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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSES

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Fire, 195:and the unreal. 82 [195] In the evolution of the senses, hearing is the first vague something whichFire, 195:earliest cosmic symbols are applicable to the senses as well as elsewhere: The point in the centerFire, 196:the outer instruments of the Lord of the Body or senses (Indriya) which are the pathways throughFire, 196:and synthesizing the discreet manifold of the senses, are those belonging to that aspect of theFire, 196:called Manas. Just as manas is necessary to the senses, the latter are necessary for manas... ManasFire, 196:Manas is thus the leading indriya, of which the senses are powers. - Serpent Power, by ArthurFire, 196:forward with renewed impetus. These three major senses (if I might so describe them) are veryFire, 196:taste and smell, we might call them minor senses, for they are closely allied to the importantFire, 198:what may be imparted on the remaining three senses - sight, taste, smell - and then briefly sum upFire, 199:- Duality Sight - Triplicity. In these three senses the present is summed up for us. The work ofFire, 199:of matter, or the one becoming the many. The senses are developed, and the apparatus is perfectedFire, 199:of Spirit and matter, and the utilization of the senses in a progressing identification of the SelfFire, 199:the One, and the ultimate rejection of form. The senses then are synthesized into acquired faculty,Fire, 200:the lowest and highest demonstration of the senses as laid down in the tabulation earlier imparted,Fire, 202:comparisons; he has developed the other four senses, and he utilizes them. Now comes in the facultyFire, 202:in mind when considering the matter: That the senses have been dealt with in this division of ourFire, 202:the material form. Strictly speaking the five senses, as we know them, are the means of contactFire, 202:which exoteric science recognizes. That these senses for all purposes of present manifestation,Fire, 202:polarization steps up to the higher centers, the senses begin to make themselves felt on the mentalFire, 203:out the reflex action of the centers and the senses from the standpoint of the different planes,Fire, 203:This is paralleled by the increasing use of the senses, and their constant utilization for theFire, 203:paralleled by the tremendously keen use of the senses for the purposes of discriminating betweenFire, 204:increasing activity of the centers and the senses. The effect in both cases tends to identificationFire, 204:as in the lower, and as the astral senses come into perfected activity, the corresponding centersFire, 286:to man, and concern only his five physical senses. Information and knowledge of the life evolvingFire, 286:men in the Hall of Learning by means of the five senses, and by experiment. Experiment in dueFire, 286:or of environment. These two factors of the senses and of experimental contact can be seen workingFire, 320:We must note here that in the development of the senses, hearing preceded sight, as sound precedesFire, 384:body - those cells through which He feels, and senses, and experiences, - are, in this worldFire, 696:things) the evolution, by means of the five senses in the three worlds (which are also capable of aFire, 711:he is king of the human body, which has ten senses of action and perception that connect it withFire, 711:indicates the consciousness connected with our senses, which consciousness is inferior to theFire, 746:a man finds freedom from the delusion of the senses, and their vibratory lure; he finds his ownFire, 760:intuition, [760] and the training of the inner senses. They come with no herald, and only TheirFire, 866:about the fruition of the Master's plans as he senses those plans. The occult significance of moneyFire, 905:use in perfection of the three physical plane senses of hearing, touch, and sight. In the nextFire, 907:conscious, through some one or other of his senses, on the three lower subplanes; it is intendedFire, 1009:the correspondence with the evolution of the senses. The three major senses and the three first toFire, 1009:the evolution of the senses. The three major senses and the three first to demonstrate in orderFire, 1044:revolves in many cycles. As it revolves it senses other spheres, and seeks to know their secret. 2.Fire, 1126:The black brother carries the evolution of the senses on to a stage inconceivable to man now andFire, 1170:Smell is the highest of the purely physical senses; so in the vegetable kingdom a certain series ofFire, 1254:eye. Deva hearing. Psychic correlation. All the senses are, as we know, connected with some center,Glamour, 102:on the Threshold. Behind the Angel he dimly senses, not another duality, but a great Identity, aGlamour, 110:to release himself from the thralldom of the senses upon the astral plane, from the dense glamorGlamour, 111:astral Plane. He interprets all that he there senses and sees in terms of glamor, of emotionalGlamour, 127:the nature of the Dweller who is himself. He senses, as never before, the formidable task ahead ofGlamour, 194:in all kingdoms. This is axiomatic. The five senses bring physical plane knowledge; psychicGlamour, 266:of that which conditions the One Being, and senses energies and contacts which are extra-planetaryGlamour, 268:the Dweller. Behind the slowly opening door he senses life, energy, spiritual embodiment, and theHealing, 83:not only the right