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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELF

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Discipleship1, 654:picture and off your own stage, and be simply a self-forgetting channel of love and light. This,Discipleship1, 655:solve and to handle. It is simply the problem of self-forgetfulness. When you have forced yourselfDiscipleship1, 655:is that of the "one at the center," the dramatic self, expressing consistently the lower nature?Discipleship1, 655:of God. And, in this potent body of the lower self, naught can exist which blocks the outgoing loveDiscipleship1, 658:away from yourself and your dramatic sense of self-pity. You have great wisdom and can use it, onceDiscipleship1, 658:comfort yourself with the idea is only a form of self-illusion and a way of escape from theDiscipleship1, 658:almost a chance that your sense of drama and of self-pity will cause you to lose the significanceDiscipleship1, 659:personality control and reactions, release from self-pity, release from physical and emotionalDiscipleship1, 660:to fuller and more [660] joyful service, to a self-forgetfulness which eventuates in the power toDiscipleship1, 660:had quoted to you the lines "Rule out the good self as well as the bad self and let only Christ beDiscipleship1, 660:lines "Rule out the good self as well as the bad self and let only Christ be seen and heard"? YouDiscipleship1, 661:recuperation. [661] But be as far as possible a self-forgetting person, bringing joy andDiscipleship1, 661:this is of frequent occurrence) and the furious self-assertion whereby you endeavor to justify suchDiscipleship1, 661:to justify such violence, and your dramatic self-pity. Unless you can learn to decentralizeDiscipleship1, 661:decentralize yourself, and cease this constant self-thought and self-commiseration under allDiscipleship1, 661:and cease this constant self-thought and self-commiseration under all circumstances, and stopDiscipleship1, 661:position. But you are too full of fear and of self-interest and so fail to [662] make the neededDiscipleship1, 664:am not this; I am not that; eternally, I am the Self. These lessons you are learning (and learningDiscipleship1, 665:aspirants, must be rendered with no thought of self but in an effort to meet the need of thoseDiscipleship1, 665:through the mind; ever the personal lower self has resisted that illumination and control. Is thisDiscipleship1, 666:soul. At the very center of this life see the Self, the inner Christ or Buddha. Then focus yourDiscipleship1, 676:"The lives that enter into form along with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build theDiscipleship1, 679:time. Backward and forward shifts my little self, e'en as a bird soars into heaven and settles backDiscipleship1, 681:that constant radiation which is based on self-forgetfulness - that is what is asked of theDiscipleship1, 681:more of the human race may more easily enter. Self-interest will not open it. The development of aDiscipleship1, 681:see to it that they do not hinder by any form of self-assertion, [682] or by the imposition ofDiscipleship1, 683:in looking for people who are good - so-called. Self-forgetfulness and straight kindness means everDiscipleship1, 684:they concern the handling of the personal self and are the task of the individual soul and areDiscipleship1, 689:it is the path of spontaneous unconscious self-forgetfulness. The vision, once seen, becomes soDiscipleship1, 689:the soul and its instrument, the personal lower self. Their major interest is how to fulfil theDiscipleship1, 691:to become more effective in the chosen (self-chosen) line of service. I would have you, therefore,Discipleship1, 703:instinct is motivated largely by the instinct of self-preservation; the higher by the recognitionDiscipleship1, 704:consciousness" - a consciousness devoid of self-interest and always preoccupied with the essentialsDiscipleship1, 712:imposed until the man has fitted himself through self-discipline to respond to it and is,Discipleship1, 720:relationship," beginning with the disciple's own self, his family and immediate group. This is theDiscipleship1, 736:own habits of thought. This is all a form of self-centeredness. The true way to love is to reflectDiscipleship1, 736:The disciple is, therefore, thrown back on a self-centered position in which he feels: "Now I amDiscipleship1, 736:is frequently incidental to the fact of the self-centeredness of all those whom they contact andDiscipleship1, 737:hidden behind the wall of the personal self and little true outgoing love is present. Until theyDiscipleship1, 737:to outer events in the life of the little self and a sense of proportion which enables the discipleDiscipleship1, 738:become discouraged - from a natural morbidness, self-centeredness, lethargy and sometimes [739]Discipleship1, 741:and they function often behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. They forget that the aboriginalDiscipleship1, 744:with his feeling [744] nature and the excessive self-interest, evidenced by so many, no longerDiscipleship1, 744:Morya has called the "smug recollection of the self-engrossed mind." It is a form of veiled prideDiscipleship1, 745:does not evoke the lower life of the personal self. These are the requirements which the discipleDiscipleship1, 746:and almost unconsciously achieved result of that self effacement and self-forgetfulness whichDiscipleship1, 746:achieved result of that self effacement and self-forgetfulness which distinguishes the acceptedDiscipleship1, 769:a constant group-awareness? Or is it a constant self-awareness which comes consistently between youDiscipleship1, 769:and the glory of the goal - and not a sense of self-depreciation over which you gloat and regard asDiscipleship1, 770:is frequently spoiled