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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Intellect, 32:education in the East is purely directed towards Sense-understanding, which... is the only way thatIntellect, 32:only by personal creative application... Sense-perception always means giving a thing a meaning;Intellect, 32:to the outside. Therefore, knowledge (in the sense of information) and understanding in reality,Intellect, 38:He says: "There is, I submit, an intelligible sense in which it may be said that, in the ascendingIntellect, 38:supernatural to that which precedes it. In this sense life is supernatural to the inorganic;Intellect, 41:truly creative and self-conscious in the highest sense and active in its environment, manifestingIntellect, 53:name of 'soul' is generally given. In the strict sense of the word, 'soul' belongs to every beingIntellect, 54:consequent recognitions, which develop into that sense of oneness with all beings and with theIntellect, 55:other than dualistic... There is, however, a sense in which he may, under suitable definition,Intellect, 61:and of service. Meditation in the eastern sense is, as we shall see, a strictly mental process,Intellect, 69:senses..." "The mystic insight begins with the sense of a mystery unveiled, of a hidden wisdom nowIntellect, 69:certain beyond the possibility of a doubt. The sense of certainty and revelation comes earlier thanIntellect, 69:or insight or intuition, as contrasted with sense, reason and analysis, which are regarded as blindIntellect, 69:close at hand, thinly veiled by the shows of sense, ready, for the receptive mind, to shine in itsIntellect, 81:question, although not actually realized in the sense in which we here [82] intend it, exists noneIntellect, 86:of the mind as a synthesized, or common sense, and governs its use [87] in relation to the world ofIntellect, 91:strive and suffer amid the illusions of time and sense. We have to overcome before we can enterIntellect, 92:chaotic world in which our destiny places us. We sense a certainty which ever eludes us; we striveIntellect, 95:man who can think, and who can utilize the sixth sense, the mind, to produce certain specificIntellect, 108:The withdrawal of the man's attention from the sense perceptions and his learning to center himselfIntellect, 111:is regarded as in [111] the nature of a sixth sense, and the brain as a receiving plate. We areIntellect, 115:meaning is that which lies behind the subjective sense and which is veiled by the idea or thoughtIntellect, 123:Universal Mind. This mind is distinguished by a sense of Wholeness, and of synthesis. The entireIntellect, 125:that they convey, are focused into that "common sense," which was the name that mystics such asIntellect, 125:turn, it becomes a sensitive apparatus (a sixth sense, if you like) which registers "the things ofIntellect, 133:There seems (in the majority of cases) no sense of security or certainty of repetition, and only aIntellect, 136:career. It is the end of his efforts, in the sense that he can do no more, but it is destined toIntellect, 153:"I would define illumination as an overwhelming sense of oneness with The Whole." - Hall, W.Intellect, 155:state entails a vision of the Absolute: a sense of the Divine Presence: but not true union withIntellect, 156:to the life of every day, and, frequently, a sense of depression and disappointment that the highIntellect, 157:satisfaction, for the mind is the "common sense," and in its highest use is dowered with theIntellect, 160:and the experience of ecstasy. There is a sense of completion, of satisfaction and a joyousIntellect, 167:the Loved One is great, but always there is the sense of duality, of something other or beyond thatIntellect, 169:two predominant effects, usually. There is a sense or an awareness of a light in the head, andIntellect, 179:us with clarity by Patanjali as follows: "The sense of personality is due to the identification ofIntellect, 182:as those words may be), is devoid of all sense of separateness; hence the union with God is aIntellect, 191:in imagery and symbolism and have a stronger sense of duality than perhaps any other religiousIntellect, 194:God, and the same subsequent Illumination. All sense of separateness has disappeared. Unity withIntellect, 195:it is so identified with the sumtotal that all sense of separateness disappears. Naught is left butIntellect, 200:At the same time there is also registered a sense of loss. The old dreamy states of bliss andIntellect, 200:disappear; and, temporarily, they experience a sense of aridity, of lack and of an [201] emptinessIntellect, 213:Practice of Meditation The various avenues of sense perception are brought into a quiescentIntellect, 213:The five senses are dominated by the sixth sense, the mind, and all the consciousness and theIntellect, 214:are being steadily synthesized by the sixth sense, the mind. This is the coordinating factor. LaterIntellect, 217:free from intrusion. I do not mean quiet in the sense of freedom from noise, for the world is fullIntellect, 219:secondly, they frequently lead to a delightful sense of superiority, that has its basis in ourIntellect, 222:he opened up the inner hearing in the psychic sense. He said in his letter to me, "As I write toIntellect, 230:but if the mind is kept actively intent upon the sense and meaning, much hard and focused thinkingIntellect, 233:harmful, inasmuch as they breed a constant sense of failure. A little consistent and faithful workIntellect, 239:direction, but