functioning of the five senses and consequently providing five major points ofHealing, 91:goal, depression, plus the dramatic life of the senses and of the "I in the center" consciousness.Healing, 116:the beloved, of that higher something which he senses as existing and as that which can be found.Healing, 333:we work and of which the mechanism of the five senses is one of the externalizations. TheHealing, 356:which any type of healing energy may come. He senses its vibration and can follow it to itsHealing, 365:and demand, and which appeals to the life of the senses. The three groups are: Those personalities,Hercules, 51:a sense which synthesized and unified the five senses and so constituted a "common sense",Hercules, 60:is developed, where, little by little, the five senses open up to the human being new fields ofHercules, 151:I live, and if I have no form, none of my five senses, I shut off from myself God in one form. TheInitiation, 10:that which can be recognized by the five senses, and be correlated, diagnosed, and defined by theInitiation, 14:pervading circumstances. It is the capacity that senses the lesson to be learnt from any givenInitiation, 79:about the fruition of the Master's plans as he senses those plans. The occult significance of moneyInitiation, 113:that which he sees. It is known that the first senses developed in a child are hearing, touch, andInitiation, 113:finally, he consciously sees, and in these three senses the personality is coordinated. These areInitiation, 113:is coordinated. These are the three vital senses. Taste and smell follow later, but life can beInitiation, 165:of the Words, apprehension had to involve two senses, so in the cognition of the secrets the twoInitiation, 165:so in the cognition of the secrets the two senses again come into play, and the secret is bothInitiation, 208:aptly call the consecration of the three major senses, and their utilization in the evolution ofIntellect, 7:and of all that is conveyed to it via the five senses and the brain. This is a field of knowledgeIntellect, 36:contacts and of awareness in which the ordinary senses are useless. They claim to have lived andIntellect, 49:lower face looks somewhat down, informing the senses; and the upper face, which is the summit ofIntellect, 53:formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses." - Radhakrishnan, S., Indian Philosophy,Intellect, 57:by the brain through the medium of the five senses, and conveyed to it via the vital body. Thus itIntellect, 58:coming to it from the outer world, via the senses. Becoming increasingly positive, it slowly andIntellect, 58:with, his soul - the unseen factor which he senses, but of which he remains personally unaware. NowIntellect, 67:the Knower. The mystic, as we have earlier seen, senses divine realities, contacts (from theIntellect, 69:appearance by a science relying wholly upon the senses..." "The mystic insight begins with theIntellect, 71:union for which the mystic yearns, and which he senses, and of which he has brief and fleetingIntellect, 80:- the outer world through the medium of the five senses and the brain, and the soul [81] and itsIntellect, 85:higher and her higher ones to God; her outward senses to her inward, and her inward ones to reason;Intellect, 92:faith, and we want certainty. The life of the senses does not seem to carry us far enough along theIntellect, 101:messages from the outer world, via the five senses, and transmitted by the brain. Hume tells usIntellect, 102:says: "...the word 'mind' may be used in three senses; first, as Mind or Spirit in reference toIntellect, 102:and by different means. Through the five senses, information is conveyed, and the man becomes awareIntellect, 103:is from the outside world inwards, through the senses, to the brain. The brain then "telegraphs"Intellect, 111:plate. We are already utilizing the five senses as avenues of perception, and they telegraphIntellect, 111:in Meditation "First, see that thy outward senses are properly controlled... Now turn to the inwardIntellect, 111:properly controlled... Now turn to the inward senses or noble powers of the soul, lower and higher.Intellect, 111:between the higher powers and the outward senses. They are excited by the outward senses; what theIntellect, 111:outward senses. They are excited by the outward senses; what the eye sees, what the ear hears, theyIntellect, 111:the hands but of the tongue as well and all five senses. The soul keeps clear best in the quiet,Intellect, 111:vision, till, clearing a way through recollected senses, we rise past our own mind to the wonderfulIntellect, 120:and connects the different impressions of the senses, and which, further, partly retains the tracesIntellect, 123:world of human affairs by the agency of the senses, by the emotions and by other minds. ThisIntellect, 125:to another in the process of evolution. When the senses, and all that they convey, are focused intoIntellect, 129:and storing up in memory the contacts which the senses have communicated, and absorbing thatIntellect, 132:withdrawal of the focus of attraction from the senses. The development of a faculty ofIntellect, 144:he has broken forever with the bondage of the senses, he perceives in every manifestation of life aIntellect, 153:the veil of matter hides. This is the way of the senses. Then there is the way of the intellect, ofIntellect, 161:purified from the domination of the senses, is invaded more and more by [162] the transcendent
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