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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Psychology1, 354:the activity of the third and fifth rays will be seen as only partial from the angle of vision ofPsychology1, 354:those who guarantee its achievement, are to be seen in the Masters, Initiates and Disciples Who,Psychology1, 355:Knowledge or Science. This ray, as we have seen, was one of the rays which brought aboutPsychology1, 359:of advanced humanity. This can already be seen working out through the activity of the scientistsPsychology1, 368:its true function and to fulfil its long-seen destiny. One point it might be of interest here toPsychology1, 369:will be [369] demonstrated. It will be seen that in the regularity of the rituals and thePsychology1, 369:the work being accomplished. This can already be seen in the work done by scientists in connectionPsychology1, 369:in connection with the mineral world. As we have seen in an earlier part of this book, the mineralPsychology1, 370:the veil or web which separates the world of the seen and tangible from the world of the unseen andPsychology1, 372:basic seventh ray influence. What can now be seen in the organization of a crystal, a jewel and aPsychology1, 381:unfoldment of advanced humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere, andPsychology1, 383:and Great Britain, and yet a relationship can be seen between France and Great Britain throughPsychology1, 385:four countries; in Germany and Italy, as we have seen, the harmonizing power of the fourth ray isPsychology1, 385:the harmonizing power of the fourth ray is also seen. Hence we have in all these countries aPsychology1, 385:in the form aspect, for things will be clearly seen as they are and freed from glamor and illusion;Psychology1, 385:or Government. The will of the people will be seen in the light. It is in this connection thatPsychology1, 389:that of architectural construction, and can be seen at this time making its presence felt in thePsychology1, 390:of the world also, and it will therefore be seen how the many septenates of nature, having theirPsychology1, 392:underlies the structure of the States may be seen in lines of light, and we shall have the patternPsychology1, 393:underlying patterns for all the nations can be seen and worked out by the intelligent reader. ItPsychology1, 393:The mental pattern for the States is to be seen as mass information through the schools, the radioPsychology1, 418:as a principle only when our seven planes are seen as the seven subplanes of the cosmic physicalPsychology1, 419:Esoterically, this principle of creative mind is seen as seated in the throat. Ray IV - Intuition,Psychology1, 426:makes of him the desired goal. This is to be seen through the medium of the tamed, the trained andPsychology1, 427:indication of this tendency towards lucidity is seen in the faculty of the plant to turn towardsPsychology2, 9:as to the human apparatus, so that man is seen - as it were - dissected into his component parts.Psychology2, 20:of a human mind. But a definition may later be seen to be imperfect and even false, from the anglePsychology2, 20:its usefulness. The basic truths of today may be seen later as simply aspects of still greaterPsychology2, 20:interpretation of its formerly important part is seen to be widely different to what was supposed.Psychology2, 21:by the greater light". A symbol of this can be seen in the power of the sun apparently to put out aPsychology2, 28:life. The correspondence to these cycles can be seen working out in the life and consciousness ofPsychology2, 33:(An expression of the truth of this can be seen demonstrating in the world each full moon of May,Psychology2, 33:and yet are shining in full radiance and can be seen. Negation after negation is piled up, onlyPsychology2, 35:with light and love, and the emptiness is seen as constituting that through which light and lovePsychology2, 36:Deeply he hid himself, and his light was no more seen, - only his floating ark. His voice wasPsychology2, 37:veil, and deeply hid his face. Naught could be seen but that which veiled, and active motion.Psychology2, 48:to grasp. The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work isPsychology2, 49:and the crucial nature of such transition can be seen in certain formulas which are used whenPsychology2, 54:constitute a temporary form from which can be seen as externalized and as relatively tangible, andPsychology2, 57:Idea nor grasp the Plan as it is sensed and seen by the cosmic Thinker. We have to work with thePsychology2, 58:the model will be discarded, the pattern will be seen as it really is, and the worker, the soul,Psychology2, 64:that the soul has upon its instrument; it can be seen whether that grasp is occasional and partialPsychology2, 67:Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence We have seen in our studies that the soul is a dual blendPsychology2, 68:brain, whilst the life principle, as we have seen, is anchored in the human heart. The fourPsychology2, 72:the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requires a constant disciplining of thePsychology2, 76:c. Seven Ray Methods of Appropriation As we have seen, this process of appropriation is a dualPsychology2, 76:of years, this dual process can be symbolically seen. In youth the thoughtless (and all arePsychology2, 78:selfish purpose, etc. Attachment to the seen, the known, and the familiar, external, objectivePsychology2, 79:possible when there has been detachment from the seen, the false, the objective and the unreal.Psychology2, 80:around them. An illustration of this can be seen in the work of the Master Morya, Who is