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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Magic, 627:the selfishness of the race has thus grown; its sense of acquisitiveness has developed and theMagic, 627:have the intense individualism and the positive sense of importance which have produced much of theMagic, 633:instance, they have in the political field, a sense of internationalism, but they cannot apply itMagic, 634:senses the vision and has therefore a truer sense of relative values than ever before. Men knowMagic, 634:apparent or real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamor and disappointment,Magic, 635:time a distressing lack of proportion, and no sense of humor whatsoever. I urge upon you toMagic, 637:becomes fogged and misty and he "loses the sense of touch" as it is called in the old commentaries.Meditation, 10:aspire to that which is unknown, to realize and sense within himself the pairs of opposites, and toMeditation, 11:plane of perfected personality in the concrete sense of the word, and from the lower vision. ThatMeditation, 54:Sound, in an occult and deeply metaphysical sense, stands for that which we term "the relationMeditation, 57:the sounding of the Sacred Word in its sevenfold sense, comes the escaping from the shattered [58]Meditation, 72:organ of emotional vitality, again in the same sense as providing a link; on the mental plane itMeditation, 74:spine is the most active in the purely rotary sense and not in a fourth-dimensional. The inner fireMeditation, 90:the teacher who can be trusted. Trusted in what sense? Trusted to think in group terms and not inMeditation, 93:but if used without discrimination and without a sense of time in evolution they may lead to aMeditation, 93:for the occult student to have a virile common sense for one of his basic qualities, coupled with aMeditation, 93:one of his basic qualities, coupled with a happy sense of proportion that leads to due caution andMeditation, 98:the animal and vegetable kingdoms in a lesser sense, so that the evolving inner man has to workMeditation, 100:If to these essentials is added common sense in meditation and a wise application of occult rules,Meditation, 104:can be guarded against by the use of common sense, and by remembering that the body must ever beMeditation, 105:the student adheres to the rules of common sense, that he studies wisely his own temperament, andMeditation, 109:meditation. To be practical, full of common sense, to know the curriculum of the Hall of LearningMeditation, 123:of a man towards the left-hand path. In this sense it is a disguised blessing. Let us deal firstMeditation, 138:[138] A recognition of the use of common sense and the application of this common sense to theMeditation, 138:common sense and the application of this common sense to the matter in hand. Sleep much and, inMeditation, 142:view (I use The term "selfish" in the scientific sense and not as a belittling adjective) and theMeditation, 156:between the real and the unreal, and until his sense of proportion is wisely adjusted, theMeditation, 176:of soul. Through rites and ceremonies you can sense the devas and reach them, but not in the sameMeditation, 179:loss of vitality - guarded against, not in the sense of shutting oneself off from stimulating forceMeditation, 181:water, earth or fire, understood in an occult sense. I have dealt here with the risks run by anyoneMeditation, 192:express it - or acting directly in a stimulating sense on the centers of the body. These threeMeditation, 214:and are not esoterically understood in the same sense as you might imagine from the use of theMeditation, 221:the blood," just as the microcosm, in a lesser sense, does in process of evolution. Violet. In aMeditation, 231:of real spiritual application in a practical sense. Much that I have imparted to you has providedMeditation, 249:is the form and force of virtue (in the occult sense) in the inner life. I have summed up theMeditation, 257:we hope to stand where They are now standing. We sense beauties and glories surrounding us that asMeditation, 261:solar system. Through meditation the geometrical sense of proportion is adjusted, the sense ofMeditation, 261:geometrical sense of proportion is adjusted, the sense of values is clearly recognized, and throughMeditation, 261:place to His. He has sanctified (in the occult sense) the Quaternary, has used it as the foundationMeditation, 263:for meditation is the one means whereby the sense of separateness is transcended, and unity withMeditation, 267:whilst be is under observation, he can only sense and hold the group vibration (which is theMeditation, 283:word "sanctification," as you know, in the basic sense signifies the complete surrender of theMeditation, 291:even dizziness, and if at the top of the head a sense of expansion with a feeling of fullness, asMeditation, 295:may see, suddenly he may hear, suddenly he may sense a vibration, and then forever he may say thatMeditation, 313:and embraces all that lives - lives in an occult sense. This necessitates, during the period ofMeditation, 346:of all. He cultivates serenity, stability, and a sense of secure dependence on God's law. A joyousMeditation, 349:of his environing associates, provided his inner sense of contact with Those Who guide and leadMeditation, 355:the "verbum" and the "word" in its metaphysical sense. (See John 1:1-3.) Lord of Civilization seeMeditation, 355:Mantrams Verses from the Vedas. In the esoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or powerMeditation, 356:of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances thatPatanjaliof concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. 