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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELFISHNESS

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Externalisation, 256:seeking to offset this imposition of material selfishness and are now at bay with the issue stillExternalisation, 256:in the present conflict relinquish their selfishness, their prejudices and their interpretationsExternalisation, 259:against the forces of material aggression and selfishness, then the "fiery ordeal" might beExternalisation, 262:at this time, released through unusual human selfishness, cruelty and error, and focused throughExternalisation, 262:to evil impression and influenced, obsessed, by selfishness and evil - by forces of destruction. IsExternalisation, 265:balancing of the personality will, of material selfishness and acquisitiveness, and the selflessExternalisation, 313:by inertia - not the inertia that comes from selfishness and self-centeredness, or the inertia dueExternalisation, 320:First, a deep seated though not unnatural selfishness, which prompts the determination to take noExternalisation, 354:glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness, of aggression and materialism, has beenExternalisation, 364:The question was: Would world fear and universal selfishness dominate, or would the spirit ofExternalisation, 367:full horror of what lay ahead for mankind. The selfishness of humanity was even more deep seatedExternalisation, 374:exploitation of the weak, aggression, economic selfishness, ideals based on pure commercialism andExternalisation, 376:humanity is to get rid of these evil products of selfishness, certain basic values must beExternalisation, 376:been wrong. In their demonstration of supreme selfishness, national ambition, racial hatred andExternalisation, 387:hearts and who know, past all controversy, that selfishness and universal greed have brought theExternalisation, 424:They availed themselves of the weaknesses, the selfishness and the self-interest of man; just asExternalisation, 427:attitudes of men with no perspective and much selfishness, of no cruelty but of stupid thinking.Externalisation, 430:[430] of erasing past errors, ancient selfishness and ingrained wickedness, and of inaugurating aExternalisation, 431:enumerate certain of them Universal and ancient selfishness, materialism, aggression, and nationalExternalisation, 433:has its source not only in human weakness and selfishness, but in a situation which has existed forExternalisation, 443:reaction. Only this will I say: Get rid of selfishness, provincialism and insularity. Think inExternalisation, 446:stability be safely founded - the sacrifice of selfishness. In those words is summed up the demandExternalisation, 446:Shamballa Who know what is the Will of God. The selfishness of the little minds in the variousExternalisation, 447:be strengthened and endowed with potency; where selfishness rules, where isolationism andExternalisation, 449:are far more handicapped by the facts of human selfishness and national greed and by the generalExternalisation, 450:of Light will face what I call "the forces of selfishness and separativeness." Externalisation, 453:theological positions, and materialistic selfishness are to be found actively organized in theExternalisation, 457:out of the dark cave of death, isolation and selfishness into the light of the new day. It is thisExternalisation, 458:psychologically, mankind has been ruled by selfishness, and selfishness is the potent seed of deathExternalisation, 458:mankind has been ruled by selfishness, and selfishness is the potent seed of death - materialExternalisation, 462:that the causes of war are to be found in selfishness and in inherent cruelty has greatly widenedExternalisation, 467:knowledge misapplied and [467] dedicated to the selfishness of men, but it has been an impersonalExternalisation, 470:this involves liberation from materialism and selfishness. In that resurrection, evolution andExternalisation, 470:of its materialistic goals and its damning selfishness, and its moving into the clear light of theExternalisation, 473:The ignorance, lack of understanding, and selfishness of men everywhere, particularly in theExternalisation, 474:imminent peril; They endeavored to arrest the selfishness of humanity and to produce a new andExternalisation, 475:was faced: the danger arising out of human selfishness and greed, plus the danger which was nearingExternalisation, 475:people, ruled by a group of men of such positive selfishness and aggressive materialistic spiritExternalisation, 475:of the first impact because of her national selfishness, her suppression of the lower classes, herExternalisation, 476:that the combination of ancient evil with men's selfishness would inevitably prove too strong forExternalisation, 486:be released will inevitably evoke opposition. Selfishness and hate, with their secondary effects ofExternalisation, 494:that man would go down to defeat, owing to his selfishness and his misuse of the principle of freeExternalisation, 581:control, even though greatly lessened, of human selfishness. This "pull" is regarded esotericallyExternalisation, 596:which has (unfortunately owing to man's selfishness) proved to be so catastrophic in nature thatExternalisation, 616:the hearts of men are still corroded with a selfishness which the agony of war has not cured;Externalisation, 624:the Christ, but it is based also on the trained selfishness of the majority of those who own theExternalisation, 626:all else in human living - has been tainted by selfishness and grabbed for selfish individual orExternalisation, 636:group, They can and do set Their faces against selfishness, greed, and against all that seeks