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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSE

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Patanjali, 369:that of our solar system. Lesser existences may sense it as a possibility but it is not yet part ofPatanjali, 379:the time element is present in its sequential sense and they are limited in their working. TheyPatanjali, 380:and aspirants. Certainly, but not in the sense understood here, or for the purpose of developingPatanjali, 385:for the creation of the organs through which the sense of individuality is enjoyed. Here we havePatanjali, 386:created enable the spiritual man to enjoy the sense of individuality. When this stage is arrivedPatanjali, 386:awakes to the fact that in form and sense perception, and in the outward going tendency, lie noPatanjali, 388:the three worlds, and his abstraction from all sense perception and tendencies. Thus he stands atPatanjali, 413:(as was first the case in Lemurian days) the sense of sight was simultaneously developed. AsPatanjali, 414:consequently the not-self." It is simply another sense whereby information is gained and a furtherPatanjali, 422:simply a question of steady perseverance, common sense and endurance. Unless the utmost vigilancePatanjali, 425:out in the physical plane consciousness as a sense of peace and joy; it must work out in increasedProblems, 5:be solved with relative rapidity - given common sense and a correctly appreciated self-interest;Problems, 11:upon the expressed mental attitude, the sense of relativity and a general national assertiveness.Problems, 12:up; only now is humanity demonstrating a wider sense of responsibility, of ability to handle itsProblems, 14:period should be faced by every nation with a sense of individual guilt and of innate psychologicalProblems, 15:This wrong attitude has not only fostered the sense of separateness but has led to the exploitationProblems, 18:any questioning or revolt and with a deep sense of inferiority. The German people are consequentlyProblems, 19:world alienates many. Great Britain carries the sense of caste into all her international relationsProblems, 32:are useful as far as they indicate interest, a sense of responsibility and possible objectives butProblems, 35:connotes an undying, though oft unrecognized, sense of divinity; it involves the constantProblems, 36:by them; with this power goes the capacity to sense the unknown, to believe in the unproveable, toProblems, 38:values, or when subjected to an intelligent sense of proportion. Our modern civilization will notProblems, 47:of an atmosphere which will foster the child's sense of responsibility and set him free from theProblems, 47:and the first indication of this aliveness is a sense of responsibility. They know they are theirProblems, 48:to foster in a child an early and unnecessary sense of wrongdoing; they lay emphasis upon pettyProblems, 48:be ignored but which are annoying. A correct sense of wrong action, based upon failure to preserveProblems, 49:be easy, for it will be paralleled by a profound sense of the difficulties to be overcome and theProblems, 49:does exist in the world and the inculcation of a sense of security. Then and only then will it beProblems, 52:to use the mind in two ways: As the "common sense" (using this word in its old connotation),Problems, 53:or genius. It is a process whereby unity or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in theProblems, 57:education could be defined in a new and broader sense as the Science of Right Human Relations andProblems, 61:is to evoke out of his class of students a real sense of responsibility; no matter what he has toProblems, 62:of men awakened, creative, and possessing a true sense of values and a sound and constructiveProblems, 62:are rapidly increasing. It will be only common sense, however, to realize that this integration isProblems, 63:trying to bring to the mass of human beings a sense of responsibility for human happiness and humanProblems, 66:of Capital, Labor and Employment In a unique sense we stand today at the dawn of an entirely newProblems, 73:by the existing rules of the game, by their [73] sense of responsibility to their stockholders andProblems, 73:simple in their way of life and with a true sense of values, but there is little of a potent natureProblems, 86:upon a good heart, Christian principles and a sense of justice; these fine qualities are, however,Problems, 87:against nation. It engenders a destructive sense of superiority and leads to the perniciousProblems, 88:our subject, the problem of the minorities, this sense of separateness (with its many far-reachingProblems, 88:there is the spirit of nationalism with its sense of sovereignty and its selfish desires andProblems, 88:sets one nation against another, fosters a sense of national superiority and leads the citizens ofProblems, 90:beauty, to the same innate pride, to the same sense of divinity and to the same fundamentalProblems, 92:has signally failed to instill into men a true sense of values - the values which alone can bindProblems, 92:and criticism are widespread; there is no true sense of security, especially among the minorities.Problems, 92:efforts are largely based on a selfish common sense; they are founded also upon the knowledge thatProblems, 95:great attention. This problem is unique in the sense that it is essentially the problem of theProblems, 97:materialistic tendencies they have added a great sense of the beautiful and an artistic conceptionProblems, 105:alone, and will begin to cooperate with a full sense of spiritual understanding