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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELF

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Invocation:what is called the Will of God; and finally the self-evident truth that only through humanityAstrology, 6:personality which is individual, separative and self-centered will recede increasingly into theAstrology, 7:- without depriving you of individuality and of self-identity - yet show you how you are part of aAstrology, 41:refuses to become a Christ, a Savior and remains self-centered. We have dealt with the first threeAstrology, 41:which closely concern ourselves, the human self-conscious entities. These two groups are literallyAstrology, 42:through a graded series of initiations, either self-induced or brought about on our planet withAstrology, 42:are, during the cycle of incarnation, his very self. They are the "Lords of Sacrifice" and "LordsAstrology, 43:Third, man or the lowest manifestation of the self-conscious Spirit aspect. This needs to beAstrology, 43:themselves through other lives who are also self-conscious, or fully intelligent. This, certain ofAstrology, 70:differs from that of the undeveloped man or the self-centered person. This will have to beAstrology, 97:the form, released the soul and so the lesser self was killed (Scorpio). The waters drowned theAstrology, 101:Leo to the birth of the Christ in Capricorn. The self-conscious individual in Leo becomes theAstrology, 102:individual," the coming into form of individual self-conscious man who emerges out of the mass andAstrology, 102:substituting, for instinctual consciousness, self-awareness and a sense of responsibility of anAstrology, 103:around and around the wheel, perfecting self-consciousness and developing a rounded out personalityAstrology, 104:with life in form and with the life of self-consciousness, self-preservation and self-enrichment.Astrology, 104:in form and with the life of self-consciousness, self-preservation and self-enrichment. Then comesAstrology, 104:of self-consciousness, self-preservation and self-enrichment. Then comes an interlude wherein theAstrology, 119:consciousness and he becomes aware of the higher self through the first faint flickering of theAstrology, 122:period or the "vital interlude" of the intense self-consciousness of the man upon the Fixed Cross.Astrology, 124:selflessness. Acquisitiveness into renunciation. Self-preservation into selfless world service.Astrology, 124:Self-preservation into selfless world service. Self pity into compassion, sympathy and divineAstrology, 124:mental sensitivity. Devotion to the needs of the self into developed devotion and response to theAstrology, 124:mediums who are becoming more positive and more self-controlled and who are beginning to get aAstrology, 135:are: The service of the personality, the lower self, which eventually transmutes itself into theAstrology, 135:to be active on behalf of the Hierarchy. Self-conscious living which changes finally into aAstrology, 135:Mutable Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo and becomes aAstrology, 135:This matures in Leo and becomes a deep seated self-consciousness and a profound interest in selfAstrology, 135:self-consciousness and a profound interest in self and its need and wishes. As the interplay goesAstrology, 135:until - upon the reversed wheel - the intensive self-consciousness of Leo expands into the groupAstrology, 136:no longer just a human being, individually [136] self-centered and separative, but becomes humanityAstrology, 136:whole yet retaining his spiritual Identity. From self-service, he proceeds to world service and yetAstrology, 138:undeterred and held back by no thought of self or selfish desire. He comes then under the influenceAstrology, 142:can experience the depths of depression and of self-depreciation or he can know and pass throughAstrology, 142:and relation to himself, and is all the time the self-centered individual, consecrating allAstrology, 142:pouring from him into the world of men. The self-conscious individual in Leo becomes the consciousAstrology, 143:takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self. The attention of the man becomes focused uponAstrology, 143:He treads the Path of Discipleship. In Leo - The self-centered man becomes eventually the soul inAstrology, 145:that he becomes aware of the futility of self-interest. In Aquarius, the man awakens to the beautyAstrology, 145:Gemini Mass consciousness - In Cancer Individual self-consciousness - In Leo EquilibratedAstrology, 151:- Consecration to the service of the lower self. Selfishness. Experience upon the Fixed Cross. WhenAstrology, 151:will to cooperate with the Plan. The death of Self-will. Culmination of experience upon theAstrology, 155:of selflessness and illumination over self-consciousness and selfishness. In the true rendition ofAstrology, 161:of turmoil, prior to a great step forward in self-conscious unfoldment, and in the expression ofAstrology, 161:which is the first flower and fruit of self-conscious awareness. This fact is responsible forAstrology, 161:Cardinal Cross in the involutionary stage; the self-consciousness of man as indicated by Leo, theAstrology, 162:evoking their free will, their trend towards self-determination and their established decision atAstrology, 174:The Water-Carrier The Man The Archer The Server Self-consciousness Focused consciousness GroupAstrology, 176:for selflessness, from individual one-pointed self-interest in Leo to the one-pointedness of theAstrology, 179:which resulted in the emergence of individual