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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSIBLE

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Autobiography, 184:the Masters and more prepared for a normal and sensible interpretation of occult truth than are theAutobiography, 204:lives, to say how nice they were, how sound, how sensible and how downright decent. So the yearsBethlehem, 216:recognizes divinity, and who at the same time is sensible of the kingdom, is ready to takeBethlehem, 272:one into a wider world, and tend to make one sensible of the organic whole in place of the part.Discipleship2, 638:are four of the difficulties which prevent the sensible and happy realization of the futureExternalisation, 651:programs, possessing long range vision, plus sensible modern procedures. It is to this that allIntellect, 98:clearly, it is detachment from the lower and sensible Ego - that is, the habitual subordination ofIntellect, 168:a heated imagination which vividly apprehends a sensible object, or by the artifice of the Devil...Magic, 110:inferiority complex on the part of such as are sensible (and perhaps over-sensitive) of the factMeditation, 267:to contact his group, or in other words, to be sensible of the vibration of the group of which someSoul, 60:to the intervening portions of space from which sensible matter is absent; and this also hasSoul, 65:work done. "Now, the probability is that every sensible object has both a material and an ethericSoul, 117:The living brain is constituted of gross sensible matter (Mahabhuta) infused by Prana. Its material
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