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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEEN

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Psychology2, 467:are the expression. But when this fact is first seen, grasped, and when the initial revelation hasPsychology2, 467:We are in danger of thinking that what we have seen is all there is to see, and thus - on a higherPsychology2, 511:finest analytical minds that the world has ever seen - but it has made no mass use of thePsychology2, 512:the general etheric center of power. This can be seen happening in its initial stage in practicallyPsychology2, 516:in mind. This process of externalization can be seen working out in all the clamor and in thePsychology2, 524:a heavy inert rhythm; the light which can be seen wherever there is a center is dim; the point ofPsychology2, 535:of the ajna center which is, as we have seen, primarily the result of the development of a man'sPsychology2, 541:This today is rapidly growing and can be seen on every hand. Students are apt to think that thePsychology2, 545:strain, physical discomfort and (as we have seen) many distressing kinds of disorders. ThePsychology2, 554:and nervous disorders, its power is mostly seen in its [555] pronounced psychological effects. WithPsychology2, 557:tends [557] to synthesis. It can already be seen functioning at a definite point of fulfilment inPsychology2, 558:the higher ones. Hence the reaction to be seen on every hand today to such powers as clairvoyance,Psychology2, 566:form as if it were imposed upon a moving screen, seen within the head. Others will step thePsychology2, 568:upon the physical plane then there is to be seen the "duplicating phenomena" of the astral plane.Psychology2, 568:of Disciples and Mystics What then, is to be seen and heard by the medium when in trance or whenPsychology2, 570:unable to do more than describe the phenomena seen and the words heard. When, however, the mysticPsychology2, 570:powers as is sometimes the case, the phenomena seen and the words which are heard can be of a veryPsychology2, 571:emotional levels. A great deal of this is to be seen among the teachers in the world at this timePsychology2, 571:levels of the astral plane. They have there seen the thought forms which humanity has created ofPsychology2, 571:to teach and proclaim what they have thus heard, seen and learnt and frequently do much good - onPsychology2, 575:be greatly lessened and controlled. This can be seen happening today among the intelligentsia ofPsychology2, 575:The beginnings of this can already be seen in its lowest phase in the emergence today of what isPsychology2, 583:that he sees and hears that which cannot be seen and heard by the average man. His problem is toPsychology2, 587:rules not and where no light revealing can be seen but only self-engendered light and thusPsychology2, 592:direction of the lines of force will then be seen. The great sweep of the energies will bePsychology2, 595:comes into full activity. All this can be seen by the clairvoyant eye of the Master. Psychology2, 600:of the mystical goal, so that it is no longer seen but is realized as fact, has never yet killedPsychology2, 603:with a supposed spiritual motive, (such as was seen in the Inquisition) and certain forms of mentalPsychology2, 610:the light in the head, but when it is sensed and seen - then there should be a careful regulationPsychology2, 614:of fusion of the personality. As we have earlier seen, the processes of integration bring their ownPsychology2, 625:of things hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen". [629] Psychology2, 650:of objectives, ideals and methods, to be seen in their work, but in many cases they remain unknownPsychology2, 670:and extreme self-sacrifice. On every hand can be seen the wrecking of the institutions of the past,Psychology2, 678:affairs and modern life conditions will then be seen in true perspective. Upon this we need notPsychology2, 678:this we need not here enlarge, but when it is seen that the growth of good will in the world is thePsychology2, 678:is inevitable, and when all that is occurring is seen in its relation to an eternal future, therePsychology2, 701:New Religion) a. The Soul of Humanity It can be seen, therefore, that a very difficult interlude isPsychology2, 706:contacts on human beings and the effect to be seen in the personality life might be stated to be asPsychology2, 707:These conditioning effects are all of them to be seen among men today. 2. The emergence of worldPsychology2, 709:things. First, that much, if not all that can be seen going on in the world today, is caused by aPsychology2, 725:earnest seekers in every nation - there can be seen a body of men and women whose numbers andPsychology2, 736:forming itself into three camps or groups, as seen from the subjective side of life. These are: ThePsychology2, 738:religions, the same condition of chaos is to be seen. The Churches in all lands are endeavoringPsychology2, 743:of manifestation. Group consciousness will be seen and the power to identify oneself with the groupRays, 23:of the Savior, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. Rule XIII ForRays, 30:hitherto been customary), you have what has been seen in the world today, a destructiveRays, 47:point where the group life and the group good is seen as an integral part of a much greater Whole.Rays, 61:terminology. Now a master of that which has been seen and appropriated, and being conscious of andRays, 69:The Science of