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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Patanjali, 110:withdrawn, the great heresy of separateness is seen in its true nature, and the seer can say withPatanjali, 112:of his words and acts is immediately to be seen. 37. When abstention from theft is perfected, thePatanjali, 121:[121] desires and emotions, to the one beloved, seen and known in the heart. It is the sublimationPatanjali, 123:God in the heart of his brother, and God as seen in every form. Fiery aspiration is the sublimationPatanjali, 130:mystery is contacted. The method of release is seen, the law is well fulfiled, and man emergesPatanjali, 141:births. Gone is the cord of life when these are seen. No more becoming when Ill's root is cut." ThePatanjali, 145:forth into objectivity and fruition is to be seen on the physical plane. Therefore it is necessaryPatanjali, 151:may cause no pain or distress, as they will be seen and met by the non-attached yogi. Nor willPatanjali, 152:himself as the "one who is not that which is seen and touched and heard" then he can free himselfPatanjali, 152:field of knowledge, The Seer Sight That which is seen, The Observer Observation That which isPatanjali, 179:"Angel of the Presence" which can only be truly seen at initiation. He discerns a new factor and aPatanjali, 186:the Buddhist calls "right conduct," it will be seen [187] that they form the basis of all true lawPatanjali, 193:[193] becomes apparent, "only Christ is seen and heard," only the real or spiritual man can be seenPatanjali, 193:heard," only the real or spiritual man can be seen expressing himself through a physical medium, asPatanjali, 195:of his words and acts is immediately to be seen. This question of truth is one of the greatPatanjali, 200:apparent physiologically in the change of voice seen during the adolescent period. Through the truePatanjali, 204:frequently called the lower quaternary. We have seen in the preceding sutra that the purificationPatanjali, 208:its presence felt, that which is hindering is seen to disappear, and that which was obscure becomesPatanjali, 213:the brain via the mind that which is visioned, seen, contacted and known; and in this way, thePatanjali, 222:awakened, and the effect upon the brain can be seen as insanity in some form or other, mild or thePatanjali, 224:and right control of the life currents must be seen to be related to karma, opportunity and form;Patanjali, 226:with the internal and external phases. We have seen how the control of the life currents can bePatanjali, 228:in the head becomes so apparent that it can be seen by those who have supernatural vision, asPatanjali, 234:is as follows: the mind reacts to that which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. ThenPatanjali, 234:32. Those who have attained self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light inPatanjali, 250:of the soul of all things. Form is no longer seen, and the vision of the reality, veiled by allPatanjali, 257:where unity is known and even duality is seen to be a limitation. Naught remains but awareness ofPatanjali, 258:[258] deal with the nature of the objects seen and the control of the mind as the real man seeks toPatanjali, 258:is as follows: the mind reacts to that which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. ThenPatanjali, 259:stuff into shapes corresponding to the object seen. [259] 2. He then becomes aware of the necessityPatanjali, 261:the mind is controlled and the [261] object seen excites no response, the true identity is able toPatanjali, 264:by the truly concentrated yogi and the three are seen as they exist and yet are recognized asPatanjali, 265:the tangible outward aspects of the form are seen. The matter-side of the manifesting idea is dealtPatanjali, 265:evidence of the previous cycles and this can be seen in: Its rate of vibration, The nature of itsPatanjali, 266:is accomplished, the glory of the jewel will be seen. When the lotus plant has grown to maturity,Patanjali, 266:"Jewel in the Lotus" (Om mani padme hum) can be seen. This symbolic aspect of forms is true of all,Patanjali, 270:unfoldment are recognized and that which is, is seen to be the result of that which has been.Patanjali, 270:present, and thus the cycle of development is seen to be one process existing in three stages.Patanjali, 274:the manifestations of lower psychism such as are seen in the average mediumistic seance and thePatanjali, 277:the case any more than the people and activities seen out of any window in a big city reveal to thePatanjali, 282:objective form), that form is no longer to be seen. It disappears, and temporarily is dissipated.Patanjali, 283:object - such as a human body the latter will be seen, and that no action of the mind of the personPatanjali, 283:But the ancient Hindus held that all things are seen by reason of that differentiation of Satwa -Patanjali, 286:worlds, and therefore "by signs" his path is seen to be clear. This has been expressed for us inPatanjali, 286:five points shines with clarity and no forms are seen within its points, the way is clear. When thePatanjali, 286:the many forms die out and colors three are seen, then the road is freed from that which mightPatanjali, 293:the senses unfold prior to the mind, as can be seen if we study humanity as a whole. The heartPatanjali, 296:the exit at the top of the head, which can be seen as a radiant circle of pure white light. ThisPatanjali, 296:that which produces the halo or circle of light seen around the heads of all the sons of God whoPatanjali, 298:types of living beings. The analogy