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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Discipleship1, 771:which is destructive and hateful (in the true sense of the word), doing all that can be done toDiscipleship1, 783:at all. All are, however, animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and haveDiscipleship1, 788:a mental polarization, a heart development and a sense of real values. Knowing all the above, andDiscipleship2, 4:you work and as a group you go forward. [4] The sense of criticism and wrong reaction to eachDiscipleship2, 19:were and profited thereby, or else he failed to sense their import and so delayed his movingDiscipleship2, 24:He is either working constantly under a sense of pressure and of haste or he is "strolling alongDiscipleship2, 34:all life, the identity of purpose and the close sense of relationship which characterizes anDiscipleship2, 34:stress is that of the preservation of a right sense of proportion. This leads to right parallelingDiscipleship2, 45:the intangible world of values, involving a new sense of proportion, a new range of values and newDiscipleship2, 46:inner affiliations. But, my brothers, such a sense of loneliness is only another form ofDiscipleship2, 54:moment of attempted or achieved contact; by the sense of expectancy which the emotional natureDiscipleship2, 59:division is also taking place. In a peculiar sense, and speaking largely symbolically, [60] theDiscipleship2, 67:general usefulness. 4. The evocation of a strong sense of the soul within the personality. AnDiscipleship2, 68:and a general atmosphere of unhappiness, plus a sense of superior knowledge. All this is expressedDiscipleship2, 79:stimulus given to their love nature, and their sense of universality has been developed, in orderDiscipleship2, 94:idea cannot take form as a group ideal. The sense of separateness is still present. It is a senseDiscipleship2, 94:sense of separateness is still present. It is a sense which has been laboriously developed - underDiscipleship2, 95:You hope some day to arrive at this basic sense of inclusiveness which is characteristic of theDiscipleship2, 96:the replies will give to your group brothers a sense of relationship with you, a feeling of sharedDiscipleship2, 99:years of training under his instruction? Can you sense my vibration at any time? How do you knowDiscipleship2, 105:latter is based upon inspiration (in the occult sense) from Shamballa. The moment a disciple canDiscipleship2, 108:integration. They are people in the fullest sense of the term although they may yet be lacking anyDiscipleship2, 109:In the last analysis, it indicates a superficial sense of false values, and seventy per cent ofDiscipleship2, 123:3. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense the initiatory vibration or embryonic interplay whichDiscipleship2, 141:you (if you worked with faithfulness) a growing sense of planetary relationship, from theDiscipleship2, 143:you may be attached. By "attached" I mean the sense of relationship and not devotion or affection.Discipleship2, 143:and adhering thereto. In the spiritual sense, the motivation will be loving responsibility; in theDiscipleship2, 143:be loving responsibility; in the personality sense, it will be sentient emotion. As an aid to yourDiscipleship2, 149:and its well-known mystical Christian sense. Christ has never left the Earth. What is referred toDiscipleship2, 157:is an inclusive word, in the hierarchical sense; it is, at the same time, one easily recognized byDiscipleship2, 159:This Invocation is also unique in the sense that it invokes all the three divine aspects. It isDiscipleship2, 163:alter and change man's attitude to life, his sense of values and his use of time. All this has beenDiscipleship2, 176:also susceptible of interpretation in a personal sense, regarding the personality as the microcosmDiscipleship2, 183:the door where evil dwells," in the personality sense. The Invocation, when rightly used byDiscipleship2, 183:word "evil" here in a very much wider and larger sense than when individually [184] used. All theseDiscipleship2, 184:- The throat or creative center in the planetary sense. The disciple and the Hierarchy - The heartDiscipleship2, 186:and the relation of time and the event. A right sense of timing is something that every worker forDiscipleship2, 186:training involves the cultivation of a correct sense of timing. This will prevent the disciple fromDiscipleship2, 197:to a betterment of his daily life in a material sense, or which will make living possible, isDiscipleship2, 199:future requires. It is also - in a unique sense - the technique whereby the Masters themselvesDiscipleship2, 207:or expressing itself - in the evolutionary sense. There are also universes and solar systems whereDiscipleship2, 210:Lords of the seven Rays. They are, in a peculiar sense, the creative agents of life as it streamsDiscipleship2, 213:spoke scientifically and also in a planetary sense when he said: "As a man thinketh in his heart,Discipleship2, 224:the planet and is fused and blended in a solar sense with the Voice of him who has brought all intoDiscipleship2, 232:information but the introduction of common sense and progressive ideas into theology, and the shiftDiscipleship2, 233:dealt with the masses from the angle of common sense and physical plane helpfulness. Have this everDiscipleship2, 256:need for humility. This involves: An adjusted sense of right proportion. A balanced point of view.Discipleship2, 269:course needed; wisdom must be present, but the sense of universality is also required andDiscipleship2, 281:with the hierarchical Plan in a wide and general sense, and finally reaches the point where heDiscipleship2, 286:as the Savior of the planet, in the same sense as the world Saviors come forth for the salvaging ofDiscipleship2, 287:b. This sacrifice was imperative in the fullest sense, owing to the ability of the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 288:he may eventually form a part; he begins to sense that behind these Lives there stand great BeingsDiscipleship2, 293:it therefore constitutes in a very real sense the world of causes and of initiation. As man theDiscipleship2, 293:and perceived. It is the mind (the common sense, as it used to be called) which utilizes theDiscipleship2, 296:understood esoterically and not literally: 1. A sense of planetary relationships. Instead of theDiscipleship2, 297:synthesis, towards wholeness, towards the sense of the entire, towards totality. For all these fourDiscipleship2, 297:but today I may only indicate direction. 