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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELF

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Psychology1, 54:body, and sometimes knowing himself to be the Self - a rare and unusual occurrence for thePsychology1, 55:other, the higher aspect, is the principle of self-awareness, and when combined with the lowerPsychology1, 55:when combined with the lower aspect produces the self-consciousness of the human being. When thePsychology1, 56:emerges. When the human stage is reached and self-awareness is blended with the sentiency of formsPsychology1, 57:purpose, but the realization of individual self-awareness persists and enriches the individualPsychology1, 58:by the brain, and by the entity we call the self (who registers emotion and thought). In the samePsychology1, 58:is part of the outer garment of God. Man's self-conscious soul is en rapport with the soul of allPsychology1, 60:are "impelled toward fulfilment." They are fully self-conscious and group-conscious; They are thePsychology1, 76:or lower mind, the highest aspect of the lower self. The ego or solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind,Psychology1, 81:a heaven. Why mount the cross and die? Quality - self-immolation. Why battle thus with all that isPsychology1, 89:aspiration, and of the sacrifice of the personal self for the good of all, with the object in viewPsychology1, 92:in nature; of a temporary and impermanent self; or of an immortal entity who is the dweller in thePsychology1, 100:be undertaken, and not simply the study of the self-conscious or of the subconscious. Through thisPsychology1, 101:for a gradual recognition of the fact of the self. The problem of the psychologists is toPsychology1, 101:the relationship or the identity of that self with the soul. It is, however, from the field ofPsychology1, 111:is that of willing service, with no thought of self. The growth in spiritual realization and thePsychology1, 115:and true, impersonal and mentally poised, self-forgetful and loving, are found to work together inPsychology1, 116:so to you, it means that you are as yet somewhat self-centered and in love with your own individualPsychology1, 116:the subjective side) work, with no thought of self or of spiritual happiness, and with no desirePsychology1, 116:spiritual happiness, and with no desire for any self-appointed task; with no longing for glitteringPsychology1, 117:impels you. When you have learnt the lesson of self-forgetfulness, when you seek nothing for thePsychology1, 117:when you seek nothing for the separated self, when you stand firmly on your own feet and look forPsychology1, 117:feed the emotional nature and satisfy the desire-self. Psychology1, 117:group of workers, who later, as a result of his self-initiated effort, teach him to be aPsychology1, 130:felt as light or luminous radiation. It is the "self-shining from within" which is characteristicPsychology1, 135:recognized as an incentive and is more or less self-directed in the human family; it is blindlyPsychology1, 136:contacts emanating from within himself, from the Self so called, and also from the worlds ofPsychology1, 136:all of them conscious, some of them self-conscious, and others group-conscious, but all grounded inPsychology1, 142:mode or method of development for humanity is self-expression and self-realization. When thisPsychology1, 142:development for humanity is self-expression and self-realization. When this process is consummatedPsychology1, 142:When this process is consummated the self expressed is the One Self or the ray Life, and thePsychology1, 142:is consummated the self expressed is the One Self or the ray Life, and the realization achieved isPsychology1, 166:and other fanatical enthusiasts who practiced self-torture and mutilation was influenced by thePsychology1, 206:of intellect and perception. [206] Vices of Ray: Self-centeredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack ofPsychology1, 206:Virtues to be acquired: Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, mentalPsychology1, 207:The method of approaching the Path will be by self-control, thus gaining equilibrium amongst thePsychology1, 209:love, over-leaning on others, partiality, [209] self-deception, sectarianism, superstition,Psychology1, 209:fiery anger. Virtues to be acquired: Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance, serenity,Psychology1, 210:courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance. Vices of Ray: Formalism, bigotry, pride,Psychology1, 210:pride, narrowness, superficial judgments, self-opinion over-indulged. Virtues to be acquired:Psychology1, 224:to the stages of animal consciousness, of self-consciousness, and of the radiant groupPsychology1, 230:initiation. The standard metals - astral plane. Self-consciousness. The second initiation. ThePsychology1, 230:pressure in the evolution of the human being are self-evident, and their work can be seenPsychology1, 237:In the last analysis also, the aggregate of self-initiated influences, or the magnetic radiation ofPsychology1, 276:why. The hope of an ultimate heaven, where self-discipline, self-control and sexual abstinence willPsychology1, 276:of an ultimate heaven, where self-discipline, self-control and sexual abstinence will receive aPsychology1, 278:is, - physiologically and mentally - entirely "self-satisfying, self-sustaining andPsychology1, 278:and mentally - entirely "self-satisfying, self-sustaining and self-propagating." Down the ages,Psychology1, 278:- entirely "self-satisfying, self-sustaining and self-propagating." Down the ages, here and there,Psychology1, 284:unselfishness, understanding and