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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVE

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Astrology, 27:that some astrologers may be found who will be sensitive to that which is new. I am believing thatAstrology, 70:able to cast the horoscope of the soul, which is sensitive to different combinations of forces toAstrology, 83:he is "made anew," becomes the "new man," is sensitive to the entire range of spiritual vibrationsAstrology, 90:Finally the time will come when he will be sensitive to the whole range of vibrations; charts willAstrology, 102:they reach the point of reorientation and become sensitive to the influence of Mercury, or whetherAstrology, 102:hierarchical plans to which the initiate becomes sensitive. Cancer, the "birthplace into the lifeAstrology, 117:the four arms of the Mutable Cross. The fluid, sensitive temperament in Pisces - mediumistic andAstrology, 122:psychically impressed, becoming constantly more sensitive to these psychical impressions, swept byAstrology, 135:living which changes finally into a sensitive humanitarian awareness. The quality of these keynotesAstrology, 180:developed, used and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mentalAstrology, 187:evolution proceeds, he can become increasingly sensitive. I cannot here enter into a detailedAstrology, 190:is a growing recognition; when this faculty of sensitive direction is rightly developed it becomes,Astrology, 205:up from the form side of life into that world of sensitive perception which we call the intuitionalAstrology, 248:of balance as a prelude to a more effective and sensitive progress upon the path. It is the same inAstrology, 267:a certain point of development and is becoming sensitive to higher influences and is in preparationAstrology, 267:apparatus (the threefold personality) is more sensitive than is the case with the average person,Astrology, 270:upon our planet become more highly developed and sensitive and are, therefore, capable of a truerAstrology, 288:is thus achieved gradually, and the man becomes sensitive to the influences which can be brought toAstrology, 294:to its environment or the development of sensitive response to surrounding impacts by the one whoAstrology, 295:universe, it is the soul which is the conscious, sensitive theme of the divine plan - the soul asAstrology, 295:which is a still further expansion of the same sensitive factor but augmented or stimulated by theAstrology, 298:[298] to the soul; the entire emotional or sensitive nature is responsive to energies coming fromAstrology, 307:the "inspired spiritual Sacrifice." He is then sensitive to world conditions and freed fromAstrology, 314:a perfect expression of the soul and the soul is sensitive and responsive to the pulsations of theAstrology, 321:just as esoterically, it is the feeling-sensitive nature which dominates the average man; it isAstrology, 322:many of the impacts to which the true man is sensitive. Average humanity is not yet fully equippedAstrology, 323:until the life of the form and the reaction to sensitive emotion-feeling has played an active andAstrology, 372:(through the medium of the most enlightened and sensitive people in each country) to this influenceAstrology, 445:From that "middle center" it passes to that sensitive band of disciples, aspirants and workers toAstrology, 469:the planetary Logos; humanity is slowly becoming sensitive to that influence, but only in massAstrology, 498:same. This is to live simultaneously the acutely sensitive inner life of the Pilgrim upon the pathAstrology, 503:the planetary ring-pass-not, and is becoming sensitive to extra-planetary perception. [504] TheAstrology, 504:of a solar Logos and is likewise registering a sensitive response to the quality of the Life whichAstrology, 547:the undying spirit - impressed by revelation and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth -Astrology, 555:not just to the planetary forces. He is becoming sensitive to a larger whole. The energies of thisAstrology, 558:Trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself. The FixedAstrology, 564:he is a very low grade human being; he will be sensitive to the influences of the other three signsAstrology, 584:to selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the AxisAstrology, 586:women of goodwill who can train themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy andAutobiography, 33:consciousness and my conscience was so morbidly sensitive that it was then impossible for me toAutobiography, 150:the more highly developed you are and the more sensitive you are, the more fears to which you mayAutobiography, 150:react. Apart from one's pet phobias and fears, sensitive people are prone to tune in on the fearsAutobiography, 205:every bum to the house. He was overbred, far too sensitive and highly strung and had to haveAutobiography, 270:responsive to group intent and thus increasingly sensitive to the Plan with which his Master andAutobiography, 270:in touch with his soul and increasingly sensitive to the Master's impression. He does not usuallyAutobiography, 271:to the measure of his soul contact, his sensitive response to the Master's suggestions and theAutobiography, 276:of Impression. The disciple is taught to be sensitive to "impressions" coming from his own soulAutobiography, 284:to discipleship is training himself to become sensitive to impressions coming from his soul andAutobiography, 285:[285] The personality becomes increasingly sensitive to soul impression by this means and byAutobiography, 302:many of her friends and students. Those who are sensitive sometimes register impressions. She