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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELF

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Fire, 487:of life into the animal forms. Only when the Self within, or the Ego in the causal body, is inFire, 488:or mineral) and produces results through the self-induced activities of the central life, subhuman,Fire, 489:work as individualized conscious units through self-initiating purposes as does a man, a HeavenlyFire, 491:form and produces results that are intelligent, self-induced and permanent. Wherever attention isFire, 509:etheric. As each unit of consciousness, through self-induced effort, achieves the goal and crossesFire, 511:Love (shown in the interrelation between the Self and the Not-Self, or through duality) isFire, 511:the interrelation between the Self and the Not-Self, or through duality) is expressing itself.Fire, 513:nature of the Logos going out after the Not-Self, producing the cosmic Marriage; it is the logoicFire, 525:In due course of time, it will be found that the self-induced efforts whereby a man consciouslyFire, 525:from those who care not. This cleavage will be self-induced, and a natural outgrowth of the groupFire, 530:- S. D., I, 680. Spirit has to acquire full self-consciousness. - S. D., I, 215. Form imprisonsFire, 535:of evolution progresses, unconsciously and not self-consciously, We have dealt with these entitiesFire, 539:and the gradual growth of love from love of self to love of others. [540] The Petal of SacrificeFire, 540:the love of the subjective nature or of the Self within. This has a dual effect and works throughFire, 544:The life of the first Logos, working through the SELF (who dwells in a form built by the life orFire, 544:the glad cooperation of the fully conscious self. More on this is not now possible, but enough hasFire, 549:the knowledge and ability of their higher self for use on the physical plane; how best they canFire, 549:of that group; how best their threefold lower self - physical, astral, and mental - can be broughtFire, 553:is recognized as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. This brings the solar systemFire, 562:groups come under karmic law. They only are self-conscious, and therefore responsible. WhereFire, 562:self-conscious, and therefore responsible. Where self-consciousness is not, there is noFire, 566:mission; they are sent forth by those who are self-conscious and are a blend of mind, spirit andFire, 566:of mind, spirit and objective form. Only the self-conscious can create, and only they are capableFire, 583:in all selves. This law holds the evolving lower self in a coherent form. It controls the Ego inFire, 586:of Will or Power is the first aspect of the All-self, and in the third outpouring, 83 came [587]Fire, 593:gradually develops through the stages of love of self, pure and simple and entirely selfish, toFire, 594:divinity, forming the persona that hides the one Self; love demonstrates through the abstract raysFire, 612:emphasize. These deva activities in relation to Self-Consciousness (which is the distinctiveFire, 617:relatively permanent body of the ego, or Higher Self. 96 Devas ...he would have (1) divided theFire, 617:in that term. They are the source of his self-consciousness, and it is their action upon theFire, 617:aspect which, on cosmic levels, produces that Self-conscious Unity, a solar Logos, functioningFire, 619:Heavenly Man, viewing Him as a solar Deity, a self-conscious Entity, works with His negative aspectFire, 619:and cells of His Body, fostering the germ of self-consciousness, fanning the flame until each unitFire, 622:the old are for a man a return along the path of self-conscious evolution, and lead eventually to aFire, 624:man the first great stage of the battle for full Self-consciousness, and for identification withFire, 630:All these spiritual Essences are individualized self-conscious Identities, and the "Fiery Lives"Fire, 633:have to win immortality. - S. D., III, 518, 519. Self-consciousness is their goal. - S. D., I, 205;Fire, 637:with consciousness, and are composed of self-conscious units - the human Monads. The remainder ofFire, 637:aspect of Brahma, or Agni, considering Him as a self-conscious Identity, the third Person of theFire, 642:is primarily concerned with the development of self-consciousness in man, and with the intelligentFire, 643:consciousness (from the subconscious through the self-conscious to the superconscious) there is aFire, 644:paramount importance, for all progress must be self-induced, self-initiated, and be the result ofFire, 644:for all progress must be self-induced, self-initiated, and be the result of an inner activity. AsFire, 644:kingdom into the spiritual. His efforts must be self-induced, or the effect of his ownFire, 644:must be self-induced, or the effect of his own self-conscious endeavor; they will meet with aFire, 647:the four became active, and His self-conscious activity was brought right down on to the physicalFire, 649:of [649] the logoic Quaternary, or of His Lower Self. Herein is found the mystery of present evil,Fire, 651:sense) the physical permanent atoms of all self-conscious beings. The fourth spirilla wasFire, 652:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dimFire, 653:The second to that of the Ego, or Higher Self. The