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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Atom, 107:[107] ordered sequence, usually. The first sense it develops is hearing; it will move its head whenAtom, 107:its head when there is a noise. Then the next sense to be noted is that of touch, and it begins toAtom, 107:to feel about with its little hands. The third sense which seems to awaken is that of sight. I doAtom, 110:better and greater. Man is beginning [110] to sense the vibration of that greater Life within WhoseAtom, 153:going on within all atoms (using psychic in the sense of the subjective consciousness) which isAutobiographyto which she was sensitively attuned, the sense of futility and therefore of negativity of men ofAutobiography, 7:and if I can give strength and courage and a sense of reality to other workers and disciples thatAutobiography, 10:corner." I never found that religion, or common sense platitudes - as usually dished out - help inAutobiography, 13:eye. My friends (and I use the word in its true sense) have ranged all the way from the very lowestAutobiography, 14:have definitely acted as an intermediary in the sense that certain teaching which the Hierarchy ofAutobiography, 21:activities. Mystics are people with a tremendous sense of dualism. They are ever seekers, aware ofAutobiography, 22:self-dramatized center of my little world. This sense of better things somewhere and a capacity toAutobiography, 23:thus dismissing the loneliness, and the false sense of isolation and peculiarity which are suchAutobiography, 27:it is - but we could do with that trained sense of responsibility and of duty to others among theAutobiography, 29:person to whom I felt "anchored." She gave me a sense of "belonging" and was one of the few peopleAutobiography, 30:will note. That reaction of hers gave me a new sense of values. It made me furiously [31] to think,Autobiography, 40:certain fashion that it was the Buddha. I had a sense of recognition. I knew at the same time thatAutobiography, 49:more knowledge. The people who fill me with a sense of compassion and the recognition of the needAutobiography, 49:in those early days and I had not then the sense to be amused at myself. I was in deadly earnest.Autobiography, 59:of humanity and also for her rippling sense of humor. I loved her most, I believe, because IAutobiography, 69:of me. I had no experience and, therefore, no sense of relative values. Things that did not matterAutobiography, 90:never have had and this in spite of a very real sense of humor which has often saved my life. I'veAutobiography, 92:the work. So with great determination and with a sense of inner heroism I pledged myself to aAutobiography, 94:carry on because, as she told me, she liked my sense of humor, she recognized my basic integrityAutobiography, 95:tucked into bed. I think I gained a certain sense of proportion and also the [96] knowledge howAutobiography, 97:as I was too ill to have any judgment or common sense left. I relaxed under her skillful handlingAutobiography, 100:Looking back, I am conscious of the fact that my sense of humor temporarily failed me, and whenAutobiography, 100:When I say "humor" I don't think I mean a sense of fun but an ability to laugh at oneself andAutobiography, 100:and equipment. I don't think I have a real sense of fun; I simply do not understand the "Comics" inAutobiography, 100:and I can never remember a joke; but I have a sense of humor and have absolutely no difficulty inAutobiography, 102:can turn into a fanatical revolution, and a sense of responsibility and superiority frequentlyAutobiography, 108:servant and you are an English lady and I've got sense enough to know it. There are things I knowAutobiography, 117:with three children and lots of bills. He had no sense of money; cash that I might give him, orAutobiography, 132:that he had learned anything and evidenced no sense of responsibility where the children and I wereAutobiography, 132:up writing to him and began to feel a great sense of relief because he was so far away. TheAutobiography, 134:was talking about. Nothing that he said made any sense to me. One reason was that in those days IAutobiography, 146:always right. The cautiousness, reticence and sense of superiority of the British is something fromAutobiography, 149:two hill men but most stupidly had not had the sense to hammer loudly on my door and call out, inAutobiography, 152:it does come we shall have learned a different sense of values and will not be using our divineAutobiography, 157:were with our friends and co-executives, but our sense of justice and our adherence to theAutobiography, 164:is clearer, taking care, always, to preserve the sense as given. I have never changed anything thatAutobiography, 164:it all honestly and then discover it does make sense and evokes intuitive response. This work ofAutobiography, 184:with our children that they have very little sense of responsibility or self discipline whilst inAutobiography, 185:and their army officers, who have given them no sense of direction, no sense of responsibility andAutobiography, 185:who have given them no sense of direction, no sense of responsibility and no true standard ofAutobiography, 212:growing and inside myself I was gaining a sense of assurance and a recognition that I had found theAutobiography, 219:it more than most people do, and it was the sense of the oneness of humanity that I wanted theAutobiography, 226:She was highly intelligent; with a strong sense of humor and a well developed investigating spirit.Autobiography, 226:besides myself and my husband who registered a sense of lasting loss. The brooch that sheAutobiography, 