isBethlehem, 52:a potency of true spiritual value to the sensitive. The Word or sound for ancient Asia in the pastBethlehem, 94:and its developing response apparatus which is sensitive to sunlight, to warmth and cold, and toBethlehem, 155:in, and where the focus of attention is in sensitive and sensuous reaction, that which is not trueBethlehem, 263:for the unrest of the masses, and the general sensitive response to the new ideals may be due toBethlehem, 265:which we may have, by love, and by becoming sensitive to inspiration from on high. There is noBethlehem, 275:world, he will yield his place to a species more sensitive and less gross in its nature. If manDestiny, 4:has reached a point today where there is a most sensitive response to that which is higher andDestiny, 8:lack of understanding. Humanity is today more sensitive to ideas than ever before, and hence theDestiny, 14:direct contact with this Shamballa force and are sensitive to the impact of the will energy ofDestiny, 22:- distorted and yet a definite and determined, sensitive reaction - to the energies playing uponDestiny, 46:consequent New Age concepts are playing upon the sensitive minds of the race and preparing humanityDestiny, 62:to be easily impressed upon the prepared and sensitive Spanish consciousness. As to the fanaticism,Destiny, 116:and it is the intelligentsia who are at first sensitive to the incoming differences. Form changesDestiny, 124:and will remain so until such time as men are sensitive to the vibration of the different rays andDestiny, 125:and in the next two generations fine bodies and sensitive natures will make their appearance andDiscipleship1, 21:purposes. The Hierarchy seeks to discover how sensitive groups are, as a whole, to subjectiveDiscipleship1, 24:group whose telepathic powers enable them to be sensitive to the mind currents and to register theDiscipleship1, 24:slowly manifesting powers of the radio and the sensitive workings of the perfecting radioDiscipleship1, 40:for a psychometrist is one whose soul is sensitive to the soul in others and in all forms of life.Discipleship1, 47:this? It does not mean primarily that you are a "sensitive soul" - the connotation of which usuallyDiscipleship1, 56:an astral body of stillness and of acquiescence, sensitive to impressions from the soul and fromDiscipleship1, 57:each other. You might here well ask: Why is this sensitive interplay between the disciples in aDiscipleship1, 64:impressing the mind of some [64] disciple or sensitive person. It is then their task to find andDiscipleship1, 66:work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive, awakening psychics with the rightDiscipleship1, 83:a fluid response to the immediate need and not a sensitive reaction to a distant goal. Has acceptedDiscipleship1, 87:larger Ashram. It will also make the disciple sensitive to the higher "gift waves." The entireDiscipleship1, 109:an ache and a longing for a more emotional and sensitive contact and for an increased heartDiscipleship1, 111:which regards the world of the emotions and of sensitive response to subtle psychic phenomena asDiscipleship1, 111:it can indicate a newly awakening response and sensitive awareness to other aspects of the divineDiscipleship1, 117:OF MINE: I am glad that you regard yourself as sensitive to my vibration, for so you are. But notDiscipleship1, 117:certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W. is more sensitive to my vibration than you are; he losesDiscipleship1, 123:in yourself, you are open to others and sensitive to them in a very real manner. Next, theDiscipleship1, 126:Self, working through an illumined mind and sensitive brain. Ponder on this. The energy of theDiscipleship1, 127:the mind into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response, thereby greatlyDiscipleship1, 135:it is with you. Be occupied with the problem of sensitive response and not with the glamor of theDiscipleship1, 148:and of unfoldments in connection with the sensitive, response apparatus. You are being renderedDiscipleship1, 148:response apparatus. You are being rendered sensitive and so made aware. The power to tune in on theDiscipleship1, 149:that you have to serve. You are excessively sensitive to impacts from those surroundings, both fromDiscipleship1, 164:of my group of workers to hold yourselves sensitive to the new factors and to the people whose taskDiscipleship1, 164:Your task is the attaining of a keener and more sensitive reaction to subtle and spiritualDiscipleship1, 170:between aspects of that whole. You are too sensitive to the desire and feeling aspects of the worldDiscipleship1, 215:you, as it has necessarily been for all who are sensitive and whose physical bodies areDiscipleship1, 224:without, at the same time, so wounding your sensitive nature that I shall do more harm than good?Discipleship1, 285:realized as the externalizations of your inner sensitive perceptions. Intuitives (such as you are)Discipleship1, 302:the inner continuity of contact, and upon your sensitive subjective realization. This will takeDiscipleship1, 308:while. I seek, secondly, to aid you to be more sensitive to the forces which should pour in on theDiscipleship1, 340:and of truth is far ahead of the average. Your sensitive response to glamor is equally so. It isDiscipleship1, 341:out. Their response to world conditions is more sensitive and quicker and in their subsequent clearDiscipleship1, 351:You can now receive the teaching with a sensitive compliance and a spiritual integrity which sevenDiscipleship1, 354:intuition is more alive than yours and far more sensitive. You both need, however, a closer
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