thePsychology2, 83:that it probably accounts for all that can be seen, sensed and known, and that the entire universePsychology2, 106:at this time achieved. Not as yet is the vision seen with a sufficient clarity by the many servers,Psychology2, 133:an inner reality, or of a self or soul. We have seen that service is not simply an activity of somePsychology2, 133:to be later used creatively, will be seen in all three bodies. Thus the true server comes intoPsychology2, 138:psychological connotation. This can easily be seen today among the leaders of various groups. Psychology2, 141:it primarily as his idea, something which he has seen and grasped and which impatiently he seeks toPsychology2, 145:of the old age and that of the new can be seen expressed in the idea of leadership by one andPsychology2, 154:urge to self-preservation, which can be seen in the savage's search for food or in the economicPsychology2, 163:for each ray type. Though the same law can be seen working in all seven cases and in all sevenPsychology2, 167:followed by the rain. The sky is black. Ruin is seen. Then death... Later, another garden! but thePsychology2, 169:out. Around him naught but darkness could be seen, yet in the distance loomed the light of God. HePsychology2, 170:A shutter seemed to close. The vision he had seen no longer shone. The Follower stumbled in thePsychology2, 171:Achievement lacks. Naught but my failure can be seen. And yet I know there is a difference betweenPsychology2, 172:the chaos until its forms no longer could be seen. Some aspects of a beauty, unrevealed before,Psychology2, 202:selves, or human beings are found, as we have seen, on one or other of the seven emanations ofPsychology2, 219:a quality which can enable all these facts to be seen and realized as parts in a whole, and which,Psychology2, 222:of imagination. This urge is, as can easily be seen, closely connected with the fourth Ray ofPsychology2, 225:but could we see the planetary life as it can be seen by the Masters Themselves, we would note thePsychology2, 225:goal of the evolutionary process. We have seen that we are considering no simple exercises orPsychology2, 226:of the Oversoul upon our planet. We have seen also that these governing tendencies are alreadyPsychology2, 228:the ages is understood, and when the soul is seen to be functioning through all parts of all forms.Psychology2, 237:the ages, men have sensed a vision; they have seen it, and have merged themselves with it afterPsychology2, 238:or there, or from what point His vision can be seen? Some lose themselves in thought processes andPsychology2, 238:of the teachings of those Sons of God Who have seen the reality is lost to sight in rituals andPsychology2, 240:which results when the objective is clearly seen by Him and developed in plain and formulatedPsychology2, 240:From the hints given above it will be seen how the work of the Hierarchy in connection with mankindPsychology2, 242:the third initiation. So it is easily to be seen that this Treatise is indeed written for thePsychology2, 246:the divine use of the imagination. As we have seen, it is necessary for humanity to recognize thatPsychology2, 247:the simplicity of forms which eventually will be seen, we shall arrive at a newer beauty, a greaterPsychology2, 248:moment of applied attention, and life is then seen for a second as it essentially is. But thePsychology2, 248:before. He must recover that which he has seen; he must discover it to those who have not had hisPsychology2, 248:He must realize that that which he has seen and touched is still there and embodies reality; thatPsychology2, 271:The mystery of the devil will eventually be seen to be that of the light of God's countenance,Psychology2, 276:demands of the soul. This marks, as may well be seen, a very definite stage in the life of thePsychology2, 280:appear "the light that always has been will be seen; the love that never ceases will be realized,Psychology2, 291:awakening disciple. The reason for this will be seen if it is realized that the energy of thesePsychology2, 310:body in its dual aspect is concerned) can be seen taking place in the animal kingdom. In thisPsychology2, 326:to the level of the understanding. [326] We have seen that our major consideration must be that ofPsychology2, 333:of a higher initiation. Therefore, it will be seen that we begin and we end with an expansion ofPsychology2, 342:and aspires to that which has not hitherto been seen." The aspirant passes through an intermediatePsychology2, 370:Self, the life-aspect and the form-aspect, are seen as they [371] essentially are (through the aidPsychology2, 371:of form to soul. These two are then seen as one in a sense never before realized and are thenPsychology2, 371:I lay my life upon the altar of desire - the seen, the sensed, that which appeals to me, thePsychology2, 381:lesser minds) of the Kingdom of God. It will be seen, therefore, that we are dealing here withPsychology2, 396:forms. Illumination of the mind will be seen to be direct and infallible and will usurp the placePsychology2, 401:Triplicity only an eventual Unity can be seen. We will next take up some of the problems ofPsychology2, 418:symptoms and the distressing conditions seen in the usual fit. In a lesser degree, and producing noPsychology2, 450:angle of consciousness) that the solar Logos has seen fit to invoke external agencies to aid. And,Psychology2, 455:of [455] his own creation. This tendency can be seen working out in all schools of thought and ofPsychology2, 466:mountain top from which the wider horizon can be seen, and the larger vision grasped. A man must
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