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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Discipleship1, 143:an unusual one; it must be faced with common sense, loving understanding and wisdom. You must takeDiscipleship1, 144:to work through others, awakening them to a sense of responsibility and galvanizing them intoDiscipleship1, 148:must be to relax, not so much in the physical sense as in the inner mental attitudes. So much ofDiscipleship1, 148:in the inner mental attitudes. So much of your sense of inadequacy and so much of your inability toDiscipleship1, 152:fourth ray personality that - in a most peculiar sense - it has little life of its own. It isDiscipleship1, 161:into this work with sure courage and with no sense of pressure. Blend the wise methods of theDiscipleship1, 165:It is impossible to do good work where a sense of failure or lack of attainment is found. One thingDiscipleship1, 166:with due attention to the time factor and with a sense of urgency. This will [167] negate all lostDiscipleship1, 167:problem and help your progress as a worker: The sense of responsibility shines forth in flickeringDiscipleship1, 167:fire in every soul you meet. Ponder on this. The sense of sacrifice is faintly seen in every soulDiscipleship1, 167:go with that which can be seen. Teach this. The sense of comradeship is surely known by each andDiscipleship1, 167:it forth. The comradeship of burdens shared, the sense of deep response to need, the comradeship ofDiscipleship1, 170:you do your work with little effort, a proper sense of values and a detachment which is based onDiscipleship1, 173:have much real patience and hence have felt no sense of pressure. Those of us who teach from theDiscipleship1, 175:to press forward at all costs and yet some sense of failure, based largely upon physical fatigueDiscipleship1, 175:that word in its more technical, psychological sense) which would give the sense of reality to theDiscipleship1, 175:psychological sense) which would give the sense of reality to the outer work. But this trainedDiscipleship1, 175:even if they cannot express to you wherein they sense the change. To change your meditation is notDiscipleship1, 175:pours like a steady current through my life. I sense it in my attitude to life, [176] and in theDiscipleship1, 183:and the perfection of duty is to be found a sense of contributing to the assuagement of the worldDiscipleship1, 204:also the problem of right compromise, and a true sense of the time values. The life period ahead ofDiscipleship1, 206:given you that you would register it [206] as a sense of greater inner certitude and assurance,Discipleship1, 207:your major limitation is in a peculiar sense a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One wayDiscipleship1, 207:enhanced potency which is at present lacking. A sense of time and of its relation to the soul isDiscipleship1, 208:in your case, though not exactly in the sense that your personality would apply my words. Time hasDiscipleship1, 208:come to a fresh understanding of time and to a sense of the urgency and importance of each momentDiscipleship1, 217:in the truest and the most significant sense, the past few months have constituted an intenseDiscipleship1, 220:truly comprehend your problem and work with a sense of synthesis. It is not so much the mysticalDiscipleship1, 221:conditions: A loneliness which is based on a sense of isolation. This is due also to the sense ofDiscipleship1, 221:on a sense of isolation. This is due also to the sense of isolation which the first ray alwaysDiscipleship1, 228:- more progress than you yourself can perhaps sense. I say this to you for your encouragement. InDiscipleship1, 232:had, up to the age of forty-three, no real group sense. You came into incarnation to gain it andDiscipleship1, 233:Ray of Power, of isolation, detachment and the sense of uniqueness, and the third Ray ofDiscipleship1, 233:Intelligence, which is apt to bring with it the sense of pride of intellect. This latter you haveDiscipleship1, 235:definite training for initiation. In a certain sense, therefore, you have been accepted as a chelaDiscipleship1, 240:have written to you thus, my brother, because I sense the tension of your nature and yourDiscipleship1, 240:in the right light and - dare I say it? - with a sense of humor!) disappear. Go forward with freshDiscipleship1, 242:own thought. You are not jealous in the ordinary sense of the word because your pride refuses toDiscipleship1, 246:one to be helped to you yourself, in a personal sense and frequently a subsequent rebound away fromDiscipleship1, 250:learn to hold the mind steady in the light, your sense of proportion must inevitably be wrong andDiscipleship1, 252:those to be instructed and loss of the constant sense of the little self. The practicing ofDiscipleship1, 253:not. As one gets older in the physical sense (a thought which you ever evade, my brother) there isDiscipleship1, 258:of the will-to-love (either in the material sense or in the spiritual). It is, therefore, allied toDiscipleship1, 260:by the Law of Re-Appropriation in the spiritual sense. Upon this fact I would ask you to ponder.Discipleship1, 267:static condition; there may be times wherein the sense of futility is deep and real. But none ofDiscipleship1, 276:into my mind as I look at you and feel for you a sense of [277] gratitude for your pastDiscipleship1, 277:for your past consecration to the Plan and a sense of hopefulness for your future service. First: IDiscipleship1, 278:of intuitive perception and your capacity to sense reality. I call your attention to this. I amDiscipleship1, 279:From this concretizing faculty, owing to your sense of beauty and your sense of the essentialDiscipleship1, 279:faculty, owing to your sense of beauty and your sense of the essential values, you