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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEER

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Astrology, 479:These words were once spoken to me by an ancient seer who bisected the square esoterically, thusAutobiography, 162:"And the Lord said," whereupon some prophet or seer wrote down what was said. Much of it isBethlehem, 27:because some occult leader or some psychic seer has told them that it is so; yet within themselvesBethlehem, 129:God stands clearly revealed to the mind of the seer, the lesser ends or motives, and the tinyBethlehem, 149:the period, race and point of development of the seer. We know only that the divine standsDestiny, 27:developing at this time) which enables the seer to see the future as it may be and to forecastDiscipleship1, 389:induce revelation. "Duality is visioned by the seer. He sees the Presence. He sees, and seeingDiscipleship1, 752:is in reality a state of awareness. That the seer may in all sincerity believe that he hasExternalisation, 9:and the highest type of inspired teacher and seer are found a vast diversity of grades, and thatFire, 103:are a menace to the occultist, and no true seer will be found with a body of a gross quality. TheFire, 967:overlaps her various processes, and it takes a seer of [968] vast wisdom and experience to stateFire, 1060:energy. Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, and the secret of the Heavens can be read andFire, 1084:a great wheel till - to the eye of the illumined seer - the entire vault of Heaven is seen to be inFire, 1092:of "true color," and is seen by the illumined seer as the combined blending of the primary colorsFire, 1092:in a particular scheme, is seen by the seer as the blending of egoic groups, but with theFire, 1094:which is ever apparent to the illuminated seer. If, before doing this, he can vision the whole ofFire, 1111:personality. By looking at the egoic lotus, the seer can tell the nature of the: Personal selfFire, 1184:of great beauty to the eye of the initiated seer. We have the transverse and bisecting lines, theFire, 1226:it reveals itself to the eye of the illuminated seer, nor to show the nature of the cosmic Lord ofFire, 1232:the radiance which veils the inner glory. The seer (see-er) has then become pure vision. HeHealing, 455:majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, we have anIntellect, 68:holds that no state is mystical unless the seer is unable to produce it himself. In meditation, theIntellect, 189:God - God immanent and God transcendent. The seer goes on to tell us that "He is 'the SupremeMagic, 190:many lines of expression. Their efforts, to the seer, are indicative of an inner stirring, of anMagic, 500:majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, we have anPatanjali, 13:the position of observer, or perceiver and of seer. When he can do this the lower "spectacle" ofPatanjali, 15:There exists a vast field of knowledge which the seer must cognize at some time or another. It isPatanjali, 16:of Analogy. The direct cognition of the yogi or seer, centered in the consciousness of the self,Patanjali, 16:of vision and transmission. Patanjali says: "The seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure hePatanjali, 36:this thought in particularly clear terms: "The seer is pure vision... he looks out through thePatanjali, 68:is spoken of by Patanjali in the words: "The seer is pure Knowledge (gnosis). Though [69] pure, hePatanjali, 69:translates the same Sutra as follows: "The seer is pure vision... He looks out through the vesturePatanjali, 90:the purpose of both a telescope, bringing the seer into touch with the macrocosm, and a microscopePatanjali, 91:naturally out of the previous one. The perfected seer in his consciousness embraces the entirePatanjali, 101:"eye of Shiva" will be left and with that the seer will identify himself. In the above fourfoldPatanjali, 110:and of illusion, can be contacted at will by the seer using the instrument provided for him, but aPatanjali, 110:separateness is seen in its true nature, and the seer can say with Christ: "Neither pray I forPatanjali, 112:the indicated and the untouchable. 20. The seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure, he looksPatanjali, 152:The Knower Knowledge The field of knowledge, The Seer Sight That which is seen, The ObserverPatanjali, 160:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 20. The seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure, hePatanjali, 160:as given by Johnston which runs as follows: "The seer is pure vision. Though pure, he looks outPatanjali, 161:the medium of the mind." We have here: 1. The seer or the one who looks on and considers (from hisPatanjali, 162:3. The mind. This is the instrument which the seer employs in order to perceive presented ideas orPatanjali, 162:the physical world of every day. With these the seer has for long identified himself in the earlierPatanjali, 162:world. Through these "presented ideas," the seer achieves knowledge of the not-self. The thoughtPatanjali, 163:of the brain. Having reached this stage the seer is then able to use the mind in a reverse manner.Patanjali, 163:of God in the truest sense. Through this, the seer arrives at a knowledge of God as He is and comesPatanjali, 163:then serves a triple purpose: Through it, the seer looks out upon the realm of causes, thePatanjali, 163:of the intellect. By using it correctly, the seer can transmit to the physical brain of the lowerPatanjali, 163:then formed and comes into working activity: The seer or spiritual man, the mind, his medium ofPatanjali, 163:which is the receiving plate upon which the seer can impress his "pure knowledge" using the mind asPatanjali, 169:During the process of incarnation, the seer, the soul, is submerged in the great maya or illusion.Patanjali, 177:complete control of the mind is achieved and the seer can say "My mind is at rest." Then and onlyPatanjali, 177:takes place and floods the whole being of the seer. These are the seven stages upon the Path, thePatanjali, 276:are to be found in its environment. The trained seer has learnt to dissociate that which pertainsPatanjali, 279:being en rapport. This faculty of the trained seer is more in the nature of an act of the will andPatanjali, 280:be ultimately produced does not interest the seer. He knows from the cause what the inevitablePatanjali, 281:a man thinketh there is he." At will the trained seer can withdraw his consciousness from thePatanjali, 282:this can be adequately accomplished by the seer through a concentration of his consciousness in thePatanjali, 283:via the pineal gland and the brahmarandra, The seer then stands in his true form, the etheric body,Patanjali, 283:will necessitate a further abstraction, then the seer will likewise withdraw the vital and luminousPatanjali, 284:[284] or its being disconnected from the seer's eye will cause a disappearance. And as the qualityPatanjali, 284:with the present life of the aspirant or seer. He knows that every event in that life is the effectPatanjali, 285:it carries no consequences for himself. When the seer enters into incarnation in a life whereinPatanjali, 285:three things: Numbers, Colors, Vibrations, the seer becomes aware of the freedom of his [286] auraPatanjali, 353:perfection and we are now reaching a climax. The seer has achieved the consummation of thePatanjali, 364:The development of the intuition enables the seer to know the nature of the life atom. This isPatanjali, 405:of the object and the mind. Again the seer and the sight, i. e., the mind and the object or theProblems, 141:of that which is coming and of what an old Hindu seer has spoken of as the "raincloud of knowablePsychology1, 12:of knowable things" to which the ancient seer Patanjali refers in his fourth book; the race,Psychology1, 12:has been the privilege of the illumined and rare seer. In this way the New Age will be ushered inPsychology1, 14:form expression of any kind. The great Jewish seer sought to convey these three stages in thePsychology1, 227:mineral kingdom can be grasped by the illumined seer, he will then see the long road that thePsychology2, 246:been only dimly sensed by the mystics, the seer, the inspired poet, the intuitive scientist and thePsychology2, 609:head so that (to the vision of the clairvoyant seer) the halo makes its appearance around the headSoul, 138:frequently an hallucinated victim. The saint and seer likewise see and hear, but their powers areSoul, 146:the subjective states to which the mystic and seer testify are simply demonstrations of naturalTelepathy, 66:(invisible almost even to the eye of the seer) of the infinitesimal atom. For the sake of clarity,Telepathy, 144:word "wilful." It is not easy for the average seer or clairvoyant to distinguish the etheric bodyTelepathy, 144:of the etheric body, and thus only the trained seer can differentiate between the two, particularly
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