229:life some of the old tradition and a strong sense of relationship with the source in the 19thAutobiography, 230:to serve one's fellowmen plus a definite sense of [231] spiritual guidance, emanating from theAutobiography, 234:by disciples and spiritual aspirants who know no sense of separateness, who see all men alike,Autobiography, 251:at all. All are, however, animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and haveAutobiography, 256:a mental polarization, a heart development and a sense of real values. The Masters brought beforeAutobiography, 263:in its membership, fostering an unwholesome sense of mystery and presenting only those half truthsAutobiography, 266:energies with which he must deal and dimly to sense that which lies behind them - the soul in itsAutobiography, 271:leader, because humility indicates vision and a sense of proportion. These teach him that each stepAutobiography, 279:discriminative judgment. Given these, plus a sense of humor, an open mind and no fanaticism, theAutobiography, 282:for they only get discouraged and labor under a sense of failure and this is bad for all concerned.Autobiography, 284:do with occult obedience, but is simply common sense. Occult obedience is a spontaneous reaction ofAutobiography, 300:and group action produced in the end a sense of joint responsibility and an established andAutobiography, 301:errors and unfortunate aspects were in a certain sense inevitable and do not justify criticism ofAutobiography, 301:equipped to deal intelligently and in a common sense manner with world conditions. This she knewBethlehem, 8:and so on into eternity; for all things in the sense-connection of life are inwardly connected, andBethlehem, 9:and which remains eternally truth, in the cosmic sense, in the historical sense, and in itsBethlehem, 9:truth, in the cosmic sense, in the historical sense, and in its practical application to theBethlehem, 12:we have interpreted these words in too narrow a sense, with too sentimental and ordinary anBethlehem, 35:of fuller, richer service. Step by step, their sense of divinity has grown, and their awareness ofBethlehem, 38:"The Soul - I use the term in the most general sense to mean the center of experience which as aBethlehem, 79:of our souls, yet at the same time preserving a sense of proportion, retaining the affection ofBethlehem, 97:forced upon us, and as a consequence a truer sense of values must eventuate. A cleansing from wrongBethlehem, 102:aware of his divinity in a new and factual sense, not just as a deeply spiritual hope, anBethlehem, 107:believer who endeavors to reconcile common sense, Christ's divinity, and the devil. Was it possibleBethlehem, 120:we can receive but because we have the developed sense of divinity, then the forces of divine lifeBethlehem, 121:and financial stringency may re-establish a lost sense of values and enrich the heart withBethlehem, 124:synthesizing intellect does not doubt in this sense; it questions and waits. [125] But it is in theBethlehem, 125:upon the disciple. Perhaps, after all, that sense of divinity which has hitherto upheld theBethlehem, 125:There have been moments when there has been "a sense of Divine access as different from otherBethlehem, 125:as original and inexplicable, as Sex or as the sense of Beauty - as hunger or thirst," (TheBethlehem, 125:momentary flash of an awareness. Let us put this sense of divinity to the test and see if, with theBethlehem, 126:but also the potency of past experience. If the sense of God has persisted in the world for untoldBethlehem, 127:be a definite source of danger to its owner. The sense of power, the knowledge of achievement, theBethlehem, 130:with no loss of personal prestige, usefulness or sense of identity. It is not enforced or demandedBethlehem, 150:and they stood before The Presence. The sense of awe, of wonder and of humility is ever anBethlehem, 156:wherein a synthesis appears and leaves us with a sense of fitness, of integration, of purpose andBethlehem, 158:where this experience is concerned. We sense dimly and distantly its wonder and its finality. WeBethlehem, 166:than do failure and neglect. Self-pity, a sense of martyrdom, and resignation are potent andBethlehem, 166:that farsighted wisdom which produces a correct sense of values and a proper sense of proportion. Bethlehem, 166:produces a correct sense of values and a proper sense of proportion. Bethlehem, 169:if business, as we understand it in the modern sense, is to survive. Upon what is this generalBethlehem, 173:And caves where the cave-men dwell; Then a sense of law and beauty, And a face turned from the clodBethlehem, 181:must be recognized, first of all, in the cosmic sense. The cosmic Christ has existed from allBethlehem, 185:the knowledge of that event; so in a planetary sense, the four kingdoms of nature do the same,Bethlehem, 191:is not a miracle in the strict and crude sense of the term, any more than the Resurrection, whichBethlehem, 193:there has been, for a long time, a growing sense of sinfulness, of contrition, and of an almostBethlehem, 193:today psychologists have to deal. Against this sense of sin, with its concomitants of propitiation,Bethlehem, 196:of a developed conscience, a capacity to have a sense of values, and (as the result of that) theBethlehem, 196:is also realized, it necessarily follows that a sense of division and of failure is developed; manBethlehem, 196:and surely different punitive approaches. As our sense of God changes and develops, and as weBethlehem, 202:lost unless he is "saved" in the orthodox sense of the term. To St. James, sin is acting against
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