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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENIOR

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Astrology, 21:astrologers when they are casting a horoscope of senior aspirants, of disciples and of initiates. Autobiography, X:1949, she received visitors, consulted with the senior executives and wrote letters. When the hourAutobiography, 38:fifteen years old and I am now One of the [38] senior disciples in His group, or - as it is calledAutobiography, 57:of the series they made me a presentation. The senior man came forward at the end of my perorationAutobiography, 155:was inexperienced then and rushed to one of the senior people at Krotona and asked for the name ofAutobiography, 157:A.P.Warrington, was a close friend, and all the senior workers were friends and there seemed to beAutobiography, 166:of collaboration with Him, while working as a senior disciple in the ashram of my own Master. Autobiography, 194:Staff we have a group of 140 secretaries, senior students who help in the instruction of the otherAutobiography, 226:Dorothy married a Captain Morton, six months her senior and admirably suited to her. It is one ofAutobiography, 228:that on his death bed he had requested the seven senior members of his organization to join theAutobiography, 229:if the more advanced training of our senior degrees is to be given. As the years go by and the needAutobiography, 241:age, and it is upon these [241] things in the senior degrees of the Arcane School that we seek toAutobiography, 246:The people who were indicated as initiates and senior disciples were entirely mediocre people withAutobiography, 247:written it went out, chapter by chapter, to the senior students of the Arcane School as readingAutobiography, 250:through their work in the school. Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are also workingAutobiography, 286:in adult education is unique in that the senior students can become school workers, teachers, andAutobiography, 298:program of her own soul. She was at this time a senior disciple in the ashram of the Master K.H.Autobiography, 298:her, I have come to understand better what a senior position in an ashram necessarily involves.Autobiography, 300:privilege, and the inevitable program of every senior disciple, to initiate some activity in eachAutobiography, 302:been the rule that the life work [302] of every senior disciple must not only be useful objectivelyDiscipleship1, 63:of a Master and his disciple and between the senior disciples in any group of accepted disciples.Discipleship1, 69:to understand it and eventually - aided by the senior disciples of the world, trained by theDiscipleship1, 95:You are in no way unique or far ahead of the senior world aspirants. In that lies cause forDiscipleship1, 480:shock. [480] Forget not, any of you, that for senior disciples upon the Path (and such am I) , itDiscipleship1, 488:whose names I will give you and who are senior to you. Their task it is to swing their unitedDiscipleship1, 545:not yet used to my method of instruction, as are senior disciples in my group. I only seek toDiscipleship1, 681:cooperation with all whom you recognize to be senior disciples; adequate care to take right actionDiscipleship1, 683:nothing but only to aid the Master and those senior disciples who may be working under hisDiscipleship1, 683:between the personnel of a group of junior or senior disciples. The rules for instituting soulDiscipleship1, 722:plane to the mental and, in effecting this, the senior helping chela gives definite aid andDiscipleship1, 723:reports (based on certain charts) from the senior disciple who has the neophyte in charge. It is inDiscipleship1, 723:of people who are being thus related and the senior disciples of all the Masters who take chelasDiscipleship1, 724:thus engaged falls into three categories; as the senior disciples and initiates are thus occupied,Discipleship1, 724:two recognitions: A recognition of the senior disciple whom they have discovered "in the Light."Discipleship1, 726:Light so that he does adjust his karma. This the senior disciple does by thought impression. AllDiscipleship1, 726:this is perhaps the major lesson which the senior disciple has to teach the neophyte. In this wayDiscipleship1, 727:and can determine the time for authorizing the senior disciple to recommend the stage of acceptedDiscipleship1, 728:the planned activities of the Ashram. Must the senior and the more advanced initiate-disciplesDiscipleship1, 728:up to them? The question therefore is: Do the senior disciples wait or do the junior disciplesDiscipleship1, 731:directed by a Master, by a group of three senior initiates and by another group of lesserDiscipleship1, 732:the outer world. The Master of an Ashram and the senior initiates in his group are responsible forDiscipleship1, 740:among occult groups) that the leader or some senior working disciple must stage situations in orderDiscipleship1, 740:of the radiation of a Master or of any disciple senior to you, then things are bound to happen inDiscipleship1, 757:and more important work. As you know, I was the senior disciple of the Master K. H. and when IDiscipleship1, 770:receive it through the vision and teaching of a senior disciple. Their service to the Plan isDiscipleship1, 778:the people who were indicated as initiates and senior disciples were entirely mediocre with noDiscipleship1, 779:written it went out, chapter by chapter, to the senior students of the Arcane School as readingDiscipleship1, 782:through their work in the school. Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are working inDiscipleship2, 8:with a Master without being dependent upon a senior disciple as an intermediary? What is it thatDiscipleship2, 11:reports (based on certain charts) from the senior disciple who has the neophyte in charge. It is inDiscipleship2, 40:also subjected to the stimulation of disciples senior to you. Impression which comes to you fromDiscipleship2, 61:where their disciples are concerned. Can the senior members in any Ashram relieve to some extentDiscipleship2, 64:of reorganization. This involves the following: Senior disciples in the major Ashrams are nowDiscipleship2, 64:in order to suit the modern mind and needs. Senior disciples are undergoing a forcing process toDiscipleship2, 76:the war, and he did this against the advice of senior disciples and of his own inner monitor. IDiscipleship2, 79:well be used also by the Arcane School for the senior students. Discipleship2, 80:Master K.H.'s disciples is now to function as senior disciple in my Ashram, because A.A.B. is noDiscipleship2, 84:with F.B. and after consultation with one or two senior students living in or around New York or inDiscipleship2, 84:There has necessarily been questioning among senior students and in this group as to what willDiscipleship2, 89:preserved. As disciples, your place is in the senior ranks of the New Group of World Servers andDiscipleship2, 90:of a disciple (usually stimulated by some senior disciple) has enabled him in thought andDiscipleship2, 109:groups are formed which consist of disciples and senior aspirants who possess self-ascertainedDiscipleship2, 135:and the Christ. It is also registered by their senior disciples, the Chohans and initiates of theDiscipleship2, 135:as we can (safely and wisely) available to our senior disciples. It might be said symbolically thatDiscipleship2, 156:in an Ashram; to initiates and to the senior Members of the Hierarchy, they convey a still higherDiscipleship2, 207:with that of the Christ and of the Masters, and senior initiates will impress the members of theDiscipleship2, 233:and is by them impressed upon the minds of the senior Members of the Hierarchy. They, in theirDiscipleship2, 245:to arise in the minds of those of you who are senior in this group. The question might be voicedDiscipleship2, 246:two Masters have handed all but a few of their senior disciples to me and to two other of theirDiscipleship2, 277:of the disciples; by this I mean not the senior initiates, but what you mean when you speak of aDiscipleship2, 329:to share, and instead presents a great deal for senior disciples to record, for which they mustDiscipleship2, 361:originating in Shamballa and registered by the senior Members of the Hierarchy. The stage ofDiscipleship2, 383:the Ashram of the Master of his ray - one of the senior Masters in connection with the seven majorDiscipleship2, 384:an initiate of the Earth initiations or, in the senior grades, as an initiate of the Sirian regime.Discipleship2, 391:with personalities, whereas the Masters and the senior initiates work with souls. When a discipleDiscipleship2, 409:on any large or group scale; many of their senior disciples have, however, emerged at varyingDiscipleship2, 412:the soul. Such hints are now constantly given by senior disciples to aspirants upon theDiscipleship2, 474:aspirants and of younger disciples which every senior disciple and initiate automatically gathersDiscipleship2, 501:leaders behind the world scene; they are the senior members of the Hierarchy, working under theDiscipleship2, 501:at their decisions after due consultation with senior workers, such as myself - Masters andDiscipleship2, 563:and watching over their junior disciples. The senior disciples and those that are called worldDiscipleship2, 563:the older and more potent Ashrams. One of these senior disciples, A.A.B., as you well know, hasDiscipleship2, 564:The Master K.H., being a Chohan and one of the senior Masters (ranking next to the Christ himself),Discipleship2, 566:in action and in service, whilst the major or senior Ashrams concern in all cases the will inDiscipleship2, 584:and are now known there and recognized by the senior workers. This you have accomplished throughDiscipleship2, 616:know that it is the rule in all Ashrams that all senior disciples have those associated with themDiscipleship2, 618:to your notice. Your work lies in training the senior students and for this you are well equippedDiscipleship2, 635:place where he works and in that antechamber his senior disciple presides. This disciple protectsDiscipleship2, 635:requires the advancing disciple to recognize the senior disciple; it is this process of recognitionDiscipleship2, 635:to serve. Then will come the moment when the senior disciple will symbolize for you the end ofDiscipleship2, 664:the things which I shall have to indicate to the senior members of this particular group of chelasDiscipleship2, 679:cooperation of two or three Ashrams. All the senior workers called in to help may not see eye toDiscipleship2, 739:in relation to your group brothers and the senior group within the Arcane School. Circumstances,Discipleship2, 740:for another year should be primarily with the senior students, and you should endeavor to have aDiscipleship2, 749:your major effort upon the work of the senior students. Have in mind always that it is spiritualEducation, 59:to have a wise teacher and some understanding senior friends. It will be apparent to you also thatExternalisation, 45:people, or the disciples of the world and the senior aspirants. The physically well and theExternalisation, 143:for much work to be done with the leaders and senior workers in such groups and with people who canExternalisation, 304:This lesser Avatar works today as one of the senior Members of the Great White Lodge and is inExternalisation, 334:servers - let love be the active force among the senior members of the group. I would like to see
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