devotion, unbalanced by good sense and brains, leads to much stupid action and muchIntellect, 247:is almost beyond belief. They certainly lack a sense of humor at least. The point that everyIntellect, 253:to the discriminating mind and ordinary common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, andIntellect, 253:ordinary common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, and take themselves far tooIntellect, 253:They seem to leave behind them their good sense, when they enter a new field of phenomena. It isIntellect, 256:leading to headaches, to sleeplessness, to a sense of fulness, or to a disturbing vibration betweenIntellect, 256:the very top of the head. Sometimes there is a sense of blinding light, like a sudden flash ofIntellect, 256:for himself a good deal of trouble. Again common sense comes into play, and with the reduction ofIntellect, 256:to suggested rules, and the use of common sense, are now doing their thirty minutes' or an hour'sIntellect, 257:apply as in the first set of cases: - common sense and a careful and slower use of the meditationIntellect, 265:practical mystics, who, banded together in the sense of a divine unity, work in practical ways onMagic, 22:with that undefinable unseen part which we sense, but which remains in a large sense unrevealed,Magic, 22:which we sense, but which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even by the manMagic, 45:of manifestation, from the strictly physical sense. This web of life is the subjective analogy toMagic, 54:to have enabled them to develop a fairly true sense of values. I assume they are endeavoring toMagic, 54:peter out into disappointment and a weighty sense of failure. It is the tortoise and not the hareMagic, 67:will become public property, and others will sense what you think. Thought has, therefore, to beMagic, 68:choice still remains in which neither common sense nor logical, discerning reason seem to help. TheMagic, 69:he can wait, resting back upon an inner sense of direction, knowing that in due time he willMagic, 69:let not the man who should use his common sense and take a line of action based upon the use of theMagic, 70:the lower mind, the employment of a sane common sense and the forgetfulness of selfish comfort andMagic, 82:consciousness is not recognized in a scientific sense. It is recognized [83] innately by those ofMagic, 100:and of understanding, and this in the esoteric sense. These three aspects of light carry threeMagic, 113:do not carry us very far, for the capacity to sense a man's ray is not for this race as yet.Magic, 115:rightly if you employ it only in a scientific sense and mean the contrasting pole that leads toMagic, 120:be taken; some of the vision can be seen, the sense of the Presence can be felt; the Beloved can beMagic, 121:is inconceivable. Is it not possible dimly to sense a state of affairs in mental realms analogousMagic, 132:for work fall into three groups: Those who can sense the plan and are commissioned to work it out.Magic, 132:are blind to the greater issues. Those who can sense nothing except those things which concernMagic, 132:that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be used by the Master, isMagic, 135:also they can work for the uplift (in the occult sense) of humanity and thus aid evolution on everyMagic, 136:the disciples in the world, and their ability to sense the higher vision and to achieve at the costMagic, 136:must be developed in many people, and their sense of values adequately adjusted before this group,Magic, 140:and leaders will be found among those who sense the inner issue. Leadership that endures does notMagic, 146:and, through the information conveyed by the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, theMagic, 148:[148] embryonic condition there is a devastating sense of loss, a groping in the dark, and a periodMagic, 150:other than the phenomenal world. In the higher sense this is the stage of contemplation, that "lullMagic, 162:the occult and therefore in the more important sense) by their own thought-forms. Thought creation,Magic, 174:inner side of life, who can even in a small way sense the vibrations of the senior disciples andMagic, 176:liberated from discouragement; with a keen sense of proportion; a right judgment in all things; aMagic, 192:and the Virgin Mary - in the individual sense, which is a finite parallel of an infinite Reality -Magic, 193:of the phenomena of other states of being. A sense of values will be lacking, and the aspirant willMagic, 195:a man into his group life. He loses the sense of separateness, and finally emerges into the fullMagic, 200:the teacher has failed him and so succumbs to a sense of futility and depression. However, thisMagic, 215:correspondence to the soul. In a most mysterious sense, the soul is the eye of the monad, enablingMagic, 216:this will carry knowledge. To the ignorant no sense is seen for a sense lacks." The elemental ofMagic, 216:To the ignorant no sense is seen for a sense lacks." The elemental of the air symbolicallyMagic, 222:is to dissociate his own aura in the emotional sense from that of his surroundings and much time isMagic, 225:most truly make our climate in one significant sense. When desire has burnt itself out, planetaryMagic, 240:spoken words. I would suggest also sound common sense and the cultivation of an attitude of mindMagic, 274:and the planetary Logos, are beginning to sense the dynamic impulse of the greater Whole, and even
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