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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELFISH

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Rays, 633:of other human beings and demonstrates less selfish greed, and if labor will work with lessRays, 655:down the barriers and the separating walls which selfish, self-centered and materialistic humanityRays, 665:who see a wider world than that of their own selfish interests, who are sensitive to the ChristRays, 686:control of [686] the emotional nature and the selfish sensitivity of the lower self. InitiationRays, 698:he renounces their use for personality or selfish reasons. The center at the base of the spine hasRays, 698:No energy of their own (related to the selfish aeonial past) is left; they are simply pureRays, 702:applies to Them. This They have done for no selfish purpose. In the early days of the ProbationaryRays, 702:In the early days of the Probationary Path, selfish aspiration is foremost in the consciousnessRays, 706:[706] under the domination of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind. Rays, 741:is over; its aftermath of suffering, famine, selfish reactions, suspicion and unseemly struggle forRays, 742:turn, and whether the reactionary, material and selfish forces which have controlled for millenniaRays, 746:or intelligent conviction. There is a material, selfish aspect to Democracy (rampant today), andRays, 752:deeds of cruelty, lying words, sadistic action, selfish intentions and the foulest kind ofRays, 754:Land" is no longer holy, but is desecrated by selfish interests, and by a basically separative andRays, 758:The usual invocative appeal has hitherto been selfish in its nature and temporary in itsRays, 762:hand (drained once, filled again, and refused to selfish need) he tends the need of struggling menReappearance, 21:world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic living and to begin to treadReappearance, 27:as it unfolded itself to [27] Him. We have been selfish and grasping in our reaction to His workReappearance, 71:individual self-betterment. This type of will is selfish and misunderstood at first, but tendsReappearance, 128:and vitalizing process; they are at present too selfish to permit it to happen. You can see,Reappearance, 171:to a good heaven, the aim has been basically selfish. The little prayer which says, "Lord GodReappearance, 174:has been tainted by selfishness and grabbed for selfish individual or national ends. Of this, theSoul, 140:then is no longer self-centered and purely selfish, but the man becomes group-conscious andTelepathy, 73:to substitute the invocative method for the selfish use of prayer and the limiting mode of theTelepathy, 75:The telepathic information can be of purely selfish or personal import and that type of telepathyTelepathy, 78:to emotional or astral conclusions, and to selfish interpretations. It must be remembered that theTelepathy, 87:powers. As long as there exists any desire for selfish power, for unspiritual control and forTelepathy, 98:the world of men. Astral impression is purely selfish and individual and, though it may affect aTelepathy, 102:world there registered is glamored by wrong and selfish desires and by the wishful thinking ofTelepathy, 195:"relaying channels and not delaying points of selfish interest" in the divine flow. This takes
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