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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SELFLESS

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Astrology, 124:into renunciation. Self-preservation into selfless world service. Self pity into compassion,Astrology, 134:and its experts are wiser and more synthetic and selfless in their application of the science thanAstrology, 185:can change the ambitious selfish man into the selfless disciple. All this has perforce to beAstrology, 225:initiated in Taurus gives way in Scorpio to the selfless attitude of the disciple; ambition givesAstrology, 246:from right motive, in group formation and with selfless purpose. [247] Through this planet, Uranus,Astrology, 261:this time with changed and changing attitudes of selfless service, a personality dedicated to theAstrology, 310:Leo consciousness into the decentralized, selfless Aquarian awareness. It will alter theAstrology, 397:humanity, and this must be developed into the selfless service of the salvaging initiate. The taskAutobiography, 176:no credit for the writing. This is what I call selfless service - to write a letter which you doAutobiography, 192:or the unintelligent. They can be found by the selfless server of the race and the intelligentAutobiography, 301:more childlike way. She insisted that a life of selfless service was the most important factor andBethlehem, 112:Christmas is the embodiment of that which is selfless; he is the symbol of giving and of the ChristDestiny, 76:and the note of France has not been a selfless one. The forces of the soul are working, but FranceDiscipleship1, 291:not my words or my instruction. Seek the way of selfless service and all is well. "As birds flyDiscipleship1, 299:yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner. This particular group of my disciples hasDiscipleship1, 321:your lesson at present; it must be the lesson of selfless acting upon the physical plane. GoDiscipleship1, 324:of your soul you must awaken their souls into selfless activity. You can touch them dynamically andDiscipleship1, 345:need no cheering, your work has been amazingly selfless. I wanted you to know that this has beenDiscipleship1, 363:making each hour of each day as beautiful and as selfless as possible. The wisdom aspect in you isDiscipleship1, 405:expresses must be transmuted into detached but selfless love. Remember that true love has sometimesDiscipleship1, 417:which will force him to give all he has in selfless service, and then to forget that he has thusDiscipleship1, 441:your case, the careful training of yourself in selfless service, and the speeding up of theDiscipleship1, 482:fellowmen doing each day that strikes a note of selfless service and learn thereby the wonder ofDiscipleship1, 502:distinguishes many. But you have chosen the selfless and the more fluid way and the effects will beDiscipleship1, 505:of occult truth and steadfast endeavor (plus selfless thought) are yours and these qualities areDiscipleship1, 517:career of a free soul, whose wisdom, service and selfless love can be the means of bringingDiscipleship1, 564:You have before you some weeks and months of selfless service. Give of the service with no thoughtDiscipleship1, 599:own soul, fostered by meditation, expressed in selfless service, and increasing in radiance throughDiscipleship1, 642:your personality. This will render you selfless in all that you attempt to do, and will guard youDiscipleship1, 683:of true values, in fluidity of ideas, and selfless work for their fellowmen. A Master's group isDiscipleship1, 748:a chela on the thread, it is as the reward of selfless service - carried forward at any personalDiscipleship1, 770:the Hierarchy to do good and efficiently [770] selfless work. They are frequently more constructiveDiscipleship2, XIII:has said that given a consecrated active life of selfless service to one's fellow man the centersDiscipleship2, 84:Seed Group who have done a more consecrated and selfless task than have you, though there are a fewDiscipleship2, 197:spiritual perception, and arrive also at a selfless formulation of the divine Plan which willDiscipleship2, 200:The motive of all such group meditation must be selfless service; the keynote of all such groups isDiscipleship2, 231:all you contact. It is the great attractive and selfless agent in world affairs. Discipleship2, 389:that at any time and at will - if it serves his selfless interests - the revelation is forever his.Discipleship2, 461:of your life to insulate yourself (for selfless purpose) from too close a contact with those inDiscipleship2, 535:will handle your remaining years in a spirit of selfless responsive love - asking nothing for theDiscipleship2, 588:(or do I mean frantic, brother of mine?) and selfless effort. Make this attempt each morning forExternalisation, 150:and who are learning rapidly to be detached and selfless - can institute and carry forward the taskExternalisation, 151:should be ascertained whether there are enough selfless and group-conscious people upon the planetExternalisation, 214:towards brotherhood, right human relations and selfless purpose, and those which reverse theseExternalisation, 221:depends upon the clear thinking, wise speech and selfless intent of the world disciples, working inExternalisation, 246:the wings of love, through understanding action, selfless service and the willingness to die inExternalisation, 257:act and which would drive them into active, selfless service to the Forces of Light. They doExternalisation, 261:can only be reached by intentionally directed, selfless thought. Are there enough people in theExternalisation, 265:selfishness and acquisitiveness, and the selfless will which seeks to aid