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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENIOR

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Externalisation, 351:even then only be registered consciously by the senior disciples and initiates. The work of theExternalisation, 525:through the medium of its Chohans and its senior Directors, such as the Christ, the Manu and theExternalisation, 527:of the third degree and certain picked and senior disciples. Several of the seven affiliatedExternalisation, 528:is being more closely established via the senior Ashrams, and not via the secondary ones. You have,Externalisation, 529:World, or on to one or other of the Seven Paths; senior Masters in charge of Ashrams are takingExternalisation, 531:the Way of the Higher Evolution prepares the senior initiates is the Path of Earth Service. ThisExternalisation, 540:the outer groups, between Themselves and Their senior disciples carrying the burden of the outerExternalisation, 540:this alignment has also to be extended between senior disciples and initiates and the workers onExternalisation, 559:of the training and attitudes of Those Who are senior to them in an Ashram; they frequentlyExternalisation, 559:training and instruction. Because the senior disciples and initiates have reached a goal which hasExternalisation, 568:established and maintained with disciples and senior aspirants in the world (through whom TheyExternalisation, 569:rank of Master, but it is not true of all the senior initiates, many of whom, as they passed intoExternalisation, 570:considers this event of externalization: 1. The senior Members of the Hierarchy will not at firstExternalisation, 570:of the Mysteries, that certain of the senior Members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outerExternalisation, 572:isolated and hard-working disciples who are the senior members of the new group of world serversExternalisation, 576:Things will be relatively easy for the senior Members of the Hierarchy when They find the rightExternalisation, 581:these third ray disciples, working under the senior initiates above mentioned, will build the newExternalisation, 584:and in consultation with the Master or His senior workers. In the more usual case, the discipleExternalisation, 610:Wisdom - or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ - are working day andExternalisation, 656:under the direction of the Christ and of the senior Masters and Chohans, deciding in council theExternalisation, 661:are the Master K.H. and a chosen group of His senior initiates and disciples, of whom I am not one,Externalisation, 669:His council of helpers, the Masters and the senior initiates in the Ashrams of the third, the fifthExternalisation, 675:centers will be done slowly and gradually. A senior disciple will appear and will work quietly atExternalisation, 676:and understandingly with one of the Masters or senior initiates, is already unhappily present; itExternalisation, 677:through the presence in these localities of some senior or world disciple; it must be rememberedExternalisation, 677:as presented to them by their Masters or the senior initiates. Others have not possessed so clear aExternalisation, 680:and intuitive telepathic rapport with the senior Members of the ashram - the Masters and initiatesExternalisation, 682:life; the majority of Them, and particularly the senior Members of the Hierarchy, do not as a ruleExternalisation, 682:lead a normal and, I believe, useful life as the senior executive in a large lamasery, but my mainExternalisation, 686:voluntarily to an active stimulation from the senior "contacting minority" but relinquish the "joyExternalisation, 688:understood and recognized or interpreted by the senior Masters and by initiates of still higherExternalisation, 690:of a higher identification which conditions the senior initiates in the scale of being. Glamour, 81:is imminent and urgent for all disciples and senior aspirants. It will be apparent, therefore, toHealing, 499:their proper word-forms is given to him by some senior initiate within the Ashram or by the MasterMagic, 4:and my rank be regarded as only that of a senior student and of an aspirant to that expansion ofMagic, 168:take place. The Master confers with some of His senior disciples as to the advisability ofMagic, 168:is arrived at, for the space of two years a senior disciple acts as the intermediary betwixt theMagic, 174:even in a small way sense the vibrations of the senior disciples and the Elder Brothers of theMagic, 461:activity. The hierarchy of Masters, of the senior initiates, and disciples is proceeding steadilyProblems, 48:given them wrong standards and undermined right senior authority. A child is apt to becomePsychology1, 115:When will aspirants learn that the teachers and senior disciples in charge of them work only onPsychology1, 117:they are slowly and gradually trained by senior disciples, working from the subjective side ofPsychology1, 171:to link more closely and subjectively the senior disciples, aspirants