2. A sense of "intelligent supervision. This must beDiscipleship2, 297:the future and fate. This is as yet an embryonic sense or entirely new avenue of perception andDiscipleship2, 297:to imagine as a step towards development. 3. The sense of orientation to humanity. I presume youDiscipleship2, 297:so decentralized that automatically the sense of "others" is [298] far stronger in you than theDiscipleship2, 298:"others" is [298] far stronger in you than the sense of personality or of the lower self. Let yourDiscipleship2, 298:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V 4. The sense of registered impression. With this newDiscipleship2, 298:the divine Plan down the ages. This produces a sense of synthesis and this sense of [299] synthesisDiscipleship2, 298:This produces a sense of synthesis and this sense of [299] synthesis ties the man into the planDiscipleship2, 299:for the disciple in training to associate the sense of synthesis and the use of the will togetherDiscipleship2, 299:with the will, its nature and what it is. 6. The sense of that which is imminent. This concerns theDiscipleship2, 299:the first lessons in the esoteric field is the sense of timing, with which that which is imminentDiscipleship2, 300:to another, from one power to another, one sense to another, and from point to point ofDiscipleship2, 300:It is to the mind what the mind, as the common sense, has been to all the five senses. Think thatDiscipleship2, 302:method will be to develop in the disciple the sense of synthesis and of "place" in the One World,Discipleship2, 306:develop in you the power to use the interpretive sense - one of the new senses as far as experienceDiscipleship2, 326:hypothesis without outraging your common sense or violating your intention, that I do ask you to doDiscipleship2, 327:effects of initiation. This will not even make sense to you until certain initiate-experiences haveDiscipleship2, 328:so that they become constructive in the group sense and cease to be destructive. NothingDiscipleship2, 337:efforts of the money-maker, and do both with a sense of self-righteous congratulation. The oldDiscipleship2, 340:effective. Neither good Karma, resulting in a sense of bliss, nor bad Karma, resulting in a senseDiscipleship2, 340:a sense of bliss, nor bad Karma, resulting in a sense of penalty and related to a conviction of sinDiscipleship2, 342:This would involve occult obedience in its true sense. Do I work with an inner program, and are myDiscipleship2, 358:and ignorantly at first, but with a growing sense of responsibility, of relation and of direction.Discipleship2, 358:carry with them to the Ashram the registered sense and the acute realization of the basic changesDiscipleship2, 360:human planning conforms to that pattern. He must sense where nonconformity originates and whatDiscipleship2, 368:process is entirely concentrated around the sense of sight, with its consequent effects and resultsDiscipleship2, 378:disciple regard as astounding revelations. Their sense of values is in error. There is a groupDiscipleship2, 379:but in all of them and - in a peculiar sense - at the sixth Initiation of Decision; of thisDiscipleship2, 380:for pain and the suffering of sacrifice in the sense of complete abnegation of all that might beDiscipleship2, 381:so that the personal self is handled with a just sense of proportion [382] but is not regarded asDiscipleship2, 390:- from the angle of the esoteric science - the sense of responsibility is the first and theDiscipleship2, 395:of consciousness, but he develops also a sense of proportion which has a stabilizing and soundDiscipleship2, 405:of Energy which is the redemptive process (in a sense which you cannot possibly understand)Discipleship2, 414:a mental type, he is unfolding rapidly a correct sense of proportion, and is therefore urged byDiscipleship2, 423:then to include rapidly develops and his sense of awareness can (after the sixth Initiation ofDiscipleship2, 425:I paraphrase the statement and thus give you a sense of significance which will give youDiscipleship2, 430:but serves only to feed individual pride and the sense of personality achievement, it isDiscipleship2, 430:to constructive endeavor and towards a common sense approach to this subject. My reason for soDiscipleship2, 434:spiritual truths. They convey an increasing sense of eternal livingness, activity and movement; theDiscipleship2, 445:these days but you lack not courage, and the sense of inner reality will hold you true to the goalDiscipleship2, 449:I. Focus Seek to ascertain in a wide and general sense where your major life focus is established.Discipleship2, 451:and knowing no past or future, but only a sense of Being (faintly and dimly, because this sense isDiscipleship2, 451:sense of Being (faintly and dimly, because this sense is a monadic prerogative) and of relationshipDiscipleship2, 451:I use this word in its most technical sense and as the Masters use it when attempting to incline
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