complete self-forgetfulness. Vice is the negation of thisPsychology1, 306:natures upon the altar of sacrifice, and the self-abnegation required in the life of the family arePsychology1, 306:that here I am dealing with the special case of self-applied celibacy, and not with the presentPsychology1, 309:result a new factor, that of an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect. It is the presencePsychology1, 309:factor, that of an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect. It is the presence of thisPsychology1, 309:in humanity a consciousness of immortality, a self-awareness and a self-centeredness which make manPsychology1, 309:of immortality, a self-awareness and a self-centeredness which make man truly to appear in thePsychology1, 314:of initiation. The glory of the slowly emerging self-consciousness must be lost to sight in thePsychology1, 323:is partly instinctual and is based on a growing self-love. There is more of the "I" consciousnessPsychology1, 323:instinctual awareness. You find this growing self-realization in the low grade slum dwellers, forPsychology1, 337:and yet desires nothing for the separated self. The magnetic pull of that which is desired isPsychology1, 359:to ends which serve man's hatred or love of self, is equally true. But this in no way militatesPsychology1, 365:ceremonials (inherent, innate, or imposed by the self, by circumstances and by environment) whichPsychology1, 402:the three aspects or rays of the lower personal self. When the personality ray becomes pronouncedPsychology1, 466:group interplay - 1. [466] Stimulation of the self, the egoic principle. 2. Spiritual impulse orPsychology2, 5:solar angel. This he comes to know as his true self, the real spiritual man. Later, he arrives atPsychology2, 10:expression, appears upon the stage of life. The self-aware entity comes forth into physicalPsychology2, 10:into dense form and on the lowest plane. The self begins the part of its career which is expressedPsychology2, 10:wholeness which will eventuate in an increased self-assertiveness - that first gesture of divinity.Psychology2, 11:individuals who will undertake the work of self-assertion in the affairs of today. The massPsychology2, 11:The first developed evidence of the emerging self-assertion of the massed individuals mustPsychology2, 11:for when the many are at the stage of individual self-awareness and potency and seeking the fullPsychology2, 11:He, today, indicates the goal for the lower self, for the personality. Psychology2, 11:Before, however, the many men can be safely self-assertive, there must be an increased appearancePsychology2, 12:the intelligent group, composed of the self-aware individuals, can then identify themselvesPsychology2, 12:and sacrifice. This can well constitute a useful self-imposed experiment. By the education of thePsychology2, 13:disciples who talk too much and too soon and too self-centeredly, and who present to the world anPsychology2, 14:can be paid to all that concerns the personal self and its aims. This spells personality successPsychology2, 16:bring this about. Reorient the lower individual self so that the realm of its desires and thePsychology2, 16:relegated to their rightful place. Galvanize the self-assertive man into that realization of newPsychology2, 16:of Initiation. Substitute for past, necessarily self-interested and personal ambition, the needs ofPsychology2, 18:into a synthetic expression of the dominant self-assertive man, the personal self. The personalityPsychology2, 18:of the dominant self-assertive man, the personal self. The personality rays then become one ray andPsychology2, 19:of Individualization, the soul arrives at a true self-consciousness and awareness in the threePsychology2, 19:atom, or of that living principle which produces self-perpetuation, reproduction, motion, growth,Psychology2, 25:basic urges or appetites, - first, his urge to self-preservation; then to self-perpetuation throughPsychology2, 25:- first, his urge to self-preservation; then to self-perpetuation through the urge to reproduce;Psychology2, 27:with the form to that of identification with the Self. These three words - individualization,Psychology2, 29:merges itself in that sublime condition in which self-centeredness (as we understand it)Psychology2, 40:Desire to dominate, Expressed strength and self-will, leading to: A dynamic use of energy for thePsychology2, 41:Abnormal sensitivity to that which is the Not-Self, Constant points of crisis, leading to: UnityPsychology2, 58:with inadequate tools, and in complete temporary self-imposed ignorance of the design, or pattern.Psychology2, 63:school and those schools which posit a self, a soul or a spiritual entity, and shows that bothPsychology2, 65:life and not the conscious life and the self-consciousness. The spleen is the organ in whichPsychology2, 67:which exists between the personal lower self and the higher Self, as the latter functions in itsPsychology2, 67:between the personal lower self and the higher Self, as the latter functions in its own world. ThisPsychology2, 67:produces what we call consciousness - at first self-consciousness and finally group-consciousness.Psychology2, 68:of energy form what we call the lower personal self, but it is the higher mental aspect of the mindPsychology2, 68:the human heart. The four energies of the lower self - atomic energy, vital energy, feeling energyPsychology2, 71:for discipleship, and also the necessity for self-control, for tolerance and for unselfishness. ButPsychology2, 73:and brings out the subordination of the little self to the work of the whole. These words are
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