Invocation and Evocation is also seen to be symbolically proceeding alongRays, 69:he is divine. This symbolic revelation is to be seen in the lifting up of the three lower energiesRays, 86:episode; secondly, the destroyer aspect can be seen expressing itself at the time of theRays, 86:land and known it to be wrought by men. Men have seen, and that sight will never be forgotten, andRays, 99:- I know not how else to word it. The whole is seen to be of more vital importance than the part,Rays, 101:century, death and the will inevitably will be seen to have new meanings for humanity, and many ofRays, 108:will: persistent application to some purpose, seen as desirable and to which every power is bent.Rays, 112:for initiation. Signs of this can already be seen. The Hierarchy has been confronted with definiteRays, 114:in the microcosmic sky. [114] The soul must be seen by the probationer as the sun of the life. AllRays, 123:built and the shining of the Triad be definitely seen. Such will be the new vision - an outcome ofRays, 135:evil past from the radiant future, and both are seen as contributory in the Eye of God; ourRays, 135:Eye of God; our material civilization will be seen as giving place rapidly to a more spiritualRays, 144:Faintly this group fusion and junction can be seen to be taking place. It is also the first touchRays, 145:has been speeded up and little such growth was seen on a worldwide scale prior to 1825. TheRays, 161:the nature of the Three." This will be seen to refer to the three major centers and the nature ofRays, 163:lowest manifestation of this principle is to be seen in the process of what we call Death - whichRays, 163:Seven. The group angle of the matter can be seen if you remember that the individual initiate, whenRays, 163:or destruction of the causal body. It can be seen, therefore, how true the Gospel story is to theRays, 164:actively present or not. The same process can be seen taking place in organizations and inRays, 166:and the point of the evolutionary objective is seen in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing.Rays, 166:through the free choice with the "quality seen within the light," and for the term of Their freelyRays, 176:the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, is seen as the entrance or doorway and as the admittingRays, 194:second divine qualities. This first aspect is seen as synthesis, as the Communion of Saints, and asRays, 205:to this, though on a much smaller scale, can be seen in the radiatory influence of the Christ as itRays, 205:in the world; a still smaller analogy can be seen in the influence wielded by a disciple who standsRays, 208:in such a manner that an inner fusion can be seen - by the Masters - to be taking place. TheRays, 210:inclination, a joint aspiration and a goal seen and held in unison. The outstanding characteristicRays, 218:use of the forces of destruction, can now be seen as active. It is these forces which are oftenRays, 225:Evolution, and the glory of the Lord will be seen in a new light - a light which will dim and throwRays, 225:in the eleven rules already studied, we have seen the initiate or disciple carried from hisRays, 227:of the Savior, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. You will rememberRays, 230:the present darkness, and - as can already be seen - stir into new understanding the presentRays, 233:and only its dim and uncertain outline can be seen from the level on which the Masters work, andRays, 237:The same conditioning factors can be seen also working in every group, organization, worldRays, 238:advanced disciples and for initiates. We have seen in many ways that - at this time - theRays, 243:manifestation, and its first expression can be seen in the creative perfection of certain phases ofRays, 244:of the spiral far more exalted than any lately seen. e. The fifth great secret underlying theRays, 246:no real light on the nature of that Will will be seen. It is only as human beings enter intoRays, 292:perception of that which must be done. Order is seen. The pattern clear emerges. Knowing is theRays, 292:away and that which they produce can then be seen. Being emerges and union with the One. IdentityRays, 292:I mean that the initiate, working as we have seen from a standpoint of knowledge, is at the sameRays, 299:and known, cannot be lost or disproved. Once seen and realized, it becomes as much a fact in itsRays, 302:Naught hinders me. I seek not sight for I have seen. My task is revelation. I seek naught forRays, 303:tasks, O triumphing disciple? By letting it be seen I am myself the truth; by living as a fragmentRays, 325:behind the Mysteries and of that which is to be seen ahead of those who have achieved initiationRays, 327:The taking of initiation is now often to be seen and is far more frequent today than at any otherRays, 328:would not comprehend the meaning. "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard" the things which God willRays, 357:The related stream of energy can therefore be seen to be from: The cosmic astral plane. The solarRays, 364:vision, even if that vision is materialistic as seen from the angle of a higher registration ofRays, 366:are, however, possible to some of you. We have seen, among other things, that the so-called "doorRays, 369:with primordial and primitive man) can be seen in the quality of the Hierarchy today, whichRays, 370:inexplicable to man, though the results can be seen in the effect which humanity has had on the
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