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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELF

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Discipleship2, 406:now be trusted to ask nothing for the separated self; his personality is tempered and adjusted toDiscipleship2, 417:yet no initiation is attained without an earlier self-engendered and not conferred revelation. LetDiscipleship2, 429:and who are free from spiritual ambition and self-seeking. They never look for them among those whoDiscipleship2, 468:be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self identification, for a cosmic principle - thatDiscipleship2, 482:as a result of the disciple's own effort and his self-initiated awakening; once awakened, neverDiscipleship2, 485:remainder of your life. This training must be self-initiated and it must ever be undertaken inDiscipleship2, 489:point of consciousness which is your persistent Self, plus a live expectancy. I have chosen theseDiscipleship2, 496:pervaded this world of the little manifested self with one fraction of my greater Self, I remain,Discipleship2, 496:manifested self with one fraction of my greater Self, I remain, greater, wider, inclusive andDiscipleship2, 496:the following statement: "I, the manifesting Self, through the magical power of my nature, redeem,Discipleship2, 507:or differently, or in the unrewarding task of self-depreciation. I would tell you quite simply thatDiscipleship2, 514:of the personality to the soul. - This is self-control. The attitude of integrated man to humanity.Discipleship2, 517:a life and karmic expression of a fanatical self-will. To this difficult situation of balancingDiscipleship2, 520:expresses loving intelligent Will, free from all self-will or mental bias. Shamballa is the majorDiscipleship2, 520:of the will: the relation of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, of that willDiscipleship2, 522:pay less attention to the glamorous of the lower self. This would simplify your life, and I toldDiscipleship2, 525:This glamor comes between you and me. The self-awareness comes also between you and the Ashram, asDiscipleship2, 525:of them all. The astral nature is deeply self-centered, and this the inflow of soul energy in theDiscipleship2, 526:than usual care. I know the inner turmoil, the self-recriminations and the self-rationalizing, theDiscipleship2, 526:inner turmoil, the self-recriminations and the self-rationalizing, the deep subjective discontent,Discipleship2, 529:do this you will - at the close of the period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle ofDiscipleship2, 534:the rational decisions of a somewhat aloof and self-focused personality. Your last decision andDiscipleship2, 535:love - asking nothing for the separated self. I have no fears for you, my brother. I would recallDiscipleship2, 541:I have to say to you. You are now accurately self-directing (like you not that phrase?) and yourDiscipleship2, 547:drawing nearer. The light that is my little self must disappear within the greater Light. So withDiscipleship2, 547:merge. I can no longer see the two - the greater Self, the little self, the pilgrim and the way,Discipleship2, 547:see the two - the greater Self, the little self, the pilgrim and the way, for only one is seen -Discipleship2, 549:intrusion into his organized field of determined self-government. Let me illustrate in a mannerDiscipleship2, 551:that the elimination of possessiveness and of self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritualDiscipleship2, 551:have wasted time and strength in inner worry, in self-condemnation or in refutation. Today you knowDiscipleship2, 561:thus the Lighted Way (which is my Lighted Self), enter the light and so return the light to thoseDiscipleship2, 566:Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose. Self-will - Goodwill - Will-to-Good. [567] YouDiscipleship2, 570:you will waste no time in any futile reaction or self-defense and for the good of your groupDiscipleship2, 571:are regarded by us as a basically selfish and self-centered group - those who belong to theDiscipleship2, 572:think, or are you still guided by the massed self-interest of that group of men and women whoseDiscipleship2, 586:fears for you, my brother. You are a sound and self-directing disciple. My care and attention, whenDiscipleship2, 599:She replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline and consecration." She was right. IDiscipleship2, 603:achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vital that you andDiscipleship2, 603:group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment.Discipleship2, 615:yourself, therefore, for a richer giving. Drop self-pity and the sense of magnanimous superiorityDiscipleship2, 618:equipped and need not to handicap yourself with self-depreciation as A.A.B. has done for years. ItDiscipleship2, 620:from your personality which is in the nature of self-defense, plus an effort to force cooperation,Discipleship2, 621:It is that which you know for yourself, which is self-ascertained and which is found out throughDiscipleship2, 633:Remember ever that approach and service must be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only helpDiscipleship2, 633:approach and service must be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only help which the discipleDiscipleship2, 642:enduring) to lay upon you any further burden of self-discipline or more of the life ofDiscipleship2, 647:sense of proportion which will reveal the little self as an integral part of the great Self orDiscipleship2, 647:the little self as an integral part of the great Self or Whole. By this statement I refer not onlyDiscipleship2, 647:which flows between my soul and me, the little self. Naught can