed andGlamour, 161:of nations. It is, therefore, easily to be seen and most effective in manifestation. Three nationsGlamour, 162:Transcendent eternally exists but can only be seen and known and correctly approached by GodGlamour, 162:and the basic dualism of manifestation can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity ofGlamour, 172:dominates and the vision [172] of reality can be seen. This technique is related to Raja Yoga andGlamour, 173:in response to soul contact. When they have "seen through illusion" (and I use this phrase in itsGlamour, 183:consummation of the process. Only glory then is seen: only the voice of the Presence is heard andGlamour, 190:thereby dispelling illusion. Truth, as it is, is seen and known. Forms in the outer world ofGlamour, 190:three worlds of our familiar daily living) are seen to be but symbols of an inward and spiritualGlamour, 192:light of wisdom (soul light) that the Light is seen, known and appropriated. This light puts outGlamour, 193:of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is perhaps one of the most occultGlamour, 204:is clear, the work to be done is plainly seen, and the searchlight of the mind is directed upon theGlamour, 209:of this and of its effectiveness can be seen in the man who, from purely selfish motives andGlamour, 216:that the three aspects of the lower nature are seen as constituting one functioning personality. AnGlamour, 216:in which the personality and the soul are seen also as a unit. This is done through the dedicationGlamour, 217:(focused as we know on the mental plane) is seen generating an intense light which can beGlamour, 217:of great brilliance and strength. It must be seen as a sphere of vivid brilliant light but not yet
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