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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELFISH

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Discipleship2, 152:be controlled by the heart. By this means, the selfish individuality of the average man could beDiscipleship2, 173:dwells" is kept open by humanity through its selfish desire, its hatreds and its separateness, byDiscipleship2, 235:living and understanding. They have given a selfish import to human aspiration; they have notDiscipleship2, 298:with the good of others and not with their own selfish goals. Such a play of imaginative thought isDiscipleship2, 339:has been terribly prostituted by the purely selfish rendering given to it by those earlyDiscipleship2, 434:religions; by them, its use is usually of a selfish nature and the concept implied is thatDiscipleship2, 519:from complicated thinking, from mystery and from selfish introspection - should provide the themeDiscipleship2, 571:of those who are regarded by us as a basically selfish and self-centered group - those who belongDiscipleship2, 688:of tenderness and strength when devoid of selfish interest and unrestrained devotion. Guard wellDiscipleship2, 734:and psychically controlled by the glamor of selfish desire and material aims will have made a realDiscipleship2, 751:remember that rebellion may be based on purely selfish desire for a way of life which yourEducation, 28:At first, this thread is used purely for lower selfish interests; it steadily gets stronger andEducation, 45:of aggression, of the rise of a material and selfish civilization and one which had theEducation, 80:and its glorification of all that is most selfish, brutal and aggressive. Germany has proved thatEducation, 84:motivation will be obvious and a nationalistic, selfish presentation avoided. If history is, forEducation, 101:taught that he must endeavor to be good, and the selfish incentive was held before him that if heEducation, 102:and of his work has been the production of a selfish, materialistically-minded person whose majorEducation, 102:the child to operate willingly with the narrow selfish goal of the teacher. The natural idealism ofEducation, 102:of the world's educational machine and by the selfish bias of the world's business in its manyEducation, 104:they have a highly developed capacity of being selfish and material, and because the minds of menEducation, 106:layer of society has been interested, either for selfish, self-protective reasons or because ofEducation, 112:who act blindly and ignorantly, prompted by selfish desire, by love of power or by hatred; there isEducation, 119:development of humanity is the transmutation of selfish desire into group love. This can be seenEducation, 119:who are not, as a rule, animated at all by selfish ambition, but are controlled by love of theirEducation, 123:the early grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realizationEducation, 143:with many possible motives, some good and many selfish. 2. The Science of the Antahkarana,Externalisation, 6:their natures are oft so impure or so selfish that the new powers which are beginning to make theirExternalisation, 6:and contact, are subordinated to purely selfish ends and prostituted to mundane objectives. TheExternalisation, 52:unenlightened. These latter might be regarded as selfish idealists. But I would have you here noteExternalisation, 53:time - and then give it a material, national and selfish twist and objective, and so force it onExternalisation, 60:at this time to material ends or to the selfish aspirations and ambitions of well-meaning servers.Externalisation, 106:love which is ever free from emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflow resulted in the immediateExternalisation, 119:of the five senses; man became primarily a selfish and a fighting animal with, however, at times,Externalisation, 121:to set new standards of material comfort and of selfish control on an increasingly large scale asExternalisation, 125:and mental attainment to group good or to selfish ends, to material issues or to spiritualExternalisation, 126:is predominantly material and whose aims are selfish, animated by ambition and the spirit ofExternalisation, 130:will lose much and - enhancing their own selfish struggle and clouding the real issue in beautifulExternalisation, 135:of the habits of thought which have made mankind selfish and cruel and cause this great andExternalisation, 135:wrong attitudes and habits of thought, worldwide selfish purpose and intent, a universal spirit ofExternalisation, 139:by ancient desires, ancient and deep seated selfish attitudes and by ancient hatreds. The task isExternalisation, 146:upon the physical plane. The basically selfish purpose (even if unrecognized) of those who haveExternalisation, 146:the Great Invocation has served to stimulate the selfish purposes of the forces of materialism. IExternalisation, 155:duty or right of man to turn first ray force to selfish ends or material objectives; responsibilityExternalisation, 167:and the leaders guided as much by expediency and selfish, national interests as by the generalExternalisation, 167:can save the world of men - the sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the wholeExternalisation, 177:human relations and those who are on the side of selfish and cruel power politics. The totalitarianExternalisation, 177:totalitarian powers are on the march - ruthless, selfish, cruel and aggressive; the powers whichExternalisation, 178:by similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes, stood with the aggressor nation;Externalisation, 180:The material means, which evil uses for selfish ends, can also be employed for good purposes. TheExternalisation, 182:1914) is the inevitable result of wrong thought, selfish goals and ancient hatreds. IndividualisticExternalisation, 183:or will they