toExternalisation, 638:and - from the angle of those three phases of selfishness - is entirely justified. That fact, inExternalisation, 646:the root of all evil". It is largely money and selfishness which lie behind the present disastrousExternalisation, 648:and union. The separateness of humanity, and its selfishness, had reached such vast proportions,Externalisation, 650:having no true or good policy, tainted by selfishness (personal or national, and sometimes both),Externalisation, 672:a Plan which necessitated because of human selfishness, the drastic horror of the war (1914-1945);Externalisation, 689:of human desire - a desire oriented towards selfishness, and therefore towards separateness. ThisFire, 483:1. We must also: Be free from conceit. Free from selfishness. Ready to accept demonstrated truth.Fire, 643:for selfish ends; it is characterized by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends inFire, 737:the separated units (and therefore tinged with selfishness and separative pleasure) of the groupFire, 738:course it is a state, one, so to say, of intense selfishness during which an Ego reaps the rewardFire, 882:is a dangerous weapon: This is due to Personal Selfishness. It is only safe when: One gives oneselfFire, 930:contact them, as his character is impure through selfishness, and his vibration is too low; hisFire, 948:slowly to assume increasing importance. The selfishness, the sordid motives, the prompt response toFire, 949:thought form, the product of man's ignorance and selfishness, is kept alive and vitalized in threeGlamour, 76:more comfortable in one's own interior life. The selfishness of the people who are desirous ofGlamour, 161:glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness, of aggression and materialism, has beenGlamour, 185:of all human suffering is desire and personal selfishness. Give up desire and you will be free.Glamour, 203:and the first and basic expression of pure selfishness appeared aeons ago. Later, as evolutionHealing, 51:love. Group life. Fourth ray. Harmony. Ajna Selfishness. Dogmatism. Insanities. Mysticism. FifthHealing, 51:Base of the spine Self-interest. Pure selfishness. Black Magic. Heart diseases. Tumors. WhiteHealing, 71:his group hindered. Remember that there is group selfishness as well as individual selfishness. IHealing, 71:there is group selfishness as well as individual selfishness. I have cited sufficient reasons forHealing, 128:the Masters has called "the depths of spiritual selfishness and self-satisfaction." The initiate ofHealing, 156:it was a necessary happening (given the blind selfishness of the bulk of humanity) because it hadHealing, 192:and physical harmony, and gloss the innate selfishness of their presentation of truth with theHealing, 232:became tainted by the miasma of unadulterated selfishness and the very springs of life itselfHealing, 236:lifted to the heart, and the trend of human selfishness will then die out. Complete cures,Healing, 260:choices, thoughts and desires are free from selfishness and are dedicated to the good of the whole.Healing, 261:are withheld by those who are the slaves of selfishness and fear. The Liberation of Humanity by theHealing, 267:which the Jew finds himself; it will come when selfishness in business relations and the pronouncedHealing, 660:the latent hold of matter - impregnated by selfishness and by all that is recognized as evil - isHealing, 663:and their teaching is tainted with the universal selfishness. [664] You have oft been told thatHealing, 706:(which is exceedingly rare) to the path of pure selfishness. This path leads to the Black Lodge.Hercules, 37:result of thought. He will rapidly discover that selfishness, unkindness, love of gossip, andHercules, 37:of his mind are constantly being fertilized by selfishness and illusion. Instead of these broodHercules, 43:the whole, individuality versus the group, selfishness instead of universal interest. Thus is theHercules, 73:service and to lose sight of their spiritual selfishness by helping humanity, there will be a muchHercules, 73:who, without ever having any external sign of selfishness, are intensely selfish ill their innerHercules, 73:ideal which cuts at the root of spiritual selfishness: "In our view the highest aspirations for theHercules, 73:for the welfare of humanity become tainted with selfishness if, in the mind of the philanthropist,Hercules, 108:the great protecting up to the present time. Selfishness, the self-protecting instinct, has to giveHercules, 152:want for the form. Black magic is unadulterated selfishness. White magic is use of the soul forHercules, 177:had to demonstrate freedom from irritability and selfishness in that uninteresting circle where heHercules, 189:[189] the law for the individual, the law of selfishness, if you like, the law of competition, theInitiation, 193:the occult accolade, and those anxious, through selfishness or curiosity, to participate in theMagic, 102:of all limitation. Harmfulness is based on selfishness, and on an egocentric attitude. It is theMagic, 238:a big part in bringing about evolution, for selfishness is the nursery of infant souls. Hence theMagic, 259:the destructive or left-hand path, because selfishness has been the motive, and self-interest theMagic, 313:of individualism which demonstrates in man as selfishness and in nations as nationalism is carriedMagic, 359:Life will stand revealed, and wherein all human selfishness and self-seeking fade out in the clearMagic, 393:step on the way to selfhood of necessity is selfishness. Let it be equally well remembered that theMagic, 413:its presence felt. This finally demonstrates as selfishness, separateness, pride and those
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