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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELFISHNESS

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Astrology, 62:world experiment and soul achievement. Selfishness has ever to be translated into living activeAstrology, 124:finally inspiration. Instinct into intellect. Selfishness into divine selflessness. AcquisitivenessAstrology, 144:of Transmutation. Desire becomes aspiration, and selfishness is transformed into selflessness. TheAstrology, 145:his purpose, learns the lessons and uses of selfishness (for that is one of the best ways to learnAstrology, 151:- Consecration to the service of the lower self. Selfishness. Experience upon the Fixed Cross. WhenAstrology, 151:Whole. The death or negation of all personality selfishness. Culmination of experience upon theAstrology, 155:and illumination over self-consciousness and selfishness. In the true rendition of this ancientAstrology, 174:Sensed duality Universal unity Fire Fire Air Selfishness Struggle Service Evolution The final pathAstrology, 175:the human soul, with its human objectives, its selfishness, its identification with form, itsAstrology, 176:soul. [176] From ambition to aspiration, from selfishness to an intense desire for selflessness,Astrology, 217:and hate, of greed and aggression, and of selfishness and ambition up into the region of the soul?Astrology, 237:crime or in deterring people from violent selfishness (for that is what all crime is), and just asAstrology, 333:Scorpio stages the release of Leo Unity of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unity TheAstrology, 374:or will it simply foment desire, increase selfishness and bring humanity to the "fiery heights ofAstrology, 386:of the Plan and from the expression of material selfishness. Hence the great use of minerals (iron,Astrology, 459:it can express soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the urge towards betterment willAstrology, 523:restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new orderAstrology, 544:of humanity itself and the potency of the massed selfishness of mankind. In like manner, the ForcesAstrology, 560:of matter, of which separativeness, cruelty and selfishness is the key. The misuse of substance andAstrology, 591:also serve as a mode of contact, is dedicated to selfishness and blind to the higher reaches ofAtom, 25:point of view, and leads inevitably to selfishness. It involves the recognition of the atom asAtom, 25:are characterized by a necessary and protective selfishness. It is a most necessary stage in theAtom, 26:the first or atomic stage developed by means of selfishness, or the self-centered life of the atomAtom, 28:ourselves through the primary childhood stage of selfishness (and surely that should lie behindAtom, 28:the law of sacrifice and by the transmutation of selfishness into loving service. Thus we canAutobiography, 5:the same sins and weaknesses, the same pride and selfishness, the same aspiration and spiritualAutobiography, 56:me. I decided that I was suffering from pure selfishness and self-centeredness; I was caring tooAutobiography, 301:and often leads to separateness and spiritual selfishness. This position is well known to us allBethlehem, 29:by their longing to meet world need. Spiritual selfishness, which has been such a characteristic ofBethlehem, 78:usually be found in the fact of their spiritual selfishness. They talk too much about theirBethlehem, 170:the usually competitive attitude to life and the selfishness generally shown by the average man.Bethlehem, 176:the many implications of Christ's sacrifice. The selfishness of the spiritual aspirant is oftenBethlehem, 201:can only designate by the inadequate titles of selfishness, lovelessness and hate.' And Dr. KirkBethlehem, 254:the chaos, as humanity breaks out of the tom of selfishness and individualism and comes to theBethlehem, 272:and to God. It will also be a living service. Selfishness and self-centered interests will finallyDestiny, 25:by ideas, controlled by ideals, impulsed by selfishness, impregnated by hates and yet all the timeDestiny, 59:pattern will emerge - a pattern of personality selfishness or a pattern of soul goals. Italy has aDestiny, 61:materialism and a perfected holiness, of the selfishness of a materialistic regime and theDestiny, 73:true Piscean element can be drawn forth and the selfishness and the self-protective interests ofDestiny, 76:or for France with intellectual brilliance and selfishness. Let us briefly look at one or two otherDestiny, 94:it can express soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the innate urge to betterment willDestiny, 98:restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new orderDestiny, 106:of ancient evil and modern aggressive selfishness, released through a group of unscrupulous andDiscipleship1, 10:a hard thing to cultivate - such is the inherent selfishness of human nature; it is a difficultDiscipleship1, 137:of disillusionment, disgust at the general world selfishness and a tendency (strongly marked inDiscipleship1, 146:which will bring to an end the present era of selfishness and competition. You are predominantlyDiscipleship1, 166:has been in the past the instrument of men's selfishness, now it must be the instrument of theirDiscipleship1, 241:and opportunity by personality separateness and selfishness which constitutes evil. From rightDiscipleship1, 371:knowledge there is also ambition, violence and selfishness and that these qualities must be offsetDiscipleship1, 466:[466] that there is no pride and no desired selfishness, but only longing to love and serve. TheseDiscipleship1, 569:with any person, can emphasize unwittingly your selfishness and