by their ignorance, their self-centeredness and their misrepresentation ofDiscipleship1, 771:you, particularly those who take quick refuge in self-defense, need to learn this silent loyaltyDiscipleship1, 771:to integrate the group, as one. It is easy in self-defense to sacrifice one's brothers and one'sDiscipleship1, 772:the Path of Conscious Discipleship. The higher Self and the personality meet face to face for theDiscipleship1, 772:of that decision for which the soul (the Self) upon its own plane is waiting. This is what is alsoDiscipleship1, 773:swung out beyond space and time; he has lost all self-interest and is a focused point of thought inDiscipleship1, 778:given endorsed an engrossing interest in self-development and an intense focusing upon personalDiscipleship2, XIII:training are false teachers, often sincere but self-deluded. This also has been stated both by theDiscipleship2, 5:new vehicle from disaster based on inexperienced self-confidence. I have seriously considered whatDiscipleship2, 20:as individuals - ask nothing for the separated self but only seek to give to each other and to theDiscipleship2, 24:they are inadequately handling the problem of self-effacement and complete dedication to theirDiscipleship2, 43:this produces an intensification oft-times of self-interest and of concentration upon one's self,Discipleship2, 43:of self-interest and of concentration upon one's self, always with the best of intentions andDiscipleship2, 45:aloof or disagreeable nature, or to any form of self-interest which is so emphasized that itDiscipleship2, 45:to cure if he employs the right measure of self-discipline. With these he must deal himself, forDiscipleship2, 46:a sense of loneliness is only another form of self-consciousness, of undue self-interest, and (asDiscipleship2, 46:another form of self-consciousness, of undue self-interest, and (as you make progress upon theDiscipleship2, 53:man to the God within, to his own higher self, the soul, the first Master. In the future, theDiscipleship2, 63:take. Will they break under the impact of self-discovery and the opportunity to eliminateDiscipleship2, 67:in the three worlds, a phase of depression, of self-accusation and frequently of doubt may have toDiscipleship2, 82:their personalities) to a drastically applied self-discipline, to a purifying process, and toDiscipleship2, 89:developed in all of you a firmer dedication, a self-sacrificing service and a deepened humility, isDiscipleship2, 95:effective, and this must necessarily connote self-sacrifice in both directions. Do you want or deemDiscipleship2, 106:men, simply is a mode of emphasizing the lower self and deflects the attitude to the materialDiscipleship2, 109:than they can help; at the same time, through self-discovery, they learn much thereby. They believeDiscipleship2, 109:of disciples and senior aspirants who possess self-ascertained knowledge and who are capable ofDiscipleship2, 123:fixed design. My will is now to lift the lower self into the light divine. This light I am.Discipleship2, 123:am. Therefore, I must descend to where the lower self awaits my coming. That which desires to liftDiscipleship2, 137:in this case, the sublimation of the personal self-will; you will also take your position as aDiscipleship2, 167:what is called the Will of God, and finally the self-evident truth that only through HumanityDiscipleship2, 188:when divorced from all relation to the separated self - is a potent means of establishing andDiscipleship2, 189:is based upon an unconscious and unrealized self-pity. To offset this unrecognized habit ofDiscipleship2, 202:will be an expression of your true spiritual self, meditation is, as you well know, your bestDiscipleship2, 208:as intermediaries between the three groups of Self-conscious Lives upon our planet, and alsoDiscipleship2, 215:life; he finds that he himself is both a lower self and a higher Self. 3. Mental reflection orDiscipleship2, 215:he himself is both a lower self and a higher Self. 3. Mental reflection or concentrated thinking.Discipleship2, 244:for the first time - the denial of the lower self and the fervid acceptance by the personality ofDiscipleship2, 247:to which I may not refer but which must be self-ascertained. It is essential that the would-beDiscipleship2, 298:than the sense of personality or of the lower self. Let your imagination run wild for a moment,Discipleship2, 298:with determination, with fixed intention, with self-will and one-pointed attention. He does notDiscipleship2, 334:angle. He gauges the soul's grip upon the lower self, primarily from the angle of the stability ofDiscipleship2, 337:of the money-maker, and do both with a sense of self-righteous congratulation. The old saying thatDiscipleship2, 340:vision is a very different thing to the self-centered and dualistic vision of the mystic. ThatDiscipleship2, 349:true nature of the will is comprehended and the self-will of the personality (of a very high order,Discipleship2, 352:accepted certain disciplines and made certain self-determined progressive advancement inDiscipleship2, 353:through fear and penalty to relinquish his own self-directed life - is a growing menace to mankind.Discipleship2, 356:at this attitude and also at a spirit of true self-forgetfulness, you will assuredly learn much. IDiscipleship2, 366:vital and active program, formulated by you and self-initiated by you, and therefore, in theseDiscipleship2, 366:of the life of the Lord of the World, whose self-initiated program, implemented by evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 366:affiliated. This you will have to do through self-devised formulas, thus producing a life-patternDiscipleship2, 381:towards decentralization, so that the personal self is handled with a just sense of proportion
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