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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEIZES

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Discipleship1, 293:of Power, and hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times. Fire, 744:Dynamic force, or the positive energy which seizes upon its polar opposite (negative substance),Glamour, 54:this new and undiscovered world of ideas and he seizes upon some idea or group [55] of ideas andGlamour, 63:perhaps, to the world. Immediately he seizes upon it and seeks to integrate it into his lifeGlamour, 63:disciple does not always realize. He therefore seizes upon the idea and attempts to integrate itHercules, 96:from east to west the lion prowls and prowling seizes all who cross his path. His shocking roar isHercules, 130:the boar flounders in the snowdrifts, Hercules seizes his opportunity. It is curiously Libran toHercules, 130:not coercively. We are told that Hercules seizes the hind legs of the boar, and compels the beastHercules, 153:the serpent in the hands of this man. He seizes it with both hands and treads on its heart, whichHercules, 227:disciple signs, he performs his sixth labor, and seizes the girdle of Hippolyte, the Queen of theIntellect, 71:is entirely concentrated in its intensity; it seizes without intermediary, with the sovereignMagic, 518:they are called in Rule XII, which the magician seizes and which he employs in constructive work.
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