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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Discipleship1, 400:they are oft offset by the pouring in of a sense of inner release. The compensations on the Way areDiscipleship1, 414:you are ever to function as a disciple, is the sense of spiritual values. If you can learn thisDiscipleship1, 414:injunction) and the other is to develop a sense of humor, a real (not forced) capacity to laugh atDiscipleship1, 417:body is not too strong, and if there is any sense of drive or of pressure, your work and serviceDiscipleship1, 417:many people but give them less time, not from a sense of hurry but in order to do better and moreDiscipleship1, 425:emerge - the glamor of depression, based on a sense of spiritual inferiority which is notDiscipleship1, 425:evidenced much spiritual pride; you had a strong sense of separateness, and a highly developedDiscipleship1, 426:you have to face. I warned you against the deep sense of inferiority which sometimes handicaps yourDiscipleship1, 433:incarnation. You are learning it. With a sense of inner freedom, you must learn to function as aDiscipleship1, 444:word "observation"? Observation in the spiritual sense is a faculty which grows out ofDiscipleship1, 450:you were admitted into this group relation a sense of freedom in approaching you. You have learnedDiscipleship1, 453:the requirements of the New Age - again as you sense and interpret these. I will, therefore, giveDiscipleship1, 456:the effort, the ability to stand steady when the sense of futility seems to overwhelm, and theDiscipleship1, 460:I make no attempt to preserve more than the sense. Phrase I. For the mind. "Like a golden butterflyDiscipleship1, 470:of the power to love with purity, with no sense of distinction, and with that love which theDiscipleship1, 474:The future will be of your own making in a truer sense than ever before. There is no present momentDiscipleship1, 476:In loving other people in the true and spiritual sense and in serving them (no matter who or whatDiscipleship1, 479:Liberation. There is hatred in your heart and a sense of strong distaste for some you know and whoDiscipleship1, 483:nations of the world. Evoke and cultivate the sense of the immanent beauty of drama, and note theDiscipleship1, 483:diary; note also the lessons to be learnt as you sense and study them. This diary will reveal toDiscipleship1, 490:past, and to go forward into the new life with a sense of freedom and with a just appreciation ofDiscipleship1, 492:(as the Latins call it)? What leads to your sense of physical ill and to the gloom and depressionDiscipleship1, 493:clarify the issue. Reason out the causes of your sense of frustration and of blocking - bothDiscipleship1, 493:your paralleling sources of content. Cultivate a sense of the relative values, comparing your lifeDiscipleship1, 496:of the will, the spiritual will. Your physical sense of being ill is due purely to spiritualDiscipleship1, 497:to be more and more outgoing, in a subjective sense, to those with whom you have to work, for yourDiscipleship1, 497:you yourself are concerned, and a cultivated sense of values will protect you. I point out theseDiscipleship1, 499:for that purpose that I have chosen them. Your sense of inner contact, the power to intuit, and theDiscipleship1, 500:to you is the necessity for preserving a due sense of proportion, a just sense of values and theDiscipleship1, 500:for preserving a due sense of proportion, a just sense of values and the avoidance of allDiscipleship1, 500:tendency to crystallize. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humor and a tendency to play, bearing inDiscipleship1, 503:always sensed. You have, at the same time, a sense of being blocked and frustrated in your idealsDiscipleship1, 503:that you do not stay there. The reason for this sense of frustration (as I could easily prove toDiscipleship1, 506:they ever give you discomfort, and a haunting sense of failure. Each morning for five or tenDiscipleship1, 509:1936, you should have reached a point where the sense of inner freedom will be so strong that youDiscipleship1, 518:and for whom they feel - rightly or wrongly - a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stageDiscipleship1, 521:has materialized upon the physical plane as a sense of real fatigue and has climaxed in a period ofDiscipleship1, 540:to be commended in that you have preserved your sense of the goal and succeeded in fulfiling yourDiscipleship1, 541:to your personality environment and condition; a sense of values should be apparent to you whichDiscipleship1, 541:render you creative in a newer and more powerful sense, and make you so magnetic that you willDiscipleship1, 544:to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense of proportion, the necessary realization asDiscipleship1, 544:accurately defined. This, too, your friends may sense, and being not free from human error and,Discipleship1, 550:in the cultivation of patience and a right sense of proportion. I would call your attention withDiscipleship1, 557:for many cycles and their potency (in a positive sense) is wearing out, which is the approachingDiscipleship1, 557:for the excessive misery complex, the sense of inferiority, and the pining-for-release psychologyDiscipleship1, 557:in spite of physical limitations, and the inner sense of weariness will then be carefully negatedDiscipleship1, 576:It must learn simply to reflect, both in the sense of quiet thought and in the sense of a quietDiscipleship1, 576:both in the sense of quiet thought and in the sense of a quiet radiance. Then your thoughts willDiscipleship1, 577:from over-intensity and thus gain a truer sense of proportion. The Hierarchy waits with patienceDiscipleship1, 579:of release and are freed for service in a sense that was before not