self-conscious man. Gradually, as the aeons haveAstrology, 196:will, which - in speaking of humanity - we call self-will. Aries, in which the will to create or toAstrology, 205:my will but Thine be done." The tests carry the self-will of the personality up into the region ofAstrology, 205:learn the lessons of appetite, of desire and of self-will for they are many and useful. The threeAstrology, 207:be done. Eventually, the light of the personal self fades out and wanes in the blaze of glory whichAstrology, 207:of Scorpio. These tests and trials are ever self-initiated; the disciple puts himself into theAstrology, 220:the need to go out towards that which is not the Self) is turned in the reverse direction and theAstrology, 223:is ever Aquarius-Leo. This indicates that the self-centered individual in Leo learns the lesson ofAstrology, 225:appear to live and move and have our being. The self-indulgence which was initiated in Taurus givesAstrology, 227:is usually of such a nature that the instinct to self-preservation has been aroused to such anAstrology, 228:- Soul life focused in form. Individualization. Self-consciousness. Undeveloped and average man.Astrology, 233:those who climb freely where they choose and are self-directed in conduct and attitude. ThisAstrology, 233:are self-directed in conduct and attitude. This self-direction may lead them in either directionAstrology, 234:instinct gives place to the premeditated and self-conscious attitudes of the aspirant and theAstrology, 237:inculcation of right relations and the spread of self-control and the growth of unselfishness (andAstrology, 241:at first, causing the recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism whichAstrology, 241:causing the recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism which underlies allAstrology, 253:in Leo and see there the unfoldment of that self-conscious entity and personality which in VirgoAstrology, 254:in Leo, the sign of the individual, developed self-consciousness and personality unfoldment. VirgoAstrology, 255:able to distinguish clearly between the cosmic Self and Not-self; we are only as yet learning toAstrology, 255:clearly between the cosmic Self and Not-self; we are only as yet learning to distinguish the SelfAstrology, 255:we are only as yet learning to distinguish the Self and the Not-self on a tiny scale in connectionAstrology, 255:yet learning to distinguish the Self and the Not-self on a tiny scale in connection with our ownAstrology, 261:movement releases the individual to a life of self-conscious progress and a changed mode ofAstrology, 261:in the spiritual sense; he is selfish and self-centered. His efforts are for himself and for hisAstrology, 263:of the will of God, begin their control of the self-conscious man (unfolded in Leo) and theAstrology, 265:and preparation for the Christ experience. It is self-consciousness and the lower synthesis. LibraAstrology, 265:Crisis of Balance. The emergence of the sense of self-direction and equilibrium. It is the point ofAstrology, 275:precedes Leo, the sign of individuality and of self-conscious effort, and is concerned with theAstrology, 279:which is the personality, the form, the self-conscious man. Bringing into manifestation thereby theAstrology, 285:these results have necessarily to be intensely self-aware. This is the major characteristic of theAstrology, 286:it is the processes of initiation which make the self-conscious person the group consciousAstrology, 286:marks - in this manner - a new cycle. When self-consciousness is born (as at the moment ofAstrology, 287:three important crisis points in man's career: Self-consciousness or human awareness. Unity - Leo.Astrology, 287:fire sign at this time. The Sons of Mind, the self-conscious Sons of God, are above everything elseAstrology, 288:begins to reorient him towards universality, self-consciousness and one-pointed attitudes. As we goAstrology, 288:aspirant. He has to know himself through true self-awareness before he can know that divine spiritAstrology, 288:he can know that divine spirit which is his true Self and know also his fellowmen. Astrology, 288:sound out the note of individuality and of true self-consciousness. Many people are convinced thatAstrology, 288:Many people are convinced that they are self-conscious when they are only swayed by desire and areAstrology, 288:center of their universe. Yet the only truly self-conscious person is the man who is aware ofAstrology, 288:person is the man who is aware of purpose, of a self-directed life and of a developed and definiteAstrology, 289:and actuated by desire is no indication of true self-consciousness. In the undeveloped man, it isAstrology, 289:man, it is far more instinctual than is self-awareness. In the truly developed self-conscious manAstrology, 289:than is self-awareness. In the truly developed self-conscious man not only is direction, purposeAstrology, 289:which constitutes the driving urge towards self-knowledge, self-perception and intellectualAstrology, 289:the driving urge towards self-knowledge, self-perception and intellectual positivity, and also theAstrology, 289:a person born in this sign eventually to achieve self-mastery and the control of the personalityAstrology, 290:subtle expression of consciousness. Leo - The self-conscious man. Personality. Lower unity. Virgo -Astrology, 292:we are now studying is one in which the theme of self-consciousness lies open to the investigator.Astrology, 292:in Leo. Out of the mass or the herd emerges the self-sufficient unit which becomes increasingly
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