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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELECTIVE

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Atom, 24:through constant change, by the practice of a selective policy or the use of the discriminativeAtom, 45:showing latent intelligence, discrimination, and selective power, but will, in the course of aeons,Atom, 57:demonstrates the quality of discrimination, of selective power, and of ability to attract or repel.Atom, 68:of discriminative mind, and the rudiments of selective capacity. Thus the tiny life within theAtom, 68:kingdom; it shows not only discriminative selective mind, but elasticity. Then in the vegetableAutobiography, 188:the Society restored. It was a fight between a selective, isolationist, superior group who regardedDiscipleship1, 161:uplift of the masses. Your work must be largely selective and in the main educational. It will alsoExternalisation, 633:carry the new teaching, and act therefore as a selective agent for the discovery of those who wouldExternalisation, 654:advanced specimens of the natural types - in a selective process - in order to bring in somethingFire, 418:the discriminative quality of manas and its selective capacity; all recognize the faculty in manFire, 500:Plane: Here this quality demonstrates as: The selective power of the atoms of the body. TheFire, 500:eventually. III. On the Mental Plane: In the selective power of man to choose the form throughFire, 502:in the buddhic. VI. On Atmic Levels: In the selective work of the adept as it relates to planetaryFire, 721:the active intelligence and the discriminative selective capacity of the atom of substance. In thisFire, 785:response of the substance itself which is the selective reaction to the egoic note. Only thatInitiation, 21:toward the development of the discriminative and selective activity. One characteristic of allMagic, 14:have discriminative knowledge, which has in it a selective quality and which posits the intelligentMagic, 356:be nameless, as follows: Nature is cruel and selective. She works by the Law of the survival of theMeditation, 72:its need and to the macrocosm. It controls the selective processes of the microcosm; it takes thePatanjali, 394:words: "In like manner, the same over-ruling selective power, which is a ray of the Higher Self,Psychology1, 90:to be the result of a long evolutionary and selective process. The wonder of the machine itself isPsychology1, 90:is regarded frequently as the result of this selective process and as constituting the sum total ofPsychology1, 158:of the myriad divisions within that kingdom; the selective and discriminating process is repeatedPsychology1, 337:This is the Ray of Active Intelligence, and of selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atomPsychology1, 338:life in forms passes through discriminative and selective activity from one experience to anotherPsychology1, 360:to nationalism, and to sectarianism, due to the selective nature of the mind and its tendency toPsychology1, 399:the Anglo-Saxon race, only, through an imposed selective tendency and racial segregation, he hasPsychology1, 406:purpose, its appearance and occupation. It is selective of quality, when influenced by the egoicPsychology2, 81:methods of the two first rays, so a process of "selective manipulation" is characteristic of thisPsychology2, 81:are moved as if consciously responding to a selective process. The vibratory activity of the soulPsychology2, 81:certain quality in the vibration. It is far more selective than in the case of the second ray. JustRays, 653:his own Ashram; he has to unfold a new phase of selective spiritual discrimination. The word
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