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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Education, 88:of men awakened, creative and possessing a true sense of values [89] and a sound and constructiveEducation, 89:itself has proved. It will be only common sense, however, to realize that this integration is notEducation, 89:trying to bring to the mass of human beings a sense of responsibility for human happiness and humanEducation, 91:with confidence. Clear thinking, much love and a sense of true compromise (note this phrase) willEducation, 93:the knowledge, the consciousness aspect or the sense of awareness in the child in such a mannerEducation, 95:that continuity of consciousness, or that sense of unimpeded awareness, which will finally end theEducation, 96:finally end the fear of death, [96] negate all sense of separateness, and make a man responsive inEducation, 102:objective has been self-betterment in a material sense. This has been strikingly aided where anyEducation, 103:These will automatically follow when the sense of awareness is steadily unfolded. The future ofEducation, 104:of humanity as a whole is definitely good. His sense of world awareness is definitely growing, hisEducation, 105:all this is to breed in the race a deep seated sense of material and social ambition and also anEducation, 105:to shoulder responsibility and its growing sense of the real values of the standards of life. TheEducation, 105:of the real values of the standards of life. The sense of responsibility is one of the firstEducation, 107:be to preserve individual integrity, promote the sense of individual responsibility, encourage aEducation, 107:time there will be an effort to intensify the sense of citizenship, both in the tangible outerEducation, 113:perception." I use this term in a far wider sense than is usually the case, and would have youEducation, 113:to grasp and to intuit ideas. The ability to sense the unknown, the desirable and the desired. TheEducation, 113:discoverers and inventors. The power to sense, register and record the good, the beautiful and theEducation, 116:to the group good, and so free from all sense of separateness, that their minds present noEducation, 116:who could be termed 'religious' in the ordinary sense of that word, but they will be men ofEducation, 117:must be taught to react to a higher and better sense of values. Millions of human beings are nowEducation, 124:whole, without his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality. Whether he joins aEducation, 127:instinctive, self-engrossed in the physical sense, and unable to register any wider contacts thanEducation, 128:provided opportunity for the development of the sense of responsibility for the care of the family.Education, 129:experienced to the less experienced. Thereby the sense of protection is developed, which is theEducation, 129:and misinterpreted. It is in reality the sense of synthesis or of identification and of "each forEducation, 129:and of "each for all and all for each." This sense is being developed today as never before, but itEducation, 130:harmoniously and [130] rhythmically. It is the sense of right relations, carried forwardEducation, 131:have to be interpreted in no sentimental sense, or in the coin of current ideas, but always fromEducation, 140:and too abstract and farfetched to make much sense. I would have you remember that much which isEducation, 148:being has also to become creative in the mental sense of the term and must repeat the process, forExternalisation, 5:to a group of souls and brothers who know no sense of separateness, but only differ over problemsExternalisation, 6:knowledge is so poor that the majority have not sense enough to proceed with caution and toExternalisation, 15:of the esoteric schools at this time is their sense of separateness and their intolerance of otherExternalisation, 28:it is occultly called. One illumined mind would sense the divine idea, needed for the growth of theExternalisation, 32:of Christ or the world religions in the exoteric sense and in any [33] race or time. Positive toExternalisation, 43:add to the two above: Mental healers in the true sense of the word. Most mental healers undulyExternalisation, 43:of illumination in the technical and academic sense, and of the power of light to dispel illusion.Externalisation, 50:of its members cultural aspirants, with a new sense of values, with a recognition of spiritualExternalisation, 55:characteristic of the human consciousness is the sense of the Innermost or the Real, a recognitionExternalisation, 60:personal uses, both in the good and in the evil sense. I do not, however, intend to write aExternalisation, 62:and disciples that there is no need for the sense of futility or for the registration ofExternalisation, 69:give a conviction of hierarchical potency and a sense of illumination. It will, however, do thisExternalisation, 78:of his own separative tendencies and of his deep sense of persecution. He will do this latter withExternalisation, 79:such as yourselves, to urgent service and a full sense of responsibility; if men and women with allExternalisation, 79:at this time. You can realize, perhaps, the sense almost of frustration which could sweep over meExternalisation, 79:are preoccupied with their own affairs have no sense of immediacy and prefer to concentrate uponExternalisation, 80:preoccupation with life and a growing sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility, whichExternalisation, 80:life and a growing sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility, which is awakening in allExternalisation, 81:is out of all proportion to their registered sense of power and usefulness. You are, as youExternalisation, 98:thinking people and in those who are