continue the process of selfish planning and of economic and militant competition?Externalisation, 185:criticism, and all are more rapidly moved by selfish purpose than by the spirit of sacrifice. EvenExternalisation, 185:the new order and the new way of life. The selfish, wicked past can give way to a future ofExternalisation, 197:of the world have fallen into the hands of the selfish, and there has been no just distribution.Externalisation, 213:which will be colored by the ancient hues of selfish desire and aggressive acquisitiveness, or byExternalisation, 213:of the old ways and the domination of selfish personal, national and racial interests remains yetExternalisation, 214:higher tendencies and bring into human affairs selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis upon materialExternalisation, 214:an intrinsically powerful group who, through selfish material interests, plus a sense of separativeExternalisation, 215:to self-preservation, and by short-sighted selfish interest. The problem is one of exceedingExternalisation, 215:and not a European war. Every nation has its selfish, aggressive people, who believe that might isExternalisation, 217:is found in the world today - the duality of selfish, material living and that of unselfishExternalisation, 228:you can eliminate the negative and more selfish reactions and (for the sake of human welfare)Externalisation, 240:be done to stop the progress of aggression, of selfish nationalism and cruel attack upon the weakExternalisation, 240:in a lesser extent in many other nations and selfish nationalism is to be found in all to someExternalisation, 241:and the destruction of that which is inhuman, selfish and cruel; I shall have to impress upon youExternalisation, 244:in the national good, when nations give up their selfish purposes and aims for international good,Externalisation, 254:of, and not because of, the brute force and the selfish goals of the world aggressors; these embodyExternalisation, 255:petty nationalisms, religious differences and selfish idealisms (for that is what they often are asExternalisation, 258:was inevitable. France was animated by somewhat selfish purposes - the security and safety ofExternalisation, 258:the broken nation. The neutral powers are still selfish (though they seek by philanthropy to veilExternalisation, 260:and whose effect has been outstandingly along selfish personal lines. This type of influence isExternalisation, 265:it makes an impact. Pouring, therefore, upon the selfish materialistic nature, it will only enhanceExternalisation, 276:and must be evoked for the destruction of the selfish and wicked will-to-power, rampant now onExternalisation, 277:and are so at this time. It is usually selfish in purpose, and people long for peace because theyExternalisation, 278:of men, and is hence oft misused and turned to selfish purposes. The power here to be evoked out ofExternalisation, 281:are driven back, it will mean the conquest of selfish desire by unselfish love and sacrifice. ThisExternalisation, 293:accumulated limitations and the sumtotal of the selfish habits and desires which are characteristicExternalisation, 320:(the agents of the Forces of Light), and the selfish many who - for political, religious orExternalisation, 345:its impact, and its consequent prostitution to selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive,Externalisation, 346:then create such a driving force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become a monsterExternalisation, 364:There was also a lack of understanding and a selfish perspective among those nations at that timeExternalisation, 366:could be rehabilitated for purely commercial and selfish reasons, and because trade interchange,Externalisation, 372:and from a nationalistic, separative outlook. Selfish interests have controlled the reasons forExternalisation, 372:enlightened democratic nations. That to these selfish incentives they have added world need and theExternalisation, 373:serves [373] to balance, though not offset, the selfish motives; that the instinct ofExternalisation, 374:face of the earth. All nations have made this selfish attempt, as history, ancient and modern, goesExternalisation, 379:phrases of the trained politician, intent on his selfish purposes, the arguments of theExternalisation, 379:of humanity at heart. It has been used for selfish and evil ends far more often than for good. OfExternalisation, 418:the East and in the West, and its emphatically selfish note (personal liberation and personalExternalisation, 425:hateful Individualities who are to the world of selfish and material focus what the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 428:The tendency to be led along aggressive, selfish and evil lines has been characteristic of theExternalisation, 430:are still the prey of the unscrupulous and the selfish. When their thinking has been guided intoExternalisation, 433:potently not only their own peoples but the selfish politicians, the intolerant and the raciallyExternalisation, 450:The consequent stimulation of both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendousExternalisation, 454:entrenched materialistic forces and the power of selfish interests - banded together to preventExternalisation, 461:these attitudes can be exploited by the evil and selfish interests which (behind the scenes) areExternalisation, 462:to be sidetracked by the clamoring of the selfish little minds or by the demands of the reactionaryExternalisation, 463:world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialistic motives and philosophy andExternalisation, 483:it has been the prostitution of matter to selfish ends and for separative purposes which has beenExternalisation, 489:nothing to do with the evil inclinations, the selfish instincts and the separativeness found in the
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