are singularlyDiscipleship1, 281:hour its full quota of work or rest, without the sense of undue pressure or rush. When the timeDiscipleship1, 283:we all know, through art. It conveys a general sense of beauty, color and inspiration, and thus itDiscipleship1, 283:in the field of art. This conveys a different sense of beauty, color and inspiration, clothed inDiscipleship1, 284:attentiveness, and when you hear the unheard and sense the intangible, endeavor to formulate itDiscipleship1, 285:which you can "bring through" that which you sense, and this is for you a much needed and immediateDiscipleship1, 285:possesses no spiritual objective, no mystical sense and no real powers of intuition and innerDiscipleship1, 287:a needed step in the integrating process; the sense of the abstract and the formless was undulyDiscipleship1, 287:one whose imagination, love of beauty and the sense of inner reality shut you away from the worldDiscipleship1, 289:mind will awaken, and feeling (in the personal sense) fade but. Feel free, but be sure that it isDiscipleship1, 289:that it is not a freedom demanded because the sense of failure to organize your time and reduceDiscipleship1, 292:eliminate the consciousness of strain and the sense of pressure. You belong to the work to be doneDiscipleship1, 293:will intrigue the aspirant, or give to him a sense of my keen personal interest. I would not helpDiscipleship1, 294:you more radiant and attractive in the spiritual sense. This would increase your usefulness inDiscipleship1, 295:issues forth" conveys now somewhat to your inner sense of hearing. You are, as I believe I earlierDiscipleship1, 298:been times of real growth, even if you yourself sense it not. Yet, regarding yourself as a memberDiscipleship1, 299:one-pointed intention (using this word in the sense in which the Catholic uses it) of a group.Discipleship1, 305:will form part of your meditation. Achieve a sense of inner poise and quiet, yet at the same time,Discipleship1, 305:the establishing of a contact with me. Seek to sense my aura and to tune in on my group, of whichDiscipleship1, 308:[308] and to power in all relationships. A right sense of proportion does not necessarily involveDiscipleship1, 311:opportunity for a carefully chosen word, and the sense of reticent security which you can convey toDiscipleship1, 313:day with slow and measured thought, and with no sense of haste and no looking for results. TheDiscipleship1, 329:all the strengthening that they can get and the sense of reliant confidence which comes from theDiscipleship1, 331:your case, based upon three things: A realized sense of divinity, of the beauty of the life of theDiscipleship1, 331:of real ugliness) she there "wallows" in the sense of failure. This ability to see such failure andDiscipleship1, 331:failure. This ability to see such failure and to sense at the same time the beauty of divinity isDiscipleship1, 332:S. U. is harder than yours because (through her sense of inferiority brought about by the second ofDiscipleship1, 332:gigantic thought-form - and also upon her racial sense of inferiority. Her distress is deep seatedDiscipleship1, 333:The vibration of your group of co-disciples. You sense this group of mine most potently andDiscipleship1, 334:I say to you here I say to all disciples. You sense also the vibration of two in this group ofDiscipleship1, 334:in when that sensed link of love is absent. You sense at times also my own vibration. This can beDiscipleship1, 336:person for in due time and inevitably a proper sense of proportion will emerge. But it does matterDiscipleship1, 336:of personality emergency, you sacrifice your sense of truth or your friends. Your emotional body isDiscipleship1, 337:to give you at this time, my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See that it continues soDiscipleship1, 341:long and hard lesson for you to attain a better sense of proportion, a more correct judgment and aDiscipleship1, 343:awaken the creative imagination and release your sense of specialized force in certain areas. ThatDiscipleship1, 353:into your consciousness and there - without any sense of strain or pressure - it will be graduallyDiscipleship1, 360:a faint inner disgust with yourself and a sense of failure which - if persisted in - may damage theDiscipleship1, 360:as with other knowledges you acquire. Your inner sense of inferiority (a racial inheritance) is aDiscipleship1, 360:by the radiant kaleidoscope of truth which you sense and contact. You are handicapped by yourDiscipleship1, 370:and rarely to be found. It is here that the sense of separateness enters in, for that first rayDiscipleship1, 370:tendency does to you two things: It feeds your sense of separateness and thus tends to isolate you.Discipleship1, 371:This you know and to this you refer with a sense of blinding failure. How can I help you,Discipleship1, 372:your desire to hold people away from you, your sense of isolation and of pride will dominate. TheDiscipleship1, 373:of your racial background will increase your sense of withdrawing from all personality contacts. ItDiscipleship1, 373:European, and partly a totally unnecessary sense of social and personal inferiority. You assureDiscipleship1, 377:the first Ray of Will or Power. This gives you a sense of centralization, of uniqueness andDiscipleship1, 387:mark has been reached for you in the ordinary sense and under the law of normal development. It canDiscipleship1, 387:of your life cycle (in the broader and wider sense) will not be reached yet for many lives and,Discipleship1, 389:if you move slowly, ponder deeply and feel no sense of pressure. Revelation will come through quietDiscipleship1, 395:and tendency of the mental plane to produce a sense of isolation (which can be enjoyed in the
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