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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Healing, 545:major factor in breaking down separateness and a sense of aloneness and isolation; that is why theHealing, 545:a broadening of the sympathies. Sharing and a sense of general participation has usually to beHealing, 545:and in the life of mankind - the first being the sense of responsibility), then ill health willHealing, 546:murderer - ever the symbol of hate. As yet, the sense of universality and of identity with all isHealing, 546:herd instinct must not be confounded with the sense of Oneness which marks the rightly orientedHealing, 561:against a person or a group, or again where the sense of being abused is present, there is a realHealing, 562:here indicated enough to show the danger of a sense of frustration and a morbid (even if at theHealing, 566:"depression, an inferiority complex, and the sense of failure." This particular source of disease,Healing, 586:will - has not been understood in any useful sense. Today, the first faint hints as to the use ofHealing, 586:begin this work of "saving" - in the esoteric sense, needless to say - these other grouped lives.Healing, 587:and life in abundance and in a new and impelling sense, and a fresh impulsing sense can also flowHealing, 587:a new and impelling sense, and a fresh impulsing sense can also flow through humanity into theHealing, 599:dealing, and so give to the individual patient a sense of proportion, where his bodily ills or evenHealing, 605:The cure then is more lasting, and there is no sense or period of psychic shock, which can be theHealing, 611:registering the fact that it is simply common sense and the part of wisdom to better conditions forHealing, 615:mechanism. This is true in the involutionary sense, in the evolutionary sense, and in a spiritualHealing, 615:in the involutionary sense, in the evolutionary sense, and in a spiritual sense also; this latterHealing, 615:in the evolutionary sense, and in a spiritual sense also; this latter is slightly different to theHealing, 616:be revealed, and one is related in a peculiar sense to the healing quality of love. According toHealing, 629:requiring always the use of the "esoteric sense" (whatever is meant by that) in order to arrive atHealing, 638:the will (if such a word can be applied to the sense of coherency which distinguishes the spirit ofHealing, 640:body; the man, therefore, dies, in the usual sense of the term. [641] The planetary life says, "TheHealing, 666:good and evil, and this not in a theological sense - as stated by the church commentators - butHealing, 685:of that divine principle which we call the sense of responsibility, and which - when unfolded -Healing, 686:soul control. The [686] fulfilment of duty, the sense of responsibility, and the desire to serveHealing, 687:I use the word "life" in its deepest esoteric sense. In Shamballa, where the emerging Purpose ofHealing, 689:which he must respond not only by means of the sense of hearing and its higher correspondences, butHealing, 690:perforce give way to the word "deep," in the sense of penetration. Having said this, brother ofHealing, 692:which make him "substantial" (in the esoteric sense) and a new factor in time and space. TheHealing, 711:by a subtle - though usually unrecognized - sense of superiority with which the average healer andHercules, 15:prove to me the nature of this freedom which you sense. Again in Leo, will you meet the lion. WhatHercules, 19:when the other two have been slain. [19] This sense of duality is the first stage of the spiritualHercules, 21:midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden sense are drawn forth which dwell in its shade andHercules, 22:is a most common fault with aspirants. Their sense of proportion is frequently at fault and theirHercules, 22:of proportion is frequently at fault and their sense of values distorted. The balanced and saneHercules, 25:at-one-ment with the soul, impressed upon him a sense of vocation. He was pledged to the spiritualHercules, 46:and in both the symbolical and the astronomical sense it attracts. We have seen that in this signHercules, 51:the bull is ridden to the mainland. Use common sense. The ancient meaning of the word "commonHercules, 51:sense. The ancient meaning of the word "common sense" was that there was a sense which synthesizedHercules, 51:of the word "common sense" was that there was a sense which synthesized and unified the five sensesHercules, 51:the five senses and so constituted a "common sense", literally, the mind. Let the aspirant use hisHercules, 51:guide and control the bull of desire. If common sense is used, certain dangers will be avoided.Hercules, 52:Through control, through the use of common sense, by a right understanding of celibacy, and by [53]Hercules, 58:the apples." But again, he was arrested by a sense of deep distress. Atlas confronted him,Hercules, 60:into wisdom. Knowledge, we know, is the quest of sense, whilst wisdom is the omniscience of theHercules, 82:he gets his first touch of that more universal sense which is the higher aspect of the massHercules, 92:the word "ship" quite frequently in a symbolic sense, speaking of the "ship of state", the "ship ofHercules, 92:becomes the world server in Aquarius and has no sense of separateness. The Lesson of the Labor WeHercules, 94:of consciousness, that highly developed sense of awareness, which gives to the disciple a vision ofHercules, 118:love on". For it appears, that a villain in this sense is merely a narrow-minded, rather