make it hard to free yourself fromDiscipleship1, 722:based on theological interpretations and human selfishness; it is founded on the misery of mankindDiscipleship1, 769:Are you too depressed (which is a synonym for selfishness) and too sensitive to render service toDiscipleship2, 50:so often motivated by an unrealized spiritual selfishness and an undue emphasis upon your specificDiscipleship2, 167:human free will and evil - pure Materialism and selfishness; the divine purpose will then, throughDiscipleship2, 168:works out and strikes the death blow to evil, selfishness and separateness, sealing it into theDiscipleship2, 191:they are followed with care, they will eliminate selfishness and build in ashramic quality. Discipleship2, 273:prostituted to signify national separateness and selfishness and national patriotism, but behindDiscipleship2, 283:results; they are also evocative of spiritual selfishness and isolation, as well as of astralDiscipleship2, 334:of disciples. Let me put it this way: the petty selfishness and the silly little vanities and theDiscipleship2, 387:owing to the profound materialistic [387] selfishness of the race. They give to the entire, eternalDiscipleship2, 696:at various stages of unfoldment, of developing selfishness or of unfolding service. There are noDiscipleship2, 737:at right decision? First of all by eliminating selfishness and arriving at that unconcern as to theEducation, ix:leads to the predominance of an unrestrained selfishness." But how shall this materialism andEducation, ix:selfishness." But how shall this materialism and selfishness of our culture be corrected? ByEducation, 74:life, the victim of his parents' ignorance or selfishness or lack of interest. He is frequentlyEducation, 104:right and the more right. Having been trained in selfishness and in material attitudes while underEducation, 116:they will be free from personal ambition and selfishness, animated by love of humanity and by aEducation, 130:has shared in the general separativeness, selfishness and individual, isolated exclusiveness, basedExternalisation, 53:advisors, and by the widespread corruption and selfishness. A study of such men who have heldExternalisation, 60:It would largely be a record of man's dire selfishness, but I seek to deal with money as theExternalisation, 83:Today, gold and separativeness, materialism and selfishness are in conflict with spiritual energyExternalisation, 83:method whereby the forces of separation and of selfishness work are by competitive cooperation.Externalisation, 105:and separation, of cruelty and of passions and selfishness running wild, there is nevertheless,Externalisation, 130:understanding and world unity, or the way of selfishness and aggression, expressed in an intenseExternalisation, 130:liberty, independence and freedom to think. This selfishness may show itself through activeExternalisation, 136:motives everywhere. Nationalism, aggression, selfishness and cruelty in all countries face a desireExternalisation, 137:itself with its ancient habits of thought, its selfishness and greed. Humanity today stands face toExternalisation, 138:within their own natures, between personality selfishness and the selflessness of the soul, areExternalisation, 181:a precipitating agency, for through him world selfishness and cruelty have been brought to a focus.Externalisation, 181:in humanity itself. Ancient and untrammeled selfishness has ever been a characteristic of man; theExternalisation, 185:It is to this disaster that man's cruelty and selfishness have tended; no nations are exempt fromExternalisation, 186:be placed beside the earlier picture of man's selfishness and cruelty, of man's inhumanity to man.Externalisation, 187:the higher values of living, which endorses selfishness, which sets up barriers to the establishingExternalisation, 192:color or creed - on the suppression of crime and selfishness through right education, and on theExternalisation, 196:group, nation or race. It is solely due to man's selfishness that (in these days of rapidExternalisation, 196:conditions are based on some national or group selfishness and on the failure to work out some wiseExternalisation, 197:suppose. Our period is simply one in which human selfishness has come to its climax and must eitherExternalisation, 198:preventive measures which will offset human selfishness and greed. Can such a group of men beExternalisation, 214:the reactions of the one, and who can criticize? Selfishness and separativeness control the otherExternalisation, 215:of aggression, of material acquisition and pure selfishness, working through a pronounced crueltyExternalisation, 221:form side of manifestation, with its aggressive selfishness, its cruel emphases and its separativeExternalisation, 233:Who will arrest the progress of aggressive selfishness if the men and women of goodwill rest backExternalisation, 233:in the world today who (despite past national selfishness and wrong) are fearlessly and with trueExternalisation, 241:hovers over humanity and will materialize when selfishness is defeated, right human relations areExternalisation, 243:man. Past national mistakes must be faced; [243] selfishness in the spheres of both capital andExternalisation, 244:but they can all be summed up in the one word Selfishness - national, racial, political, religiousExternalisation, 244:racial, political, religious and individual selfishness. The practical aspect of the mode ofExternalisation, 244:themselves do not deny. They stand not alone in selfishness, for [245] the same faults taint everyExternalisation, 256:and bring about a very evil future wherein selfishness, material objectives, and the good and
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