the whole of humanity.Externalisation, 265:to increased evil activity. Pouring upon the selfless, the pure and the disinterested, it willExternalisation, 268:of awareness, if sufficiently enlightened and selfless. You can see from the above remark how theExternalisation, 276:and spiritual Will, carried on the impulse of selfless love, can and must be evoked for theExternalisation, 278:- understanding its nature, preparatory and selfless. And Death - to what does this refer? Not toExternalisation, 381:replace emotion by practical love, expressed in selfless service. The third step is to reorganizeExternalisation, 387:present desperate plight. They know also that selfless sharing and cooperative understandingExternalisation, 388:aspirants and disciples of the world and of all selfless servers, no matter who or where they mayExternalisation, 393:[393] and who serve them with sacrifice and selfless understanding constitute this group. AlongExternalisation, 462:the minds of the new group of world servers, the selfless workers for humanity, and the thinkers inExternalisation, 467:has nothing to do with this demand. It is a selfless motive which is required and which must lieExternalisation, 485:of their fellowmen, and in their dedication to selfless service; the men and women of goodwill areExternalisation, 596:cry of humanity; it is clearer, purer and more selfless than at any other time in human history,Externalisation, 617:good people in the world today, so many selfless workers and disciples and so many truly saintlyExternalisation, 628:the little people of the world, enlightened and selfless in their viewpoint, exist in sufficientExternalisation, 628:campaign to raise money is not demanded, but the selfless work of thousands of apparentlyExternalisation, 666:work is recognized, first of all, as being: Selfless Service. The time has come when men everywhereExternalisation, 699:the significance of right motive, the beauty of selfless service and a vivid intellectualGlamour, 63:the disciple is glimmered by the idea of his own selfless interests. Its cure is a humble spirit. Glamour, 77:be dissipated by the pouring in of true and selfless love. I am but touching with brevity uponHealing, 7:the radiation of his astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm upon the agitationHealing, 206:be established in Love - fresh, compelling and selfless. But once that relation is established, theHealing, 267:of the Hebrew people are exchanged for more selfless and honest forms of activity. The Jew, owingHealing, 346:For the probationer, this means an imposed selfless activity upon the physical plane. For theHealing, 349:that is done is of such a fine quality and so selfless and so happily oriented, that the evil isHealing, 603:a purely impersonal agency. Purity of intention, selfless service and goodwill are no trueHealing, 647:Only healers of great purity and of completely selfless motive can attract these angels, and whenHercules, 76:Love and Will, visioned and contacted by the selfless aspirant through Service. [77] Hercules, 214:eventual self-mastery preparatory to selfless service). Rulers: Exoteric, Uranus; Esoteric,Magic, 370:upon ourselves is joy, for our action has been selfless and non acquisitive, and not dependent uponMagic, 430:to be sectarian, exclusive and self-righteous. Selfless humanitarian workers are there; politicalMagic, 431:the part of all working to equip themselves for selfless service. We are to take up now a veryMeditation, 90:be permitted when the student can be silent, selfless and stable. Who as yet answers to all thesePatanjali, 285:no Karma, for the act has been done from a selfless motive and carried out with completeProblems, 24:universally acknowledged. All have a sound and selfless underlying idealism in a greater or lesserProblems, 31:can, however, be hastened by right and selfless action. [32] Problems, 82:off the face of the earth. [82] The steady and selfless work of the men and women of goodwill inProblems, 111:white race demonstrates wisdom, understanding, selfless thinking and a willingness to give completeProblems, 169:religion and undefiled" is pure charity and a selfless following of the Christ. The churches arePsychology1, 201:when the will is directed by wisdom and made selfless by love. The first ray man will always "comePsychology2, 115:watching Hierarchy, but they are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such, belong to the NewPsychology2, 126:right lines and bear much fruit. Of this, the selfless service and the deep flow of spiritual life,Psychology2, 577:The three great spiritual counterparts are love, selfless sharing and synthesis. However, the holdPsychology2, 599:be, nor is the energy of the heart poured out in selfless love of humanity; they are all focusedPsychology2, 624:person, for instance, can wreck a group; one selfless, non-critical, consecrated person can swingPsychology2, 700:watching Hierarchy, but they are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such, belong to the NewPsychology2, 731:agency of those who are animated by a spirit of selfless service - and there are many such. It is aRays, 77:the disciple's group or of any group of true and selfless aspirants. There can come a moment in theRays, 77:That cry will ever be concerned with the selfless service of the group - a service which, under theRays, 87:can also destroy his form nature through selfless service and devotion to a cause. In both casesRays, 146:life aspect of an individual and his spiritual, selfless will [147] are completely synchronized,Rays, 217:of the fourth initiation. The achieving of a selfless and impersonal group interrelation was the
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