last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self. ManFire, 653:Self. The last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self. Man contains in himself every element found inFire, 656:the systemic physical [656] plane; they are not self-conscious intelligence, but consciousness asFire, 661:point of attainment is seen in the type of not-self which he contacts; it is only when he is anFire, 662:limit our consideration to the relationship of self-conscious units such as Man and the planetaryFire, 663:Divine Hermaphrodite, or the Heavenly Man - the self-conscious human units embodying the threeFire, 667:Limitation is the law for them. Man aims at self-control. Devas must develop by being controlled.Fire, 667:evolutions, but in the one it demonstrates as self-consciousness, and in the other as constructiveFire, 681:lower mental. The work of the Agnishvattas (the self-conscious principles, the Builders orFire, 682:in their relation to man, The Egos or the self-conscious units who form the middle point inFire, 683:centers in the body of a planetary Logos and the self-conscious Identity of that planetary LogosFire, 684:are nevertheless known on the fifth plane as the self-conscious principles; buddhi uses manas as aFire, 684:speak in terms of the vehicle. The Ego, or the self-conscious Identity is in essence and in truthFire, 684:individualization, or which call forth into self-conscious Being the Monads seeking fullFire, 684:self-conscious Being the Monads seeking full self-expression. It is as follows: Only as the heartFire, 686:through their endeavor, and stimulate them into self-conscious life and separated existence. ThusFire, 686:the Son of God is not yet fully and cosmically self-conscious. As response comes the centersFire, 686:then blazing forth. Certain Existences attained self-consciousness in that earlier system, and areFire, 687:ensouls the third and produces the fourth, or self-conscious human kingdom. These figures [688]Fire, 688:made; this goal involves the development of full self-consciousness, which is brought about throughFire, 688:of the egoic body; they are those through whom self-consciousness becomes a fact. In the next solarFire, 690:Human individualization, or the emergence of the self-conscious units on the mental plane, isFire, 693:fifth principle stirred the third aspect into self-conscious activity. 30 Prajapatis. TheFire, 695:matter are brought together and the work of full self-consciousness begun. 31 Hylozoism: From GreekFire, 696:of the fifth principle, the attainment of self-consciousness, and the development of the fifthFire, 696:upon them, and the attainment - not only of full self-consciousness, but also of the consciousnessFire, 697:life, life as part of the consciousness and self-realization of a planetary Logos, or Lord of aFire, 698:the union of the spiritual Triad, or divine Self, and the Quaternary, or lower self. Where theFire, 698:or divine Self, and the Quaternary, or lower self. Where the Logos is concerned, whether solar orFire, 698:groups, all of which are concerned with the self-consciousness aspect, all of which are energizedFire, 700:are the most important for the evolution of the self-conscious units in this system, and thisFire, 701:forth which produced desire in the Triad for self-expression, and when the sound of the lowerFire, 702:and matter, and from this union was born a self-conscious Identity, the Ego. On cosmic levels, anFire, 703:the "I principle" and are the producers of self-consciousness, and the builders of man's body ofFire, 708:At the coming in of the Manasadevas to produce self-consciousness and to bring about theFire, 708:on animal man and his appearance as a self-conscious identity on the physical plane, a workingFire, 709:thence again work through the lower personal self. Third. At a certain stage of vibratory activity,Fire, 710:three worlds, or his active intelligent personal self can be developed and controlled through theFire, 710:progress, and all the ability to function as a self-conscious unit, that entity we call Man. 37Fire, 711:principle, and that which we call "self-consciousness," and thus enable the divine Spirit to enterFire, 713:union of the divine Ego and the lower personal self. This has been dealt with. Secondly, they workFire, 717:units on the physical plane with the faculty of self-consciousness, thus producing Man. It is theirFire, 717:for these cosmic Entities. In the producing of self-consciousness in the human family, the fullFire, 718:circled through these seven kingdoms, then full self-consciousness is achieved from a certainFire, 718:but they are stages in which the separated self-consciousness of the Identities concerned (whetherFire, 719:individualistic nuclei for the development of self-consciousness. The Egos awaiting opportunityFire, 720:seen In the Moon chain, the gradual evolution of self-consciousness under natural law. In the EarthFire, 720:natural law. In the Earth chain that of achieved self-consciousness through the aid of extraneousFire, 720:the Law of Economy. It concerns primarily the Self-consciousness of the Logos [721] in His denseFire, 722:Their dense physical [722] vehicles, and Their self-conscious existence through the medium of theFire, 722:from a pure spiritual source, and that a self-conscious entity only earns the right to this
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