will be seen as follows: 7. Logoic Plane Tatya World of thePatanjali, 308:the soul of man, and the Christ consciousness is seen in germ. Taking the analogy of the antenatalPatanjali, 308:takes place, and the correspondence can then be seen between the natural physiological process andPatanjali, 313:32. Those who have attained self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light inPatanjali, 314:other, that there are divine beings who may be seen by those who thus concentrate upon the 'lightPatanjali, 315:the head of all saints and Masters and which is seen by those with clairvoyant vision around thePatanjali, 315:collective flow of the light of sattva which is seen at the Brahmarandra, which is variouslyPatanjali, 315:even slightly with Yoga practices and is seen even by concentration on the space between thePatanjali, 320:brought into use and the love of God is seen working out in a man's life and work. For the mind ofPatanjali, 320:conveys the correct interpretation. We have seen in the preceding sutras that the narrow path to bePatanjali, 322:[322] Thus the great triplicity is again to be seen: The Father, or spirit, the one who manifests,Patanjali, 322:"Lord, show us the Father"), "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (John XIV.) Patanjali, 322:show us the Father"), "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (John XIV.) Patanjali, 332:when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen. [333] This will work out literally and notPatanjali, 345:hindrances." (Book III, Sutra 45.) It will be seen from this how, first there is the attaining ofPatanjali, 348:his objective. Finally, the tenth power will be seen in full manifestation and no form provides anyPatanjali, 357:and the beauty of his [357] thought will be seen by the study of his words as follows: "ThePatanjali, 357:desire and attained to self-knowledge, thou hast seen thy soul in its bloom and recognized it, andPatanjali, 357:himself, the light which is in him is seen and he is liberated. Having achieved liberation,Patanjali, 358:and the perceptions which have been gained are seen as having in them the "seeds of bondage" andPatanjali, 360:the "Voice of the Gods," as it is called, are seen to have latent in them the seeds of attachment;Patanjali, 366:Spark, the flame and the smoke are equally to be seen. To him, the shadow veils the reflection andPatanjali, 366:shadow veils the reflection and yet the light is seen. To him, the tangible but demonstrates thePatanjali, 367:him meaningless terms. The only true Reality is seen to be the great central life force, remainingPatanjali, 369:effect-producing cause. 19. Because it can be seen or cognized it is apparent that the mind is notPatanjali, 369:carried forward into group realization and it is seen that they produce universal consciousness andPatanjali, 398:the Eternal Now are formulated for us and it is seen that what we are today is the product of thePatanjali, 399:the right conditions). These are, as we have seen, the result or the effects of his entire pastPatanjali, 405:hear more than one person saying that he has seen the same object as is seen by another. This wouldPatanjali, 405:saying that he has seen the same object as is seen by another. This would prove that though thePatanjali, 409:of being hitherto negated by us, because not seen. Hence the need for every investigator of thePatanjali, 411:- Book 4 - Illumination 19. Because it can be seen or cognized, it is apparent that the mind is notPatanjali, 412:first, it can be known, recognized and seen by the thinker, the soul on its own plane, andPatanjali, 412:soul on its own plane, and secondly, it can be seen and known as a vehicle of the man on thePatanjali, 417:knows and perceives. The field of knowledge is seen and known. The knower is also perceived, andPatanjali, 418:is he renders up in order that the vision may be seen by all; [419] he knows the plan, for it isPatanjali, 419:death the separated life is ended. The One is seen. The Voice is heard. The Real is known, thePatanjali, 428:That point, in the economy of the races, is seen exemplified in the right use of the mind and itsProblems, 6:birthing process is over, a new humanity will be seen active upon the earth, a new race of men -Problems, 10:relation to the community, and the community is seen as an integral and effective part of the city,Problems, 13:when the first indications of the war were seen. The race faces a new crisis of opportunity whereinProblems, 13:crisis of opportunity wherein new values can be seen as important, wherein the establishing ofProblems, 14:the facts produced disunity. Had all nations seen clearly and renounced their individualProblems, 24:indicates its relative unimportance, when seen in true perspective. The only factor that trulyProblems, 41:to be certain traces left of what they have seen, heard and suffered. There will be exceptions,Problems, 55:schools, colleges or universities) there can be seen an imperfect but symbolic picture of theProblems, 56:A trend in this direction is already to be seen. The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mentalProblems, 63:educational systems. Indications of this can be seen on every hand but as yet the emphasis is notProblems, 63:prejudices and hatred. This has, as we have seen, been the history of the past. Man has beenProblems, 74:and international in scope. It remains to be seen which of the two will eventually control theProblems, 75:the most materialistic period the world has ever seen gave a great impetus to capital and provided
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