and so aid theProblems, 108:over their own destiny; they must be given a sense of trained responsibility; they must be taughtProblems, 112:it; his repudiation of it demonstrates a sound sense of values and that he knows the distinctionProblems, 115:those prompted by a sane and unselfish common sense, the idealist and the men and women of goodwillProblems, 119:- with trained understanding, practical common sense, a knowledge of world problems and aProblems, 125:and who, therefore, recognize in an acute sense the need for the regeneration of the churches. OurProblems, 127:found in the Oriental faiths) and of his sense of fear, inherited from the animal side of hisProblems, 129:from God and, consequently, of a loss of the sense of divinity. It indicates exactly the reverse.Problems, 131:was wise and salutary; it did no harm, for the sense of God can never be driven from the humanProblems, 131:disappeared from off the earth, the sense of God and the recognition and the knowledge of ChristProblems, 146:apparently left the earth; He will come in the sense also that He will over-shadow, inspire andProblems, 157:into mental aspiration. This is supplanted by a sense of unity and by the recognition of GodPsychology1, xxiii:I forecast, be demonstrated, in the scientific sense, during the coming Aquarian Age. Science willPsychology1, 14:higher realization of unity follows upon this sense of duality, and in this final stage the sensePsychology1, 14:sense of duality, and in this final stage the sense of being soul and body is lost. ThePsychology1, 15:of that Identified Being (in the esoteric sense of the term) Who, speaking in the Bhagavad Gita,Psychology1, 16:to it that there is a steady expansion of your sense of awareness and a growing capacity to makePsychology1, 3+4:by two phases of expression wherein there is: A sense of divine synthesis, of which our bodily [35]Psychology1, 35:of material, yet symbolic, reflection. It is a sense of coordinated blissful satisfaction, based onPsychology1, 35:free from form, but still, in a mysterious sense, aware of quality. In the language of mysticism itPsychology1, 38:or the kingdom of the soul. He is torn by a sense of duality. Later, he becomes identified withPsychology1, 49:are as yet manifesting Lords of love, but they sense the ideal and are striving towards itsPsychology1, 53:greater and lesser limitations, in just the same sense as [54] a man is one identity, workingPsychology1, 60:divine purpose, and the goal - as far as one can sense it - is to subject the material forms to thePsychology1, 61:purpose. After the third initiation he begins to sense the synthetic purpose towards which all thePsychology1, 65:gift of death, Oh Opener of the Door. Quality - sense of time. Stand not alone, but with the manyPsychology1, 68:to life is an expression of the true esoteric sense. If one studies these tabulations and phrasesPsychology1, 70:is not. Form is there found, and yet the psychic sense reveals that which the form is powerless toPsychology1, 78:of the way. God and His Angels now arise and sense the odor rising from the burning-ground of man.Psychology1, 87:understanding necessitates an awakened esoteric sense; to comprehend it all is not as yet possible.Psychology1, 98:the present unrevealed. The growth of the color sense and the capacity to respond musically toPsychology1, 103:We only need more light, in the esoteric sense, in order to see the soul, and that light willPsychology1, 109:lack of humility in man and the lack of a true sense of proportion are great. But out of thisPsychology1, 116:be useful. The first lesson he has to learn is a sense of values in time and space, and to knowPsychology1, 119:in the consciousness of every human being is a sense of duality, that man is in some mysteriousPsychology1, 119:sense of duality, that man is in some mysterious sense two beings, and that it is the warfarePsychology1, 125:with, or through, their egos. As men learn to sense and recognize these devas, more and morePsychology1, 129:of his expression on earth, not in the spiritual sense (so-called) but in the sense of predisposingPsychology1, 129:in the spiritual sense (so-called) but in the sense of predisposing the personality towards certainPsychology1, 132:looking out into the physical world; in the same sense the soul is the eye of the Monad, and in aPsychology1, 132:eye of the Monad, and in a curious and occult sense, the fourth kingdom in nature constitutes onPsychology1, 132:Touch Sight Taste Smell The mind, the common sense The intuition or the synthetic sense. [133]Psychology1, 132:the common sense The intuition or the synthetic sense. [133] Through these seven senses contactPsychology1, 134:subtle quality of which "smell," in the animal sense, is the symbol. The great search and thePsychology1, 134:work brought to a conclusion. He stimulates the sense of awareness in humanity and nurtures thePsychology1, 161:a thwarted or frustrated complex and a strong sense of inferiority which may diverge towards anPsychology1, 173:must go, and that a national spirit colored by a sense of superiority, by class hatreds and racialPsychology1, 179:life which will evidence itself in a better sense of values, for life will have a meaning hithertoPsychology1, 181:to the group good, and so free from all sense of separativeness, that their minds present noPsychology1, 181:who could be termed "religious" in the ordinary sense of that word, but they will be men of goodPsychology1, 196:appearances." The awakening aspirant begins to sense some of the beauties that lie unrevealed
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