and workers in the world. ToPsychology2, 48:emerging truths which will carry meaning to the senior disciples and the initiates of the world,Psychology2, 485:is his, and he works consciously as one of the senior members of the Hierarchy. But - and this isPsychology2, 513:Certain potencies and outer forces which the senior Members of the Hierarchy are now in process ofPsychology2, 541:organization. Can you see why, therefore, the senior members of the Hierarchy, Who work through thePsychology2, 596:then under the direction subjectively of some senior disciple who knows the needed next truth andPsychology2, 716:into humanity by the Hierarchy and by the senior workers in the first group. This first group isPsychology2, 721:influences, the disciples of the world in the senior ranks of the New Group of World ServersPsychology2, 726:leaders, and the separative instincts of the senior workers in any group, who unduly influence theRays, 16:taken - under the Law of Ascension - by Their senior disciples, the initiates in Their Ashrams, andRays, 32:the projection of the life and influence of any senior disciple into the periphery or aura of theRays, 32:upon an individual or a group by a Master or a senior disciple are usually interpreted inRays, 70:intellects - the first group dealing with the senior members of the Hierarchy and the latter withRays, 93:aspects of work being done at this time by the senior Members of the Hierarchy, and also upon theRays, 113:II), and has already been given to a number of senior aspirants, in the hope that they would profitRays, 136:plan is implemented through the medium of the senior Members of the Hierarchy, Who invoke theRays, 169:the aid of myself (the Master D.K.) and three senior and [170] initiated disciples; the objectiveRays, 213:with the inner Ashram and are therefore senior disciples, though not necessarily high initiates; itRays, 213:coordination and practical application. The senior members of the group, and those with the mostRays, 254:the Master Jesus as He over-shadowed one of His senior disciples, a very advanced initiate,Rays, 271:via the triad formed by a Master and His two senior disciples, or it is formed by three Masters allRays, 343:in which they find themselves, and those senior disciples to whose contact they are to be admitted,Rays, 370:this radiation which affects by its quality the senior aspirants in the world, and draws themRays, 370:gradually materializes on earth. Because the senior initiates, from the Christ down to initiates ofRays, 383:in the Hierarchy of the seven rays. The central, senior and major Ashram is (at this time) theRays, 383:you have in this fact another reason why the senior Ashram is second ray in quality. Invocation isRays, 394:In this manner They become aware of how many senior disciples will be needed to take over theRays, 417:undertakes to do; and many initiates and senior disciples are becoming aware of the significance ofRays, 543:for him through the mediation of some disciple senior to him; and finally, he becomes conscious ofRays, 596:humanity to consider; there are, however, senior disciples who are preparing for this initiation,Rays, 617:that purpose - known only to Him and to the senior members of the Hierarchy. Should politics be theRays, 705:for Whom they wait will be one of Christ's senior disciples, but it will not be, as originallyRays, 707:all the rays, working on the physical plane as senior workers for humanity under the Hierarchy;Rays, 707:of the Ashrams. The Masters feel that these senior disciples and initiates (being on the spot)Rays, 717:of the will, rightly focused, that enables the senior Members of the Hierarchy to implement thatReappearance, 13:and upon certain work being done at this time by senior Members of the Kingdom of God, the ChurchReappearance, 57:Wisdom - or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ - are working day andReappearance, 69:and cooperation of the Masters and the senior initiates. This was inevitably so, because TheirReappearance, 72:coming being known only to Him and a few of His senior workers; yet all of these future events lieReappearance, 87:the first two initiations, aspirants (trained by senior disciples) find their way to Christ, WhoReappearance, 96:pass to the work which awaits Him. One of the senior disciples of the Christ, ranking next to theTelepathy, 6:among the adepts, the initiates and the senior disciples who are in physical plane bodies. Now theTelepathy, 70:of Impression conditions the relation between senior and junior members in the various Ashrams. AllTelepathy, 76:public by aspirants today. Teachings given by a senior or more advanced disciple on the innerTelepathy, 76:bear the impress and conclusions of the senior disciple and are frequently of value; they may - andTelepathy, 186:functioning upon the physical plane. Then, some senior disciples from each of the threeTelepathy, 195:they remain fixed upon the Master and His senior disciples and workers, and not upon the mass of
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