possible. Now I ask you to takeDiscipleship1, 582:both sensitive and inclusive - in the highest sense of those words. Such a mind is a basicDiscipleship1, 586:bring about in you the following conditions: A sense (sometimes unrealized) of separativeness.Discipleship1, 587:those who are handling them that there is no sense of being apart, no critical reaction and noDiscipleship1, 591:the lines (more than from what you say) I sense in you a definite change of heart which is leadingDiscipleship1, 602:MY BROTHER: When I think of you, it is with a sense of enquiry, of loving kindness and also with aDiscipleship1, 602:of enquiry, of loving kindness and also with a sense of urgency. The years slip by; those who lookDiscipleship1, 602:who look on at the lives of aspirants have oft a sense of this urgency - an urgency that theDiscipleship1, 602:of ambition has been broken and crippled but a sense of futility must not take its place. TheDiscipleship1, 611:personality prefers, and which intrigues your sense of sin (I say this with a smile, brother, butDiscipleship1, 611:conviction of wrong doing) and, feeding your sense of drama, enables you to say: "Now I know," whenDiscipleship1, 619:pressure of a deep spiritual discontent and a sense of thwarted and frustrated aspiration. ThereDiscipleship1, 624:compassion," you only respond in a secondary sense. The awakening of this compassion should be oneDiscipleship1, 628:because of your much cherished and deeply rooted sense of isolation. This was developed in yourDiscipleship1, 628:at the center, both in its right and noble sense and in its personality and wrong sense. ThisDiscipleship1, 628:and noble sense and in its personality and wrong sense. This attitude produces a sense of identityDiscipleship1, 628:and wrong sense. This attitude produces a sense of identity and of selfhood which hindersDiscipleship1, 632:angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense my vibration. Try to realize at the same timeDiscipleship1, 641:only success or some kind of achievement. Your sense of values is sound, but needs shifting on to aDiscipleship1, 643:Then you will be of no use in the real and true sense of the word. Mistake me not, my brother. IDiscipleship1, 647:the quality in you which gives you an ordered sense of color, proportion and of harmony in yourDiscipleship1, 650:that you add to these two fine capacities, the sense and power of Rest, for that is what you need.Discipleship1, 657:you have ever really grasped the truth that the sense of being at the center of the stage in yourDiscipleship1, 657:your second ray soul really dominates, that sense which now controls (the sense of being always atDiscipleship1, 657:dominates, that sense which now controls (the sense of being always at the center, the focal pointDiscipleship1, 658:deflected away from yourself and your dramatic sense of self-pity. You have great wisdom and canDiscipleship1, 658:felt. There is almost a chance that your sense of drama and of self-pity will cause you to lose theDiscipleship1, 661:You would then be in a position, really, to sense the importance of the work, the uniqueness ofDiscipleship1, 663:there have been four such moments, in the major sense - each of them preceded by a period ofDiscipleship1, 664:certainly constitute a powerful help and bring a sense of life and love which negatives the ancientDiscipleship1, 680:established idealism. The achievement of a finer sense of values. Rest, amusement, idleness,Discipleship1, 682:good work. The task of the modern disciple is to sense need and then to meet it and this, again, isDiscipleship1, 682:stage, he is occupied with the achieving of a sense of proportion and a right inner adjustment soDiscipleship1, 685:must be the elimination of all hate and all sense of separateness and the evocation of good willDiscipleship1, 687:Then comes a vision, revealed by the "common sense" of the mind. This [688] demonstrates in itsDiscipleship1, 688:A man becomes a World Disciple in the technical sense when the vision is to him an important andDiscipleship1, 688:no one to reveal the Plan to him. He knows. His sense of proportion is adjusted to the revelationDiscipleship1, 689:are always accepted disciples in the academic sense of the term and are able to render themselvesDiscipleship1, 690:responsibilities. I seek to develop in you that sense of world need and that capable usefulnessDiscipleship1, 690:Masters is to develop in their disciples a world sense which will enable them to see the immediateDiscipleship1, 696:because of similarity of ideas, even though they sense and express those ideas far less clearlyDiscipleship1, 708:to blast them wide open, give them a deep sense of insecurity as to the formulas and symbols of theDiscipleship1, 708:- to enter the secret place of initiation with a sense of blindness (or loss of direction) and withDiscipleship1, 729:aid and the criticism which is based on a sense of personal superiority and a love of faultDiscipleship1, 731:truths and Plan, according to their ability to sense the need and to bring the need and the mediumDiscipleship1, 735:by correct orientation; this necessitates a true sense of values and freedom from those minorDiscipleship1, 735:is a most revealing question and is based on a sense of individual need and also on group need. ItDiscipleship1, 737:events in the life of the little self and a sense of proportion which enables the disciple to seeDiscipleship1, 744:opportunity arise. The disciple has developed a sense of proportion as to the work and the relativeDiscipleship1, 749:of life who need it. But he has arrived at a sense of right proportion and of correct organizationDiscipleship1, 769:the Plan and the glory of the goal - and not a sense of self-depreciation over which you gloat and
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