36. By meditation upon Light andPatanjali, 15:cognition through the avenue of the senses, each sense, when in use, putting its user into contactPatanjali, 17:use by the soul as an organ of vision, a sixth sense, and the synthesis of all the five otherPatanjali, 17:has been perceived; the testimony of the sixth sense is correctly interpreted, and the evidence isPatanjali, 18:accepted disciples. The translation gives the sense, and is not literal. "Let the one who looks outPatanjali, 21:eventuate in the conscious relation between the sense employed and that which is sensed. Apart fromPatanjali, 21:the fact. By withdrawing himself from active sense perception, by no longer [22] utilizing thePatanjali, 22:and a condition of passive receptivity, with the sense relations cut off or atrophied, is not partPatanjali, 22:of the contacts of the senses without the sixth sense, the mind, superseding their activities. InPatanjali, 22:body, where the brain does not respond to any sense contacts; Sleep of the vrittis, or of thosePatanjali, 24:low desires, aspirational or degrading, in its sense of pulling down) and their knownPatanjali, 24:and recognizes as emanating from the five lower sense perceptions. Those mental images, latent inPatanjali, 24:evoked by the right use of the mind as a sixth sense. All these forms of the memory faculty have toPatanjali, 26:is the one thing that eventually brings all sense perceptions to perform their legitimatePatanjali, 26:and is the master of his senses and of all sense contacts. This does not involve a state whereinPatanjali, 27:of applying to the mind (regarded as a sixth sense) the same restraint that the five lower sensesPatanjali, 36:the aspirant to yoga can control his organs of sense-perception so that they no longer telegraph toPatanjali, 38:be poured into the physical brain via the sixth sense, the mind. The science of yoga is a realPatanjali, 49:expands into infinity. In the macrocosmic sense God is the Master of all and He is the sum total ofPatanjali, 56:Word of the fifth, the Aryan race, in a special sense. The work of that race is to reveal in aPatanjali, 67:for material and sensuous things. It is love of sense perceptions and attraction for all thatPatanjali, 78:of concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. We are dealing with those forms ofPatanjali, 79:word detachment. The aspirant (as he makes his sense contacts and through the medium of the fivePatanjali, 79:therefore shifts slowly out of the realm of the sense vehicles into that of the "dweller in thePatanjali, 79:teaching gives the following suggestions: Method Sense Result 1. Concentration upon the tip of thePatanjali, 80:of the senses and as the analyzer of all his sense perceptions, he gradually becomes more mentallyPatanjali, 80:through definite meditation upon any specific sense. Through an understanding of the laws ofPatanjali, 81:of concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. Method IV. Sutra 36. Head center. ByPatanjali, 84:is that as the organs of perception and as the sense contacts are continually negated by the realPatanjali, 84:is overcome. He stands then free from his lower sense nature. This results in a correspondingPatanjali, 84:longer subject to the modifications produced by sense reactions of any kind, either those we callPatanjali, 85:the Christ, who have freed Themselves from all sense reactions. This thought is brought out in somePatanjali, 85:uses the word "dream" in a much more technical sense than does the westerner and this must be fullyPatanjali, 92:same [92] for all: Recognition, the use of the sense organs, including the sixth sense, the mind,Patanjali, 92:the use of the sense organs, including the sixth sense, the mind, in appreciation of the form andPatanjali, 94:to discriminate and to use the mind as the sixth sense, arriving thereby at that subjective qualityPatanjali, 98:contact through acute perception or clarified sense. In the commentary found in Woods' translationPatanjali, 99:the tanmatras, the indriyas, or the senses, the sense organs and that which is sensed. These can bePatanjali, 102:transcend definition. He is aware, in a full sense, of his direct Spiritual Identity. Patanjali, 102:the idea involved is that of purity in its true sense, meaning "freedom from limitation," andPatanjali, 104:for him mistake is in the future impossible; his sense of values is correct; his sense ofPatanjali, 104:impossible; his sense of values is correct; his sense of proportion is exact. He no longer isPatanjali, 104:alone. The word "exact" is used in its occult sense and deals with the outlook of the PerceiverPatanjali, 106:three worlds (mind, emotion and the things of sense, or the [107] " world, the flesh and thePatanjali, 107:all of them limited and imperfect. They are: Sense perceptions. In this method the dweller in thePatanjali, 108:faculty which safeguards him from error and of a sense which only reveals to him things as theyPatanjali, 109:all lesser consciousness. Yet, in a certain sense, that which is viewed as part, even by the visionPatanjali, 112:producing hindrances: avidya (ignorance) the sense of personality, desire, hate and the sense ofPatanjali, 112:the sense of personality, desire, hate and the sense of attachment. 4. Avidya (ignorance) is thePatanjali, 112:impure, painful and the not-self. 6. The sense of personality is due to the identification of the
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