in any sense of the word personalities. The method employedExternalisation, 99:which I have defined above, plus that esoteric sense which must be unfolded before the secondExternalisation, 99:perceive the subtle evidences of the esoteric sense, and then define it and explain its processesExternalisation, 102:of the ordinary human consciousness. It is this sense of union and of at-one-ment which is theExternalisation, 108:been offset to some extent by the growth of the sense of relationship everywhere and by the spreadExternalisation, 116:of the new civilization through which humanity's sense of life can express itself. The mother diesExternalisation, 126:proletariat (I use these words in their general sense and simply because of their significance andExternalisation, 132:recognition of subjective realities and a real sense of the higher values can and frequently doExternalisation, 136:It is equally the recognition of a renewed sense of the need for change and the wise engineering ofExternalisation, 140:the aspirants of the world had no true sense of values but were content to give a little time toExternalisation, 189:involved, on a belief in God, and on a common sense which is determined to establish security,Externalisation, 191:The new world order will be founded on an active sense of responsibility. The rule will be "all forExternalisation, 193:the new world order should develop in humanity a sense of divinity and of relationship to God, yetExternalisation, 193:must constitute a primary responsibility. The sense of security must be put on a firm basis - theExternalisation, 195:has vision, but at the same time he possesses no sense of fusion with other peoples. There is noExternalisation, 195:the whole picture. It will be developed when the sense of racial superiority is killed; when racialExternalisation, 196:far less difficult of solution. Sound common sense can solve it. There are adequate resources forExternalisation, 205:[205] love of one's fellowmen and sound common sense are prerequisites of all demanded service. MenExternalisation, 212:as I do that all roads lead to God and that the sense of divinity is so dominant and inherent inExternalisation, 214:who, through selfish material interests, plus a sense of separative superiority, or distance fromExternalisation, 214:democracies and republics. Fear, terror and a sense of helpless futility govern the reactions ofExternalisation, 218:loyalty and idealism? Are you governed by a sense of individual futility - that weapon which theExternalisation, 237:the Allies (e'en though it lacked worldly common sense) that their preparations for war provedExternalisation, 244:whole, and his help is needed, and thus the sense of individual futility is negated. To the mostExternalisation, 246:up the cause of humanity, hiding not behind the sense of futility and seeking no alibi in aExternalisation, 246:resources with complete confidence because his sense of values is adjusted. He knows that humanityExternalisation, 253:using phrases in both the simple and the occult sense. Externalisation, 262:of all time have as yet failed even to register, sense or vision - all three aspects escapingExternalisation, 268:divine Consciousness which is open to the human sense of awareness, if sufficiently enlightened andExternalisation, 268:by Them. Worship, the power to adore and the sense of awe (which is one of the highest aspects ofExternalisation, 268:are emotional in origin and based upon the sense of duality, and therefore upon feeling. TheseExternalisation, 268:upon the Path he forgets worship; he loses all sense of fear, and adoration fails to engross hisExternalisation, 271:willingly undertaken and motivated by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protectiveExternalisation, 272:One will reveal and which is based on a right sense of proportion, correct Self-respect, andExternalisation, 287:human intelligence and aspiration can only sense Their essential nature; Their spiritual potencyExternalisation, 299:which - focused in Them in an extra-planetary sense - could stimulate the deeply hidden and latentExternalisation, 311:are an overwhelming love of humanity and a sense of proportion. The only requirements today forExternalisation, 313:based upon a deep, inner depression, to a sense of human failure and to an introspectiveness whichExternalisation, 329:religious bias, no political antagonisms and no sense of exclusiveness. From then until the closeExternalisation, 332:that Hierarchy is seeking contact; and a right sense of proportion. One of the difficulties whichExternalisation, 334:aspect which must be guarded against, not in the sense that it must not be permitted expression,Externalisation, 334:it must not be permitted expression, but in the sense that it must be motivated by love, harnessedExternalisation, 335:will require spiritual energy, sound business sense, skill in action and financial support.Externalisation, 336:strain, lack of balance and sometimes [336] a sense of separation, leading if continued, toExternalisation, 336:it is necessary then to intensify the inner sense of unity. Differentiations are easy, for theyExternalisation, 340:to take valuable time to bring them to a proper sense of values and to the realization thatExternalisation, 341:and for all, and - for ever after - be free in a sense not hitherto known. This conflict falls intoExternalisation, 363:of the times also and the development of the sense of proportion, plus an enforced return toExternalisation, 378:plans and schemes for world betterment, and by a sense of his own utter unimportance and futilityExternalisation, 380:what he has. In this way, his normal and natural sense of futility will disappear, and he will
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