uncouthHercules, 131:of life may be transformed by a beneficent sense of humor. Much of what people regard with graveHercules, 131:into the development of discrimination. In a sense, truth does not exist for human beings, for allHercules, 133:motive of service thus takes root in his life, a sense of service based on a realistic appraisal ofHercules, 138:Francis of Assisi tamed by his love for it, and sense of oneness with it. Some highlights from theHercules, 146:as the power of synthesis that results in a sense of identification with all living things? TheHercules, 146:problems of this nature. Comfort. An eternal sense of dissatisfaction spurs man to ever greaterHercules, 146:with possessions and blunted by the beguiling sense of comfort, the spirit wilts and fades. TheHercules, 159:than you are. You have to get rid of the sense of "I am". That is the whole story of the life ofHercules, 173:you are an initiate. We should lay emphasis on a sense of proportion and the status of evolution.Hercules, 173:thing and they become inflated. This shows no sense of proportion. This sign symbolizes the thirdHercules, 177:"pure"? We use the word largely in its physical sense but "pure" really is freedom from theHercules, 178:secret of rebirth. (The Tibetan). When a true sense of reality supersedes both earthly andHercules, 183:be fully with us, but only fully with us in the sense that we shall be entering it and PisceanHercules, 190:being an initiate and having much common sense, which real initiates always have, went down fromHercules, 203:time to think about "being loving" in the usual sense. You can perhaps create such an atmosphereHercules, 229:must not be something wholly outside us, in the sense that it has no understanding of ourInitiation, 4:futility of dogmatism. We can do no more than sense a fraction of some wonderful whole, utterlyInitiation, 5:(using the word "fact" in the scientific sense as that which has been demonstrated past all doubtInitiation, 9:first initiation will become esoteric, in this sense only, that the taking of the first initiationInitiation, 10:into something. It posits, in its widest sense, in the case we are studying, an entrance into theInitiation, 44:experience, thus making existence in its deepest sense possible, so the World Teacher directs thatInitiation, 59:Neither of them takes pupils in the same sense that the Master K. H. or the Master M. take pupils.Initiation, 71:consciousness, and also its vast importance. His sense of proportion is adjusted, and he seesInitiation, 72:consciousness, viewing the Master in a two-fold sense: As his own egoic consciousness. As theInitiation, 79:an instrument of destruction in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes the force whichInitiation, 82:Holiness is he who has counted the cost, whose sense of values has been readjusted, and whoInitiation, 100:It is only sought here to impart a greater sense of reality to the data already given by a fullerInitiation, 105:Existences. It is literally true, in an occult sense, that "not a sparrow falleth" without its fallInitiation, 113:becomes aware of the God within, not through the sense of hearing, or through attention to theInitiation, 114:and of group vibration, and through this occult sense of touch he accustoms himself to that whichInitiation, 119:by the initiate - through the newly aroused sense of occult sight - of [120] the part he has playedInitiation, 170:self-conscious and self-reliant in the occult sense, and to become creators through perfectedInitiation, 174:and amazed Master, and he realizes in a sense incomprehensible to man the fact that all is fire andInitiation, 179:a higher three are considered so in the real sense of the word, and only those in which a manInitiation, 190:inner side, and it corresponds, in an occult sense, to the pupil of the eye. The real home of theseInitiation, 191:are close to the Logos in a personal intimate sense, pass to the Path of absolute Sonship. It isInitiation, 193:keen to serve, those who are weighed down with a sense of world need, and the personal [194]Initiation, 197:the need that all applicants have for common sense; this factor is very often lacking, and studentsInitiation, 197:members of the Hierarchy. Equilibrium, a just sense of proportion, a due regard for environingInitiation, 197:for environing conditions, and a sane common sense are the marks of the true occultist. When a realInitiation, 197:are the marks of the true occultist. When a real sense of humor exists likewise, many dangers willInitiation, 207:the personal self on the other. In the fullest sense, therefore, this rule incites the applicant toInitiation, 220:the "verbum" and the "word" in its metaphysical sense. (See John 1, 1-3.) Lord of Civilization (SeeInitiation, 221:Mantrams Verses from the Vedas. In the esoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or powerInitiation, 221:of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances thatIntellect, 5:enlarging self-mastery, as the spiritual sense of such discipline as the Yoga joins with the soberIntellect, 10:a reasoning mind. We possess the rudiments of a sense which we call the intuition and, with thisIntellect, 13:animals, and that something Cicero defines as a 'sense of order and decorum and measure in deedsIntellect, 14:of the mind) which enables them to do more than sense and enjoy. They understand; they know, andIntellect, 14:these knowers of divine things and those who sense the vision is very slight. There is, however, a
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