come between my brothers and myDiscipleship2, 647:self. Naught can come between my brothers and my self. Naught can stop the flow of strength betweenDiscipleship2, 651:during this life and [651] have no cause for self-depreciation or regrets. I tell you this for yourDiscipleship2, 655:of complete dependability (because the lower self has been obliterated and no longer obstructs theDiscipleship2, 659:mind from yourself and identification with the self in all should be your steady and practicalDiscipleship2, 677:they would not accept it; rebellion set in; self-justification through rationalization took placeDiscipleship2, 680:ambition, personal criticisms, hard feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life, my brother.Discipleship2, 684:- what would that feed and develop in you? Just self-satisfaction and a settling back upon the factDiscipleship2, 688:attitudes and mental processes. These self-initiated decisions can and do lead to [689] basic innerDiscipleship2, 700:about in your life. Once you get away from self-pity and irritation, there is little that is wrongDiscipleship2, 705:of the vision) and the need for constant [705] self-development and the cultivation of the spiritDiscipleship2, 711:and correct motivation, and that you work with self-effacement; love ever produces the retirementDiscipleship2, 717:brain against myself - the little personal self. 11th month - The chain of Hierarchy reaches fromDiscipleship2, 728:problem. A simple, humble life of service and of self-forgetfulness will do more to free you thanDiscipleship2, 729:the profound depression and for the process of self-accusation in which you so constantly live.Discipleship2, 732:remain with your eyes concentrated on the lower self that failed? All have failed and will againDiscipleship2, 736:by the personality and determined by the lower self. Later, after a life or lives of balancing, theDiscipleship2, 738:But relinquish not the first. Develop joy in self-forgetfulness and serve your brothers in myDiscipleship2, 752:through ancient ties, karmic liabilities or self-chosen responsibility. I will tell you hereEducation, vi:from the cultural fission which made the "self-negation" of the peaceful civilization of the OrientEducation, viii:Subjective Planning; a theory of the creative self-development of the individual. (b) ObjectiveEducation, x:As an example of this development there is the "self-survey" project financed by the FordEducation, x:body of wisdom for human evolution and personal self-development. [xi] "Since unifiedEducation, xi:matrix of nature so that man could become the self-conscious and creative individual he now is?Education, xi:the best kind of society for man's progressive self-evolution? "In seeking answers to theseEducation, 8:found. Orient itself to the subjective spiritual self, that, from a condition of potentiality, theEducation, 8:that, from a condition of potentiality, the self may emerge into active government. In thisEducation, 11:The child begins to appropriate, becomes self-conscious and grasps for the personal self. [12]Education, 11:self-conscious and grasps for the personal self. [12] Response to the instinct governing the animalEducation, 15:concerned with the individual's conscious self-relation to ideas, and his use of words in writingEducation, 18:for His good purposes and in conformity with His self-realized plan and intent. Thus He submittedEducation, 19:to respond to the life of the soul. The higher Self or Soul is the sumtotal of the consciousness ofEducation, 19:of the Monad, again in time and space. The lower self or soul is, for our purposes, as much of thatEducation, 19:it group consciousness. Its first development is self-consciousness, which is the realization byEducation, 19:constitute his own little phenomenal appearance; self-consciousness [20] is, therefore, a stage onEducation, 20:of the Immediate. Through education, this self-consciousness must be unfolded until the manEducation, 20:to wisdom, which is love in manifested activity. Self-interest becomes group interest. Such shouldEducation, 20:of all true educational endeavor. Love of self (self-consciousness), love of those around usEducation, 20:of all true educational endeavor. Love of self (self-consciousness), love of those around usEducation, 26:gap between the different aspects of the lower self, so that an integrated personality emerges; andEducation, 26:no loss of identity but with no recognition of self-identification. Here an interesting pointEducation, 34:the physical plane through charitable deeds and self-sacrifice, and on emotional levels by hisEducation, 35:concrete mind. The Son of Mind, the Soul, the Self. The higher, abstract or intuitional mind. or:Education, 37:ideas which will enable him to become a self-directed, intelligent human being. Psychology, withEducation, 44:world betterment, group elevation and natural self-determination with a view - unconscious for theEducation, 66:larger Whole, thus losing sight of the little self and discovering the larger Self. The trueEducation, 66:of the little self and discovering the larger Self. The true esoteric viewpoint is always that ofEducation, 77:- a necessary urge in the development of self-consciousness, but one which needs understanding andEducation, 90:animal, prompted only by the instincts of self-preservation, eating, and mating, through the stagesEducation, 102:person whose major objective has been self-betterment in a material sense. This has been strikinglyEducation, 105:or, again speaking individually, in a rabidly self-centered attitude to life. From these distortedEducation, 106:society has been interested, either for selfish, self-protective reasons or because of innate
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